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Monday, 20 September 2010

Footprints Of Messianic Consciousness

Footprints Of Messianic Consciousness

Dave at "Balashon" writes regarding ayin:

From the word ayin we get ein and maayan - meaning "origin, satisfactorily", and according to Klein and others this is a shorter facsimile of - "eye of the water".

Klein says that the word maon - residence is related to ein, but I don't moral understand how.

Here's one understanding of "how" these notions are connected.

HaMasovevet can cast a ritual circle to ember a Spiritual Heavens without using any tools at all. She can individual use her fingers.

To cast a ritual circle, she:

* chooses the place
* deduce
* draws up energy from the feminine nub of Shechinah within her
* extends the crux and enter fingers of any hand she prefers, and draws that nub energy clothed in them
* encircles the space, marking its limits with the nub energy flowing all through her fingers

How is this finger-magick related to the mention on ayin? According to the Ari's procedure of chiromancy , the commands of the crux and enter fingers of the reliable hand petit mal to the hebrew dispatch reish and shin (resha d'ayin). The commands of the crux and enter fingers of the vanished hand maintain "no" analogy (resha d'lo itayada). Contemporary is "not whatsoever in print" on them.

The shoresh refers to this left-handed "feel like" of whatsoever "as yet" in print. It is the"place" through for "the no other" (of Ein Sof ). The shoresh as well implies "from wherever" and/or a mandate of "establish". In other words, is unknowably yet integrally connected to emunah (), the power of the self all through which all emanates to ember "the wherever" of a "living" Spiritual Heavens. A Ma'on. Through all through goings-on of the vanished hand.

R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh of the "Intermediate Crowd" teaches regarding Ma'on:

Ma'on ("the House")--our episode of the Spiritual forces that act in natural world, enabling us to imitation God in our lives.

By casting a sacred circle with her vanished crux and enter fingers, HaMasovevet taps clothed in dwell in Spiritual forces show business in natural world to ember a living Spiritual Heavens. Wearing this Set apart Circle - wherever the Spiritual, the spiritual and the physical are partner - she is enabled to imitation God in her life.

In the manner of reverence to the duration "eye of the water", the two fingers of the vanished hand second hand to draw pictures up the energy with which to ember the Spiritual Heavens petit mal to the "eye". The action of her hand corresponds to "of the water". The duration ends with a mem-sofit. In every one Rashi and cursive scripts, is in print "as a circle" with a minute "tail" clothed in Ein Sof. We can see next, that the whole duration can be interpreted as a characterization for making the Spiritual Heavens of a sacred circle.


Rumination And Kabbalah, R' Aryeh Kaplan, p. 205

Etymology Of Biblical Hebrew, R' Matityahu Clark, p. 9

"A star [kochav] shall go forth from Jacob and a staff [shevet] shall awaken in Israel." BaMidbar 24:17 - from the "Intermediate Crowd": "As is well municipal, a comet has a "tail" that trails it (the Rambam asserts this fact in his laws of blessings). This is the secret of "the way of the Mashiach"--the "traces" that are vanished by the King Mashiach on his way to redeem us."

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