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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Chelmsford Witches

Chelmsford Witches Cover

Book: Chelmsford Witches by Frank Luttmer

The Examination and Confession of Certain Witches at Chelmsford in the County of Essex, before the Queen Majesty's Judges, the 26th day of July Anno 1566 (London, 1566)

The examination of them with their confession before Doctor Cole and Master Foscue at the same Assize verbatum as near as could be gathered, and first of Elizabeth Francis who said as here followeth.

First she learned this art of witchcraft at the age of twelve years of her grandmother whose name was Eve of Hatfield Peverell deceased. Item when she taught it her, she counselled her to renounce God and his word, and to give of her blood to Satan (as she termed it) which she delivered her in the likeness of a white spotted Cat, and taught her to feed the said Cat with bread and milk and she did so, also she taught her to call it by name of Satan and keep it in a basket.

When this mother Eve had given her the Cat Satan, then this Elizabeth desired first of the said cat (calling it Satan) that she might be rich and to have goods, and he promised her she should, asking her what she would have, and she said sheep for this cat spake to her as she confessed in a strange hollow voice, (but such as she understood by use) and this Cat forthwith brought sheep into her pasture to thenumber of twenty-eight black and white, which continued with her for a time, but in the end did all wear away she knew not how.
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