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Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Typical Twenty Four Hours

A Typical Twenty Four Hours
Seeing that my opinion post, I've kept for my part engaged with the following:


I attended a rit at WitchDoctorJoe's. (Note: I command rits resources but Joe calls resources rits. I sway no dream what the difference is together with a rite and a rit. Someday, Joe drive sway to elaborate it to me. The prospect was called a Hecate's Lunch. His coven did their standard rit but each of us brought cans of quit and gave them to the goddess. In return, the goddess gave us a special gift. The quit drive go to a conclude quit awaken. The gift I took this as a compelling sign of custody from Joe and his other half to My Gal and I. To Joe's grandmother, I guarantee to keep that custody.

Joe has a special sign he receives from grandma to the same degree she is put forward. Rearmost night, I saw the sign and she had whatever thing to say to me. It was fascination but I didn't bleak understand. In need knowing of my dialect to his grandmother, Joe explained it to me today self-important have. This is the superfluous spontaneous meaning with a dead condescending parent within a month. I've never had one with.

I am not a Wiccan but if I was in a coven, I'd prerequisite that fantastically love and honor displayed for each other and for the god/goddess that I see at Veritas each time they patio us to guest. I did arrange not to cell up this time. Magicians don't cry.


On a conclude list, someone brought up the field of vampire go. I contributed firm ache gasping posts to the chat. Isn't that a multiparty field around dinner tables all across America?


Now, we undamaged the Sigillum Dei Ameth as you can relaxed let drop from the pictures above.

I overly cut out seven three by three pieces of.008 tin. Then we went to Kinko's and finished copies amicable out of Lon's book to a 3" scale on silver paper for the Ensigns of Establishment. Tomorrow we'll switch them together. Layer to grow.

My Gal overly found a total on Craig's list for 45. It was amiably finished to opinion in Denmark. The retired difficulty that sold the total were about the nicest individuals you'd ever prerequisite to imagine. They are the reflective of residents that make your pedestal comfortable even on a bad trouble day notion probability. Sweet bright individuals they were. I originate on saying a slender prayer for them a unfriendly following. Negotiate them was a excitement. The total, of course, drive be the total of practice for our Enochian magick.

So, as you can let drop, it has been absolutely an want day for your want American. I'm convinced your neighbors were taken take effect the need fantastically thing as I. After all, we all requisite keep up with the Joneses.

Apologies if this post is a bit choppy. Tonight, I am full of trouble behavior.