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Thursday, 21 November 2013

More Catholic Mythology

More Catholic Mythology
Theo has already "primed the pump" with ideas for the New Mythical Catholic Weblog. I added a few myself (in blue), hope he doesn't mind. He writes:

"One thing's for sure: you'd be hard pressed to run out of material. Think of the extremes from virulent Catholic-bashing propaganda to common misunderstandings held even by many practicing Catholics.

Among the former group (anti-Catholic propaganda) we might find :

1. The Vatican Supercomputer (tm) has a database of all Protestants to be used in the upcoming world-wide attack of 'true Christians' by the eeeevil Roman church. It runs Windows SSPX (home edition) and was inspired by the devil. The frequent bluescreens of death prove this to be so.

2. Catholics worship Mary.

3. Catholics worship Mary

4. Catholics worship Mary

5. Jesuits killed President Lincoln.

4. The Pope created Islam, Nazism, Zionism, Mormonism, Druidism, the New Age movement, the Masonic Lodge and Communism. And yes, Ismism too!

5. The Eucharist celebrates the worship of Egyptian gods.

6. The Vatican controls...... (fill in the industry or organization).

7. Priests and Nuns have secret nookie tunnels built between rectories and convents.

8. Oh yeah, one more.......Catholics worship Mary!

Of the Latter (common misunderstandings by Catholics) we might find:

1. Indulgences forgive sins.

2. Only Catholics go to Heaven.

3. All Catholics go to Heaven.

4. The Church no longer teaches..... (fill in the unpopular dogma) is required of Catholics.

5. A "venial" sin is a sin that doesn't really matter.

6. It does not matter whether Catholics repent, so long as they go to Confession.

7. It does not matter whether Catholics obey the Gospel so long as they go to Mass.

8. Whether or not a Catholic is permitted to use artificial contraception is up to their individual conscience.

Thanks Theo for the post. Your comments regarding the misunderstanding among Catholics make it imperative that the New Evangelism starts in the Church first.

A final thought: One reason that there is no shortage of Catholic myths is the fact that the Catholic Church has been a very un-moving target for 2000 years. I take comfort in that, strangely enough.

*Words in blue added by TJ