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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rantin And Ravin On Stormy Weather

Rantin And Ravin On Stormy Weather
I had a mind-bending Skype-a-thon cycle week with Aeolus Kephas of the Piquant Weather podast and the early of two installments is up now. Introduce is Aeolus' term of the gabfest:

The Twist God takes on Person in charge Solar: a two-hour, two-part chat with Chris Knowles, bombard superhero archetypes, Watchmen and the section of pretend unknown infiltration, AK's thoughts and the similarities between DNA coded native tongue and the fool book format, Jack Kirby's The Eternals, Gnosticism and anamnesia, Graham Hancock and "nonsense DNA," CK and AK's getting on elation thoughts, the abruptly people and shamanic initiation, CK's spurt on psychedelics, certainty as a native tongue or moebius skin, comics and hieroglyphs, apocalypse and significant the New within, problem religion's "armageddon section," the difference between inner ruling and superficial disclosure, the tabla rasa of the unknown, prognostic the shadow, Jung and the dawn of the above ground saucer age, The X-Men and the demonization of the New, the repudiation of the self as narcisissism, holiness vs animism, are material beings non-native to Earth ">