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Friday, 31 March 2006

Elemental Correspondences

Elemental Correspondences Cover
Correspondences Of The Center:

Element : Spirit
Color : Pure White (violet, black)
Time : Infinity; Eternity
Season : The Turning Wheel :
Tool : Cord
Animal : Sphinx, Swan, Dragonfly
King : Math Mathonwy
Sense : Hearing
Plant : Mistletoe
Goddess Aspects: Isis, Shekhinah
God Aspects : Akasha, Iao
Power : To Evolve, To Progress (ire)
Magical Aspects: Aura, Transcendence, Transformation, Change, Everywhere and Nowhere, The Void

Correspondences Of The East:

Element : Air
Color : Yellow (white, blue-white, pastels)
Time : Dawn
Season : Spring
Zodiacal Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Tool : Wand, Censer, Staff
Elemental : Sylph, Zephyr
Angel : Michael
Wind : Eurus
King : Nuada, Gwydion
Queen : Arianrhod
Weapon : The Sword of Nuada
Item : Arrow
Sense : Smell
Jewel : Topaz
Plant : Frankincense, Myrrh, Pansy, Vervain, Violet, Yarrow
Tree : Aspen
Goddess Aspects: Aradia, Arianrhod, Cardea, Nut, Urania
God Aspects : Enlil, Khephera, Mercury, Shu, Thoth
Power : To Know (noscere); The Power of Life
Magical Aspects: The Mind; All Mental, Intuitive, Psychic Work; Knowledge, Abstract Learning, Intellect, Theory;Wind and Breath; Hospitality, Benefit

Correspondences Of The NORTH

Element : Earth
Color : Green (dark green, brown, white, black)
Time : Midnight
Season : Winter
Zodiacal Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Tool : Pentacle, Black Mirror
Elemental : Gnome, Kobold
Angel : Gabriel
Wind : Boreas, Ophion
King : Fal, Cernunnos
Queen : Blodwen, Anu
Weapon : Lia Fal (the Stone of Fal)
Item : Shield
Sense : Touch
Jewel : Quartz
Plant : Comfrey, Ivy, Grass
Tree : Oak
Goddess aspects: Ceres, Demeter, Gaea, Mah, Nephthys, Persephone, Prithvi, Rhea, Rhiannon
God aspects : Adonis, Athos, Arawn, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Marduk, Pan, Tammuz
Power : To Keep Silent (tacere); The Power of Law
Magical Aspects: The Body, Growth, Nature, Sustenance, Material Gain, Money, Creativity, Birth, Death, Mystery, Silence, Structure, Struggle, Pride, Conflict, Prosperity, Success

Correspondences Of The SOUTH

Element : Fire
Color : Red (orange, crimson, gold)
Time : Noon
Season : Summer
Zodiacal Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Tool : Sword, Athame
Elemental : Salamander, Firedrake, Newt
Angel : Ariel
Wind : Notus
King : Lugh, Bel
Queen : Brid
Weapon : The Spear of Lugh
Item : Rod
Sense : Sight
Jewel : Fire Opal
Plant : Garlic, Hibiscus, Mustard, Nettle, Onion, Red Poppy, Red Pepper
Tree : Almond (in flower)
Goddess aspects: Brid, Hestia, Vesta, Pele
God aspects : Agni, Hephaestus, Vulcan, Horus, Prometheus, Goibniu, Weyland the Smith
Power : To Will (velle); The Power of Light
Magical Aspects: Blood, Energy, Spirit, Heat, Flame, Sap, Life, Will, Healing/Destroying, Purification, Fertility, Music

Correspondences Of The WEST

Element : Water
Color : Blue (black, gray, blue-green, green, indigo)
Time : Twilight
Season : Autumn
Zodiacal Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Tool : Chalice, Cauldron
Elemental : Undine, Nymph
Angel : Raphael
Wind : Zephyrus
King : Dagda, Dylan
Queen : Dana, Boann
Weapon : The Cauldron of Dagda
Item : Cup
Sense : Taste
Jewel : Aquamarine
Plant : Ferns, Lotus, Moss, Rushes, Seaweed, Water Lily
Tree : Willow
Goddess aspects: Aphrodite, Isis, Marianme, Mari, Tiamat, Yemaya
God aspects : Dylan, Llyr, Manannon, Osiris, Poseidon, Neptune
Power : To Dare (audere); The Power of Love
Magical Aspects: Emotions, Feeling, Love, Courage, Daring, Sorrow, The Unconscious, Learning, Storytelling

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Thursday, 23 March 2006

Introduction To The Old Religion

Introduction To The Old Religion Cover

Book: Introduction To The Old Religion by Anonymous

These lessons have circulated throughout the BBS and Internet community for many years. I remember first seeing them on a local BBS in the late 1980s. They are in outline form and may have served as a detailed lesson plan for a coven or other group. Legend says they originated in Southern California. However, I've never seen any real evidence to prove or disprove this claim.

While these lessons are interesting and useful, readers should remember that they are only the opinion (perhaps even the biased opinion) of one person or group. They are simply one source of information. They should not be taken as the "one word of truth."

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Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

John Ronald Tolkien - Introduction To The Elder Edda
Anonymous - Introduction To The Old Religion Lesson 7a
Anonymous - Introduction To The Old Religion Lesson 8

Sunday, 19 March 2006

Tool Wrappings

Tool Wrappings Cover
Study the properties of silk in relation to electricity, especially static.

Amber or jet rubbed with a protein based fabric will gather dust like crazy. Silk is protein based, as is wool. Wear a silk or wool garment with your amber and jet necklace, and you can give a covener quite a static shock under certain conditions.

Silk rubbed on glass could produce a different charge than silk rubbed on plastic >which could be different than say felt on glass.

I have seen comments to the effect that a HPS in certain traditions was given an amber or jet necklace when she was made HPS, and others that in some traditions it was preferred that she wear a silk robe. Silk + amber + jet = static charge/HPS. Hmmm. A bit theatrical for my tastes.

My Great-aunt was taught how to read cards in the 20's and she too was given this 'wrap it in silk'.

The reader who was teaching her said it didn't have squat to do with the energy of the cards or the fabric, it had everything to do with respecting the oracular gift that a reader had and was a reminder to not be too casual about when, how, or why you did a reading. The act of picking up the silk wrapped deck and carefully unwrapping it had to do with getting her into the state of mind to read, a repetitive shortcut 'ritual' of sorts. She was her own tool, the deck and wrapping were just keys to using part of her insight.

In and of itself, the material wasn't important, not grabbing the deck to read for every simple decision that needed to be made, to answer every question that would come up for every person (especially when common sense or insight handed you the answer), or to show them off to everybody just for shock value, WAS.

Although they were discussing tarot decks, pretty much the same reasoning could be used for other magickal or ritual tools as well -if- you keep separate tools. If you are more in the Kitchen Witch tradition, it would seem pretty silly (not to mention expensive, and conspicuous) to consider wrapping your tools in silk: everything can be a potential tool. Do you wrap -everything- in your home/car/garden/office in silk?

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Medieval Grimoires - The Red Book Of Appin
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - What The Moon Brings

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Sunday, 12 March 2006

Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication

Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication Cover

Book: Contact The Other Side Seven Methods For Afterlife Communication by Konstantinos

This could have been "Afterlife Communication for Everyone". It presents detailed descriptions of different ways of talking to people who have died. Four of these seven methods are based on the concept of electronic voice phenomena ['EVP', sometimes called 'ITC']. The other three methods are more traditional spiritualist methods. Konstantinos does not make any assumptions about what the reader may know already -- either about technology or about spirituality. He takes you step-by-step through the whole book.

According to Konstantinos, practicing mystic and occult author, contacting the dead is easier than you might think. All that is required is some basic equipment, an open mind and a willingness to try any or preferably all of the seven methods he sets forth. Unfortunately, a number of the "simple" methods presented here are likely to appeal to only a small subset of technologically savvy amateur occultists. While Konstantinos's first method uses a simple tape recorder to capture "electronic voice phenomena," he soon escalates to using radio static and white noise; by method four, the reader is expected to be experimenting with noise reduction software and positive video feedback loops. Konstantinos's own reports of spirit contact offer little incentive for such heroic efforts; the idea of listening to hours of feedback and white noise on the chance of hearing a barely discernible voice whisper something like "Not solid... more thought, more reality" will probably repel all but the most dedicated seekers. For those who can set aside the suspicion that methods one through four are merely 21st-century updates of the photographic techniques employed by fraudulent or credulous Victorians, the second section, dedicated to more traditional psychic means of contact, is ironically more persuasive. Here Konstantinos's strengthsAhis earnestness, clarity and reasonable manner of explaining techniqueAoffset his somewhat scant presentation. Thanks to these qualities, the book should still find some fans among followers of the paranormal, technologically inclined or not.

Konstantinos opens the book with a short Description of the afterlife, which is reminiscent of the descriptions in Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls". Interestingly, Konstantinos then goes on to say that he has studied stage mentalist techniques and he denounces as fakes (without naming names) those mediums who make the talk show circuit giving cold readings. His point of view is that since everyone is able to communicate with deceased spirits for him- or herself, such mediums are unnecessary at best and con men at worst.

Konstantinos then moves on to a brief history of the EVP techniques the first four methods are based on, before presenting his first method for capturing spirit voices on an audio tape recorder. As the later methods are presented, they build on the ones presented earlier. The fourth method describes how to capture images from the afterlife on video tape. Konstantinos takes pains to make sure that readers have realistic expectations about the results of these methods, but he is obviously very enthusiastic about them. He wants readers to try the methods because of the Experiences he's had using them.

The last three methods are completely non-technical. These sections cover scrying, "mind to mind" communication, and group communication (i.e., seances). These are so far beyond my experience that my only comments on them are that they make interesting reading and I enjoyed Konstantinos' Description of his meeting with the spirit of his great-grandfather, whom he had never met while living.

The real clincher about methodology, though, was Konstantinos' saying that it's sometimes necessary to change the sampling rate to understand the speech. That is, sometimes you need to speed up or to slow down the playback of the recording to understand it. Now, if you can take that kind of liberty to interpret your data - only because "that's what works" - then who knows what you might find in it?

Konstantinos wonders, early in the book, when mainstream science will pick up on EVP techniques. That will never happen until EVP analysis ceases to be subjective. While presenting his EVP methods, he describes how he has used computers in that work. This caused me to wonder what results could be found in his EVP recordings by running them through some decent voice recognition software. Or has this been tried already?

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Terry Findlay - Phronesis The Development Of Practical Wisdom
Steven Ashe - The Picatrix The Goal Of The Wise Planetary Talismanic Magic
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