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Sunday, 2 August 2009

God Wife Asherah Tree Of Life Snakes

God Wife Asherah Tree Of Life Snakes
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Sumerian supper seal (2200-2100 BC): snake or "naga" (Gen. 3:15), Tree of Disposition (meeting place palm), Asherah, and the God of the Bible. The snake eats the jungle of eternal life, from the Huluppu Tree, in the Gilgamesh Colossal, sloughing its shoot down and at once "immortality." [Dropping its self and at once range to resurgence in charming realms by learning worthy from wrong?]

The Gardens of Eden explanation in Sunup 2-3 (J) is commonly consideration to imprison a mythological history, and its Sumerian and Akkadian parallels imprison been a lot noted: the tinkle among the Tale of Adapa and the story of Adam and Eve's deception on the death-dealing fruit of the Tree of Considerate of Polish and Monstrous, the story of Adam's setting up and life with the animals and the Tale of Enkidu from the Colossal of Gilgamesh, the Edenic inviolability described in the Tale of Enmerkar, and so forth.

The Canaanite and Phoenician parallels however are not noted as normally -- though these would be untouchable relevant to the countrywide Judean context of the Eden explanation. This post essence dig some of these parallels in an move to history the mythological history of the Eden story, which is higher and entrenched.

Bas foster of Christian Close relative Holy being Asherah, consort of YHWH


[Mt. Sumeru is the Fence of the Gods in ancient Indian tradition, but that same tradition is found in nearing every religion using exclusive names, such as Mt. Olympus.] According to Ezekiel 28:13-14, the Gardens of Eden was to be found in "the holy stack of God" or somewhat, "the gods" ("hr qds 'lhym") [like in the Bible "God" is plural, the gods, a fact overlooked or ruined chief by monotheists].

God Has a Wife: Asherah, Israel's Asherah Poles, Baal, Yahweh (sacred female)


In the Kuntillet 'Arjud and Khirbet el-Kom inscriptions, Asherah is named with Yahweh -- believably as his consort. [The "holy spirit" was to begin with the divine female (]

In Canaanite myth, Asherah ("Ug. Athirat") was the consort of El [one of the gods of the Bible], the engineer god, and she begat the seventy less important gods [indicative the polytheistic ancestry of Christianity], the sons of El. Asherah became Yahweh's consort among an testimonial of El with Yahweh (seen surrounding the Old Memorial).

In Canaanite texts, Asherah is called the "Close relative of All" and one of her titles was "qnyt 'ilm Initiator of the Gods."

It is interesting that "qnh" is an unusual word in Hebrew for "bequeath" as it normally machine "fasten." (El, in put next to, was called "bny bnwt Initiator of Created Matter" in the Ugaritic texts).

The inspiration of Eve as a engineer goddess also appears in in short supply form in Sunup 3:20, 4:1 where Eve is called "the mother of all living." And Eve says last the biological of Cain, "I imprison formed ("qnh") a man with the help of Yahweh," [telling that the class of this god was untouchable in line with other religions, untouchable creature from outer space deity than innumerable supernatural being] employing the same verb as no-nonsense to Asherah in the Ugaritic texts.

The latter quote is also very flat to a attempt on the Akkadian engineer goddess Aruru (= Sumerian Ninhursag): "Aruru zi-ir a-mi-lu-ti it-ti-shu ib-ta-nu "Aruru, with the help of [Marduk], formed the marble of mankind" (KIB, vi. I, 40).

Unorthodox impression that Eve's nature to begin with was not as it is of a nature in the story can be found in the name: Hebrew "chwwh" what akin to Aramaic "chwyh" and Phoenician "chwt snake" [telling that these beings were NAGAS conducting genetic experiments]. As we shall hurriedly see, "Chawat" appears in a Phoenician journalism as one of the names of "Elat Holy being," that is, Asherah.

It is in Proverbs where we satisfy Asherah as Expertise in material form. She appears as a engineer goddess in Proverbs 8:22-31. And the resulting period describes a supper that Expertise hosts in her palace (Proverbs 9:1-6). In the Ugaritic texts, we read uniformly of Asherah and her consort El hosting banquets in their stack palace ["vimana," the boards, cottage, guile] (cf. KTU 1.1 IV 26-35). MORE>>

* MECCA WAS Prophecy OF Holy being Look up to Long Preceding ISLAM