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Saturday, 16 May 2009




They say that you can't trust rumors.
You have no more Black Potions of Death.
They say that smart guys hang around at 1600'.
They say that tough guys hang around at 1500'.
They say that handsome guys hang around at 1200'.
They say that a visit to 3250' can be quite an experience.
They say that a visit to 3250' will only get you killed.
Throw a Potion of Blindness at a monster and it cannot cast any spells!
MAKE MONEY FAST! Find a Treasure Pit!
Not satisfied with the artifacts you find? Then create your own!
They say that Sauron has forged an all-powerful Ring.
A good item will not corrode.
They say that Nibelungs live in dark caves.
Some weapons that slay dragons can be very deadly against them...
Finding the Phial of Galadriel at 50' is nothing to be proud of.
There are Black Market stores hidden deep in the dungeon, with COOL stuff!
What a pity, you cannot read it!
You will encounter a dark, tall stranger...
A Mithril mail will not rust.
An Adamantite mail will not rust.
A Rusty Chain Mail cannot rust any further.
If you are a mage, you will NOT want to find Raal's Tome of Destruction!
You won't want to find Raal's Tome of Destruction!
You won't want to find Raal's Tome of Destruction, unless you are a mage.
A Wand of Death is useless against monsters that are tougher than you.
A Wand of Death is of little use against foes that are dead already.
Try taking off your armor before fighting a Gelatinous Cube!
They say that only one sword can score *CRITICAL* hits.
This rumor is not true.
If you can fall like a feather, you need not care about gravity.
They say that you should rejoice if you find a scroll labeled "!
You don't always have to kill everything you meet!
If you can't beat it, leave it alone!
An umber hulk can be a confusing sight.
There *is* a good use for Potions of Detonations, Ruination and Death...
Watch your step!
It's a bad idea to throw away a Longsword (4d5).
It's a bad idea to wield a Longsword (4d5).
It's useless to bash monsters with bows - but there's one notable exception...
Actually, Slime Mold Juice is not completely useless.
Help me! I'm being held captive in a Vault at 2850'!
Ever tried inscribing your armor {erodeproof}?
Using a Morningstar in the evening has no effect.
Why are you wasting time reading fortunes?
There is a horrible, ghastly fate awaiting you... at 2700'!
You can get the Longsword 'Ringil' by doing the following:
You can protect yourself from Great Wyrms of Power by doing the following: Its true name is 249.
You feel like someone's pulling your leg!
Try inscribing the name of the first monster killed by it in the weapon!
The richer the victim the happier the thief.
Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch...
There's something bad about what you are carrying in your backpack...
Thieves are more likely to appear if you are carrying a lot of money.
Brand's sword, Werewindle, probably knows more than just one trick.
They say that Scrolls of *Curse Weapon* can create powerful cursed artifacts.
They say that the Chainsword makes monsters mad with its awful noise!
They say that Ringil shines so brightly that it makes monsters angry.
Orcs are mortally afraid of weapons that can slay them.
There is a way to turn a Ring of Speed (-20) into a Ring of Speed (+20).
There is no way to turn a Ring of Speed (-20) into a Ring of Speed (+20).
Cool guys can resist fire.
They say that death incarnate wears heavy metal boots...
You feel the Longsword (t) you are carrying in your backpack is special...
If you start seeing red monsters, you have probably gained infravision.
They say that the dungeon is deeper than the Abyss.
When all else fails, read the instructions.
No poison is immediately deadly.
I have seen a Ring of Speed (+50) in the Black Market!
Telepathy works like a two-way door.
Elvish waybread might negate the effects of poison.
Once uncursed, Calris will become a deadly weapon.
If there's a stairway to hell, there must also be a stairway to heaven.
You feel your luck is turning...
If you thought Death swords were bad, wait until you meet Killer katanas!
Overeating can be bad for your health if there are others nearby.
Cave dwellers are accustomed to darkness and rarely enjoy bright light.
A creature made of stone can be slain by a spell that turns stone to mud.
It is often a good idea to throw items that you don't want to eat or drink.
The faster you run the more food you will burn.
Invisible monsters will often expose themselves if you drop items around you.
They say that the key to killing tougher monsters is called "hit&run".
They say that there is no such thing as free advice.
Wearing an Amulet of Doom will take you into the Dungeons of Doom.
You can often wrest one last charge from an empty wand if you try hard enough.
Wands may recharge themselves if you leave them on the floor long enough.
There is more than one way to deal with a locked door.
Afraid of your valuables getting stolen? Carry more junk!
Afraid of your money getting stolen? Invest it!
If you hear something smash into splinters, you had better watch out.
They say that you had better leave Greater hell-beasts alone.
Selling unidentified potions to shopkeepers might be safer than quaffing them.
Always look out for trapdoors on "special" feeling levels!
There is a way to max out your stats with Potions of Charisma & Nexus.
Unique opponents will recover their health faster than other creatures.
"So when I die, the first thing I will see in heaven is a score list?"
You're going into the morgue at midnight?
How dare you! I will not buy that!
A Potion of Detonations is also known as nitroglycerin...
Operation OVERKILL has started now.
There is a trap on this level!
A weapon of Undead Slaying has all you need to kill a ghost.
A weapon of Dragon Slaying may give you resistance to a dragon's breath attack.
They say that only a Warrior will want to wear the Terror Mask.
All that is shall come to an end - a dark day dawns for the gods.
The One Ring is powerful, but will eventually destroy its owner.
Having troubles with summoners? Door Creation is your friend!
Stairway Creation may be slower than Teleport Level, but safer...
Wands of Heal Monster are useful! Hint: ball spell, @....moo(o)ooo
Guaranteed heal self - scenario: o'@, type c4c4c4c4
If it can't see you, it can't hurt you!
If it can't see you, you might still be able to hurt it...
I love you, you love me, we are a happy family!
No animal is interested in sex if it is mortally scared.
The butler did it.
The butler is innocent.
There is a plenty of Longswords around 1000'.
Groo is your worst nightmare.
Freddy Krueger is your worst nightmare.
Groo is an idiot! Groo is a dolt! He is a fool! He has no mind!
There are often stairways in graveyards: bad people are carried to hell...
Only a god of Thunder could ride a lightning bolt!
When the day of Ragnarok comes, Surtur will set the world afire...
Surtur's accursed sword, Twilight, burns with everlasting fire.
Groo may be as dumb as an amoeba, but he knows a good sword when he sees one.
Weapons of Flame will light your way.
Want to invest some money? Contact $crooge McDuck, 1300'.
Need a loan? Contact $crooge McDuck, 1300'.
They say that the gods get angry if you pray too much.
For any remedy there is a misery.
Poison will kill you slowly.
Didn't you forget to pay?
Death is just life's way of telling you you've been fired.
They say that nobody can defeat his own ghost.
A greedy genocide can be a fatal mistake, especially if you are low on hits.
PLEASE ignore the previous rumor.
There are scrolls that can be read only by mages.
Some undead opponents will come back if defeated, more powerful than before!
The answer is 42.
Your mother wears army boots!
One level further down somebody is getting killed, right now.
Meet me at 1900' if you are a man.
Bashing a creature may sometimes stun it.
And now, Groo does what Groo does best!
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them.
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky...
Never carry a Potion of Detonations if there is a fire trap nearby!
Laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm thee!
All hail thee that shalt be king hereafter!
He who laughs at Groo's brains will find there is nothing to laugh about.
A wise man always speaks too soon...
Let us not dwell on possible bad fortunes!
Appearance is only the frosting, not the cake!
A feeling of Death flows through your body.
Violence is no solution.
Boots of Speed (+50) are no myth!
You will need to Restore the Constitution if the Anarchists strike.
Drain you of your sanity: Face the Thing That Should Not Be!
Since by curse it came to me, accursed be this Ring!
Each shall itch to possess the Ring, but none in it shall find pleasure!
I know whatever was; whatever is, whatever shall be.
Barney MUST die!
Pudpadnoy Tooboothokoot is possessed by a demon known only as "It".
They say that the One Ring has a very special curse.
They say that alcohol is bad for your health.
What if you DON'T give a name to the artifact you create..?
They say that ancient battlefields are often haunted.
Beware of pits that fill the whole level!
Liar! I have not the gold!
They say that the true name of wall monsters is 177.
Never mind the Phial of Galadriel - the Phial of the Gods kicks its butt!
A Ring of Speed? Phooey! Try looking for a Ring of *Speed*!
Thisss cccity isss guilty... the crime isss life... the ssentence isss DEATH!
If you hear heavy steps - watch out!
A visit to the Zoo is educational: you meet many strange animals.
What happens if you wear a Ring of Extra Ring Fingers (-2) {cursed}?
Oremor nhoj em llik tsum uoy emag siht niw ot.
If I cancel tomorrow the undead will thank me today.
Hellfire will burn your soul...
Call the Void needs a lot of room to cast...
Why doesn't Detect Monsters show invisible monsters? 'Cos you can't see 'em!
I'll tell you the truth, son: your soul's gonna burn in a lake of fire!
There is a rare spellbook called [M$ PowerFools] {cursed}


You cruelly stab the helpless, sleeping Software bug!
Slab: Jus' say AarrghaarrghpleeassennononoUGH.
You feel the Windows (95) on your hard disk is broken...
Spirit, hatch that painted spirit of the lamb sparrow.
Gone insane from the pain that sure they know: for who the flange sound?
With time the child dissipates within, this blinking boy made badly.
Not to be never, never not to see, so as to dub the thee unforgiven.
Soon in order to fill up our lungs: the warmth of twenty dead women.
The eternal death of eons of the foreigner of the lie can die not absolutely.
Drain you of your sanity: in front do the thing that does not have to be.
The opinion you had were salt expresses.
They say that the dark mists of Morgoth can both bestow and remove the curse.