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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Pagan Germany

Pagan Germany Cover

Book: Pagan Germany by Anonymous

It is a well-known fact that Heathens and Pagans face considerable difficulties in Germany. Everything even remotely connected with Paganism in general and any reference to Teutonic culture or history in particular is instantly identified with an ultra-right-wing political attitude or even Neo-Nazism of the vilest sort. So, in spite of religious freedom being a part of the German constitution, Pagans and Heathens have to cope with severe social restrictions. Most choose to live "secret lives", taking care not be identified with their religion because they want to keep their jobs, have a chance applying for an apartment and walk
the streets without being mobbed and harassed. Others drift towards the fringes of society, where the real Neo-Nazi groups and the witchhunters of the extreme left, the so-called "Antifa", wait for them.

In the last years, the situation has improved mostly because of the activity of the Rabenclan (Raven Clan), an all-Pagan organization. Rabenclan cooperates with the Nornirs Aett, an Asatru group that initiated this project. The Ariosophy Project is dedicated to explore and explain the still existing and once (until the mid-nineties) dominating role of real right wing and fascist groups and ideologies in the German Pagan scene. The solving of this problem is evidently crucial, and
everybody who is not of their ilk of course agrees that racism, Nazism, authoritarian structures and totalitarian systems are an anathema to Paganism and Heathendom, which are, to make a very simple but important point, about freedom.

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