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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Be A Goddess

Be A Goddess Cover

Book: Be A Goddess by Franceska De Grandis

Are you looking for the spell to find inner wisdom – or perhaps just a new car? Are you seeking the magic formula to turn around a run of bad luck or put romance in your life? Let Celtic Shaman Francesca De Grandis be your guide through this highly entertaining workbook of unique rites and incantations. De Grandis, a living example of the passion, sensuality, and unique individuality celebrated by the Celtic faerie tradition, believes that everyone can use a little magic in their lives. Be a Goddess! is a remarkable down-to-earth introduction to the mysticism, techniques, and integrity of this ancient religion. Humerous and illuminating, Be a Goddess! is organized into fifteen practical lessons that will lead you through the rites of the shamanic journey. De Grandis reveals Celtic rituals and spells for building your self-confidence, bringing health and wealth into your life, and expressing your own brand of bewitching sexuality. Indulge yourself and learn how to find the goddess within you.

I have been a practicing Witch for about 13 years. I am also a book-junkie. Combine the two and you find a person who spends way too much money on new books relating to Wicca, Magic, and the Goddess as they come out. I am perpetually on a quest for books which offer something unique as opposed to regurgitating the same old information.

"Be a Goddess" is definately unique.

Tradition states that one studies for "a year and a day" before dedicating oneself to Wicca. However very few books touch on this learning practice. Very few books attempt to guide someone, learning on their own, toward an organized learning process. In this title, Francesca De Grandis does that and more. There are 15 lesson chapters, complete with assignments and rituals, meant to each span one week of study and practice. By following this down-to-earth reference you will get a working practical knowledge of the Wiccan faith.

The book challenges the reader to look deep within, to examine the self. To look at how we view life, at our fears, our hopes, and how we connect to the Divine. We are challenged to find time in our daily life for Spirit, to make time for ritual, and to realize that everything around us is sacred, that everything is an opportunity to honor the Gods. What I like most about this text is that instead of focusing on simply the "book knowledge" of the religion, it goes into the spiritual work. This is something usually reserved for group training and left out of most beginner books.

What a glorious find!!!!

Whether you are studying Wicca for the first time or whether you are a seasoned Witch who simply wants to rededicate yourself to your chosen religious Path "Be a Goddess" can be of great assistance. It makes a wonderful addition to any magickal library as well as a lovely gift for a novice. All in all it is a fine example of what a Wiccan text should be! My one complaint is that it does put more focus on the female aspect of the Divine. If your tradition of Wicca reflects more of a balance of male/female, God/Goddess this may not make the best first reference.

In brief, Wicca is an earth based, nature oriented religion which honors the Divine as God and Goddess. It celebrates the cycles of the seasons and the phases of the moon. It teaches that we should live our lives striving to harm none. Please look for other articles I have written on this subject. (book review by Jiastar)

Download Franceska De Grandis's eBook: Be A Goddess

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