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Friday, 29 September 2006

Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram

Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram Cover
1- Perform the Relaxation Ritual (RR) and the LBRP.
2- Face the east, your hands out to your sides and say "NRI Yud, Nun, Raish, Yud." This is the sign of Osiris slain.
3- Form an "L", look at your left hand, bow your head and say: "L. The sign of the mournings of Isis."
4- Form a "V", put your head back, look up and say: "V. The sign of Typhon and Apophis."
5- Form an "X", bow your head and say: "X. The sign of Osiris risen."
6- Form all three letters saying: "L. V. X. LUX". When you say the word "light" in the next sentence, you should spread your arms and look forward. Ten re-cross them as before and bow your head while saying meaningfully: "The light…of the Cross."
7- Return to your first position, arms out to your sides, looking forward. Say: "Virgo, Isis, mighty Mother, Scorpoi, Apophis, Destroyer. Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen."
8- Slowly raise your arms into the "V" position again while slowly raising your head. As you do this, say: "Isis, Apophis, Osiris..."
9- By the time your hands reach the "V" position, you should be looking up. Vibrate: IAO (Pronounced: EEEEE – AAAAAHHHHH – OOOOOHHHHH).
10- take a few moments to revel in the light (LVX). Now, visualize the light drawing over your entire body. From you head, down to your feet. Say: "Let the Divine Light Descend." FEEL IT!!!
11- Go to the east, make a Hexagram of Fire in gold flame. Point to the center of the top triangles baseline and vibrate: "Ararita."
12- Carry a white line to the south. Make a Hexagram of Earth, point to the center and vibrate: "Araita."
13- Continue to the west carrying the white line. Make a Hexagram of Air, point to the common lines center and vibrate: "Ararita."
14- Continue to the north, carrying the white line. Make a Hexagram of Water, Vibrate: "Ararita."
15- Complete the circle and repeat the Kabalistic Cross from the LBRP.

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Anonymous - The Supreme Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram
Benjamin Rowe - A Ritual Of The Heptagram
Order Of The Golden Dawn - Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

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Wednesday, 6 September 2006

The Founders Of Wicca In The United States

The Founders Of Wicca In The United States Cover Who are Gavin and Yvonne Frost?

Gavin Frost, BSc, PhD, DD

A Scorpio. After earning his doctorate in physics and mathematics from London University, Gavin entered the aerospace industry. It finally took him to Southern California, where he and Yvonne met in about 1966. Yvonne was a member of Mensa, the high IQ society, and a graduate of Fullerton JC.

When a shared interest in the occult and in alternative Spiritual Paths brought them together, they moved to St. Louis, MO, where they founded the Church and School of Wicca in 1968. At that time they started an occult Correspondence school teaching Witchcraft as a spiritual path, along with astral travel, sorcery, astrology, and psychic healing through the mails to a worldwide student body. The church earned its religious tax-exempt status in 1972. With the publication of The Witch's Bible and later The Magic Power of Witchcraft, the student body grew. They taught thousands of students the fundamentals of their Spiritual Philosophy.

Eventually the Church developed branch covens and churches across the United States. The actions of some of those covens led to a rigorous IRS investigation of the Church and the Frosts. The Frosts successfully proved that the Church was indeed a valid one. A further consequence of the investigations was a prisoner case and the federal appeals court ruling which again validated the Church and School (Dettmer v. Landon as referred to elsewhere on the site).

Although officially the Frosts are semi-retired, they continue to write books and to lecture at various pagan gatherings around the nation. Each year at Hallowe'en they can guarantee dozens of radio interviews and several TV appearances. This furthers the general population's interest in Wicca and de-demonizes it.

They have always been cutting-edge philosophers and have made no bones about sexual activity within covens. Their candor has alienated many "plastic" pagans and caused the Frosts to be controversial within the new-age metaphysical subculture. That controversy itself has generated many students coming to criticize who are then surprisingly convinced by what we teach rather than having their criticism find a base with what we teach.


Founders of Wicca as a religion.
First articulators of a Wiccan spiritual philosophy.
Winning of federal recognition from both the IRS and federal appeals courts for the new religion of Wicca.
Authors of twenty-seven books articulating the spiritual beliefs of Wicca.
Teaching Wiccan beliefs to their tens of thousands of students worldwide.

Downloadable books (free):

Max Heindel - The Message Of The Stars
Julia Phillips - History Of Wicca In England
Margaret Alice Murray - The God Of The Witches
Samuel Gardner Drake - Annals Of Witchcraft In New England And Elsewhere In The United States
Hargrave Jennings - The Rosicrucians Their Rites And Mysteries