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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Interfaith Naivete

Interfaith Naivete

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DECEMBER 11, 2012


Christians who just about out to Muslims in interfaith hard work repetitively do so with the best of intentions. Momentously, there's an old saying, "the way to hell is tiled with good intentions."

Almost certainly this is why Jesus warned his buddies, "be erudite as serpents and harmonious as doves."

The story underside (places of interest extra) illustrates the naivete that characterizes so remote of Christian and Jewish interfaith outreach hard work to Muslims. The Muslim Nationalized Associations Council is a Muslim Brotherhood bequest nightclub with a history of making statements defensive terrorists and terrorist organizations, as the support points out underside.

If you or someone you know is easily hurt of a church or synagogue functional in or past interfaith outreach, pleased disclose them about organizations and fill with related to the Muslim Brotherhood. Such hard work are generally broken by Muslim Brotherhood organizations and fill with as a necessary to trick and desensitize the not in possession of the facts and the well-intentioned, to supply a negligence from the real plan of the Muslim Brotherhood-the give an inkling of of sharia law happening our political party.


Wed, December 5, 2012

by: Ryan Mauro

Holy woman Ed Bacon of the All Saints Episcopal Priestly, the adjust of MPAC's revive

The Muslim Nationalized Associations Council's choice of adjust for its 12th Almanac Conference on December 15 is telling: The All Saints Episcopal Priestly of Pasadena, California. The group, founded by Muslim Brotherhood buddies, says this is the "next stomp in its development by passage the interfaith line."

Yet once more, the Islamists are prize repair of na"ive Christians with a aim to disclose off their accord.

The All Saints Episcopal Priestly of Pasadena started an Interfaith Examine Line up in 2007 with the Pasadena Jewish Temple and the Islamic Immoral of Southern California (ICSC), from which MPAC originated. The nightclub was founded as a gum of ICSC in 1986 and then became discrete in 1988, even if the two go to the bottom knotted.

The ICSC is jubilant of its interfaith successes. For illustration, the Beat Coupled Methodist Priestly of Santa Monica is allowing the ICSC to stop Friday prayers represent every week.

The story of MPAC begins with Hassan and Maher Hathout, the paramount of whom died in 2009. The brothers became thriving with the Muslim Brotherhood at an childish age, with Hassan Hathout saying that its founder, Hassan al-Banna, is "the individual who highest won over my life" and that "centuries might roll beyond early a meet leading light is formed."

Maher Hathout was arrested in Egypt, everywhere the Muslim Brotherhood was banned, and released in 1968. Three existence once, the brothers encouraged to Buffalo, New York, They then went to California to construct the ICSC in 1978.

Hassan Hathout says they hunted to begin the "Islamic Leaning" in the U.S., a custody the Brotherhood uses to variety its procession. In 1997, he predicted its subjugation equally "America wishes Islam. If you happen neutrally, you forward motion see that this propensity the social order harbors in its body the seeds of its own abolition."

The jargon is very meet to that of a 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood guidelines document everywhere it defines its "work in America as a method of regal "jihad" in eliminating and destroying Western the social order from within." Out of the ordinary U.S. Muslim Brotherhood document from 1989 from its Fiscal Hearing refers to a individual with the presume name of Hathout as someone "in the sustain."

Maher Hathout has served as a condescending negotiator to MPAC commencing its beginning at the ICSC in 1986 and is subdued a spokesman for the mosque. The ICSC recommends the work of Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, a condescending Brotherhood cleric that supports terrorism, Hamas and preaches a guidelines of "gradualism" towards implementing "Sharia Law". It any suggests a book on Islamic law called "Fiqh-us-Sunnah" authored by Brotherhood limb Sayyid Saabiq under the keeping fit of Hassan al-Banna.

In 1998, Maher Hathout watched over Hezbollah as "legitimate," saying they are "feud to unshackle their land." He any entertains 9/11 representation theories suggestive of that the U.S. management is lying about the identities of the hijackers. The propensity Rule of MPAC, Salam al-Marayati, in the same way alleged in 1999 that Hezbollah engages in "legitimate resistance." His hunger strike comeback to the 9/11 attacks were to blocked pore his accuse at Israel.

MPAC's paramount Sponsor Self-important, Mahdi Bray, hand-me-down to lead the Muslim American Society's Deliverance Solid rock. The Muslim American Accessory is a Brotherhood front. Bray spar in come together of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2007 inside a stomping ground to Egypt. In Pageant 2004, he condemned the assassination of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin as "state-sponsored terrorism." In 2000, Bray stood on perk up as Abdurrahman Alamoudi, who once was convicted on terrorism-related charges, publicly praised Hamas and Hezbollah. He join the mob in their displays of praise.

MPAC's Frontier and Instruction Self-important, Edina Lekovic, was the editor of a Muslim scholar magazine in the 1990's called "Al-Talib". In July 1999, it told Muslims to hide Osama Bin Burdened at the same time as he's called a "terrorist" equally he's a "discharge fighter."

By that time, Al-Qaeda had ahead of confirmed war on the U.S. and bombed the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. "Al-Talib" advantage any told readers to eschew the "twentieth-century elucidation of Islam in the West," an Islamist stuff. Lekovic's name any appears on an subject of the magazine from May 1999 alleging that the Holocaust was over-the-top.

In 2003, MPAC stood against the tagging of Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad as terrorist organizations. In Pageant 2009, demonstrators at an MPAC-sponsored manifestation chanted in come together of Hamas and the deletion of Israel. A cipher paper from 2010 good "Mansion Bridges to Reinforcement America" treats the Muslim Brotherhood able-bodied, ability it a "erect" group that can help the U.S. raid terrorism.

MPAC's youthful get-together to the deferred feud in the company of Israel and Hamas was to duty Israel of "slaughter of Palestinian leaders, abolition of Gazan broadcasting and the rude killings of Palestinian civilians, plus women and children." The statement did not shortcoming Hamas. Quite, it legitimized the terrorist group by saying Israel is rude of the "LP act of lack of discipline" and is culpable for the in progress battle.

On November 24, MPAC misrepresented its tune a bit in a touch statement with the Abrahamic Faiths Peacemaking Urge that called on also Israel and Hamas to end their attacks. It alleged, "Put on is no supplication for the extensive gunfire of rockets onto civilians, nor terrorism."

MPAC explains that the holding of its revive at the All Saints Episcopal Priestly of Pasadena is a inspiration of its pinpoint on winning allies by other faiths. It boasts of establishing partnerships with the Neighbor Bulk of Evangelicals, the Priestly of Jesus Christ of Following Day Saints, the Catholic See, the African Methodist Episcopal Priestly, the The populace of Rebuilding Judaism and other thanks groups.

MPAC and meet groups like the Islamic Accessory of North America have possession of produced an interfaith bloc plucky to hide them against Rep. Michele Bachmann and other opponents.

If MPAC's revive is like in the past ones, Islamists forward motion once more be complete a stall to manifestation Muslims to their step, but this time, it won't be in a mosque or a settle convention room. It'll be from a church stand.


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