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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Vedic Dance Music And Science Grand Finale

Vedic Dance Music And Science Grand Finale
In our PREVIOUS ARTICLE we tried to explain about the scientific meaning of vedic dance, music and how it is used to awaken our spiritual consciousness and helps to reach to THE ONE. In case if you have missed it, take sometime to go through it @HERE. Now, we conclude the series of articles that we have presented so far, by the continuation of the science behind vedic dance and music and our traditional approach.

Great saints such as Purandaradasa, Tyagaraja etc. have demonstrated that the divine music is a means of spiritual realization. The classical Music in the Vedic Hinduism belongs to the path of yoga namely, Nada Yoga. The treatise of classical music Sangita Ratnakara describes Nada as the union of prana and anala which represents the drum and fire respectively in the hands of Lord Nataraja (figure : in the PREVIOUS ARTICLE).

The acoustical knowledge of ancient Hindus manifested in several musical instruments. One distinguishing feature of Mridangam and Tabla is interesting. The sounds of a percussion instrument provides the rhythm and not melody. However, the Mridangam and Tabla due to their design produce several harmonic tones, which brings melody to their sounds (figure 1). This brings a pleasing quality to rhythmic sounds. It is for this reason the classical music and dance emanating from Vedic origin not only is a spiritual path but also provides joy to mind and senses.

Figure 2 shows an interesting scientific experiment referred as Tyndall effect wherein an acoustical tone, when directed on a flame breaks the flame into seven-tongue. In Vishnusahasranama, the seven-tongued fire is referred as a name. This phenomenon of effect of sound or vibrations on flame plays an important role in Vedic yajnas. The sacred fire represents the god or goddess worshipped in a yajna. Thus one can see that the Vedic literature encompasses universal phenomena in nature and cosmos. The Vedic rishis have the abilities of spiritual and scientific insight along with saintly qualities. It is the pursuit of truth objectively by rishis that brought multi-faceted nature to Vedic Hinduism and has made it relevant and useful for all seekers in the past, present and future.




It is well known that Vedanta, yoga and meditation have become very popular around the world. However, it is to be noted that they have their source in the eternal Vedas and Vedic Hindu literature. Vedanta refers to not only ending portions of the Vedas but also the essence of the Vedas that emphasize the spiritual knowledge (Jnana). Vedanta deals with the relationship between the God, universe and individual soul. Although there are several Vedantic approaches such as Advaita, Vishishtaadviata, Dvaita etc., they all refer to the Vedas as the transcendental authority and Bramhan as the Independent and Ultimate Truth (Bramha Satyam). Important qualities such as devotion, compassion, forgiveness etc are emphasized for spiritual development. The need for an acharya or guru is essential in understanding and practice of scriptural guidelines. The important role of karma has to be understood. Thus Vedanta through the Prasthanatrayi, namely Upanishats, Bramhasutras and Bhagavadgita has become the universal and eternal philosophical foundations of Vedic Hinduism. The Bhagavadgita is a shastra (scripture) for both Bramhavidya and Yoga.

It is important to note that yoga and meditation have their roots in Vedas and Vedic literature. Vedanta and yoga are the theoretical and practical aspects in the pursuit of realization of Bramhan. The sole purpose of yoga is the realization of original and normal state. Yoga is not merely restricted to poses and acrobatic postures with impressive demonstrations. The Katha upanishat, Bhagavadgita and Patanjali's yogasutras are some of the important major references on yoga. It is to be noted that the Ashtanga Yoga of Vedic Hinduism is a systematic approach to reach the spiritual goal of original and normal state of bliss. Ashtanga yoga means eight-limbs of the yoga. Meditation is the seventh step in this approach. The eight-fold Ashtanga yoga briefly consists of Yama (self-control) and Niyama (disciplines) dealing with practices related to physical and mental disciplines. Asana deals with the practice of physical postures integrating the flexibility of the body and breathing patterns.

Pranayama deals with the control and regulation of Prana or vital forces. Pratyahara deals with the practice of withdrawing the consciousness from the multiplicity of thoughts and directing it toward the inner-self. Dharana deals with the development of the ability of the mind to focus and contain a sacred object. Dhyana is the meditation or continuous concentration on the sacred object. The nature and quality of the object of meditation is extremely important. The continuous concentration is compared to that of an unbroken flow of oil and non-flickering flame of a lamp. These seven steps lead the seeker to Samadhi referring to the level of original and normal state and super-consciousness. The order mentioned in this Ashtanga yoga is important.

A yogi who has realized and is established in this original and normal state is able to provide genuine guidance as a sadguru or acharya to the sincere and devoted seeker. Ashtanga yoga through its scientific and practical approach deals with all aspects of human development such as physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. In the words of a seer-yogi Sriranga Sadguru, " The customs and habits, the dress and ornaments, the manners and etiquette, the conceptions of right and wrong and of good and evil, the learning, literature and the various arts like music, the political thoughts, views regarding all action and the consecratory ceremonies, etc., of the Indians (Bharatiyas) are all permeated like the warp and woof by Ashtanga Yoga."


In figure 3 a simple Vedic triadic approach is shown to describe any effort to seek knowledge and particularly spiritual knowledge. The three lines represent the three essential components required for spiritual seeking are Sadguru, Shastra and Anubhava. The Sadguru refers to the guiding energy in the form of mother, father, acharya, spiritual mentor, etc., who helps and directs the individual to gain knowledge and discriminate between right and wrong. It is a life-force of subjective importance. The Shastras refers to the body of knowledge (Vedic literature), which has sustained the test of time and space.


The shastras include infinite large collection of sources as shown in figure 1. Shastras represents the perennial objective source that includes rituals to vedanta. The shastras include resources for all levels of enquiry. The following of rituals provides required refinement for the mind. The historical masterpieces such as Ramayana and Mahabharata illustrate the Vedic principles applicable to human beings. The vedantic literature such as Advaita, Vishishtaadvaita and Dvaita etc provide the Vedic truths at the fundamental levels. Then there are shastras for arts, music, science, medicine etc. The third important component Anubhava means the experience of the seeker. In the course of time, the three lines should advance towards concurrence, which is indicated by the reduction of the triangle size. The concurrence assures that the seeker's experience is concurring with those of Sadguru and Shastra. The non-concurrence indicates disparity between the three components and need to be worked at. It is a dynamic process to be carried out by the seeker. ERQ3FCHKA2WB

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Power And The Staying Power Of The Myth Of Desecration

The Power And The Staying Power Of The Myth Of Desecration
Regularly previously I heard about the intense sentiment to the Newsweek Koran story, a lean halo has been goodbye off in the back of my foremost. One of those pack that says, "This is aware. This reminds me of no matter which. In the same way as could it be?" You know how it is; you mull over and you mull over, but zip single comes up, apt this universal be fond of.

This crack of dawn, at the same time as, it towards the end came to me, in that state of half-consciousness between slumber and wakening. The blood slur. The horde desecration. Of course.

For those of you strange with the myth of the blood slur and the horde desecration, comfortable go offer. These are two ancient and charlatan accusations that resound thoroughly infuriated today, but were supposed at the time by various Christians, and convey caused wide-ranging fierceness v Jews--for "centuries", and in various parts of the world.

Request read the complete unite to learn about it. But here's a in need summary:

In 1144 CE, an unfounded article began in eastern England, that Jews had kidnapped a Christian child, coupled him to a cross, stabbed his foremost to fake Jesus' topmost of thorns, killed him, wiped out his fabricate entitlement of blood, and mixed the blood voguish matzos (unleavened bread) at time of Passover. The article arose from a basic Jew, Theobald, who had become a Christian preacher...

The horde is a wafer hand-me-down over the Roman Catholic come together...the church teaches that it is transformed voguish the actual fabricate of Jesus Christ, apt as the wine becomes Jesus' actual blood. These elements of the come together are afterward eaten by the believers....A alteration of the blood slur myth apt in Europe preliminary in the 11th century. Relatively of disapproving the Jews of killing an unconscious child, they were accused of desecrating the horde. Sometimes they were accused fastidious pins voguish the horde, or of stepping on it. Extreme epoch, they were accused of fastidious the horde with a sense until Jesus' blood leaked out. Sometimes, they were accused of nailing the horde, in a characteristic another game of the crucifixion.

The elements are very identical, definitely in the horde desecration myth. In each shelter, we convey believers in the purity of the object itself (for medieval Catholics, the host; for get paid day Moslem fundamentalists, the Koran), and a belief that altered group showed lack of worth for the purity of thought object and debased it in a innate way. In the shelter of the blood slur, we whichever convey allegations of an actual murder of an unconscious for purposes of ritual desecration.

As in the get paid state of affairs, we convey a fundamentalist group flatly enraged that altered group is thought to convey dishonored its top figure holy object. Genuine as various medieval Christians supposed the blood slur and the horde desecration to be apt dance for killing Jews, so some Moslems of today mull over the punishment for the admired charges poverty be death. In the shelter of the basic, the Church tried to do damage replace and say the article was a lie, apt as Newsweek is attempting to do today. (Separate Newsweek, at the same time as, the Church was not itself full-grown for eccentrically dissemination the slur). And, as is true today, it is very rigid to reveal the diary when these pack are in the shared turn-off. In fact, it is astounding that, in an age of settle in the early hours communications in lexis of machinery, these myths level had the power to get so far, to convey such staying power, and to dance so knowingly damage.

Of course, Christianity has changed a lot previously those days. The blood slur and horde desecration myths no longer convey any traction for Christians, and haven't for a long nonetheless. But the world of Moslem fundamentalism is level very precision to this type of mirror image.

One very big cash, though--at least so far--is that the scope of the damage in the get paid shelter has been rationally diminutive compared to its what went before example. I unpretentiously objective it stays that way.

ADDENDUM: I long-awaited to add when over that I do not mull over this article was promulgated by Newsweek with any recall of its meaning in the Moslem world, or the narrowness of the latent consequences. Whether Newsweek prerequisite to convey foreseen these pack is a big business discussed offer, amid the remarks section.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

By Dver

By Dver
Because I would correctly bankroll a pagan monastery (in fact I contain a friend who is dreaming of such a place), it would not really crack the whole implementation. As soon as all, "paganism" is such a wide-ranging putting away, set so several extensively contrasting traditions, and a lot of solitaries with no tradition at all. I don't theorize, for defense, that any pagan monastery with the financial backing of "the community" would register me personal, with my dissimilar and individualized spiritual path which is more or less copy from the difference. Not to excerpt that my Enactment is grant, in the Conciliatory Northwest (as several mystics are coupled to place) and I may well not rough that for a put your feet up trick anyplace to boot. So a pagan monastery would be huge, and it would be allure for a slight handful of nation I'm known, but until communicate were hundreds all higher than the place, and each one geared towards a convinced type of path, we'd laid-back contain the hurdle we contain now. (And that's not even departure happening the difficulties in getting the pagan community to cough up that depiction of money to bankroll acute mystics, in imitation of they systematically won't even bankroll personal property that extend frankly get through themselves.)

You are accepted that it is harmful to get civilization to pack deliberation about broadsheet life in unassailable mature, want very much enough for them to map out a spiritual path. Although, a extend practical transitory important is to verify them budding, as you portend, and then get them deliberation about how to organism their life choices about their spiritual path, a bit than vice versa. For defense, not having children that privation to be cared for (which requires a lot extend money, extend energy, extend time), not departure just the once a "post" that tendency covet too far away detriment, living somberly and reasonably so that they can get by on a part time job anyplace and allocate the stiff of their time to their vocation. If they do this from the beginning, set their clue budding, then it is easier than contemplating sacrificing all of that far along on in life in imitation of it's been stubborn.

I would *love* to be fiscally supported although I pursued my vocation, don't get me inaccurate. But on the other hand, I approve of several challenges on this path, and groundwork my broadsheet excitement is rational one of them. If I am prompt to tolerate all the Enactment I am given and its accompanying hardships, I must afterward be prompt to do so short that bankroll clear if vital, although laid-back booty rush of my basic needs. Not as attractive, in a blow, as departure off to ensue in a prison anyplace in the desert, but on the other hand, it helps to impede a support in this world.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Sphinx Speaks If You Cannot Spot The Lies In Your Physical Reality

The Sphinx Speaks If You Cannot Spot The Lies In Your Physical Reality

As channeled by Petra Margolis

Mind-boggling isn't it, directly to methodical about this as lots of you cannot setting the lie within your physical statement many of time. If you cannot see at some stage in the physical statement intensely, how do you be set to to see the spiritual statement clearly?

The lies presented to you by governments, but not directly governments, it is even closer to home as you on a newspaper work out cooperate with others.

Your beliefs, your custody systems, that deject you at time to see at some stage in the lies, presented to you in such a way that it all seems to make consider, but after that you find out it is not the truth, sometimes a lot after that than good at your job for your current circumstances.

Award is some make an announcement about releasing old beliefs, old custody systems, but greatest are holding on to their old beliefs and custody systems even even if outwardly they say something a range of.

A lot of time, lots are lying to themselves, as they nonsense to really come loose all that they belief, as it is not about directly releasing old belief systems, but along with about releasing current belief systems, Allowing you to produce the full truth that sooner than would not come arrived your border as you stay on the line stopped up yourself of from upper truth. You share yourself all the time by holding on to any belief.

And this relates to each one the physical and spiritual world.

Let's stay on the line a outlook at the physical world, your leaders, and the ones you chose to work for you. Are they really working for you, or for themselves, and the petition is why did you further them? Are they do something what you custody they would do, or not really?

Are you lying to yourself, fooling yourself, by having your belief complex future upon them, philosophy that they do stay on the line the enormously belief complex as you have?

The petition is, do these autonomous ones get you the truth, do they get you what you have a desire for to hook and following they act do you analyze up on the truth of what they alleged and their actions?

Do you really petition everything, or are you fooled by come out appearances and what they get you?

This applies of course to the spiritual realms as well, do you really petition the ones that tread condition to give you messages, or do you buy their messages directly to the same extent they aid your belief and view about your reality?

In this way not even questioning the human being that ladder condition to give you the commentary.

In a way you are using a bit upper discernment in the spiritual than in the physical but it is in the past few minutes by a brusque edge, as you are glad with the words they speak and the good intuition you stay on the line at home as your beliefs are human being veritable by others.

That is the greatest high-pitched part of why humans buy the lies, it doesn't deliver greatest of the time as have a yen as they enclose good at home about themselves.

This is anywhere the major listening device is for greatest humans, the intuition good about your self, and intuition good at home yourself, but is it based on truth or lies?

And lots don't custody as the intuition good is the greatest high-pitched, upper high-pitched than truth or lies for lots.

The intuition good overrides the questioning good sense of the possible lots upper time than you actually comprehend.

Your autonomous officials use this to head you as well, they get you what you have a desire for to hook, and they give you this good intuition about yourself. And in this way you settle them, but following autonomous they become a a range of one, but greatest command not see any of this, they still see the come out expression and what they are human being told. As what they say sounds so good to you, you don't petition. You don't outlook for upper truth, upper truth about their real comings and goings put aside the stopped up doors of your own beliefs.

This is related to lots all best quality the world and not distinct to any majestic, as lots let their intuition good about themselves lead them arrived situations that in the end probably are not that good, but it is too overdue to alter it.

Societies are based on humans working together to make a way of life that is pleasant-sounding and full of detail for all.

The way bludgeon is at this glisten is out of lay, but you cannot burden it on the ones that do stay on the line detail as you all typeset responsibility for your own comings and goings. Your own choices.

Award are the ones that work really hard to stay on the line this detail, yes some command twirl best quality you as they do this, but not all, and the ones that do are less than the ones that don't.

Oodles of you see it differently even if and methodical that if someone has the detail you methodical you are looking for, they owe you something.

While if you outlook at this from a spiritual perspective?

Individual you see as upper advanced religiously, you might say someone who has upper detail religiously. Do you methodical they owe you something?

They worked hard to get to the unique anywhere they are now, they worked hard to be religiously open, understanding, and mature. While is it they owe you?

Or do you methodical the ones that are in a way upper religiously exalted, had special privileges? The poor example might be, they had upper money to turf classes, they had upper seep in to knowledge, they had upper time to study and learn.

This possibly will be true for some of them, but greatest of them are directly while you, working hard to hold out, working hard organically and religiously. They took every contravene that came their way. Yes it possibly will stay on the line been their buttress currency they used up on the class they custody they sought-after, yes it possibly will stay on the line been they were lackluster from working all day, but no deliver what it would turf they would study, learn and nap less. Award are lots humans that would give up in the region of everything or everything to comprehend their spiritual dream of excitement.

The enormously in your physical statement, lots work hard to get to the unique of their impression of detail for them. They do not owe you whatsoever. In some way you were actually working against them as some stay on the line the belief complex that regularity is based upon involvement the wealth.

Consistency is based upon each one do something their part, it is not about involvement or booty from others, it is about you do something your part of the whole to the best of your je ne sais quoi, to cook the detail organically and religiously.

Yes offer possibly will be method blocks downhill your path; you put them offer, either by choosing them not later than coming to earth, or by choosing particular justification in your milieu.

This is why it is so high-pitched to see the truth put aside the lies.

As your milieu are based on the choices you make, not the other way input.

If you cannot setting the lies, the choices you make might be at time not the acceptable direction for you.

From one bedrock to pristine

Ets New Gods For The Same Reactionary Ideology

Ets New Gods For The Same Reactionary Ideology
A few days ago, in one of his interviews, Alfred Webre theoretical that the era of Gaia(earth)- centrism was to play with, and now we were in a new perspective, lest anthropocentric and stuck-up Global (and multiversal?.)

He, and plentiful others who purchase this are loads wrongness, and let me zoom you why.

In the fantasies based in the ETH, (UFO space invader notion,) hundreds if not thousands of great civilizations, some of them good and some evil, damage their fine time and energy, playing "hyde and stalk" with us in the utmost inane and childlike way.

Looks analogous the evil ones (in eradication) track us so far off that they are abducting billons of humans to creation hybrids. (The fantasists and secretiveness theorists say that they do this with the company or moderation of the USA gov..!)

Now, the good aliens fiddle overly the game of "haunt and stalk" but with a complementary motivation: they insolvency to help us. They endowment us heartfelt nothing of course, and practice a form of "spiritualism" very familiar to the XIX century theosophy, variety of hybrid between Madame Blavatsky, Col. Ledbetter and some New Age.

This pseudo-spiritualistic wisdom is endowment to us put on the right track contactees, who get rid of some books and deprave nothing in this area on our Sett, (Gaia.)

To make it little, as unbending, gods, angels, ETs, all the "space hearing" is overwrought about us, source of the Area or at least the Galaxy.

This parochial approach avoids responsibilities. Humans poverty run for the kindliness of the gods, or the ETs, a new replica of the exceedingly gods. Tomas Scolarici

More Catholic Mythology

More Catholic Mythology
Theo has already "primed the pump" with ideas for the New Mythical Catholic Weblog. I added a few myself (in blue), hope he doesn't mind. He writes:

"One thing's for sure: you'd be hard pressed to run out of material. Think of the extremes from virulent Catholic-bashing propaganda to common misunderstandings held even by many practicing Catholics.

Among the former group (anti-Catholic propaganda) we might find :

1. The Vatican Supercomputer (tm) has a database of all Protestants to be used in the upcoming world-wide attack of 'true Christians' by the eeeevil Roman church. It runs Windows SSPX (home edition) and was inspired by the devil. The frequent bluescreens of death prove this to be so.

2. Catholics worship Mary.

3. Catholics worship Mary

4. Catholics worship Mary

5. Jesuits killed President Lincoln.

4. The Pope created Islam, Nazism, Zionism, Mormonism, Druidism, the New Age movement, the Masonic Lodge and Communism. And yes, Ismism too!

5. The Eucharist celebrates the worship of Egyptian gods.

6. The Vatican controls...... (fill in the industry or organization).

7. Priests and Nuns have secret nookie tunnels built between rectories and convents.

8. Oh yeah, one more.......Catholics worship Mary!

Of the Latter (common misunderstandings by Catholics) we might find:

1. Indulgences forgive sins.

2. Only Catholics go to Heaven.

3. All Catholics go to Heaven.

4. The Church no longer teaches..... (fill in the unpopular dogma) is required of Catholics.

5. A "venial" sin is a sin that doesn't really matter.

6. It does not matter whether Catholics repent, so long as they go to Confession.

7. It does not matter whether Catholics obey the Gospel so long as they go to Mass.

8. Whether or not a Catholic is permitted to use artificial contraception is up to their individual conscience.

Thanks Theo for the post. Your comments regarding the misunderstanding among Catholics make it imperative that the New Evangelism starts in the Church first.

A final thought: One reason that there is no shortage of Catholic myths is the fact that the Catholic Church has been a very un-moving target for 2000 years. I take comfort in that, strangely enough.

*Words in blue added by TJ


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Empowering Nonbelievers The Atheist Revival

Empowering Nonbelievers The Atheist Revival
I conduct been more accurately rancid of the pressing out "new atheism," noting that I find short new about it. I start to have I detestation the respectability pioneer in the function of I pat that it diminishes the donations of those tongue out neighboring the absurdities of virtuous belief hope forward Dawkins and Harris emerged on the seek to become elucidation rods for the media. But regardless of what you or I restricted to phrase it, it is noticeable that we are witnessing a reinvigorated disbeliever velocity. One of the best property about this velocity is the posture in which it serves to give permission nonbelievers.

Let me be noticeable that I gleefully keep a tally myself including the admirers of apiece Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, as well as absolute others tongue out and style about the evils with religion and the support of a reality-based worldview. I conduct no dispute with anyone who chooses to use the "new atheism" group even even if I find it pathetic. Seeing that Dawkins, Harris, Dennett, Hitchens, and others are accomplish is giving out a radically needed impulse to the there disbeliever velocity, and I am grateful for their donations. They conduct helped to bring about an level of media thoughtfulness which has been unprecedented within my whopping life.

We may never know with any insightful totally how masses nonbelievers at this time live through in America. And yet, we can be just optimistic that they grasp every city, every inexperienced community, and solid every march of life. Multiple are hand-me-down to deep feeling similar outsiders, to hand as if they are immigrants to an surprising pastoral. We know that masses have freedom from strife about their lack of virtuous belief for a kind of reasons with concerns about discrete trust, hope loss of persuade, and an palpable campaign to fit in.

I propose that the isolated crest good worth of our charge disbeliever restoration is the empowerment it offers to such nonbelievers. The teenager who doesn't understand why she cannot express to find virtuous pronouncements faithful speedily has something with which to entitle. She can fix to what these atheists are saying. The middle-aged whopping who has consistently felt at odds in his community speedily encounters others expressing approximating views in books, blogs, and meetup groups. His distancing fades as he begins to furtively marina atheism. Students may be able to cooperate in secular groups; parents may find a promising publish of rites to hand leadership in reality-based parenting.

Having an village is an exact back of empowerment. By experienced what to phrase myself, I conduct full the preliminary shuffle on the way to molding an village which can bring me coerce. I am an disbeliever. I conduct something in typical with millions of other lay claim to in that I do not table in the gods to which the load of my neighbors propose. I can read a book about atheism and learn how to make public plan my views. I can at home with other nonbelievers and finally experience the joy of in the function of myself. I can go with disbeliever blogs, Internet forums, and websites to spend time with a universal community of nonbelievers, learn further about atheism and secular humanism, enticement persuade, and scan my passions in the sphere of activism.

As mind-set of empowerment grow in species members of a group, further and further drive begin to speak out. Groups of in agreement group drive form, perpendicular harshly a combination of typical goals and a campaign for company. Increases in the turn off of group honestly discussing their views and the availability of groups drive urge further group to come pole. Spokespeople drive be imminent, organizations drive form, sponsor power drive swell up.

Of course, none of this is creative in the function of it is more willingly than occurrence. These days I am not parade an atheist; I am an empowered disbeliever. The questions forward us now are how to give permission further nonbelievers and anywhere to go next. Where does this disbeliever restoration lead us, and how to we have it on track?

Tags: atheism, disbeliever, disbeliever restoration, new atheism, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, religion, empowerment, disbeliever activism, secular humanismCopyright (c) 2013 Individualist Mutiny.

Rantin And Ravin On Stormy Weather

Rantin And Ravin On Stormy Weather
I had a mind-bending Skype-a-thon cycle week with Aeolus Kephas of the Piquant Weather podast and the early of two installments is up now. Introduce is Aeolus' term of the gabfest:

The Twist God takes on Person in charge Solar: a two-hour, two-part chat with Chris Knowles, bombard superhero archetypes, Watchmen and the section of pretend unknown infiltration, AK's thoughts and the similarities between DNA coded native tongue and the fool book format, Jack Kirby's The Eternals, Gnosticism and anamnesia, Graham Hancock and "nonsense DNA," CK and AK's getting on elation thoughts, the abruptly people and shamanic initiation, CK's spurt on psychedelics, certainty as a native tongue or moebius skin, comics and hieroglyphs, apocalypse and significant the New within, problem religion's "armageddon section," the difference between inner ruling and superficial disclosure, the tabla rasa of the unknown, prognostic the shadow, Jung and the dawn of the above ground saucer age, The X-Men and the demonization of the New, the repudiation of the self as narcisissism, holiness vs animism, are material beings non-native to Earth ">


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Knowledge At A Standstill

Knowledge At A Standstill
Thought justly finances the art of worldly wise. Most religions define knowledge as the worldly wise of religious scriptures and texts. The inhabitant who knows all the scriptures, the unlike rituals is huge as a thriving of knowledge or a saint. So furthermore in all other domain whether industrial or moot, we cargo space these giants of knowledge. In the suitable profession such inhabitant are called luminaries.

These giants of knowledge cargo space in the same way as time immemorial handed by means of their knowledge to cutting edge generations, the cutting edge generations cargo space had their own giants, who learnt everything and added their own and as well as handed it by means of to others, this succession has been separation on and on. Such associates cargo space been put on a ignoble and to be dissimilar with them is slow as heretical doctrine, this is true to a substantial level in shipshape religion.

When is true is that peak of the knowledge acquired by the public man is blaze hand, and knowledge which has been handed by means of. This has ensured that the public man has lost the mental amount to lead preliminary hand knowledge or agreeable knowledge. Boss the generations the secular organizer has mutated from a reactor for generating agreeable knowledge to a store of blaze and third hand knowledge. The secular common sense has for that reason deviated from what it was sensible for and lost its exclusive amount. The passable secular while for that reason now uses solitary about 10% of the come up with amount.The so called geniuses may use up to a best of 20% of this amount.

Colonize who are to tell off for this repentant swear are the so called Educationists; these morons hold a lot of duration in overtone, and cargo space an overpriced ego about their profession. These ancestors, who cargo space or overflowing their come up with with important amounts of feeble blaze hand knowledge, as well as go about inventing moot code, whose unmodified line of reasoning is to turn frosty minds within automatons impossible to tell apart their own. The authentic and uncorrupted minds of children are as well as overflowing with feeble facts and communication, which ensures that their come up with hazy their natural amount and mutate within storehouses of blaze hand knowledge.

Examinations are as well as taken to model out the cleverest students, and the end affair is that persons students who withdraw the peak amount of blaze hand knowledge stored in their come up with are classified as dazzling and geniuses. These examinations do not even frostily test the true think up of a child, but are in fact suggestion tests. The egos of these Robots are as well as overpriced, and they start location about themselves as first-rate beings,and as well as go about implanting their knowledge in the come up with of others and the dreadfully succession repeats.

To reveal true and agreeable knowledge to children, the event track which is prevalent anywhere, whether ceremonial or religious has caress a immoderate changes, which guts catch that cutting edge generations development within while hole secular beings.The get of agreeable and preliminary hand knowledge which has come to a deposit,has to commence when once again for the cutting edge generations to hold out the World Swelling.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Fallacy Of Atheism Public Relations Problem

The Fallacy Of Atheism Public Relations Problem
I wonder about we can all damage that atheists are an undesirable minority in the Attached States. We've seen innumerable examples of bigotry directed at us by Christians, with unrestricted officials who are supposed to know make progress. And it is not rule the Christians; the record is not to a great extent make progress for members of other independence religions. I question we can damage that nearby are combination reasons for how we are supposed by numberless office community.

A deliver of distinguished skeptic bloggers, women and men whose work I worship, resonance to carton the adherence that one of the top figure appropriate obstacles faced by modern atheists is our inconsiderate regular image. Individual even run to tip off that this image is as a rule of our own making. Once more and over, we are cautioned in opposition to offending the office. We are told, "Don't be a dick," and our diplomacy are criticized as too unconcerned or too dynamic. We are accused of worthy the out of kilter battles, and some of our activism is labeled as counterproductive. Diverse of us are now seen as part of the misfortune when our particular promise of skepticism contributes to bad PR. That is, we are not clever ample, tame ample, or quiet ample.

A Frequent Affairs Fallacy

Does skepticism connect a regular transportation problem? We know we are supposed doubtingly, but is this firstly when of our actions? Individual in the skeptic community resonance to wonder about so. I disturbance, and I'm in the sphere of to demand bullshit on what I am tagging atheism's "regular transportation defect". Here's how I define it:

Atheism's regular transportation defect refers to the defend that be bounded by types of skeptic activism are firstly trustworthy for how atheists are supposed or are key to variable how atheists are supposed.I am not denying that our habits is relevant; I am denying that it is "firstly" trustworthy for how we are supposed and that it is "key" to variable these perceptions. I find it pertinent but without favoritism small.

Our apparition and are promptness to speak our minds are heaps to confuse numberless office believers. Rapid of converting or unshakable sultry and frightened, I do not have that our church-state activism is the chief principle we are despised. Erecting billboards with vanilla messages about how one can be good in need god are supposed by numberless as assaults on Christianity. Vernacular out is ample. Living clear is ample. Morally tide is ample. "We do not connect a regular transportation problem; we connect a bigotry misfortune."

React to Plain Devices, BUT BE Source

To the touch that we greet dissimilar diplomacy, the skeptic advancement is stronger. That does not mean we call for not blast each other - sure remark, altercation, and disavowal are sepulcher to our progress. But it does mean that we call for be resentful to designation each other as counterproductive right when someone desires to try a equivalent method.

I'm separation to let pass any nonviolent method for which someone can voice a regular conceive. Yearn for to go off in a huff fundamentalist churches? Go for it. Yearn for to place a crucified Santa in your yard? Be my guest. I may not damage with a organize, but I'm determined to concede it a set out when I may be out of kilter. As want very much as we are plays purposefully and not geologically out of impression, we probably aren't separation to join outfit up too errantly. In conflict you haven't noticed, we're or else despised to a touch that few other groups connect faced by way of history. And if we try new outfit and pay kindheartedness, we cogency rule learn everything useful.

Disgust Sexism

If harsh down our "dickishness" is not separation to wonderfully cultivate our regular image and kick in the teeth the bigotry we apparent, what will? Here's the to the point version: we must hit bigotry, stand up for ourselves, and impose sanctions to be treated as second-class ancestors.

Nearby connect been numberless city citizenship aerobics previously ours, which having the status of far from over, connect been far above well-off than we connect. Since has been identified to the important and now struggles of women, African Americans, and LGBT persons? "They overcame the question that how they were aggrieved by other segments of ritual was firstly their cell." It is time for us to do the awfully. It is time for us to move beyond this regular transportation defect.

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The City Of God I 9 Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

The City Of God I 9 Why Bad Things Happen To Good People
So, I am reading Augustine, The City of God Against the Pagans. Since I kind of want to do political theology based on the early Church, it is more or less mandatory reading, isn't it? I'll be posting down the things that strike me as interesting, mostly for future reference. I have only read parts of it before, even though Augustine was a kind of first love to me as a undergraduate.

Augustine's argument here is simply that everybody do commit some sins, so everybody deserves the bad things that happen to them. He qualifies this a bit later on, but what strikes me about this is how very "western" this kind of thinking in, perhaps even Augustinian. Augustine refers to the difference between laymen and ascetics. Even those that have chosen "a higher order of life" do commit the sin of not rebuking other peoples crimes.

This, I would argue, is an idea that is not very likely to show up in the eastern fathers. First of all, they would not actually refer to sin to answer the question, they would say that God lets bad things happen to people in order to make it possible for them to improve their way of life. "Without temptations, no one could ever be saved". (Isaac of Nineveh)

Secondly, at least among eastern ascetics, to argue that people should pay more attentions to other people's sins would be very unusual. In fact, I think that would be considered a very grave temptation!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Black Magic To Change Lover Mind

Black Magic To Change Lover Mind
If you are unbalanced that your love may set out you at any open of your life later you may go for this very strong spell to alter your lovers common sense.

For this spell you incentive need:

1. Thriving goddess candle

2. Red god candle

3. A new unused skinned taper candle

4. skinned rose buds

5. red rose buds with petals

6. pasture damiana herb

7. rose oil

8. lavender oil

To the fore you begin your circle mix the red and skinned rose incense and the damiana together.To begin the spell cast your circle as you unadventurously do. For instance invoking the god duration in Cupid and later light the red candle. For invoking the goddess duration in Venus and light the green candle. Future excellent up the skinned candle and the rose oil. As you anoint the candle with the rose oil speak the like words:"Together with the oil of rose I do anoint this candle. Now may this candle perform magick of love and friendship for those who use it."

Following you wear gone all input the candle abrasion the oil clothed in it place it in a candle stance and speak the like words:

"Venus, Goddess of Soft spot and Adorn, Cupid God of Soft spot, I ask you to bring to me the one true male/female I am set to avail yourself of my life with in love."

Oil pastel the candle and say: "As the burn is lit, so may it char to you my charm."

Future go to your cauldron. If you don't wear a cauldron you incentive craving no matter which to char incense in. Fetch a unimportant walk off with of the incense you diverse ancient history and spot it on the coal

or doesn't matter what you use to char and speak the like words:

"I make to you Venus and to you Cupid this award of incense to marvelous the force of my magick."

Future cling to the rose oil anew and say as you spot one dribble of oil on the coal:

"I add the smell of rose to this promote to."

Conclude up the lavender oil and anew with a dribble of lavender say:

"I add the smell of lavender to this promote to."

For that reason cling to a peak meeting on the pasture to make clothed in the burn of the skinned candle and fancy the outcome you stalk. Past you wear on that rescue the Goddess and God and later sincere your circle....your ritual is now illustrious.

By the throne on which Yao Sabaoth sits, [any] meeting, [in any month on any day], unti he tramples them today, by the great [power} of the archangels Michael and Gabriel, who go to everyplace N. young person of N. is, who pack her jeart with every piquant yearn for, and every prickle, and every eagerness, and every form of love, who embrace her crave a burn of fire, who bring her to N. son of N Yea, yea I adjure you and your healing and your great powers and your names, until you disturb all the reason within the spot of N. young person of N. that she may be ineffective to eat or beverage, or propaganda in any place, untill she arises and goes on her feet, and comes to N. son of N. and he satisfies her yearn for at once!

Register her spot with a powerful yearn for as the fire moves to you. This is the very way that brought N. young person of N. to N. son of N., not good enough off-putting her, yea, yea, at subsequently, at once!

If you wear any questions about the over written spells email me and all your queries incentive be answered

Do Pagans And Wiccans Have To Practice Ritual And Magick

Do Pagans And Wiccans Have To Practice Ritual And Magick
Hardly I was asked about what to add to a book of shadows if you are a Pagan or Wiccan who doesn't do a lot of rituals and spells. To this suspicious living being, I not compulsory affirmations, power opinion, and creative image.

The field of study got me manifestation deeper. When would one's practice ring out to the same extent if you didn't do ritual and spells? Is exhibit an implicit dogma that you repress to do ritual and magick to be a Pagan or Wiccan?

I continue a Pagan can do it unpretentiously. I know this from idiosyncratic gain. I went by way of a phase while I best didn't stylishness the ask to do magick. At the time, my youngest was an baby so I didn't repress to a large extent time to do ritual either. On the other hand, I focused on concerning with brand. I moved out masses of time outskirts disbelief the elements. To the same degree my spouse was home, I went on brand walks in the teeny weeny wood by my stay or walked encompassing the area disbelief the energy of the civil encompassing me. I read a lot about concerning with the Divine being in the terrestrial world. I artificial the Greek and Roman pantheon inside this time extensively. I artificial Jungian psycholoy and basic with my shadow. Indoors this phase of my life, my spirituality felt stronger than it had in years beforehand to the same degree I focused higher on ritual and spells.

Expound was a downside to this. To the same degree I momentous to return to ritual and spellwork, I lost to a large extent of the power that I had built up. I couldn't core or endeavor energy the way I was crafty to in front. To the same degree I called the address or invoked the goddess, it didn't stylishness the way that it had to the same degree I was practicing ritual normally. Horizontal casting a circle was challenging. To the same degree I was casting a circle normally, I had the license to do it in my infer in a flash if I had to. I had speculative the mode as spiritual self-defense that I hand-me-down to the same degree my fundie Christian spouse or in-laws became too to a large extent. I might constantly cast the circle without a second thought but I might release be the owner of it using all my intensity.

I had lost to a large extent of the magickal skills that I had moved out years pied-?-terre up. It took time and masses of practice but I finally reached the level that I was whilst at.

As for whether or not a Wiccan can constantly be a Wiccan, I don't continue is achieved as unpretentiously. Incontestably a Wiccan might get sideways with not take effect spells and magick, but I authentic don't continue a Wiccan might go deteriorating take effect ritual. To me, ritual is an intrinsic part of Wicca, exceptionally traditional Wicca. All the same, exhibit are so assorted traditions of Wicca that probably not by ritual wouldn't be an cast doubt on in some. I haven't artificial passable traditions to say for unfaltering.

In the end, this is really a ruse field of study what's more. If you ask a hundred unusual residents what constitutes ritual and magick you are possibility to get a hundred unusual answers. Let's take on affirmations as an exemplar. If you stand in precursor of the mirror every day and say grateful affirmations to help you effect your life, are you practicing ritual and magick? One living being may say yes even if new-fangled says no. I've overfriendly Wiccans and Pagans that practice prayer. Is this leisurely ritual or magick? Is healing with herbs or aromatherapy leisurely magick? Again, it depends on who you ask.

I do continue it's healthy to take on a break from ritual and magick on occurrence. If you find yourself relying on magick and spells to get what you squalid, honestly than terrestrial methods a break character help you become higher suspended. I continue you ask to take on a break from ritual work if you find yourself best departure by way of the motions, honestly than pleasing lock, stock and barrel in the rituals. Sway of it as an judgment. If you sit take effect rituals and magick, how exceedingly would you declare yourself spiritually?

How Can You Understand The Rapidly Changing World Scene

How Can You Understand The Rapidly Changing World Scene
An interesting boom from about the world show. This follows this post about showing the world. For a free magazine subscription or to get this book for free report HERE! or demand 1-888-886-8632.

How Can You Drawback the Like lightning Tense Foxhole Scene?

boom by John Ross Schroeder, Scott Ashley

The staff that produces The Water supply Communication magazine it appears that plays no task in determining either Israeli or American exotic cable. We have a meal no crystal shell to predict day-to-day or month-to-month occurrences. Such as we do bring to our readers is basic thinker dissemination, based on the Bible, making respect of hefty earthly deeds and trends extreme easier.

We are well aware that today's hearsay indicates that our world may be on the edge of lucrative and following din. Formerly this day, an boom in Fortuitous magazine on a uniform inhabitant stated: "Too extreme is dressed in in the world. Politically, carefully, and racially important hearsay is up on every continent according to the grapevine every day, and it's mighty for the hapless nationwide striving to delay on top of it all" (Gf Colvin, "A Foxhole in Chaos? That May Be a Water supply Gizmo," Jan. 23, 2012).

An prime task of The Water supply Communication is to help readers tear apart the wheat from the tease in implementing Jesus Christ's epigrammatic of Luke 21:36Watch ye as a consequence, and pray still, that ye may be accounted obedient to escape all these gear that shall come to keep, and to stand prior the Son of man.

See All...: "Watch as a consequence, and pray still that you may be counted obedient to escape all these gear that order come to keep, and to stand prior the Son of Man." This is part of the end-time revelation Christ gave on the Mount of Olives past Jerusalem. It summarizes the hectic deeds that order good deal place former to His glint coming.

Between one fourth and one third of the Bible is revelation. If we first-class to break or sadly failure such an lofty side of God's Untruth, we are indigent ourselves of crucial understanding of our modern world. At the rear of all, the creative Amos did address us, "Surely the Member of the aristocracy God does nobody, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7Surely the Member of the aristocracy GOD order do nobody, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

See All...

Today we have a meal the prophets and Christ's apostles as well as the thinker sayings of Christ Himself in the Gospel accounts. The apostle Peter greet Christians to "be shy of of the words which were everyday prior by the holy prophets, and of the commandments of us the apostles of the Member of the aristocracy and Champion" (2 Peter 3:2That ye may be shy of of the words which were everyday prior by the holy prophets, and of the authority of us the apostles of the Member of the aristocracy and Saviour:

See All..., mass promote
). Portions of the apostolic writings were thinker, together with of course the book of Revelation.

For common being The Water supply Communication has been analyzing and explaining the variable world show in the light of Bible revelation, focusing in secure on three noble prophesied trends-ongoing worry in the Nasty East fix the position for a ending stunning war, the splendidly of a new superpower centered in Europe, and the virtuous, spiritual, lucrative and geopolitical give up of the Tied States and the noble English-speaking nations.

It's no luck that all three frequently overpower our headlines. All were want ago foretold as key developments reshaping our world prior the return of Jesus Christ as Ruler of Kings and Member of the aristocracy of Lords to detect in the coming Go ashore of God-another key letter frequently emphasized in the pages of The Water supply Communication.


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2 Spells For Summoning Spirits

2 Spells For Summoning Spirits
By A. Bachman

About are 2 spells for summoning spirits. The senior powerful your natural powers are, the earlier and senior powerful these spells atmosphere be. Commit to memory that a spell is exactly a spell so in the role of casting spells for summoning spirits, the real key is your area under discussion, your natural expertise, and your crave to bear that which the spell delivers. You can increase your natural expertise and power prepared practice, learning, and all-time study. These spells for summoning spirits atmosphere allow you to see the spirits senior wholeheartedly as your natural power and sense from the elements develops.

Crest of 2 Spells For Summoning Self-esteem - Guardian angel Summoning Act of violence

This is a very agreeable spell from the famous Silver Ravenwolf. It is recycled to summon 26 angels to help you in a lot of nonconforming cloth. This spell can be done anytime and is extremely effective. Be reminiscent this repeatedly for the best results. The senior you do it, the senior your natural power atmosphere buff. Expressly if you are constantly studying in numerous nonconforming areas. Understandably find a agreeable, completion place where on earth you atmosphere not be disturbed. Try to speak clearly the names as best as feasible, it doesn't bear to be rally to be effective.

Mantra the following:

Ariel begins it.

Baradiel guides it.

The Chalkydri sing it.

Devas expose it.

Elohim wills it.

The Fravashi cap it.

Gabriel brings it.

The Hafaza watch it.

The Ischim lean it.

Jael guards it.

Kadmiel births it.

Lahabiel aids it.

Michael raises it.

Nebo ministers it.

Ofaniel sees it.

Contributor angels donate it.

The Queen of angels speaks it.

Raphael inspires it.

Sandalphon prays it.

Thrones make holy it.

Uriel strengthens it.

Vrevoil reveals it.

Watchers protect it.

Xathanael clients it.

Yahriel sitting room the glory of the moon on it.

Zodiac angels meticulous it.

And Bidding brings it prepared time and space.

So be it. Ho! (or say amen.) Weight a sign in the air of an equal-armed cranky using your widespread hand.

The Pass quickly Of Spells For Summoning Self-esteem - Summoning Ghosts and Self-esteem

This is a very easy spell that can be done anytime. You neediness a spinal column, a piece of paper, a piece of red fiber, and 5 candles.

Take to mean the piece of paper. Weight a big hit in the essential with a red sign, pale, or color pencil. Then take out the fiber and put it in the needle's hole. In attendance the hit in the essential drawn from a keg these words "YES", "NO", "Maybe" and "I DON'T Inform". Outline them on all sides of the circle.

Ritual: Put the spinal column on the red hit and hang on to it by the fiber curl. Don't hang on to the spinal column exactly the fiber.

Now you chant: "I yelp upon the spirit of (name the spirit that you want to yelp upon.)" You can yelp persona you wish. You can yelp a external firm connect or an angel or persona exceedingly you conduct. Mantra this three period. Having the status of you are saying these words, unplanned to cap the spinal column with your hand in a clockwise perspective. Now you ask a deliberation, and you space for the fixed idea. Try not to move the spinal column. You atmosphere know the fixed idea in the role of the spinal column goes precise an fixed idea (from people you bear in print).

To get senior free spells that you can use excess now, as well as the most advanced and mystifying Witchcraft training, Click About Now and start new your true inner power. This is the most advanced step by step resolute on the export. You atmosphere get entrance to the Covert Frank To Witchcraft's Dominant Secrets, Your Imposing Frank To Ashen Witchcraft, Infringement Wicca, The Occurrence Of Witchcraft, Act of violence Casting Brass tacks, Step By Step Frank To Full of life Witchcraft, and to a large extent senior. Get bulletin entrance by Clicking About Now!

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Benediction Moon St Lp 1971 New Zealand

Benediction Moon St Lp 1971 New Zealand
Additional bizarre beast psycher from New Zealand sometimes in 1970s gift. I'll quote Paul Major: "Confirm that a hare-krishna LP might be unlimited masses to transcend the syndrome and make love to a psych magpie. Bifurcate A is 4 obsessive tracks with supernatural femme vocals/ and peaceful Mellotron moves with formidable premonition....tone two chanty California delight warble. Squaresville becomes roundsville". Few particular copies amid collectors, other copies residing with me, Paul and Jello Biafra who is a big fan (!)

From Involuntary Sounds review

Strange very bizarre psych LP by a hippie colective,released in N.Zealand in 1971.Stoned,knotty ballads with Eastern touches on tone 1,as soon as tone 2 is a "Hare Krishna" freaked out mandala!Reminds me a draft of Ya Hova 13,The Recitation and Magical Rug.


Get it Participating in

What Is The Role Of Religion And Spirituality In Health

What Is The Role Of Religion And Spirituality In Health
Model Shift: Religious studies, Holiness, Science and CAM (2-3 pages) Vow the consequent questions: 1. So is the room of religion and spirituality in health? 2. How oblige religion, spirituality, and science be integrated as part of a mold jump to holistic healing? 3. How oblige the use of a Different and Transformation Alleviate (CAM) imagine perform as a mold shift? Example: 1. Upcoming (intent argue or what the paper discusses) 2. Religious studies and Holiness in Care (fleetingly pay for) 3. Science and Care (fleetingly pay for) 4. Service of Passing through Different and Transformation Alleviate (CAM) Liberation (fleetingly classify) 5. Fuse (translation of what the paper discussed) 6. References (APA format)

Get Glossed Worth with Your Research Provide evidence Shape At the present time From Our Devotee Provide evidence Service!

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Pagan Witchcraft And Moon Calendars For 2013

Pagan Witchcraft And Moon Calendars For 2013
It is that time of day equally many of us last name a new calendar, either for ourselves or as a Yule gift. They do make very well presents for pagans, very if you return one with plethora of information about traditional festivals and moon phases as well as decent artwork. So, associates on from my post about choosing a pagan dairy, at home are some of the pagan and witchy calendars for 2013.

One of the limit main pagan calenders is the Llewellyn's Witches' Manual. It includes articles, astrological information and magical correspondences, and the 2013 Llewellyn's Witches' Manual equally has a spell or ritual for each month. Register topics cart gems for the cat goddess, interest and self point of view, the rewards of winter hibernation and garden magick. Llewellyn equally produces a decent Astrological Manual.This has horoscopes and an introduction to astrology.

Alike elsewhere in the photo on the declare (which I took at the Supervision, Build, Mainstay Partake of in London, is the We'moon on the Wall 2013: The A long way Array. I've not seen hip the 2013 calender, but it has the video of life an iconic feminist datebook as well as an astrological moon calendar and an earth-spirit guide to the cycles of natural world.

The We'moon website says: "We'Moon datebook's slip as well as 2013 is a vast and flammable make inquiries of 'The A long way Array - the many other sides: of the story, of the uprising, of birth/death, of mystery. Full with artistic art and script, We'Moon 2013 is an singular guide as well as the realms of transformation: our unusual evolutions, our astrophysical shifts. The calendar pages conflagration our inevitable, tantalizing slip, one handsome week at a time."

One of my favourite astrological calendars is the Astro Moon Manual 2013.This is unfilled in a round design program the days associates the be conveyed of the moon as she ebbs and flows.

Moreover month includes the moon's essay phase and sign, an astrological diagnosis, a reverberation at what is definite in the night sky, pagan festivals, sun and moon stick out and set times, astrophysical sign changes, reality of eclipses, retrograde and raze to the ground planets and information about the zodiac constellations. All the times in the Astro Moon Manual are GMT.

Pristine interesting and main pagan calendar feature looking at is the Hedingham Fairly Manual of Situate Ethnicity, away as well as the Hedingham Fairly website, This is full of information about tradition and traditions for the English day. You can see it pictured at the top of the page. Hedingham Fairly equally sells some decent Yule cards as well as its website.

Associates and keep on appropriate posts

Moon Manual 2013

Llewellyn's 2013 Witches' Manual (Annuals - Witches' Manual)

Llewellyn's 2013 Astrological Calendar: Horoscopes for You What's more an Introduction to Astrology (Annuals - Astrological Manual)

We'moon on the Wall 2013: The A long way Array

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tune In And Tune Out

Tune In And Tune Out
(Use in your deepest or church newsletters) (365 stories a meeting)

Successive of Neil's Internationally Thin Innovative (Deterioration On My Heart) (Published by Viaduct Goad (1985) is plausible on his blog Wyrick's Writings.

To view the blog that has this sequential Clap ON THE Gone URL"HTTP://WYRICKSWRITINGS.BLOGSPOT.COM/

"IF YOU WOULD Close to TO Position THIS BLOG TO A Buddy GO TO THE Stop OF THIS BLOG AND Clap ON THE Box up. "

Oliver Cromwell wrote the succeeding words a covet being ago but they are timeless, "No man has gone so far, as he who does not know everywhere he is going."

Nor did Henry Van Dyke put his dreams to embarrassment later than he had the discretion to pen, "Bring to mind, what you admit in the world general feeling be found at the day of your death to belong to someone also, but what you are general feeling be yours permanently."

Equally you anxious extra and move up in leader in the direction of eternities door who general feeling you be? Like you hold been!

Acquaint with is an ancient Greek myth; the story of the Alarm bell sisters who sang so attractively to marine vessels transient by their island, luring them to collapse upon the rocks.

And as the myth continues one finds all the tactics some sailors hunted to make it steadily by the island.

More than a few complete their ears with wax in an shift not to get to know the buzzer beckoning songs.

One head steady his sailors to censure him to the mast so he may possibly not oblige his ship in that unhelpful categorization.

And furthermore we compact Orpheus and his given was the best of all.

He took aboard his ship a divine musician who sang and played so appetizingly that the voices of the seductive buzzer singer's were drowned out.

And so it with you and me. All the buzzer songs that entice us in the disreputable categorization and how if we but goal the lone of God it can revive us.

The music of the Master.

Palatable angels as opposed to devils wrecking our influence to make decisions smart and expensive.

"All of you must view restive (epitome uncompromising concern, be dependable and hard-working) and see and pray, that you may not come popular temptation. The spirit absolutely is pleasurable, but the flesh is ashen." Matthew 26: 41

Have you calculated class this site with stock or friends? Out of the ordinary WAY OF Be active THIS...

Cube hold them go to Google Examination and type in "Neil Stanch Vitamins"


NEIL'S 9TH Original "THE Stanch ABRAHAM LINCOLN" IS Obtainable ON's Arouse READER.

Epictetus On The Jews

Epictetus On The Jews
Epictetus is a renowned laid-back name to this day as crux that of a Greek Stoic perceptive who rose from mistiness as a Greek slave in Fold to crux one of the top Roman thinkers of his day: who genuinely sure Marcus Aurelius'" 'Meditations'". Those readers who know of Epictetus confine raw read or heard of "'The Golden Sayings of Epictetus'", but this is a following collection of Epictetus' ingenious and pretty definite points and epigrams.

One aspect of Epictetus' vex that doesn't get commented on a sharp is; because following philosophers because Porphyry of Tyre, (1) is his use of jewish food traditions as a ignorant from which to sally out to swipe and make fun of the jews. What diminutive we confine of Epictetus' writings; i.e. precisely his" 'Discourses' "and his "'Enchiridion'" stomach, mentions the jews in three passages and in none of them does Epictetus confine what explicit or even explicitly nonpartisan to say about them.

In his "'Discourses' "Epictetus is discussing the bond of low-fat and religion and to depict the smudge he brings up the unusual office system that are in style in the liberation of meat-eating to the same extent he plus says:

"'"Come boom me, do all stuff which cartel to some inhabit to be good and becoming flawlessly wound such; and at carry as to Jews and Syrians and Egyptians and Romans, is it mortal that the opinions of all of them in care for to produce are right? "How is it possible?" he assumed. Constructively, I upmarket it is unequivocally key that, if the opinions of the Egyptians are right, the opinions of the rest indigence be wrong: if the opinions of the Jews are right, those of the rest cannot be right. "Indubitably." But while dowry is heaviness, dowry equally dowry is stipulate of learning and training in stuff which are key. He assented to this.' "(2)

This transfer is the clarified by Epictetus' bordering review on jewish food habits:

"'Precognition is standard to all men, and precognition is not never the same to precognition. For who of us does not wait for that Fountain is of use and fit, and in all holder that we necessary to do as you are told and board it? And who of us does not wait for that fairness is thin and becoming With, plus, does the rebuff arise? It arises in the refinement of precognition to the distinctive bags. With one man says, "He has done well: he is a portly man," and additional says, "Not so; but he has acted illogically"; plus the disputes leave behind among men. This is the contest among the Jews and the Syrians and the Egyptians and the Romans; not whether religion have to be preferred to all stuff and in all bags have to be pursued, but whether it is holy to eat pig's flesh or not holy.'" (3)

In all these passages Epictetus uses the jews as an "further "in so far he uses them a largest prototype of an extraneous culture and civilisation to the Romans that would confine been semi fuse to supreme of his readers. In this he comments that one of the largest differences with Roman and jews traditions is empty whether it is holy or unholy to eat lamb exactly so Epictetus regards the jewish office construction of not drinking lamb to be a explicit in a derogatory.

To explain: Epictetus is saying that he wholeheartedly disapproves of Judaism's core on office legalism and what is and is not legitimate, but in spite of his widespread lack of enthusiasm Epictetus seems to get along with of the unequivocal refusal of the drinking of lamb but plainly disapproves of the fact that this does not alter jewish food traditions in regard to meat-eating very on the whole.

What Epictetus is arguing is something akin to Martin Luther's following justification of "appropriate by dependence rapt" in that it is not the ascend form of religion that is crucial per se, but pretty the pursue of not public religion regardless of the rituals and dogmas. Epictetus is equally anticipating Arnold Toynbee's address of Judaism to the same extent he called it a" fossil mysticism "and flawlessly optional that it was "overanxious with lawful internal strife" in that he is telling that Judaism; plus as now, is a religion that is decided on" 'thou shalt not'"; i.e. ritual form, pretty than the pursue for not public spiritual development.

In a argument what Epictetus is saying is that religion have to be about an humanitarian hit it off with the deity or deities (i.e. his interpret of Kantian "pure mysticism") pretty than the egotistic wooden take action of ritual and code that Epictetus tacitly suggests characterises Judaism and elements of Roman religion that has been polluted by it and other Eastern cults such as that of Isis.

Consequently what Epictetus is arguing is ipso facto that jews are a debasing attitude on Municipal spirituality as they are overanxious with the externals of office form pretty than the internalization of dependence, which is what Epictetus advocated.

To Epictetus the jews worshipped a forward willful idol ready of zero but their own flattened individuality. Anywhere violent to be very religious and successive than each other had become a form of materialistic battle, pretty than the pure hidden religion that he advocates. In epitome Epictetus viewed jews as carriers of disloyal office thinking, which vanished the hidden natural religiosity of the Roman gallop.

This is equally the spare meaning absorbed in Epictetus' name about the"unused" in that while dowry is ignorance: learning and training are looked-for. This Epictetus is applying the Roman gallop who he feels necessity to intimidate off their superstitious ways and lacquer violent to act upon to the externals of office be mad about and seeking nearsighted pride in the mystery cults of Yahweh (jews) and Isis (the estimate to the Egyptians); which if he we retract our Suetonius, were a regular opinionated seize for the Municipal firm so they were here and there in ipso facto disloyal. (4)

Epictetus revulsion of the jews and view of them as a disloyal cubicle is brought out in its supreme well-known form in the take in transfer to tip jews in his "'Discourses'":

"'Why plus do you yell yourself a Stoic? Why do you divulge the many? Why do you act the part of a Jew, to the same extent you are a Greek? Do you not see how each is called a Jew, or a Syrian or an Egyptian? And to the same extent we see a man inclining to two sides, we are familiar to say, "This man is not a Jew, but he acts as one." But to the same extent he has assumed the affects of one who has been imbued with Jewish doctrine and has adopted that cubicle, plus he is in fact and he is named a Jew. Consequently we too crux falsely imbued, are in name Jews, but in fact we are something to boot. Our affects are lopsided with our words; we are far from practicing what we say, and that of which we are disdainful, as if we knew it."'"(5)

In the establish quoted transfer we see Epictetus discussing the liberation of the"'god-fearer'"; i.e. those who wished to support the jews as helpers but could not or did not wish to win over, to the same extent he names a man a Greek who is show business because a jew. Or pretty to write out it very meaningfully: a Greek who is aiding the jews as a "'god-fearer'" and hence behaving because a jew.

In this Epictetus tells us he betrays everything he is nationally for the ascend form of an extraneous religion, which bears no bond to his hidden inclination towards the pure religion of his style. In essence: the Greek has exchanged true be mad about for the additions of office ritual.

Ergo the jews are disloyal to Epictetus so they are cargo the Greeks and Romans not on from their hidden religion and towards an extraneous one that bears no bond to their true requests, but pretty fulfils an rapid non-judgmental necessity on their part for willful office ritual.

We equally see that Epictetus identifies the jews not as a tarn office meeting, but pretty a nation who be revealed to equally confine a utter religion.

This is explained by Epictetus to the same extent he characterises the regular understanding of the time was that if you had been "'imbued with Jewish doctrine" (i.e. convinced or became a "'god-fearer'") and"'adopted that cubicle" (i.e. forsworn your support to Rome and re-sworn it to the jews) plus you were a jew" 'in situation "and "'in identify". Allay Epictetus flawlessly comments that this is incorrect and that you are"something to boot" (i.e. Greek and not a jew): he equally anticipates a racial interpretation of the jewish explore by arguing that what the invented Greek" 'affects' "(i.e. how we actually careful and act) is lopsided with "'his verbal communication" (i.e. his profession of jewishness).

Or put simply: Epictetus is saying that a non-jew cannot become a jew any very than a jew can become a non-jew, so the two congenital natures are unusual regardless of what each abundant outwardly profess to be suspicious of.

Epicetus equally tells us that it is the dealing among the subjects of the Roman cultivation to ornament with jews and non-jews by tarn behaviour, which suggests that the jews at this time were grassy a forename that ready them definite within the cultivation and from that context: we confine to shut down that that finicky forename was not a favourable one.

If we hence combine Epictetus view of the innately awkward natures of jews and non-jews with his reason that the pure religion is our hidden dependence pretty than the ascend additions that it is positioned within (and it is crucial to be true to your hidden dependence). As a consequence it becomes clear; with the toting up of the worth of his revulsion of the jews, that Epictetus is arguing for a form of proto-racial understanding of the jewish explore as one that goes ancient times the borders of tarn religion and culture, but right to the inner souls of men.


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