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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Fort Hood Wiccan Group

Fort Hood Wiccan Group Cover The Fort Hood Open Circle is a Wiccan coven formed by military personnel at Ft. Hood near Killeen TX. They negotiated with the base's chaplains, and obtained approval to conduct study classes and rituals on the base. They agreed to:

- Not use their athames to cut anything. These are double sided, black handled, ritual knives, that wiccans never use for cutting.
- Wear clothes during their rituals. Some Wiccans prefer to be skyclad (ritually nude; clad only by the sky) during their services.
- Keep their personal Wiccan jewelry unobtrusive (e.g. wear a small ring or a pentagram on a necklace).
- Not use candles in the barracks; presumably because it would be a fire hazard.
- Not be tattooed. 4

The coven has been recognized by the army since 1997-AUG. 1 They have held twice-weekly evening classes to study Wiccan theology and practice. They have celebrated rituals at full moons and on eight Sabbats each year. At first, the only reaction by non Wiccans were a "handful of letters from irate fundamentalist Christians in nearby Killeen." 4 In 1999-MAR, the Wiccans invited a photographer to witness their Vernal Equinox rituals. The American-Statesmen, a newspaper in Austin TX, ran the photos a few weeks later. "Within days, Christian groups were calling the base and threatening to stage a march in town and disrupt the rituals, forcing the army to beef up security around the campsite."

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