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Monday, 27 September 2010

Reaching Out To Wiccans

Reaching Out To Wiccans Cover

Book: Reaching Out To Wiccans by Anonymous

Begin your time together by asking your students to name as many TV shows, books, movies and video games as they can that deal with witches, the supernatural world and the occult. As they name them, list each one on a chalkboard, whiteboard or large sheet of paper.

Say something like this: Obviously, there’s a huge interest in our culture in supernatural things and the occult. It’s no wonder that the beliefs and practices of the Wiccan religion are spreading fast in North America and around the world. Teenagers, especially, are being drawn to a religion called Wicca. Today, we’re going to study what wiccans believe, what the Bible says about those beliefs, and how we can reach out to friends who are interested in Wicca.

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