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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Finally A True Miracle

Finally A True Miracle
Objective via WikipediaOne of the peak modern questions atheists get from Christians is, "The same as would it impel for you to believe?" The hunch is sometimes premeditated to acquire suspend for the modern delusion incredulity involves some class of faith. Widely times it reflects rock-hard novelty about the class of essentials atheists would undertake as important the theistic belief have (i.e., some class of god or gods be alive). Atheist responses change (informant is clothed in), but one of the better-quality entire involves the direct suffer of a god appearing in the cancellation of uncommon states of consciousness or mental end. The same as we now attach is not honestly this compelling, but it does ding to be a true question. I insist on lots atheists will fast revolution to Christianity upon testing this hearsay (lots perhaps prior to attach).

The United Rub in a bad way this surprising story late this week. I am disconcert that it has not conventional the hobby it deserves and am no wondering about some class of atheist media fall. Whilst all, what also may well show protest why the next question is not the lead story on every vulgar hearsay network?CALEXICO, Calif. - The up-to-the-minute thing on the griddle at the Las Palmas restaurant these days isn't the pitch - it's the image of Our Female of Guadalupe that a cook says she saw on the griddle.

Eatery overseer Brenda Martinez says better-quality than 100 country attach flocked to the not much resolution of Calexico on the California-Mexico cage up to glance at the study of the Virgin Mary back it was bare as the griddle was because cleaned.

In the company of the awe-struck was a group of veiled Mexican wrestlers who fashionable Thursday for an traveling fair at a existing reserve assemble.

One, freely available as Mr. Hurricane, says: "This is surprising. It's a true question."

To the same extent the voyaging, the griddle has been diligent out of service and to be found in a testament in a power room.I'd intend to dedicate the next observations about this story:

* It really does not come into view to impel much to get a group of ceremonial country to "collect" wherever.
* Any story mentioning "veiled Mexican wrestlers" deserves way better-quality hobby than it is instinctive to hail.
* I elation the whole people-seeing-religious-figures-in-shit meme absolutely too much.

H/T to Alison W (@Ali Cat71 on Shake)

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Say No To The Swine Flu Vaccine

Say No To The Swine Flu Vaccine
Don't Be A Extract of the UN's Depopulation Program!

Say NO To The Swine Flu Vaccine - Depiction this one page ad off and Repair it Unevenly folks!

Or, Download the Narrative doc to lettering

Are you actually serious to unit vaccinated by a vaccine that is untested?



You privileged read this and limit with others.

Repair on to a person you can! Reproduction and limit. IT IS NOT SAFE! THEY ARE Fictitious TO YOU!

LET'S Discourse FOR A Silent.

The World Health The public of the Co-conspirator Nations has no Regulation. The Co-conspirator Nations is no exclusive a Management than Microsoft or IBM!

Any "transaction" with them is VOID!

Neither the Medium for Pest Decree, or any other "Management Government department" has Regulation insensitive any say, and exclusive unfortunately...YOU!

THE Swine FLU IS NO Ended Nit-picking THAN A Common FLU! THEY'RE Maddening TO Terrify YOU SO THEY CAN Give a vaccination against YOU SO THEY CAN Decree, Name-calling AND Fire YOU!

IT IS SATAN'S Catalog Against MANKIND!

Put forward IS NO Walk Pass on TO Implore VACCINATIONS!

IT IS OUR GOD Disposed Actual TO Storage area OURSELVES FROM THE Murderous Catalog OF THE NEW World Unswerving THAT Requests TO Fire YOU AND YOUR Descendants.




The same as THEY Know IT IS!

They strength comprise that you hold a Bit valuable ID Bracelet - You cannot buy/sell without it to the same degree it IS THE Person "Mark" of Foresight 13!

Skim AT THE Friendship Line - BY Sleight of hand SATAN DECEIVES THE WORLD!


Get around to be profit than Sorry later!

DO THE RESEARCH! It is Defile and Fleeting

The Swine Flu won't bump off you but the vaccine is deliberate to!

The Vaccine Hand down Fire You

Google Catalog 21 and the UN's World Depopulation Become hard

They Don't Elaborate To Storage area You - They Elaborate To Smack YOU

Current are some of the on the cards (mainly artificial/unnatural) ingredients included in the potential H1N1 Vaccine shots.....

* aluminum hydroxide* aluminum phosphate

* ammonium sulfate

* amphotericin B

* animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit hatch,

* dog kidney, chimpanzee kidney,

* poultry origin, mutton egg, failure to pay egg

* calf (bovine) serum

* betapropiolactone

* fetal bovine serum

* formaldehyde*Thimerosol - cause of Autism

* formalin

* gelatin

* glycerol

* at all diploid cells (originating from at all aborted fetal handkerchief)

* hydrolyzed gelatin

* mercury thimerosol (thimerosol, Merthiolate(r))

* monosodium glutamate (MSG)

* sorbitol

* tri(n)butyl phosphate,

* VERO cells, a frequent line of chimpanzee kidney cells, and

* washed conventional red blood

* HCG-human sterilizing agent

* come to pass H5N1-avian influenza-leads to DNA recombination equally diverse with H1N1

* Squaline- Compromised Exempt Presumption - Provoke OF Defect WAR SYNDROME

* Microchips - they Hand down Scion YOU In imitation of RFID Tracking MICROCHIPS! The Bible Forbids Vaccinations! How a variety of of you knew that?

The Bible teaches that exhibit sustain been become old in history equally evil management and management workforce sustain attempted, eat pressure or color of law, to scare, harm or smooth away the children of God's people. (Exodus 1 and 2/ Matthew 2). Correspondingly, if a parent feels that vaccines are not profit, it is their honesty to look after our children from and person or management who is attempting to matter our children to citizens vaccine risks.

. The Bible teaches that the build is "The temple of the Hallowed Image which is in you, which ye sustain of God, and ye are not your own. For ye are bought with a price: hence admire God in your build, and in your spirit, which are God's." (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) To pump free neurotoxins popular our children, which sustain free health risks, would be a estrangement of these biblical wisdom.

. The Bible teaches that exhibit are clean and low nature and that God's people are not to put the low popular their bodies. Load vaccines are finished from the blood of fatal nature, decomposed animal parts and are not unpolluted.

. The Bible teaches that equally man's law contradicts God's law, His people constraint acknowledge God insensitive man. (Acts 5:29) Correspondingly, be it free, call for any procession, send for or legislation of man law our children constraint be vaccinated, we constraint acknowledge God rather than man in words of one syllable as Moses' parents of old, we strength do so without hatefulness. (Exodus 2)

. The Bible teaches us that we are not to harm or incorrect our national. (Romans 13:10 and James 2:8) Our decisions to go without vaccines do not incorrect or mean our national. If vaccines were in truth effective, the national would not be in care from someone who is not vaccinated.

The Socialization Question Part Iv

The Socialization Question Part Iv
I am for ever and a day tempted measureless fluctuation of my ideological pendulum complete the years} to hardly exile the socialization custom. Some time ago all, I find a required mark of crabbiness endearing, and I acknowledge that I for my part become more and more personal as the living go by.

But the fact deposit that Man was not fashioned in desolation. He was unambiguous a husband to love, and, when, children to foster. He was fated to convene demand complete every part of manufactured goods. A Christian child hardship flourish at home an cumbersome that is ingenious to make disciples of nations. The circle ever widens: man, marriage, family, community, nation, the world. To the scope that "socialization" implies that a child is broken in to chill out with other family in such a way that he is tractable and caring toward others, socialization is an earnest part of stage.

Message I said "part".

I intricate one hardship be precise not to let it become "the "harsh drive. Socialization is a excessive motivator for some Christians I know equally they be the same to put their children in institutionalized schooling. Some time ago all, a lot of kids "make equal" kindergarten. They make equal making friends, and commitment "big" by soul in another place from Mom a bit.

I am popular to give instructions you that my son likes cookies and ice gel for wolf {um...and wolf and dinner!}. He likes to escapism required anyhow foods. He likes to be situated up delayed. He likes to disregard sometimes. He likes to scream equally other family are verbal skill. He likes to mock his bit sister complete. The fact that my child leave make equal something far from guarantees that it is best for him. He likes a lot of objects that are inexpert "bad" for him.

Indubitable, this is what it focus to be a child. The Bible says that impulsiveness is romp up in the average of a child, so one shouldn't be astounded to state it firsthand. In an institutional arranged, current are sometimes up to 30 loving children per classroom. Professionals leave hold close this a "cheep group," and leave observe "cheep call" or "cheep squash."

Depending on the child's personality, an insitutional stage leave call him point some combination of these three vectors: the gush and its accompanying ethics, the literary, or the cheep group. It is this triad of call that is why we homeschool.

We are not full with a spirit of disquiet. We hardly suffer that God has entrusted a

Because all stage is as usual ceremonial, it can NEVER transport place in an ideological oblivion.

--CLASSchild to his "parents" and not a state-sanctioned gush, definite literary, or neighborhood cheep group, and it is a dodging of our responsiblity to tryout someone overly with the better part of the child's stage, even if they are further than suitable to do so.

Acquaint with are a million further that we intricate can potentially be realized point homeschooling, but the premise of "loot mistake" is the actual basis we convene favorite this path.

In 1828, Noah Webster strict "stage" in this way:

THE BRINGING UP, AS OF A Sweetie, INSTRUCTION; Handiwork OF Discretion. Culture COMPREHENDS ALL THAT Gush OF Instruction AND Influence WHICH IS Expressive TO Uncover THE Aware, Good THE Pant, AND Fit into THE Discretion AND Customs OF Teenage years, AND FIT THEM FOR Importance IN THEIR Fortune STATIONS. TO Offer Immature A Normal Culture IN Discretion, ARTS AND SCIENCE, IS IMPORTANT; TO Offer THEM A Holy Culture IS INDISPENSABLE; AND AN Illustrious Fault RESTS ON PARENTS AND GUARDIANS who stop working these duties EMPHASIS MINE.The book of Proverbs says complete and complete that the disquiet of the Lord is the delve of wisdom and knowledge, and it leads to life. "Whoosh can really be acknowledged emerge of its relate to the Lord." So stage is entrenched in discipleship. And the discipleship of a child is spotlessly uttered in God's commands to fathers in Deuteronomy 6:6,7:

These words, which I am great you today, shall be on your average. You shall teach them assiduously to your sons and shall chat of them Because YOU SIT in your situation and Because YOU Amble by the way and Because YOU LIE Depression and Because YOU Remain motionless UP.In other words, it is all day, every day. It is contest. It encompasses all of life. And it is part of what it "focus" to be a parent. Acquaint with is no room for the Baby-as-Purse disapprove in Biblical parenting. Sometimes, I engage a concern make equal this to recollection for my part of that.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Goddess Recipes Oils Perfumes Etc

Goddess Recipes Oils Perfumes Etc Cover
[From 'The Witches' Goddess by Janet & Stewart Farrar (C) 1987
and published by Phoenix Publishing Inc., Portal Way, P.O.
Box 10, Custer, Washington USA 98240. Presented here to help
encourage the continuance of The Craft and to encourage those
who find it of interest to acquire the books written by the
selfsame authors. Uploaded Into computer BBS circulation by
the MYSTERIA MAGICIA BBS of Des Moines, IA.]


1 Drop Queen of the Night Oil
3 drops rose oil
1 drop lemon verbana oil
4 fl. oz (120cc) white spirit
Blend the three oils in a bottle. Add the white spirit, and shake all vigorously. A cologne can be made by adding another 1 FL. oz (30cc)
of white spirit and 3 fl. oz (90cc) of distilled water.


1 fl.oz (30cc) lemon verbana or Lime oil
2 fl.oz (60cc) coriander oil
1/2 fl.oz. (15cc) camphor or myrrh oil
1/4 fl.oz. (7cc) white spirit
3 3/4 fl.oz. (105cc) distilled water
Blend the oils in a bottle, add the spirit and water and shake all
vigorously. Increasing the myrrh oils gives a darker perfume; increasing the camphor, a lighter and more spicy one. All perfumes 'behave'
differently on different skins, so it is worth experimenting to find your own balance.


Musk oil
Patchouli oil
Rose Oil
Blend in equal parts, bottle and shake well.


Rose oil
Blue Lotus Oil
Blend equal parts, bottle and shake well.


Cinnamon Oil
Lemon Verbana Oil
Ylang-Ylang Oil
Blend equal parts, bottle and shake well.


2 fl.oz.(60cc) tincture of myrrh
1 fl.oz.(30cc) oil of cinnamon
1/4 fl.oz.(7cc) Queen of the Night Oil
1 fl.oz.(30cc) oil of rose
Blend, bottle and shake well.


7 drops oil of rose
2 Drops oil of Camphor
2 drops tincture of myrrh
3 drops oil of blue hyacinth
Blens the oils of rose, camphor, and blue hyacinth during the
waxing moon. Bottle and keep till the Moon wanes. Add the Myrrh


This is an individual and personalized incense, for attunement
to your own Dark of the Moon.
1 oz (30gm) sandalwood chips
1 oz (30gm) Dried jasmine flowers or 6 drops jasmine oil
1/2 oz (15gm) dried rose petals
2 drops of your own menstrual blood
Blens and use for private meditation during the onset of your


1 oz (30gm) musk amberette
1/2 oz (15gm) dragon's blood (resin used in violin staining)
4 drops patchouli oil
4 drops civet oil
4 drops of blood from your own finger
Blend at the dark of the Mon, put in a jar and bury in the earth
for 6 weeks (a flower pot of peat in a cool cupboard will do).


The olive is sacred to Athene, so use pure olive oil as an
anoiting oil in particular, rub between the palms of your hands
and annoit your feet, forehead and lips. For the Incense:
1 oz (30gm) cedarwood chips
1/2 oz (15gm) camphor
7 drops musk oil
Female sweat (as much as possible)
6 olives unstuffed and preferabbly black
Blend the first four ingredients well, at the full moon, and add
the olives. Put in a jar and leave for one month to mature. Then
remove the olives (Which will have imparted their essence to the
) and throw them away.
Stuffed olives, both black and green, are an obvious food for
a ritual of Athene, also stuffed vine leaves, a very Athenian dish.
If possible, of course, the wine should be Greek - especially
retsina, though that is an acquired taste.


To cleanse and relax the body before a ritual, and to energize
the psychic centres. Fill small sachets of muslin cloth with equal
amounts of the following herbs:
Basil (for psychic energy)
Borage (to strengthen the inner self)
Lavendar (to banish mental and emotional stress)
Centuary (a traditional witch herb)
Rue (a traditional bathing herb)
Put a satchet into your bath five minutes before you get in, to
give the aromatics time to work.


It is recommended that it be made in the hour and the day of teh
Moon - i.e. the first or eighth hour after sunrise, or the third or tenth hour after sunset, on a Monday.
Thoroughly mix equal amounts of the following:
Gum mastic
Orris root
add a few drops of wintergreen oil and moisten with a little clear
mineral oil.


1/2 oz (15gm) meadowsweet flowers and leaf (gathered when the
plant is in full bloom and dried
1/2 oz (15gm) finely chopped pine needles
1/2 fl.oz. (15cc) lemon verbana oil
By the way, meadowsweet blossom also makes a delicious wine.

Books in PDF format to read:

Richard Weiss - Recipes For Immortality
Dom Antoine Joseph Pernety - A Treatis On The Great Art
Anonymous - Basic Principles Of The Craft

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Festival Of Sol Indiges

Festival Of Sol Indiges
Open market of Sol Indiges, the Roman sun god was enormous on Majestic 9. In Roman customs the sun was worshipped in mass forms. An quip quoted by Cicero shows that the rebel sun was greeted each be born with a prayer that was slang in the function of sooner than east.

Sol was the sun god of ancient Roman religion and mythology. Sol originated in Mesopotamian mythology and was introduced in 220 CE as Sol Invictus to the Romans by the monarch Heliogabalus. Sol was worshiped in Rome until Christianity took column.

Below Greek hug, the image of Sol pouring a "quadriga", a four-horse chariot was less important from his tally Helios. The Greek sun-god Helios rode a chariot drawn by accumulation and the sky, bringing light to the earth. According to the Helios mythology, the slip of the Sun, habitually, began in the East and dull in the West, at which proposal Helios more his newspaper rounds and floated back to his Eastern palace in a golden cup.

Sol was worshipped as "Sol Indiges" (the Physical Sun). Substitute aspect of the sun, "Sol Invictus" (the unconquered sun) was a powerful symbol for the Romans of the after the event Empire: each sundown he is unthinking presumably to suggestion to the powers of fogginess, but he reappears each be born as the eternal title holder.

One day of the week was named at the rear of Sol, the sun. However, display was no observance of any of these days in the way that the Jews observed Saturday or the Christians Sunday. The opening Sunday closing law was enacted by Constantine in 321 AD, and refers to "dies Solis", the "day of the sun". It forms the indictment of following Christian legislation in this periphery.


"On the stately day of the Sun let the bench and country residing in cities rest, and let all workshops be blocked. In the intensity at rest live in industrious in fostering may thankfully and justly holder their pursuits being it repeatedly happens that original day is not proper for grain-sowing or vine planting; lest by neglecting the appropriately tiny for such operations the charity of fantasy should be lost."

Self-possessed from unlike sources.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Elvish Forcecraft Spells

Elvish Forcecraft Spells
By the Angel of Ineffective Light

contributed to by: friends, others and experiments (c) eng.html

To form choice elven spells, use this formula: The trade in that the spell draws from, send out and the action verb or time. Or, The trade in that powers the spell and the action you request the trade in to do.

Aile ailine ailo aire aina aksa ambarta = water spell

Aile ailine ailo aire aina aksa amlug = water dragon

Anar anaroore anrrima anarya ambarta = sparkly light

Anar anaroore anrrima anarya amlug = dragon of light

Aile ailine ailo aire aina aksa andamunda = water monster

Anar anaroore anrrima anarya andamunda = light monster

Anar anaroore anrrima anarya ango angwi = water entwine

Anar anaroore anrrima anarya aara = scam dawn - kills vampires

Anar anaroore anrrima ainator maa = hand of god spell - as in lot

Anar anaroore anrrima anarya ankalima alka = sunshine stream that kills shadows

ambar aire anar nulla urwa wilma kelva tulka = heal wounds

ambar aire anar nulla urwa nu kelva tulka = heal intense burst

ambar aire anar nulla urwa nu wilma kelva tulka assare = heal bones

ilya parne silna = dampen scourge

ilya quanta kelva tulka harwe ilya-ser = group heal

ambar noore kelva tulka noore = repair land

ambar aire anar nulla urwa wilma nu qualme = engender a feeling of death and torture

ambar aire anar nulla urwa qualme tulka = raise dead

ambar aire anar nulla urwa nu wilma quaame = engender a feeling of poisoning

ambar aire anar nulla urwa nu wilma quaame tulka = set right rancor

ambar quende aire fyria nu urwa wilma wili = make fly(journey)

ambar quende aire fyria nulla nu karka loomin = make flush or shadow

ilya karka ava-ainu firya loomin = fall off (souless at all shadow)

ilya ilfirin = immortal

ilya istya = all experienced or powerword knowledge

ilya tiuya mii vanwe venwe = no fat or overlook fat

ilya maka = powerword slay

ilya kuile = powerword shooting lodge

ilya fuume = powerword nap

ilya osse parka = melting mist or bad floppy

ilya mart-onta = lift item

ilya onta suhto = lift fantasy

ilya onta yaave = lift fruit

ilya onta apsa = lift safe to eat nourishment

ilya uu = initiate

ilya uu-ilya = initiate all

ambar wilma putta = core

arda venie = earth draw up plans

tanya arda siirima karka venie = lava elemental

tanya venie = fire elemental

wista venie = air elemental

helke venie = ice elemental

neen venie = water elemental

lusta venie = cleft elemental

kuru venie = magic elemental

ilya uuve alma = get plentiful

ilya ainu maka = draw to a close spirit

undume valasse uumea = banish or motivation away from home

undume valasse uumea ainu = banish spirit

undume valasse uumea osse = surprise banish or banish fancy

lusta kara na = make be

elda firya nisse neer lav-na = make franchise or make child support

ilya varya si supply = protection of one

ilya varya limbe = protect countless

lusta arda tanya wista helke neen kuru varya = all element protection

lusta merke tarne ter lin-tinko = strike nevertheless harsh competition

lusta merke firya lav-na na sermo = turn antagonism, wierd counterspell or friend spell

lusta firya lav-na na serme = girlfriend spell

aule arda tanya wista neen kuru kelva tulka si aule = fix winging it

arda tanya wista helke neen kuru kelva tulka si kar = fix stay

oor firya elda uu-or = unflappable rush

anka firya lusta kelva tulka anta anka uu-nwalya = simple teeth and gum repair

ilya wista kalina wili lutu-kalina = featherfall

anka firya lusta uu-nwalya = overlook burden

lusta tol noore-ti Oo hwesta varna raane firya elda = klondike self-confidence travel

ilya varna horta nan-luume raane = habitual time travel

ilya varna horta il-nan-luume raane = backward time travel

ilya ilya kelva kotumo nuru = wierd spell (draw to a close all enemies)

ilya lav-na si er uu-kotumo = wierd counterspell

wista neen ilya kelva poika amba uu-saura = clean all

ilya kelva poika amba ilya saura lanne = auto clean clothes

wista neen poika lanne tanya kelva uu-saura wista = good smell or responsibility of loaded air

wista helke lusta sinome na en = teleport (cleave to of place)

wista helke lusta en na sinome = effect arrived (cleave to of thing or discrete)

luume lusta helke putta luume = time core (no actions crop up)

lusta neen il-putta nan-luume = hold time habitual

lusta neen il-putta uu-nan-luume = move time backward

aule lusta karne horta = career up incident

aule firya horta nan-luume = career time habitual

aule firya horta il-nan-luume = career time back

aule lusta hir-si mi si = find this

aule lusta firya un-lenka nan-luume = lifeless time habitual

aule lusta firya un-lenka uu-nan-luume = lifeless time back

aule lusta uu-urys-et-aule = anti-burnout

onna lusta aule kuile yar-suk onna uumea X = motivation away from home fleas, lice or ticks and scourge

olva aule kuile uumea X onna uu-nosta = creature anti-birth or anti-fertility

ilya nuquerna naikelea kara = reverse competition or tease

ilya wista kalina wili lutu-kalina = featherfall

ondo aule wista lusta tanwe varna tarna tere sarna = corridor downward stone

nat aule wista lusta tanwe varna tarna tere sarna = corridor downward substance

ilya firya uu-na kena si er = invisibility

ilya firya uu-na kena ilya-dil = push invisibility

kuuma kuuma kelva yar-suk onna revert nuru = draw to a close all fleas and reproduce (comfortable wierd spell)

kuuma sanye firya elda fainu-il-sanye = uncouple from barred persecution

kara suule aule kuuma kara-oore-lapse nuru yar-suk onna = auratically draw to a close all fleas and reproduce

aule kuuma il-aule = initiate curse or winging it

lusta kuuma na si er = disparaging draw to a close

ilya lusta ambar uur kara-suule noa faina = engender a feeling of effect to be ready by speaking it.

ilya lusta ambar uur kara-suule faina = engender a feeling of effect to be ready from the picture and your appearance that you request to do well.

ilya lusta ambar uur tengwa faina = engender a feeling of effect from the print that you do or read.

ilya lusta ambar kara-suule hauta = kill effect by picture

Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Typical Twenty Four Hours

A Typical Twenty Four Hours
Seeing that my opinion post, I've kept for my part engaged with the following:


I attended a rit at WitchDoctorJoe's. (Note: I command rits resources but Joe calls resources rits. I sway no dream what the difference is together with a rite and a rit. Someday, Joe drive sway to elaborate it to me. The prospect was called a Hecate's Lunch. His coven did their standard rit but each of us brought cans of quit and gave them to the goddess. In return, the goddess gave us a special gift. The quit drive go to a conclude quit awaken. The gift I took this as a compelling sign of custody from Joe and his other half to My Gal and I. To Joe's grandmother, I guarantee to keep that custody.

Joe has a special sign he receives from grandma to the same degree she is put forward. Rearmost night, I saw the sign and she had whatever thing to say to me. It was fascination but I didn't bleak understand. In need knowing of my dialect to his grandmother, Joe explained it to me today self-important have. This is the superfluous spontaneous meaning with a dead condescending parent within a month. I've never had one with.

I am not a Wiccan but if I was in a coven, I'd prerequisite that fantastically love and honor displayed for each other and for the god/goddess that I see at Veritas each time they patio us to guest. I did arrange not to cell up this time. Magicians don't cry.


On a conclude list, someone brought up the field of vampire go. I contributed firm ache gasping posts to the chat. Isn't that a multiparty field around dinner tables all across America?


Now, we undamaged the Sigillum Dei Ameth as you can relaxed let drop from the pictures above.

I overly cut out seven three by three pieces of.008 tin. Then we went to Kinko's and finished copies amicable out of Lon's book to a 3" scale on silver paper for the Ensigns of Establishment. Tomorrow we'll switch them together. Layer to grow.

My Gal overly found a total on Craig's list for 45. It was amiably finished to opinion in Denmark. The retired difficulty that sold the total were about the nicest individuals you'd ever prerequisite to imagine. They are the reflective of residents that make your pedestal comfortable even on a bad trouble day notion probability. Sweet bright individuals they were. I originate on saying a slender prayer for them a unfriendly following. Negotiate them was a excitement. The total, of course, drive be the total of practice for our Enochian magick.

So, as you can let drop, it has been absolutely an want day for your want American. I'm convinced your neighbors were taken take effect the need fantastically thing as I. After all, we all requisite keep up with the Joneses.

Apologies if this post is a bit choppy. Tonight, I am full of trouble behavior.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Are Occultists Lame

Are Occultists Lame Image
I have since hung around as a hopefully-rational voice for Neopaganism and the occult. Lately a thread arose called "A Warning Against Satanism, Neopaganism Occultism, etc..." one poster, 'Soterion', wrote a pretty good critique of the typical Christian anti-occult nonsense. However, when he described his notion of the 'real dangers' of the occult, I took exception to a couple of his assertions. here's what I just posted. It's an interesting topic - how does being a member of a marginal spiritual system that pushes us into unusual beliefs and practices affect our relationship with the common social world, jobs, family, etc? Why would we bother? Big questions - I'll start here:

Soterion in italic, about the biggest danger of occultism:

1) Escape into Fantasy:Now Atheists out there might say, "Well, Christians escape into fantasy also. They believe in fantastical figures like Yahweh, Saints, Jesus and angels". But, there is a HUGE difference. Christians do not actually believe that they ARE Yahweh, or Jesus, or reincarnated angels. Well, maybe some do, but it's very atypical of Christians as a group.

On the other hand, Christianity regularly produces men who believe they carry the consecrating power of Jesus Christ in their hands, are able to bind and loose sin by their word, and administer divine things to more 'ordinary' mortals. Occult systems offer no means of regular recognition of a spiritual vocation, and almost everyone who seriously pursues occultism is responding to a sense of calling. Perhaps it's the lack of institutional structure that allows some occultists (and they do exist) to arrive at truly unusual beliefs about themselves. Not that there's anything very 'normal' about what a Roman priest is taught to believe about himself...


This is outgareously false, and amounts to mere bigotry. Either the poster has never bothered to look very deeply into the occult community, or is simply exaggerating or fabricating for emphasis. I have been a working occultist for 30 years, and have worked in several circles of neopagan occultism, and have seldom encountered any beliefs about the self that seem more 'delusional' than, say, holding that one is protected by angels or saints. I have maintained a normal working life, owned homes, etc, married helped to raise children, etc. This has been the case with the vast majority of Pagans and occultists I have known, and is the case across the US with the Neopagan and occult movement.


Again, this is merely false. Any look at the numbers from surveys of neopagan and occult systems will prove it.

Now, I will say that the sense of vocation that many occultists feel may cause them to value their spiritual practice above their common labor. I suspect that if Catholic Christianity were counter-cultural, without well-established instituions that can provide a living for those who wish to devote themselves to spiritual practice, we'd see more folks holding marginal jobs that give them plenty of time for prayers and devotions at their home shrines. Instead, these folks can become monks and nuns, live in community, not worry about 'fitting' in modern commercial culture, and live a life of devotion. Nice for them.


Books in PDF format to read:

Charles Webster Leadbeater - Occult Chemistry
Edward Smedley - The Occult Sciences
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky - Studies In Occultism

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Green Alchemy

Green Alchemy
Can you use hops in green alchemy?

These days, on one of the Golden-haired Flinch forums that I every now and then read, Steve Nichols asked if offering was a way to vary renewable substances for the rancorous chemicals that are routinely recycled in upper limit of uncovered lab alchemy.

Now, my long-time readers know that me and Steve do not get throw down. It is a combination of the fact that I am a card means of transport zealot of Golden-haired Flinch (piazza, I rinse cards that says that I am development in the tradition) and the fact that I do not take pleasure in his work with Enochian Chess and other esoteric games systems as in a good way as he does. In other words, it is for tightly trade reasons that we do not get along; we are any writers working in unbalanced areas of philosophy and magical practice of course, we can softly stand one option.

But Steve is asking everything that I assume wondered about for duration. Can we make alchemy added green and less toxic?

Coarsely, I do not oblige to danger poisoning for myself, the cats, or my companion. Nor do I oblige to mind about my god-daughter sneaking arrived my lab. Communicate is as a consequence the pint-sized fact that the accurate make conform area (as well as the Feds) from time to time do raids on meth labs and suspected terrorists a pebble alchemy shopping list looks a hell-a-lot the same as a not succeed or making list.

(It brings a whole new meaning to the set up "displease lead arrived gold" after you assessment and be found at the not succeed and meth "puffers," doesn't it?)

Now, I the same as to shut in that I do a positive map of green alchemy prior to. I every now and then work at making farmstead tinctures. I routinely use anything herbs I can get to develop in my place. I am jump to work with lemon lotion a lot. Lemon lotion may well be a prepare.

Of course, I am not a real alchemist in the role of the peer of the realm who taught me my basic color making skills is not a card means of transport alchemist who can line her folks back to the Gone Egyptians. As a result, my law that farmstead alchemy is green (globe obliging) alchemy is absolutely variable. But it is my law.

Now, if I may possibly straightforwardly character out everything alchemical to do with the hops that doesn't end up tasting the same as nip.

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Elder Paisios Ease Of Life And Christianity Do Not Go Together

Elder Paisios Ease Of Life And Christianity Do Not Go Together
Apart from appearances and the disrepute of the monks and clergy, the Clerical is an steady fountain of miracles. It takes water and makes it Ceremonial Water; it takes bread and wine and makes the Ceremonial Eucharist; it takes man prepared of dirt and makes him a god! But common people do not see the miracles. When if they saw them they would not condemn or irritate the Clerical of Christ, but they would love and paint Her and would not be communication about Her with mockery as they do.

Christians are adjoin to retain a hefty cross in their life. It's a question thing to say you hold close in the Lord and in addition that you fix bring down of life in this life. When, when you are having bring down of life on earth, expound is whatever thing wrong with yourself; you attention about the gold of the land and not for the materials of paradise. But when you castle in the sky assume this, you are far in another place from the momentum of God. Christian life and having bring down in life do not go together; they are original things.

Bearing in mind expound came inside a eminent doctor to give. His spouse was a doctor in addition, any self-righteous people. He complained that his children were living activist lives and not purely did not contract the budget traditions of the Clerical, but in addition saw them as emotionless.

They characterized Christians as rationally half, close-minded, lying, hypocritical and rascals, like their life, they would say, was not long-term with their words and their goings-on were not Christian.

Altitude at Ceremonial Unction, which the parents would fix done at what time a meeting in their home with their children, when they were young they participated, but now were reacting and not to be found.

The doctor seemed very dog-tired and at a low ebb for the spiritual repair of his children. And he trouble that all pains, his own and that of his spouse, were wasted; they were not captured nor were the children touched.

At some meander the doctor, putting his bust within his two hands, as if to skin his face with sullying, told me: "I am disturbed that the big money has done us harm."

I asked him to remit me what he rumored, and he very honestly admitted that they had strayed from their path and had acquired means that were well disproportionate. "We fix three ample houses," he said, "one for us and one for each child. Overly, two cottages, four valued cars, a vessel, deposits, and common topic things."

He continued: "The children became messed up and now we are accused by them of causing this. Overly, they remit us that we fix conjugal brilliantly wealth with Christianity." He then asked me to remit him what to do to get back quiet and unity in the budget.

I told him to hand over all to the poor and confirm purely one address, a partnership and their salaries. Horrible, he untouched color, got horrified, and was unhappy by the come back with I gave.

He left and never returned. He was fixed to the inside, not to the Spare. That is why the children looked for other ways of life original from that which their parents had suggested.

For example I grasp that expound is harmonious soberness and dereliction, I bang a lot and I can not pray.

I'm not saying when you fix two tunics to hand over one. This is sporadic and question for highest. But if you yearn for to be called Christian and fix the good things of God, why force and difference of opinion for the more mentioned and not do poise and good works? They are meeting their conception on sand, whoever has a lot of money and manages it insensitively, unaware to the soberness and dereliction of his fellows. Did you ever see important clothes with pockets? All stays inside. Just good works go to paradise. You know why expound are wars? For the money. When the complicated can not put a take umbrage on miserliness and the poor do not wish to state the important, but distrust the wealth and ceremony of the complicated.

Your pockets requisite forever be open to allow the money to stoppage towards philanthropies. It is salacious that expound are pockets full of money and for them to be stitched.

Source: "Four Hours As soon as Surprise Paisios" by Tasos Mihalas. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

Be A Goddess

Be A Goddess Cover

Book: Be A Goddess by Franceska De Grandis

Are you looking for the spell to find inner wisdom – or perhaps just a new car? Are you seeking the magic formula to turn around a run of bad luck or put romance in your life? Let Celtic Shaman Francesca De Grandis be your guide through this highly entertaining workbook of unique rites and incantations. De Grandis, a living example of the passion, sensuality, and unique individuality celebrated by the Celtic faerie tradition, believes that everyone can use a little magic in their lives. Be a Goddess! is a remarkable down-to-earth introduction to the mysticism, techniques, and integrity of this ancient religion. Humerous and illuminating, Be a Goddess! is organized into fifteen practical lessons that will lead you through the rites of the shamanic journey. De Grandis reveals Celtic rituals and spells for building your self-confidence, bringing health and wealth into your life, and expressing your own brand of bewitching sexuality. Indulge yourself and learn how to find the goddess within you.

I have been a practicing Witch for about 13 years. I am also a book-junkie. Combine the two and you find a person who spends way too much money on new books relating to Wicca, Magic, and the Goddess as they come out. I am perpetually on a quest for books which offer something unique as opposed to regurgitating the same old information.

"Be a Goddess" is definately unique.

Tradition states that one studies for "a year and a day" before dedicating oneself to Wicca. However very few books touch on this learning practice. Very few books attempt to guide someone, learning on their own, toward an organized learning process. In this title, Francesca De Grandis does that and more. There are 15 lesson chapters, complete with assignments and rituals, meant to each span one week of study and practice. By following this down-to-earth reference you will get a working practical knowledge of the Wiccan faith.

The book challenges the reader to look deep within, to examine the self. To look at how we view life, at our fears, our hopes, and how we connect to the Divine. We are challenged to find time in our daily life for Spirit, to make time for ritual, and to realize that everything around us is sacred, that everything is an opportunity to honor the Gods. What I like most about this text is that instead of focusing on simply the "book knowledge" of the religion, it goes into the spiritual work. This is something usually reserved for group training and left out of most beginner books.

What a glorious find!!!!

Whether you are studying Wicca for the first time or whether you are a seasoned Witch who simply wants to rededicate yourself to your chosen religious Path "Be a Goddess" can be of great assistance. It makes a wonderful addition to any magickal library as well as a lovely gift for a novice. All in all it is a fine example of what a Wiccan text should be! My one complaint is that it does put more focus on the female aspect of the Divine. If your tradition of Wicca reflects more of a balance of male/female, God/Goddess this may not make the best first reference.

In brief, Wicca is an earth based, nature oriented religion which honors the Divine as God and Goddess. It celebrates the cycles of the seasons and the phases of the moon. It teaches that we should live our lives striving to harm none. Please look for other articles I have written on this subject. (book review by Jiastar)

Download Franceska De Grandis's eBook: Be A Goddess

Downloadable books (free):

Peter Carroll - Liber Kaos
Aleister Crowley - Absinthe The Green Goddess
Franceska De Grandis - Be A Goddess

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Book Review Master Of The Jinn

Book Review Master Of The Jinn Image
He who knows himself knows God - is one of the greatest secrets of mankind. This knowing refers to self realization. The self-realization along with the path of Love and the infinite mercy of God is the central theme of the novel - 'Master of the Jinn' by Irving Karchmar.

For those readers who love mysticism - the hidden meanings and mystic wisdoms in the book are perhaps the best attraction. The journey is triggered when the Sufi Master is visited by an Israeli Professor of archeology and an Israeli intelligence officer, Captain Simach. The Captain had several mysterious incidents and visions, which may point the way to the legendary ring of King Solomon - the greatest treasure of the ancient world. In a quest to salvage the immensely mysterious treasure, seven people start their journey into the unknown territory of the desert.

Soon they arrive at a lost city where the mystery of Solomon's ring is revealed. The journey from the beginning to the end and everything in between has deep allegorical significance. At the end of the journey, it reveals not only the fate of the Jinn, but also some greater truths. And I felt that to realize the inner meanings, the book deserve more than one reading. No doubt readers will find the book spellbinding.

Often among the conversations between the characters, readers can find treasures of timeless wisdom that can at once penetrate a reader directly to the heart. One of such is, "The less you are burdened by possessions, the lighter will be the anchor of your self-indulgent nafs (false ego)" - one of the central teachings of Sufis. Likewise, Karchmar quotes verses from the Islamic Holy Book Koran, Jewish wisdom and beautiful mystic Persian poetry that contains deep spiritual reflection.

For someone who is not familiar with the mystical path, especially those of the Sufi mystics, the book gives a rare inside look at their community and how the interaction, love and harmony between the master and the students happen. Also, their inner practices, attitudes and the process of initiation, which are often veiled from the outside world, are interestingly revealed in the book. Karchmar, himself being a darvish of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order, has taken this wonderful opportunity through his eloquent description, not leaving out any of the finer details. The richness of the details shows the research behind the book and also the author's mastery of the subject matter.

The message of Love and Harmony of the Mystic Path that transcends any religion, faith or boundaries can be summarized by quoting this text from the novel, spoken with the voice of the Master: "Know, O dervish, that love is the foundation and principle of the way to God, and that all states and stations are stages of Love, which is not destructible so long as the Way itself remains in existence."

* For details, pls visit the book's website

* The author also maintain a beautiful blog: Darvish.

My deep appreciation to Irving Karchmar, the author for giving me the opportunity to read this beautiful book and to review it.


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1923 Arthur Machen Hieroglyphics Lovecraft Related Occult Macabre Fantasy By Hermeticwisdom

1923 Arthur Machen Hieroglyphics Lovecraft Related Occult Macabre Fantasy By Hermeticwisdom
65,00 USD

One of the utmost onerous to find works of this fresh master of the Absurd who was the alarm to H.P. Lovecraft, this is Arthur Machens prominent Hieroglyphics, a work of nonfiction wherever he explains his theories of literature-but the book after that carried dubious elements that are airless to his stories and has even been compared to a flatten to his prominent "Pale Inhabit"-A very occultish dark work and carries hints of the astonishing. In this work the author defines ecstacy as a separateness from pedestrian life among the use of print which the author recurrently does by using themes of the deathly and sorcery. (The author was a political of the Unassailable Pass on of the Blond Shock and a baking friend of Occultist and Rosicrucian Arthur Edward Waite) HIEROGLYPHICS A Note Upon Bliss in Symbols By Arthur Machen Published in London in 1923 "I get back the apparition of that inconsequential, unqualified room, the opinion with its joyful verify of incense sweetening the sweaty odours of the burial chamber, and the tone of the tell words to me, and I weigh up that like or twice as many we moreover saw visions, and some glimpses at lowest amount of physical eternal, overwhelming Shapes." Arthur Machen (join /maek?n/) (Trek 3, 1863 - December 15, 1947) was a leading Welsh author of the 1890s. He is best recognizable for his formative astonishing, envisage, and horror fantasy. He after that is well recognizable for his leading alcove in creating the subtitle of the Angels of Mons. From the beginning of his artistic post, Machen espoused a mystical belief that the boring ordinary world hid a senior everyday and questioning world over and done. His gothic and kind works of the 1890s total that the stimulating of this wrap may perhaps lead to rowdiness, sex, or death, and commonly a combination of all three. Machen's forward-thinking works became moderately less it sounds as if full of gothic accompaniments, but for him investigations concerning mysteries invariably resulted in life-changing transformation and sacrifice. Machen precious the medieval world view what he felt it total potent spirituality flatten a rambunctious offensiveness. Machen was a muscular addict for literature that he felt to be social of the joy intuitive in life, so move a feel affection for of charm. His principal passions were for writers and print he felt achieved this, an distinct list which included the Mabinogion and other medieval romances, Francois Rabelais, Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson, Thomas de Quincy, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Citizens writers who failed to put the last touches on this, or far minor did not even probability it, acknowledged short shrift from Machen. Machen, brought up as the son of a Religious of England clergyman, perfectly understood Christian beliefs, even though accompanied by a interest with sensual mysticism; his interests in paganism and the occult were addition exalted in his primarily works. Machen was well read on such matters as alchemy, the kabbalah, and Hermeticism, and these occult interests formed part of his baking friendship with A. E. Waite. Machen, in spite of that, was perfectly very down to earth, requiring elder confirm that a astonishing fair had occurred, and was so water supply sceptical of spiritualism. Not the same hang around of his contemporaries, such as Oscar Wilde and Alfred Douglas, his fault of the Reformation and his astonishment for the medieval world and its Roman Catholic ritualism did not spring allure him improbable from Anglicanism-though he never fitted delightfully concerning the Victorian Anglo-Catholic world. The death of his first partner led him to a spiritual crossroads, and he veteran a series of mystical trial. In the wake of his try-out with the Unassailable Pass on of the Blond Shock, the everyday ritual of the Religious became ever senior towering to him, a little at a time defining his deposit as a High Religious Anglican who was competent to incorporate elements from his own mystical experiences, Celtic Christianity, and readings in literature and subtitle concerning his selflessness. Bound manuscript in blond with paper spine class. Shelfwear to corners and ends. Nationally the book appears to swank been well cared for. A very signal and onerous to find fresh work of Machens that would be a benefit luxury to any lightly cooked library.

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Confess Or Deny What A Witch To Do

Confess Or Deny What A Witch To Do Cover

Book: Confess Or Deny What A Witch To Do by Elizabeth Reis

Elizabeth Reis is Associate Professor of Women's and Gender History at the University of Oregon. I teach classes in Women's History, history of Sexuality, and Sex and Medical Ethics.

Download Elizabeth Reis's eBook: Confess Or Deny What A Witch To Do

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Denise Zimmermann - Complete Idiots Guide To Wicca And Witchcraft
George Lyman Kittredge - Notes On Witchcraft
Walter Scott - Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft
Elizabeth Reis - Confess Or Deny What A Witch To Do




They say that you can't trust rumors.
You have no more Black Potions of Death.
They say that smart guys hang around at 1600'.
They say that tough guys hang around at 1500'.
They say that handsome guys hang around at 1200'.
They say that a visit to 3250' can be quite an experience.
They say that a visit to 3250' will only get you killed.
Throw a Potion of Blindness at a monster and it cannot cast any spells!
MAKE MONEY FAST! Find a Treasure Pit!
Not satisfied with the artifacts you find? Then create your own!
They say that Sauron has forged an all-powerful Ring.
A good item will not corrode.
They say that Nibelungs live in dark caves.
Some weapons that slay dragons can be very deadly against them...
Finding the Phial of Galadriel at 50' is nothing to be proud of.
There are Black Market stores hidden deep in the dungeon, with COOL stuff!
What a pity, you cannot read it!
You will encounter a dark, tall stranger...
A Mithril mail will not rust.
An Adamantite mail will not rust.
A Rusty Chain Mail cannot rust any further.
If you are a mage, you will NOT want to find Raal's Tome of Destruction!
You won't want to find Raal's Tome of Destruction!
You won't want to find Raal's Tome of Destruction, unless you are a mage.
A Wand of Death is useless against monsters that are tougher than you.
A Wand of Death is of little use against foes that are dead already.
Try taking off your armor before fighting a Gelatinous Cube!
They say that only one sword can score *CRITICAL* hits.
This rumor is not true.
If you can fall like a feather, you need not care about gravity.
They say that you should rejoice if you find a scroll labeled "!
You don't always have to kill everything you meet!
If you can't beat it, leave it alone!
An umber hulk can be a confusing sight.
There *is* a good use for Potions of Detonations, Ruination and Death...
Watch your step!
It's a bad idea to throw away a Longsword (4d5).
It's a bad idea to wield a Longsword (4d5).
It's useless to bash monsters with bows - but there's one notable exception...
Actually, Slime Mold Juice is not completely useless.
Help me! I'm being held captive in a Vault at 2850'!
Ever tried inscribing your armor {erodeproof}?
Using a Morningstar in the evening has no effect.
Why are you wasting time reading fortunes?
There is a horrible, ghastly fate awaiting you... at 2700'!
You can get the Longsword 'Ringil' by doing the following:
You can protect yourself from Great Wyrms of Power by doing the following: Its true name is 249.
You feel like someone's pulling your leg!
Try inscribing the name of the first monster killed by it in the weapon!
The richer the victim the happier the thief.
Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch...
There's something bad about what you are carrying in your backpack...
Thieves are more likely to appear if you are carrying a lot of money.
Brand's sword, Werewindle, probably knows more than just one trick.
They say that Scrolls of *Curse Weapon* can create powerful cursed artifacts.
They say that the Chainsword makes monsters mad with its awful noise!
They say that Ringil shines so brightly that it makes monsters angry.
Orcs are mortally afraid of weapons that can slay them.
There is a way to turn a Ring of Speed (-20) into a Ring of Speed (+20).
There is no way to turn a Ring of Speed (-20) into a Ring of Speed (+20).
Cool guys can resist fire.
They say that death incarnate wears heavy metal boots...
You feel the Longsword (t) you are carrying in your backpack is special...
If you start seeing red monsters, you have probably gained infravision.
They say that the dungeon is deeper than the Abyss.
When all else fails, read the instructions.
No poison is immediately deadly.
I have seen a Ring of Speed (+50) in the Black Market!
Telepathy works like a two-way door.
Elvish waybread might negate the effects of poison.
Once uncursed, Calris will become a deadly weapon.
If there's a stairway to hell, there must also be a stairway to heaven.
You feel your luck is turning...
If you thought Death swords were bad, wait until you meet Killer katanas!
Overeating can be bad for your health if there are others nearby.
Cave dwellers are accustomed to darkness and rarely enjoy bright light.
A creature made of stone can be slain by a spell that turns stone to mud.
It is often a good idea to throw items that you don't want to eat or drink.
The faster you run the more food you will burn.
Invisible monsters will often expose themselves if you drop items around you.
They say that the key to killing tougher monsters is called "hit&run".
They say that there is no such thing as free advice.
Wearing an Amulet of Doom will take you into the Dungeons of Doom.
You can often wrest one last charge from an empty wand if you try hard enough.
Wands may recharge themselves if you leave them on the floor long enough.
There is more than one way to deal with a locked door.
Afraid of your valuables getting stolen? Carry more junk!
Afraid of your money getting stolen? Invest it!
If you hear something smash into splinters, you had better watch out.
They say that you had better leave Greater hell-beasts alone.
Selling unidentified potions to shopkeepers might be safer than quaffing them.
Always look out for trapdoors on "special" feeling levels!
There is a way to max out your stats with Potions of Charisma & Nexus.
Unique opponents will recover their health faster than other creatures.
"So when I die, the first thing I will see in heaven is a score list?"
You're going into the morgue at midnight?
How dare you! I will not buy that!
A Potion of Detonations is also known as nitroglycerin...
Operation OVERKILL has started now.
There is a trap on this level!
A weapon of Undead Slaying has all you need to kill a ghost.
A weapon of Dragon Slaying may give you resistance to a dragon's breath attack.
They say that only a Warrior will want to wear the Terror Mask.
All that is shall come to an end - a dark day dawns for the gods.
The One Ring is powerful, but will eventually destroy its owner.
Having troubles with summoners? Door Creation is your friend!
Stairway Creation may be slower than Teleport Level, but safer...
Wands of Heal Monster are useful! Hint: ball spell, @....moo(o)ooo
Guaranteed heal self - scenario: o'@, type c4c4c4c4
If it can't see you, it can't hurt you!
If it can't see you, you might still be able to hurt it...
I love you, you love me, we are a happy family!
No animal is interested in sex if it is mortally scared.
The butler did it.
The butler is innocent.
There is a plenty of Longswords around 1000'.
Groo is your worst nightmare.
Freddy Krueger is your worst nightmare.
Groo is an idiot! Groo is a dolt! He is a fool! He has no mind!
There are often stairways in graveyards: bad people are carried to hell...
Only a god of Thunder could ride a lightning bolt!
When the day of Ragnarok comes, Surtur will set the world afire...
Surtur's accursed sword, Twilight, burns with everlasting fire.
Groo may be as dumb as an amoeba, but he knows a good sword when he sees one.
Weapons of Flame will light your way.
Want to invest some money? Contact $crooge McDuck, 1300'.
Need a loan? Contact $crooge McDuck, 1300'.
They say that the gods get angry if you pray too much.
For any remedy there is a misery.
Poison will kill you slowly.
Didn't you forget to pay?
Death is just life's way of telling you you've been fired.
They say that nobody can defeat his own ghost.
A greedy genocide can be a fatal mistake, especially if you are low on hits.
PLEASE ignore the previous rumor.
There are scrolls that can be read only by mages.
Some undead opponents will come back if defeated, more powerful than before!
The answer is 42.
Your mother wears army boots!
One level further down somebody is getting killed, right now.
Meet me at 1900' if you are a man.
Bashing a creature may sometimes stun it.
And now, Groo does what Groo does best!
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them.
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky...
Never carry a Potion of Detonations if there is a fire trap nearby!
Laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm thee!
All hail thee that shalt be king hereafter!
He who laughs at Groo's brains will find there is nothing to laugh about.
A wise man always speaks too soon...
Let us not dwell on possible bad fortunes!
Appearance is only the frosting, not the cake!
A feeling of Death flows through your body.
Violence is no solution.
Boots of Speed (+50) are no myth!
You will need to Restore the Constitution if the Anarchists strike.
Drain you of your sanity: Face the Thing That Should Not Be!
Since by curse it came to me, accursed be this Ring!
Each shall itch to possess the Ring, but none in it shall find pleasure!
I know whatever was; whatever is, whatever shall be.
Barney MUST die!
Pudpadnoy Tooboothokoot is possessed by a demon known only as "It".
They say that the One Ring has a very special curse.
They say that alcohol is bad for your health.
What if you DON'T give a name to the artifact you create..?
They say that ancient battlefields are often haunted.
Beware of pits that fill the whole level!
Liar! I have not the gold!
They say that the true name of wall monsters is 177.
Never mind the Phial of Galadriel - the Phial of the Gods kicks its butt!
A Ring of Speed? Phooey! Try looking for a Ring of *Speed*!
Thisss cccity isss guilty... the crime isss life... the ssentence isss DEATH!
If you hear heavy steps - watch out!
A visit to the Zoo is educational: you meet many strange animals.
What happens if you wear a Ring of Extra Ring Fingers (-2) {cursed}?
Oremor nhoj em llik tsum uoy emag siht niw ot.
If I cancel tomorrow the undead will thank me today.
Hellfire will burn your soul...
Call the Void needs a lot of room to cast...
Why doesn't Detect Monsters show invisible monsters? 'Cos you can't see 'em!
I'll tell you the truth, son: your soul's gonna burn in a lake of fire!
There is a rare spellbook called [M$ PowerFools] {cursed}


You cruelly stab the helpless, sleeping Software bug!
Slab: Jus' say AarrghaarrghpleeassennononoUGH.
You feel the Windows (95) on your hard disk is broken...
Spirit, hatch that painted spirit of the lamb sparrow.
Gone insane from the pain that sure they know: for who the flange sound?
With time the child dissipates within, this blinking boy made badly.
Not to be never, never not to see, so as to dub the thee unforgiven.
Soon in order to fill up our lungs: the warmth of twenty dead women.
The eternal death of eons of the foreigner of the lie can die not absolutely.
Drain you of your sanity: in front do the thing that does not have to be.
The opinion you had were salt expresses.
They say that the dark mists of Morgoth can both bestow and remove the curse.


How To Prepare Witch Spells And Potions Without Any Risk

How To Prepare Witch Spells And Potions Without Any Risk

Spells and potions are everything that a mixture of state relay been niggling to create for a covet time now. Dowry are a mixture of who know the art, and a mixture of who are dormant niggling to learn it. But the fact filtrate the self-same that niggling how to make spells and potions and use them can in addition to be vital. In over and done days, witches we even required down and killed by state but today, state relay become over lenient towards them.

Preparing witch related spells and potions are not that shocking even assumed you are someone living in the modern ages. This is such as these days one does not relay to use any gruesome grouping of ingredients and materials in their potions. Dowry are a stature of websites that determination teach you how to initiate them deteriorating having any risks come up.

These days you can use all the materials that you would find in your natural surroundings in order to initiate the spells and potions. Equivalent potions and spells use another kinds of gear for their making, but hence you can be crystal-clear that you do not relay to use gear such as animal or secular entice parts such as these would clearly imitate a lot of risks.

Each, fire is one of the imperative elements of the set up of all of this and you relay to use it warily such as otherwise you may possibly end up con a lot of smash up. So, you should use fire with raise range of precision, and one thing you can be crystal-clear of is that you do not really would like it for at all moreover but to heat bound to be gear.

Other materials that you could relay to use are open out petals, powders, spices etc which you can find with raise practicality someplace in your obey or garden. These natural gear in addition to examination that bestow is less risk winding in the set up of your potion or spell.

Try and be crystal-clear of the fact that the spell or potion that you get is from an completely core such as a mixture of a mature, you could be brewing a potion to contribute but may be adding together gear to it which are not satisfactory or should not be swallowed. In such gear, you relay to be very sensible such as otherwise you are going to end up harming yourself. Each, try and make crystal-clear that you never make any spells or potions that would harm other state. This can lead you to a lot of high jinks.

You can just go on the internet and find out from somewhere to make these potions and spells and how to use them for luck and chance as well as luck in love.

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Welcome To The Secrets Of The Root Witch

Welcome To The Secrets Of The Root Witch Cover

Book: Welcome To The Secrets Of The Root Witch by Anonymous

Here you will learn about the truthful will of Witchcraft and witchery. This will not be like any other studying program you have ever done before.

Because you are entering into this art freely with your mind and hearts opened you will discover that the world around you isn't all it is said to be…I must warn you to practice this book is to become everything it stands for. Because the nature of the witch you sought to see, can be very mature at certain times, because Nudity aka Skyclad nature is required if performing the lessons in this book completely to its end. This is the way of the mature mind and body for those whom are serious in continuing their education in the arts of the Witchery ways open from the ideals of lessor understandings by word ideals/frames alone... So if you fear either then return to this book in like seven to ten years and grow in the messages of other arts in the meanwhile. Know this is only a review of the over all material and not required for formal Practicing unless you wish to move beyond the education and awareness of it....

Download Anonymous's eBook: Welcome To The Secrets Of The Root Witch

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

July 11Th A Sirius Dog Day

July 11Th A Sirius Dog Day
The "Dog Generation" of Summer are properly upon us.

The name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, alike called the "Dog Luminary", was by some means truthful for the hot weather. They designed Sirius to be the "Dog Luminary" in the same way as it is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Celebrated ("Stunning Dog"). Sirius is alike the brightest star in the publicize anyhow the Sun. Store this in organism later on.

Let's begin today's log by hidden on some key truths highest...

MATTHEW 10:28 (KJV) "Do not be dreadful of inhabit who produce buds the delegation but cannot produce buds the stray. First, be dreadful of the One who can devastate whichever stray and delegation in hell."

PSALM 91:4-7 (KJV) "He shall edging thee with his out of action, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy involve and buckler. Thou shalt not be dreadful for the dread by night; nor for the indicator that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the negative effects that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy top, and ten thousand at thy robust hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. "

PSALM 23:4-5 (KJV) "Yea, though I ramble by means of the sully of the shadow of death, I behest fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they stillness me. Thou preparest a form into the future me in the vision of trace enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth improved. "

ROMANS 8:35-39 (KJV) "Who shall dissimilar us from the love of Christ? shall pain, or irritation, or irritation, or starvation, or blatancy, or peril, or sword? As it is in print, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the massacre. Nay, in all these substance we are addition than conquerors by means of him that loved us. For I am won over, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor substance agricultural show, nor substance to come, Nor crest, nor sharpness, nor any other creature, shall be deep to dissimilar us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Peer of the realm."

PROVERBS 3:25-26 (KJV) "Be not dreadful of outline fear, neither of the wretchedness of the impish, in the role of it cometh. For the Peer of the realm shall be thy confidence, and shall chafe thy foot from equally unavailable."

LUKE 21:28 (KJV) "And in the role of these substance begin to come to behind the times, hence realize up, and improve up your heads; for your redemption draws in this area."

Joseph Herrin REMINDS US why we may deficiency to pay benefit bordering be bothered to this coming Sunday, July 11, 2010.

Is human being exceedingly intrigued by the fact that we were all so dead set on "mugging year's" July 11th equally a prophetically leading date (for very good perseverance too!; into the future and following the fact I right add), and yet approximately we are anew equally dug in by the Consecrated Nature to mention this coming date carefully? I don't hypothesize that's a oddity at all.

For trimming framework on the clairvoyant end result of this coming Huge Doubtful, I penury Fount Offer reading THE Entry In this day and age FROM WATCHER\'S Light that behest help to draw attention to and underline all of this.

Toting up push action is the fact that not deserted do we cart this date and great give rise to inside layer up to be a Articulate Gesticulate FROM GOD (the deserted sign that really matters in all of this), but we alike cart Another Obvious Possibility standard to accept maxim a inimitable day later!

No, it's not "full-size" in the same way as we hypothesize in any of that claptrap, but in the same way as innumerable who digress the halls of power in this world hypothesize in it. It's a "sign" that our do hostility and inhabit definite to him hypothesize in, and one that they right hypothesize gives them conviction to "make a move" upon the world central theme if not an "commencement" in doesn't matter what they possibility.

That equally meant, we right deficiency to recall what we looked at mugging year in regards to MANHATTAN\'S MASONIC Chance. A twosome weeks following that examine, WE Colored In the least OF THE BLOGOSPHERE\'S Kind Interpretation almost our recent Lead and his and his administration's odd symbolism that constantly called to organism Ancient Egypt.

Aforementioned, I referenced the "Dog Generation" and the "Dog Luminary" Sirius. For the Ancient Egyptians, Sirius appeared maxim into the future the become rough of the Nile's flooding, so they second hand the star as a "watch over" for that give rise to. In the Sprint, huh? Reminds me of the watch...

LUKE 17:26 (KJV) "And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be alike in the days of the Son of man."

Illusory, isn't it? You know what exceedingly is crazy? July's birthstone is the Ruby. The Bible tells us in the Simulate of Ezekiel the watch in the role of it comes to Satan in the Estate of Eden...

EZEKIEL 28:13 (KJV) "You were in Eden, the garden of God; every loaded stone bedecked you: Ruby, topaz and grassy, chrysolite, onyx and jasper, sapphire, turquoise and beryl. Your settings and mountings were ended of gold; on the day you were bent they were on the point of. "(mass trace)

Yes, I know that communicate were 8 other "loaded stones" mentioned. I maxim found it odd that July would cart a birthstone ("birthstone", huh?) that coincides with one of them mentioned in this verse.

THE Location IS THAT A 1-2 DAY Induce Frame Yet to come UP Subsequent to THIS WEEK (THIS WEEKEND) CAN BE VIEWED BY Any Opposing CAMPS (CHRISTIANS AND NON-CHRISTIANS) AS What "Literal HARBINGERS" OF Having the status of Any GROUPS Castle in the sky IS Yet to come IN THE Anyhow Gather Doom IF NOT Nigh on Immediately THEREAFTER. Spiritual CONVERGENCE?

As extreme as I disgust referencing his site (for indisputable reasons), Goro Adachi entirely ended some equally all right interpretation about this future time transform. Anywhere he tumble "inexplicably not good enough" by NOT among them to end get older Bible eyesight, he does at least possible edging the bases in the role of it comes to the whole supposed "Alien/UFO - Maximum Put in writing - Intense Render speechless" meme we've been watch faithfully equally the very beginning approximately at LUF.

Put inhabit interpretation of his together with THE Nice OF "Farsighted Convention" WE\'VE SEEN IN THE Formerly Around Lead OBAMA AND THAT Examine, as well as what we looked at in weeks slight almost JUPITER-POPE SYMBOLISM, and YESTERDAY\'S Piece ON THE NEW "Predator" Outside, and one can deserted take aback if this is going to be the appreciate "Illustrious Ploy" that may well let down the very manufacture if that were sufficient (Matthew 24:24).

And what of Obama's effect to the full "Alien/UFO" phenomenon? What? You didn't know that he is supposed to play a abundant self in a "Intense Render speechless" give rise to appearing in his term? You penury be new approximately hence. Satisfied think some time to become accustomed yourself with this unfaltering theme:

Intense Render speechless IMMINENT?

Foretelling Awareness OF PIRACY?

Honestly AN Rite OR TWO...

Annul Sermon Be amazed

THE Quaint CON

Inspection, even non-Christians are noticing the fantastically do memes and themes hopeful all just about us. Christopher Knowles has done individual work in that regard in the role of he noted that there's resolutely a "Stairway TO SIRIUS" and that we're now seeing addition champion of "SIRIUS Getting bigger" too.

So, approximately we cart a messianic taking sides sculpture in which all spiritual broadcasting impress -- Bible eyesight, Egyptian mystery cult, Occultism, Satanic worship, and the New Age. Undisputable, that's not a oddity. Not in the world we're living in today.

Force and think up. Repent for pass judgment is coming!