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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise

Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise Cover

Book: Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise by Timothy Roderick

There are no short-cuts to becoming a Witch. Traditionally, students take a year and a day to prepare for their initiation into the Craft. Based on this age-old custom, Wicca: A Year and a Day is a one-of-a-kind daily guide that introduces witchcraft over a 366-day cycle.

Ideal for solitary students, this intensive study course teaches the core content of wiccan practice: the tides of time, the wonders of the seasons, the ways of herbs and magic, the mysticism of the Old Ones, and the inner disciplines of seers and sages. Daily lessons include exercises, Wiccan theology and lore, and discussions relating to circle work, magical correspondences, holidays, deities, tools, healing, and divination.

This book opens with the lesson of the Cauldron of Cerridwen. Each person who looks into Her cauldron sees the wisdoms they will need to follow the "Path of the Wise". This book takes a very unique look at a persons dedication to this path by creating a day to day guide for the dedicating solitary to learn the wisdoms they will need to follow the Wiccan path. Yes, this book focuses on the practicing solitary and is intended as a training guide to help you through the sometimes tough initial "Year and a Day" dedication that so many books only suggest you do. This book actually takes you there.

Timothy Roderick is a British Traditional Wiccan, who's previous books cover many aspects of Wicca, including working with the dark of the moon as well as familiars. He is a teacher of the occult, shamanism and mysticism. He is the founder of the "Earthdance Collective", a Wiccan community where he has been their spiritual director for over a decade. He comes to this book with some very impressive credentials and it shows in his work.

The book's layout is quite simple; it goes by each day. The exercises are not long or drawn out, but rather simple, concise and yet they cover much information. Day 1, for example, discusses Earth-Centered Spirituality, covering a little history, a simple exercise in connecting with the earth, and a simple set of questions designed to explore the exercise as well as exploring yourself. There are also little "dialogue boxes" designed to anticipate some questions or create a "sidebar" discussion for you to ponder further. Following "Day 1" is a list of items you will need for the next 30 days; a shopping list if you will of basic supplies.

Timothy Roderick (Southern California) is a psychotherapist and educational psychologist who holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. He is a trained initiate in the oldest established lineage of English Traditional Wicca in the United States, and has been a student and teacher of the occult, mysticism, shamanism and earth-centered spirituality for several years. Mr. Roderick is the founder of EarthDance Collective, a group that promotes awareness of feminist spirituality.

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