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Friday, 8 November 2013

Benediction Moon St Lp 1971 New Zealand

Benediction Moon St Lp 1971 New Zealand
Additional bizarre beast psycher from New Zealand sometimes in 1970s gift. I'll quote Paul Major: "Confirm that a hare-krishna LP might be unlimited masses to transcend the syndrome and make love to a psych magpie. Bifurcate A is 4 obsessive tracks with supernatural femme vocals/ and peaceful Mellotron moves with formidable premonition....tone two chanty California delight warble. Squaresville becomes roundsville". Few particular copies amid collectors, other copies residing with me, Paul and Jello Biafra who is a big fan (!)

From Involuntary Sounds review

Strange very bizarre psych LP by a hippie colective,released in N.Zealand in 1971.Stoned,knotty ballads with Eastern touches on tone 1,as soon as tone 2 is a "Hare Krishna" freaked out mandala!Reminds me a draft of Ya Hova 13,The Recitation and Magical Rug.


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