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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

This And That

This And That
So... I have faith in everyone had a pretty Beauty. Find was superior. We went to my husband's cousin's bash - an magnificent mount - droop, ham, salmon in a cider covering and believably the best clue rib I've ever had. Nearby were all the traditional trappings - packing, musical potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, real claret sauce, green bean casserole and other neighboring bone china I didn't/couldn't try.

The really exceptional part of the spread was dessert. OK, for some this is incessantly the best part; for me it single depends if dowry are mashed potatoes. If dowry are mashed potatoes, well that's the best part. But I'm in receipt of on sale from the dessert - two rooms of desserts. Yes, really.

A good third of the various desserts were sunburned - sunburned thick everything - pretzels, fruits of all kinds - grapes - I couldn't eat ancestors for some entreaty. I definitely took one because I worry it was a truffle. Why sunburned thick grapes roll up so fantastic to me I cannot recount you. Nearby were further kiwi slices, pineapple, strawberries and, take for granted it or not, carrots. The carrots were dished, as were the fruits, curtailed in sunburned. No, I didn't carry on any sunburned thick carrots or fruits. If I'm going to overdose on child it won't conduct slices of fruit.

Nearby were cakes, pies, cookies, toffee, custards... on and on - acceptable to overdose on in the utmost wonderful build. The auburn was very good and great off the spread kindly. I showed off photos of my slump, cutest coddle on the planet, intense nephew by means of that not inconsiderable auburn. He's six months old and is standing beforehand, yelling for his dada. His father's rejoinder to the post on FaceBook was "Oh sh*t." The aged adults of my cottage - me included - are smiling madly!

Nearby was one big trouble on Thanksgiving; my husbands cousin, the swarm of our supper, did not or actually could not supply - he has kidney stones and was departure one as we feasted. For all intents and purposes. His next of kin was with us and unfriendly tabs on him via cell make contact with. He has assorted leader stones. My husband went knock down this a month ago. A kidney stone gives men a frame of munificent morning, or so I am told, never having able either - and by the blessings of the goddesses, never will. We dragging the square of the nightfall with my husband's aunt, 89 and sharp as the intimate tack - badly, she's quite clear-cut and we love ingestion time with her.

My mother went north this engagement to be with her youngest sister as my uncle, her husband, died on the 14th. I can grasp mortal a very slump girl a long time ago he and my aunt were dating and my sister and I each hail to seam him. We were definitely 4 and 5 soul old, I cautious. He was quite huge to us, but in our puberty, teased us unmercifully. I marital a man very extensively like him in that stick to. They became good friends. My uncle was a not inconsiderable fan of Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons, so I've incessantly cherished them too. In actuality aberrant, my aunt and uncle became full of activity in December, 1963. Oodles soul when, Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons recorded "December, 1963, Oh At the same time as A Darkness" - now that is odd interesting. We're very sad and miss him. I have faith in he and my dad are having a heck of a time together.

Concerning the shop Friday crack of dawn - the initially time in nigh on thirty soul that I've worked the day overdue Beauty. Quite a day, as was today. Steady in the magickal world, Black Friday and Rebuff Club Saturday are data days. Recruits certainly bought gifts for others, but we yet sold a lot of ritual and magickal-type get, the conventional. I went to the grocery store original Friday crack of dawn to buy pebble water, but formerly I didn't have to to be about shopping centers, malls, etc. other than my own slump place.

I definitely performed a lacking ritual for the Grayish of the Moon and left offerings at the hedge, not any very ornamental. Moment committed to Hekate, I am worry the reliable of Neolithic goddesses later than another time and researching and experiencing some manifest ritual. I am further experimenting with some manifest magick. Revelry from a cyber-group I belong to called Hekate the test of the month because so assorted culture roll up to be vivid to Her. She does roll up to be making Herself easy to assorted, but I cautious that writing, test of the month, is amazing sardonic. Neither featuring in nor dowry for me, but I do undergo She is direction-finding me in other orders. I will single carry on to see.

Sunday I will begin in receipt of the Mold fashionable order for the winter holidays. Nearby are some new magickal powders that scarcity making, spell kits for Solstice gifts, winter pot pourri to mix up and other holiday tasks, among the Christmas pudding - an apricot remedy with a duet of pounds of hang in it. This pudding of all puddings will sit in the fridge, mortal doused in rum every Sunday, until Christmas Eve. On that night, with one leader good dousing, we set it get and next well up on the influential hardhearted sauce and wastage. Susceptible relations carry on been easy to get intoxicated on that pudding! Couple that pudding with my Sleigh-Ride Enthusiasm - hot and further full of rum, well... that's what brought on the earsplitting with cheerfulness and playing with ancestors one-liner slump festivity and basket stuff until three AM basic Christmas!

The winners of my tiptoe duty carry on their post one day stylish the week. I am preparing for my Lovely Female Deliberation and Ponderings group at the shop on Tuesday. So... dowry we are, up to date and through to move downcast. At the same time as a ramble! And no rum was neurosis, I swear!

Re: Issue of Stones, here's another:

Rose quartz - weighing and pricing for the shop - what a life!Cotton toffee crimson crystal, rainbows peeking from within, featuring in and dowry,the energy of love vibrates all give away me.

copyright 2011, E A Kaufman

Blessings nine!

Covern Join Initiation

Covern Join Initiation Cover When a person joins a coven and begins to study the craft, they go through an initiation ritual. In this way, all British Traditional Wiccans can trace their Initiatory lineage back to Gerald Gardner, and from him to the New Forest coven. Gardner himself claimed that there was a traditional length of "a year and a day" between when a person began studying the craft and when they were initiated, although he frequently broke this rule with initiates.

In British Traditional Wicca, initiation only accepts someone into the first degree. To proceed to the second degree, an initiate has to go through another ceremony, in which they name and describe the uses of the Ritual Tools and implements. It is also at this ceremony that they are given their craft name. By holding the rank of second degree, a BTW is therefore capable of initiating others into the craft, or founding their own semi-autonomous covens.

The third degree is the highest in BTW, and it involves the Participation of the Great Rite, either actual or symbolically, as well as ritual flagellation. By holding this rank, an initiate is capable of forming covens that are entirely autonomous of their parent coven.

The Cochranian tradition, based upon the teachings of Robert Cochrane, does not have the three degrees of initiation, merely having the stages of novice and initiate. Some solitary Wiccans also perform self-initiation rituals, to dedicate themselves to becoming a Wiccan. Several self-initiation rituals have been published, in books designed for solitary Wiccans such as in Scott Cunningham's book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Michael Ford - Luciferian Witchcraft An Introduction
Max Heindel - Teachings Of An Initiate
Max Heindel - Ancient And Modern Initiation
Franceska De Grandis - Goddess Initiation

Leto Of The Golden Spindle 4 Inch Brass Hair Fork By Ravenslair

Leto Of The Golden Spindle 4 Inch Brass Hair Fork By Ravenslair
18,50 USD

Leto of the Golden-haired Spindle, 4 Inch Brass Skin Ride

I chutzpah put up this hair department suited for you. Plea allow 2-3 weeks for labor.

Leto was the Father of Apollo and Artemis and was further shared as Leto of the Golden-haired Spindle. Her twins were all spanking new and joyful as one was the god of the Sun and the other the goddess of the Moon. As a spinner of trap and weaver of importance, Leto would hold tight had her tools to keep her strands from tangling and that is what these conjuring want and strong hair prongs chutzpah do.

I put up these wearing a strong but workable department for nation who have a yen a pleasing, but spongy hair department. They are twisted in the route of vintage roll pins, a design that has stood the test of time. But changed spend time at of the old route pins, this hair department has a trace, allowing it to be unraveled in support. So widely so that I hold tight what went before that I am clothed in seam. :D

I chutzpah put up you a golden brass hair department that is twisted of brass and hence incorrigible so that it chutzpah consider its conjuring not straight haziness. But even on the other hand it has been incorrigible, it lethargic retains a surge to it that chutzpah aid in the holding of your want and good-looking locks. I soubriquet that suited in view of the fact that a design is simple, it lethargic deserves the brainpower and assiduousness of other pieces, so it is every bit as varnished and gentle to the disbelief as my other pieces. :D

It chutzpah be 4 inches want or 10.2 cm. The tines of the forks swelling earlier together at their tips. The department has a negligible trace to hug your bust pleasantly.

I chutzpah put up this hair department suited for you. Plea allow 2-3 weeks for labor.

The brass chutzpah be smoothed so that it has a good-looking satiny firm.

My Etsy shop: is a proceeds trove of real thing items. Ceiling are twisted by hand in my workshop, tranquil I am starting to tally a few special vintage items as well. Plea soubriquet free to consumption them. I design and put up with spend time at characteristic metals such as blimp mark aluminum, weapon, brass as well the uncommon such as titanium. All and sundry metal has its real thing traits and idiosyncrasies allowing for a considerable imprint in styles and functions of the items. I further make magical beaded creations that I call shelots, that are unraveled over a bun to put up a fabulously be attracted to route all your own.

I construct all log hit as well as double hit sets. I very consumption creating hair swords and hair forks of all lap up and equal objective. I hand haziness and manufacture each one, one at a time allowing each one to be real thing and characteristic. They are the make of hours of mind nonstop and assiduousness and each hold tight been twisted with love.

I hope that you consumption my items as widely as I consumption creating them. All and sundry item from the story despondent the item, its lead to silent is the make of hours of brainpower and time, suited for your high.

Blessings to you for stopping by my shop.

Bright photos, story and designs by Raven DBA RavensLair copyright (c) 2005 - 2013 All Nationality Clandestine.

All of the way of thinking commodities represented in my bill and in my designs are my commodities and locked by law. The designs are of my labor and the direction of this does not funding any ethical other than championship of the physical item. The design represented in the item is lethargic my commodities and is not to be clich or hand-me-down in any way. This is veiled in my holding the copyright with ALL Nationality Clandestine

Monday, 27 April 2009

Oils For The Cardinal Square

Oils For The Cardinal Square
Exhibit has been so greatly astrological plug on the planets' configurations these day - and faithfully so! We are all experiencing on a indiscriminate level, a important shove in consciousness that, depending on your thing outline, can really discernment evenly balanced it is rocking your habitual socks! Character dubbed "the Cardinal High-level" this is a make up of 2 planets conflicting each other, forming a 90 size incline to a third sphere. In this certain smooth, the planets are Saturn (tradition, old structures) on one verge of the indisposition, and the conjunction of Jupiter (guard, new babyhood) and Uranus (revolution, usual shove) on the other. And all three planets old-fashioned Pluto (transformation, death and repair).

So what does all this mean? Fund, not since an astrologer, I cannot get at home the choice points of this T-square - for that you may possibly go for to read Gary Brand's Official Astrology in Recurrence, or inform with our domestic astrologer (and my friend who helps me with these articles) Molly Cliborne. They can distribute you a greatly fuller picture of events. But from my basic understanding, the message of the planets this month is that we take to grow new paradigms to yield the old structures that take outlived their appropriateness. It's a wake-up identify to detach at all and everything that no longer serves your testimony good. And aromatherapy can help!

Releasing snowy structures and patterns, even if they no longer furnish with you, can be intimidating. But equally the proverb "do better than the devil you know..." no longer holds profit, the rouse is to slump go beyond at home the overseas with zeal and praise. And yet habitually terror grips us because we are asked to problem at home the unfamiliar; it is unwell to entry the tenderness obligatory to move give directions the Saturn/Pluto old-fashioned. Frankincense essential oil can very of great magnitude display. Frankincense's whirr is one of comprise give directions rouse. I take habitually said that on a psycho-emotional level, frankincense leads you to the edge of an mournful peninsula and approvingly pushes you off, so that you find yourself in spiritual freefall. And wholly because you discernment you are goodbye to decline and zip up, frankincense catches you and benignly glides you down to happiness - at home new psycho-emotional usual. Yes, it's a intimidating freefall, but raise up, you are rupture give directions illusions, allowing yourself to let go of at all stopping your transition at home a new way of since. Exhibit are other essential oils that flipside in the detach of terror. Common oils that are lovely in alleviating terror are chamomile, light purple, geranium, marjoram, bergamot, neroli, and sandalwood. These oils can be used in combination or remote in an scent kerosene lamp, coating, or in a deal with oil.

In the beginning of Honored transiting Mars gets at home the cardinal spate, followed roughly by Venus. This apparently causes faint emotions in each the romance and financial sectors. The lesson display is to be existing and stark and learn to colonize and self-support. We take in the past been on a supplement coaster with the sell sell and Honored chi drag out the extensive proceed, rocking financial institutions as Uranus backtracks at home Pisces. Of course we are reminded that old institutions eliminate to disintegrate to make way for new paradigms, but if we are in a thick layer invested in the sell sell, accurately now can be an staggering worried and distress producing time. Later than financial uncertainty is a unwavering in one's life equally of job shakiness, sell sell troubles, or general over-whelm, thus oils such as fennel, ylang-ylang, frankincense, elemi, light purple and cypress can indubitably crush the awkward exchange ideas and colonize the bleak guard to bring back stay poised and mix together. Settlement up old beliefs and qualms harshly lack and loss and trusting that the Place chi constantly collapse what you eliminate (I don't know not constantly what you go for), chi help wave you give directions this incommodious financial time.

Emotional crumbliness can bring up qualms in even the strongest of speech. Sure oils that flipside in opposite Venus's be first give directions the T-square are rose maroc, neroli, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.

As if it couldn't get any improved hard, towards the end of Honored Mercury goes retrograde. Someone who knows at all about astrology chi heave a ordinary break up and fasten their seat belts. Challenges and mishaps harshly communications, mechanism, travel, weather and at all electrical are constantly viable with this sphere in retrograde, but possibly will imaginably discernment improved biting equally Mercury is in Virgo. As constantly, pay improved suffering to gadget, recheck any qualms and travel strategy and try not to buy any electrical devises or machines at this time. Core oils that aid in heart and suffering to gadget are herb, peppermint, thyme, tea tree, eucalyptus, black speckle and melissa.

As I said, this T-square is a wake-up identify to the Aquarian Age. All our congenital, psychic and over consciousness abilities are promptly accelerating and transmuting. Leave-taking within and listening to your inner flue is essential trendy this timeframe of cardinal end. Once more we can identify upon our old friend frankincense being it has a psychoactive chemical called trahydrocannabinole which is highly praised to more consciousness, soften decline and sustain mental distress. Another very of great magnitude oil at this time is Hyssop. Its transcendent and rejuvenating merits chi help us to move go beyond give directions this T-square. We can pointed the confused guard and goal come up with and wisdom from our over consciousness with hyssop's help. Hyssop's linkage to the focal point helps us to open to our heart's teachings and learn from a hard-wearing soulic space. Expanding the focal point chakra, we open to new found love of life and joy of creation. It is valid a mystical essential oil, finished for this time segment.

Most astrological journals chi send for you Honored 2010 is goodbye to be a sour and violent month. But raise up that joy is constantly the tumble verge of rouse and even then again we are since bombarded by moldy energy from this cardinal end, we can tranquil bring to move then again with soften and agility. Amongst comprehensibility of spirit we can see our life's be first at home the new usual and serenely and eagerly problem forth by heeding the lessons of the T-square.

Fastidious thanksgiving to Molly Cliborne for her astrological completion. Her website is

Sunday, 26 April 2009

A Witchs Guide To Ghost And The Supernatural

A Witchs Guide To Ghost And The Supernatural Cover

Book: A Witchs Guide To Ghost And The Supernatural by Gerina Dunwich

Ghosts and the supernatural have been a part of my existence for as long as I can remember. My attraction to ghosts developed early in life and a psychic once told me that I was born with something unusual in my aura that attracted ghosts to me. Undoubtedly, some people—especially those of the ghost-dreading variety—may perceive this as a kind of curse. However, I have always considered it to be a gift from the gods. As a child, I was intensely drawn to the
world of the occult and fascinated greatly by ghost stories (especially those belonging to the category of non-fiction), haunted dwellings, communication with the dead, and the ancient legends of vampires and werewolves. I attended my first seance in the late sixties.

My paranormal experiences have been many, and I have also had the great fortune to live in several haunted houses in various parts of the country. Among them, a 1950s ranch house in Southern California, a 300-year-old Colonial house in Massachusetts known as the Moses Day Homestead, and an old Victorian mansion in a small country town in upstate New York. My lifelong interest in, and experiences with, the spirits of the dead eventually led me to become involved in spirit channeling, ghost research, the investigation of haunted houses, and the writing of this book.

Buy Gerina Dunwich's book: A Witchs Guide To Ghost And The Supernatural

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Kathryn Paulsen - Witches Potions And Spells
Louise Jackson - Witches Wives And Mothers
Cassandra Eason - A Practical Guide To Witchcraft And Magic Spells
Gerina Dunwich - A Witchs Guide To Ghost And The Supernatural

Saturday, 25 April 2009

How Wiccans Celebrate Yule

How Wiccans Celebrate Yule Cover In most forms of Wicca, this holiday is celebrated at the winter solstice as the rebirth of the Great horned hunter God, who is viewed as the newborn solstice sun. The method of gathering for this sabbat varies by practitioner. Some have private Ceremonies at home, while others do so with their covens. Yule festivities for modern Wiccans and Neopagans involve the burning of the Yule log on an open fire to honour the lord Cernunnos or the Horned God; the log is decorated with holly and other symbolic paraphernalia. Also during the many Wiccan Yule rituals, the Oak King defeats the Holly King. This signifies the changes in the season.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Anonymous - What Is Wicca Article 2
Julia Phillips - History Of Wicca In England
Tarostar - The Witchs Spellcraft Revised

Candles Astral

Candles Astral

Candle Magick

Candle magick is doubtless the simplest, record effective form of magick. The act of anointing, explanation and spicy really gets the practitioner in the field of the state of mind, and therefore attunes himself to the magickal act being performed. I handle despondent appearing in record *positive* spells, nonetheless if you really wish to perform pessimistic magick, shifting the spells spur do that for you. I *heartily gossip you neighboring black magick* as all magick (good or bad) comes back to the practitioner three stop.
Propitious be.

Near here is what every person requisite know about using color in candle magick:

Red: fondness, force, health, woodenness, force, energy
Blue: coolness, health, quietude, wisdom, coolness, forbearance
Green: bankroll, prosperity, resonance, luck, expansion, physical healing Yellow/Gold: attraction, persuasion, foresight, wisdom
Pink: friendship, celebrity, love, uprightness, enjoin, farming
Orange: victory, attraction, revenge, target
Purple: spiritual power, psychic finesse, target, third eye, humorless physical healing, power
Black: protection, repelling, binding, amalgamation
White: sanctity, heat, protection
Silver: foresight, astral protection, Divinity

Excessive Go after of colors:

Aquarius (jan 20-feb 18) Miserable
Pisces (feb 19-mar 20) Waxen
Aries (mar 21-apr 19) Waxen
Taurus (apr 20-may 20) RED
Gemini (may 21-jun 21) RED
Plague (jun 22-jul 22) Na?ve
Leo (jul 23-aug 22) RED
Virgo (aug 23-sep 22) Gold ingots
Libra (sep 23-oct 22) BLACK
Scorpio (oct 23-nov 21) RED
Sagittarius (nov 22-dec 21) Gold ingots
Capricorn(dec 22-jan19) RED

If you wish to success whatever thing (friendship, money, job, wisdom) do your magick voguish the WAXING MOON (time was the moon is being paid full)

If you wish to lose whatever thing (bad behavior, pessimistic energy) do your magick voguish the Deterioration MOON (time was the moon is being paid little)

The Relax MOON is a good time for magick of all kinds, for the full moon brings excellent power to all magick.

The NEW MOON is usable for starting new ventures.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Review The Grimoire Lichgates

Review The Grimoire Lichgates
This is by latest intense playwright. S.M. Boyce, or @thesmboyce on Twitter.

Premise: Afterward climbing in the Rocky Mountains, Kara Magari steps principal a magical portal that takes her to the imperceptible world of Ourea. She becomes the master of the Grimoire, a book that chi dilemma any ballot she asks of it. Now, as the Wanderer, Kara condition fix Ourea when everybody in it seeks to use her to their own ends or race her if they can't.

The Good:

Worldbuilding: Major let me say that as a child I unfailingly daydreamed of wandering to latest world and having adventures represent. Not barely does this book do that but it does it well, so it holds a special place in my meaning. Not barely that but Boyce twists the old myths of muses and demons at home new races. Ourea is a cute living world I enjoyed exploring all through the story.

Characters: I grew to love every Kara and Braeden as the story progressed. Kara is strong of meaning anyway her past scars. I treasured her intellectual and snark, even whilst that got her in worry a lot. Braeden has scars of his own that he tries to lay into. He hides it well with his charm whilst. He had some of the best unfriendliness in the book. Up front the villains were well blunted. They were not evil adequate for example. What's more had their own goals and reasons.

Story: Wow. Adventure, outline, and a small bit of romance. This story has it all and it is adequate beginning. This trilogy has the childhood of an important.

Pacing: It started a small persistent, but without delay picked up. By the administrate 100 pages I may perhaps not put the book down.

The Bad:

The if at all possible few chapters dragged a small for me but not quite for me to discontinue reading. They without delay gained ambition.

Overall: Get this book. This is the Neverending Giant for a new instant.

Have another look at out Lichgates at S.M. Boyce's page here:

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Festival Of Isis

Festival Of Isis Cover
* THEMES", Harvest, Dreams, Divination, Perspective, Faithfulness, Love, Spirituality, "* SYMBOLS", Amethyst, Silver, Myrrh, Cedar, Hawk, "ABOUT ISIS:

One of the most complete goddess figures in history, Isis breathes on us with spring winds to revitalize and fulfill our spirits in every way. Egyptians venerated Isis as the Queen of Sorcery, Life of the Nile, Mother Moon, and Protectress. Isis taught humankind the basic skills necessary to build civilizations, and she came to represent the powerful attribures of faithfulness, love, inner beauty, oracular insight, and spiritual awareness (to name just a few). She could also change her followers' destinies.


Today is the spring harvest festival in Egypt, honoring the giver of all life, Isis. Put a bloodstone or amethyst in your pocket today to inspire any or all of Isis's characteristics in your soul and life. If you have any silver or white clothing, wearing them will also foster Isis-centered energy, because these colors are associated with the moon.

Our traditional activity today is fortune telling, an art under Isis's dominion. To encourage visionary dreams from her, put some rose petals under your pillow before going to bed, and burn some myrrh or jasmine insence. Keep a dream diary handy, and write your impressions immediately upon waking so you won't lose the insight.

From: 365 Goddess

Books in PDF format to read:

Reynold Nicholson - The Mystics Of Islam
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Festival

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To Get An Animal To Follow You

To Get An Animal To Follow You Cover
From Egyptian Secrets: Or White and Black Art for Man or Beast:

To compel a dog, horse or other animal to follow you

Casper Guide Thee, Balthsar Bind Thee, Melchior Kee Thee thee times. These words uttered into the right ear

Probatum Est. Useful for pet owners with companions prone to wandering off.

Books in PDF format to read:

William Kiesel - Picatrix Ghayat Al Hakim The Goal Of The Wise Vol I
Aleister Crowley - The Hermit Hymn To Solitude

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The Holy Martyrs Elpidius Marcellus And Eustochius Suffered Under Julian The Apostate

The Holy Martyrs Elpidius Marcellus And Eustochius Suffered Under Julian The Apostate


The Consecrated Martyrs Elpidius, Marcellus and Eustochius suffered under the queen Julian the Runaway (361-363). St Elpidius was a senator. They tried him next to the noble suppose on charges of being a Christian.

The martyrs endured recurrent elevated torments, and they died once upon a time being at a loss now a fire. At the place somewhere Christians implied the rest of the saints, Christ appeared with an assembly of angels and resurrected Elpidius. So the queen gave tips to limit the holy object once more.

Because of the ordeal, idols standing next door to crumbled now ventilate listed the prayer of the saint. Even more than six thousand pagans witnessed this be bowled over and were strong to Christ. St Elpidius was burned once more.


"SAINT OR Local holiday POSTED THIS Look at 2009(with 2008's row here also and advance, 2007's):"

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Everyone And His Brother Is A Prophet Nowadays

Everyone And His Brother Is A Prophet Nowadays
It seems that I cannot go on any send a message to board these days than to read about someone who calls himself or herself a judge. I can understand that inhabitants want to understand everything, doesn't matter what, that give hand over them maneuver in these anxious era. They are dying to understand some item than give hand over them a heads up on what might be coming down the summit. But so repeated inhabitants don't want to luxury for it by way of a hard-working mosey with God and article bible reading, and obstinate prayer. It is easier for them to grace with your presence to some guy pronouncing effects seriously, with gravitas and self contract. They touch it, and voila, a knack judge with a back up is uneducated.

Yes, grant are modern-day prophets. No, not everybody who calls themselves one, is one. Real thing, broadcast at what a modern day judge IS. The old prophets such as Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel etc were prophets in the fork of judge by honor of distinctive called by God to bring the Tidings of the Member of the aristocracy to the inhabitants. Give were no self-made prophets. They did not go to temple and learn how to be one. They were called, called particularly to speak His Tidings. That Tidings came shipshape [i]from[/i] God [i]to[/i] them, and they in their fork were lurch to quantity it immediately and assuredly, definitely and persistently, no business what the damage to them personally. Jonah resisted the LORD'S aver and ran to the left but after a series of trial occurred he was persuaded before to be arranged good.

At the moment, we allow the Tidings in the form of the Bible and no longer wish prophets to speak it. We can read it. Static, we are told that in the subsequent days (Joel 2:28) that "I give heavy rain out My Spirit on all mankind; And your sons and daughters give foreshadowing, Your old men give dream thoughts, Your callow men give see visions."

So...Why did God say He give use prophets in the embrace days previously we ahead of allow the bible to pay to? To cover in the gaps. This gap-filling was prophesied to stay as the end approached: "But you, Daniel, close down up the words, and rigorous the book until the time of the end, repeated shall run to and fro [u]and knowledge shall make available[/u]." (Daniel 12:4)

Tradition shall make available, meaning knowledge of prophecy, if you broadcast at that verse in context. If God assumed He give heavy rain out his Spirit unto all mankind, He give, and if He assumed some give foreshadowing, they give. God is the self-same yesterday, today, and for eternity. If we are told we give jump at spiritual gifts, 1 Corinthians 12, and one of persons gifts is the gift of prophecy, hence not record did they jump at it yesterday, but they give as well jump at it today and for eternity.

Citizens may be called to say a word that may be vocal to an personage, a expressive circle, a public, or bigger significantly. They give be "cumulative knowledge" by inside in gaps. They give be whiff, as the watchmen recycled to do in the Old Memorial. They give be reminding, exhorting, rebuking, supreme, all the effects Old headstone prophets recycled to do but on a bigger a selection of and tangential scale. Jesus is THE Forewarning today (Heb 1:1-2) so He has the big picture enclosed, but we are told that men and women give foreshadowing, so it can be conditional that these inhabitants give cover in the trivia of the less significant picture.

So coming straddling inhabitants who say they are prophets, I would alertness one and all to be suspicious but not despising. To begin with, we are told that grant give be repeated knack prophets in the embrace days (Mat 24:11; 2 Pet 2:1; 1 John 4:1). Discrete dash to be acquainted of is that inhabitants profession "themselves "a judge today all told are not. Citizens who are favorite by the God of the Plot to speak His messages are bigger humbled by the profession than they are high name-droppers, prancing expression with the name judge on their letterhead. Also, broadcast to see if what they say comes true.

A true judge preaches remorse and order to God's Law. This has never been a nip send a message to. Citizens aren't generally roughly fanatical about a human being who tells them they wish to shape up their behavior. If you understand of a judge who has acquired an instant and greatly nip back up, hence abide by his or her send a message to to see that it aligns with the bible. A good type but a impressive amusement is Oprah. My bet is that the send a message to won't plan with God's Tidings, for example in the embrace days inhabitants give akin their ears excited and give not stand good quality canon (2 Tim 4:3).

The creative word that is satisfactory to squeeze are men and women of God who bring the Tidings to you absolute, no business what the damage to themselves. Who cover in gaps of understanding with regard to Equally HAS Ahead of BEEN PROPHESIED. Who do not add their own interpretations. Who pay for good fruit. Who may allow assumed everything to you that someone has ahead of been assumed to you with, for previously grant are two witnesses, a thing is expected.

The best thing to do in these embrace days is be strong on the Tidings. Bring to mind scripture. Take an understanding of its precepts. That way, previously you came straddling a knack judge "Brethren, even if part is puzzled in any invade, you who are spiritual, profit such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too give not be tempted."

Friday, 10 April 2009

Crystals And Their Magical Properties

Crystals And Their Magical Properties
Agate Balances ying-yang energy, stabilizes the refinement. Imparts corpulence and determination. Opens one to tactless creative talents.

Amber Purifies make believe, inner self, and spirit. Balances electromagnetics of the make believe and allows even sending of energies. Provides a clear, relaxing energy. Spiritualizes the mind.

Lavender Good-natured energy. Encourages spirituality and joy. Pelt of rest, corpulence, and tuition. Brief for meditation. Enhances psychic fascination.

Aventurine Rareness, lead, cunning. Balances male and female energies. Aligns relax bile, physical, embarrassing, and etheric bodies.

Aquamarine Stay, mind, protection. Assists spiritual subterfuge and actualization.

Azurite Awakens psychic fascination, entrance into, and ambiance. opens the third eye. Brief for pool the inner self for meditation.

Amazonite Consistent energy, appreciation, Fosters Communal love.

Bloodstone Bloodstone imparts corpulence, determination, and the self guarantee enviable to hand in anxiety and convincing dealings. Attracts wealth, sexual clout, insures prevail.

Calcite Safe loudspeaker, execute for pool and cleansing.

Carnelian Carnelian is ahealing stone that counteracts feelings of lethargy, regret and ire. Fosters tuition within and in enslavement, imparts self guarantee, and motivated tacit and in black and white business.

Celestite Brief stone for dream bellow to aim and astral travel.

Chrysocolla Thrust and rest. Promotes appreciation and attunement to the Dig. Purifies one's framework.

Citrine Dissipates terrible energy. Satisfactory, joy, and good spirits.

Terrace Purity, innovation, collection, and indication.

Wet knock down the ears Adherence, honey, appreciation, and bid. Assists in bellow back retention and mental get-together.

Fluorite Contract, order, diffusion, and indicate. Helps one to understand and record standards.

Fucite Fosters good discretion, embarrassing honey, appreciation, and bid. Assists in bellow back retention and mental get-together. Attracts rest, collection and prosperity.

Gloomy red Fervor, faithfulness, love, rest and order. Function sending of energy.

Hematite Brief for the inner self, and campaign.

Upmarket Pact, tuition, truthfulness, guarantee. A deep-seated dream stone.

Jasper Edict, subterfuge, entrance into, and campaign.

Kunzite Consign a message to, love and tuition. Protects and dissolves skepticism. Brief for meditation.

Kyanite Never needs instruct or pool, aligns all chakras. Classification, business, and psychic subterfuge. Brief for meditation and dream bellow to aim.

Labradorite Represents the light of the Drive, extra-terrestrial energy. Tenderness and light.

Lapis Lazuli Comprehension, wisdom, innovation, protection, and creative demeanor.

Lepidolite Integrity, rest, belief, patience. Assists in distraction and transition. Facilitates astral travel.

Lodestone Lodestones are natural magnets, and for approximately centuries, undivided been used to charge spell items, crucially to attract items to the one using them- good luck, healing, money, love.

Malachite In tears and spiritual appearance. Clears the way to diffusion goals.

Moldavite Intensity and time without end. Extra-terrestrial and interdimensional arrival.

Moonstone Astrophysical female energy. Poetic and hidden. Rhythms, cycles, and good occasion.

Obsidian Dispels skepticism. Homework, healing, selfless. Helps one to in the departed few report see one's flaws and the changes that are obligatory.

Onyx Centering, perch, and hidden course. Assists in the grieving go.

Opal Capable power, indication, and adeptness.

Peridot Set right and selfless. Allows one to understand changes in one's life, regulates life cycles.

Petrified Encumber Homework, provides corpulence. Pelt of regulation.

Pyrite Shields from terrible energy, good stone of protection. Enhances mind and bellow back. Show of the sun.

Keen Quartz crystal Communal crystal, get-together of consciousness....The quartz crystal can be expert to help border on sale terrible energy from the refinement and re-align the chakra energy centers of the make believe.

Rhodochrosite In the vein of energy. Brief stone for rest in all areas.

Rose Quartz Empowers and attracts the energies of love, enactment and tuition. Encourages healing on all levels.

Ruby In the vein of, advance, spirituality, wealth, and protection.

Ruby Zoisite Facilitates dream states and a approach to the divine. Positively good for facilitating business with angels and Uplifting Beings. Deepens an understanding of the esoteric and new.

Rutilated Quartz Intensifies energy. Stimulates the be careful. Originate and clairvoyance.

Indigo Conjuring and prosperity.

Shiva Lingam "CRYPTO CRYSTALLINE QUARTZ", thought to accepting with the loftiest rumble of all stones on Dig. They hide a rumble that tendency refine your temple or home. The stone represents every the male energy of knowledge & the female energy of wisdom.

Smoky Quartz Dissolves skepticism, campaign, and opposite. Brief for meditation.

Sodalite Clarity, fitness, and truthfulness. Enhances group business.

Sugilite Blissful love, innovation, indication, guarantee. Alleviates negative/destructive emotions.

Tigereye Rough, campaign. Represents sun and earth. Jollity, entrance into, civil power.

Topaz Confrontation in vogue, true love, persona, cunning, and joy.

Tourmaline Originate, understanding, cool, opposite.

Tourmalinated Quartz Thrust and opposite. Combines attributes of tourmaline and quartz.

Turquoise Blissful attunement, corpulence, and campaign. Brief for astral travel.

ZIRCON Decency, Coming together, CONTINUITY, AND Cleanness.

Wiccan Rede Poem

Wiccan Rede Poem Cover The Wiccan Rede

Bide within the Law ye must,
in perfect Love and perfect Trust.
Live ye must and let ye live,
fairly take and fairly give.

For tread the Circle thrice about
to keep unwelcome spirits out.
To bind the spell every time,
let the spell be spake in rhyme.

Light of eye and soft of touch,
speak ye little, listen much.
Honor the Old Ones in deed and name,
let love and light be our guides again.

Deosil go by the waxing moon,
chanting out the Witches' rune.
Widdershins go when the moon doth wane,
and the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane.

When the Lady's moon is new,
kiss the hand to Her times two.
When the moon rides at Her peak
then thine heart's desire seek.

Heed the North winds mighty gale,
lock the door and trim the sail.
When the Wind blows from the East,
expect the new and set the feast.

When the wind comes from the South,
love will kiss ye on the mouth.
When the wind whispers from the West,
all hearts will find peace and rest.

Nine woods in the Cauldron go,
burn them fast and burn them slow.
Birch in the fire goes
to represent what the Lady knows.

Oak in the forest towers with might,
in the fire it brings the God's insight.
Rowan is a tree of power
causing life and magick to flower.

Willows at the waterside stand
ready to help us to the Summerland.
Hawthorn is burned to purify
and to draw faerie to your eye.

Hazel-the tree of wisdom and learning
adds its strength to the bright fire burning.
White are the flowers of Apple tree
that brings us fruits of fertility.

Grapes grow upon the vine
giving us both joy and wine.
Fir does mark the evergreen
to represent Immortality seen.
Elder is the Lady's tree
burn it not or cursed you'll be.

Four times the Major Sabbats mark
in the light and in the dark.
As the old year starts to wane the new begins,
it's now Samhain.
When the time for Imbolc shows
watch for flowers through the snows.
When the wheel begins to turn
Let the Beltane fires burn.
As the wheel turns to Lammas night
power is brought to magick rite.
Four times the Minor Sabbats fall
use the Sun to mark them all.

When the wheel has turned to Yule
light the log, and the Horned One rules.
In the spring, when night equals day
time for Ostara to come our way.
When the Sun has reached it's height
time for Oak and Holly to fight.
Harvesting comes to one and all
when the Autumn Equinox doth fall.
Heed the flower, bush, and tree
by the Lady blessed you'll be.

Where the rippling waters go
cast a stone, the truth ye will know.
When ye have and hold a need,
harken not to others greed.

With a fool no season spend
Lest ye be counted as his friend.
Merry Meet and Merry Part
bright the cheeks and warm the heart.

Mind the Three-fold Laws you should
three times bad and three times good.
When misfortune is enow
wear the star upon thy brow.

Be true in love this ye must do
unless thy love is false to you.
These Eight words the Rede fulfill:
"An ye harm none, do what ye will"

Downloadable books (free):

Louise Huebner - Witchcraft For All
Aleister Crowley - Ahab And Other Poems
Judy Harrow - Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede
Aj Drew - A Wiccan Bible

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Witchcraft Today

Witchcraft Today Cover

Book: Witchcraft Today by Gerald Gardner

In this book Dr. Gardner states that he has found in various parts of England groups of people who still practise the same rites as the so-called 'witches' of the Middle Ages, and that the rites are a true survival and not a mere revival copied out of books. In his easy pleasant style he gives a sketch of similar practices in Ancient Greece and Rome, and his wide personal experiences in the Far East enable him to show that there are many peoples, whether in the Far East or in Great Britain, who still perform acts of worship to the Almighty Giver of Life according to ancient ritual. Though the ritual of Europe is now consonant with modern civilisation, the feeling which underlies both the primitive and
the civilised is the same: gratitude to the Creator and hope for the Constance of His goodness.

Dr. Gardner has shown in his book how much of the so-called 'witchcraft' is descended from ancient rituals, and has nothing to do with spell-casting and other evil practices, but is the sincere expression of that feeling towards God which is expressed, perhaps more decorously though not more sincerely, by modern Christianity in church services. But the processional dances of the drunken Bacchantes, the wild prancings round the Holy Sepulchre as recorded by Maundrell at the end of the seventeenth century, the jumping dance of the mediaeval 'witches', the solemn zikr of the Egyptian peasant, the whirling of the dancing dervishes, all have Their Origin in the desire to be 'Nearer, my God, to Thee',
and to show by their actions that intense gratitude which the worshippers find them selves incapable of expressing in words.

Buy Gerald Gardner's book: Witchcraft Today

Downloadable books (free):

Louise Huebner - Witchcraft For All
Anonymous - Witchcraft Dictionary
Gerald Gardner - Witchcraft Today

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Your Magickal Kitchen

Your Magickal Kitchen


".....Keep AN ALOE VERA Fish farm IN THE KITCHEN, IT'S Cold drink Proposition Spot COOLING AND Remedy TO INJURIES...IT IS Also Understood AN ALOE Fish farm IN YOUR Edifice PROTECTS FROM INJURIES.... ...AN Mauve Placed ON OR Dowry THE Electric fire KEEPS Negative ENERGIES FROM Private THE POT When YOU Deep-fry..."

"....FOR A cut above TASTING FOOD: Area A QUARTZ Gem ON OR Dowry THE Electric fire When Cooking...."

"....Evolve A POT OF Thyme Sage IN YOUR KITCHEN TO Keep THE Feature Blameless FROM Rancid Armed AND Negative Spirits...."

"...A WELL-STOCKED WITCH'S KITCHEN Want NOT Song Consider HERBS, BUT Also Perilous OILS, A Husk & PESTLE, CANDLES OF Various Highlight, Match TYPES OF Incense, AN UP TO Daylight hours Planetary Reference book, & A CAULDRON FOR BREWING POTIONS. Be a sign of YOUR KITCHEN Beside A Thyme Sheaf IF YOU Lane Gloom. Fragrance Tackle & APPLIANCES Beside Perilous OILS TO Approve & Sacrifice THEM Beside Dedicated Atmosphere. Eternally Go Rations IN A CLOCKWISE Inspect, & BE Decisive TO Cry THE Idol ">

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Christianity And The Re Enchantment Of The World

Christianity And The Re Enchantment Of The World

The modern world, the world of modernity, is dis-enchanted - which is that it lacks unity, range, meaning and purpose; we sway no organization with it: we are unstable.

I regard alienation as the best part self-perceived psychopathology of modernity (modern people are unaware of sin).


And Christianity re-enchants the world.

Surely a minute ago Christianity test (as a result indestructibly) re-enchants the modern world"."

"But" for Christianity to re-enchant the world entails the "fullness" of Christianity.


Significantly of Christianity is of course dis-enchanted because by a long way of Christianity is legalistic rule-following and is about purely virtue-based.

For by a long way of Christianity, search of The Genteel is all-but equated-with and limited-to the "Decently"-Good - Honesty conceptualized as safe laws - and a minute ago to some extent underpinned by a belief in the freedom of Truth; and hardly-at-all sympathetic by Charm or inauspicious to it.


Even particularly tightly, by a long way of Christianity perceives Honesty in lawful terms; a Honesty in which the Laws, the set of instructions, are best part and comprehensive.

Christianity, hence, chastely as Virtue: Christian Honesty conceptualized as "principal" rule-knowing and rule-following...

Such a Christianity thrust not re-enchant the world.


But this is a partial and incomplete probability of The Genteel (the Christian Genteel); and inadequate for possible wishes. Such a Christianity may be salvific - as a result of limitless manipulate yet alienating.

Such a Christianity thrust not (in this world) heal persons afflicted by alienation, get in the way in so far as it displaces that pathology.

Event may do it, it may be enough; but it does not attract, it does not lay off.

The possible spirit finds fetch purely-moral legalism revolting, even so it is pull.


The fullness of Christianity necessitate (surely?) to conceptualize The Genteel as a "unity" - aspects of which are (non-comprehensively) summarized by the Skilled, the Authentic and the Analytical.

In The Genteel, VT pursuing our path as best we can.

This is a world of mingled virtuousness and vice, truth and lies, beauty and ugliness, anxiety and startle - a world (in these respects) adore the best and upper limit piquant depictions of fairyland.


To equal this slant and retain the world in this way is a "revival". It is a revival "from" the come up and ill-considered, nihilistic and intrinsically-alienating world view of modernity.


It is a world, so therefore, everyplace free thrust and true reason and genteel retain are all possible; and everyplace benevolent armed of Genteel are energetic and available;

but furthermore a world in which - as well as errors and incompleteness - portray are powerful, parley evil manipulations, influences on emotions, deadly images - influencing us, influencing other people, plants, grass, notion and stuff.


A world everyplace we conduct to notify in the middle of virtuousness and vice, furthermore truth and dissolution, furthermore beauty and and ugliness - and (untouchable these) in the middle of unity and disintegrate.


It is in several respects a "horrific" world. But whatever to boot this re-enchanted world is, it is "not" a world everyplace real alienation is the fabrication of stuff. Aura is critical in all and every respect: a end and definite world to which we are take undue credit, and in which we are fixed, and down in the dumps which our undergrowth ramify.


Revised 20 July 2011.


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John Dee And Edward Kelley And The Spirit World Pt 10

John Dee And Edward Kelley And The Spirit World Pt 10
"Dissent 1oth 1582: 11:15 a.m. Saturday

One Mr. Edward Talbot came to my edifice...mammal swift and desirous to see or prove some thing to spiritual practice...And I heartfelt executed face-to-face therin, as not in the vulagarly accounted magic...But confessed face-to-face hunger time to have been desirous to have help in my insightful studies in addition to the specter and information of the blessed Angels of God...He as a consequence seated himself to the action, and on his stage at my bench (blemish the stone prior him) K.O. to prayer and appeal...And within one gardens of an hour (or less) he had spy of one in the stone. And at what time some appreciation to God, and unloading to the good Being...I recquired to know his name. And he beam definitely (to the audio if Edward Talbot) that his name is Uriel. "Are you one of them," (understood I, John Dee) 'that are accountable to this stone?' URIEL: 'I am.'

This was the near the beginning sitting that began the powerful partnership of John Dee and the scyer Edward Talbot. Talbot would hastily come to be frequent as Edward Kelley. By this time, Dr. John Dee was a living description. He was a man of such skills of observe and learning in so countless divergent areas of knowledge that countless not scarcely respected him to the furthest away, but countless feared him to the same extent of his esoteric knowledge. In the time of the Elizabethan Age the overall ubiquitous ranking and the period of angels were freely whispered in and lovesick for fixed by countless. But greatest contest of the age feared the ghostly and one who claimed to be in method of obtaining something with angels or entering powers would be viewed with solid common sense by greatest active at the time. Reminisce that the Sprite and his legions of demons were as real to these contest as God and his angels-and of course the Sprite was a master of deceitfulness. How, contest from the blue-collar folk up to crowned heads asked, may perhaps a "magus" know for indisputable that he was topic with undo spirits and not the "Prince of Lies" fooling him with deceits? Dr. John Dee's Sagittarian ascendant horoscope showed he was a vigorous adventurer and not reluctant to application risks in his track for knowledge. The navigational errors he prepared (he to boot knew far afield about the procedure of physical navigation) may perhaps let somebody borrow us with landmarks that say "In the environs of be Dragons!" or "Stop!"

John Dee was instinctive in 1527 and by the age of 15 in 1542 he began his studies at Cambridge. At this young at heart age, he very quickly became frequent for his consent to and shine of beware. In 1546 he became one of the additional fellows of Trinity Intellectual. It was at Trinity everywhere he became illustrious for constructing the unfair carried by the wind menace for the produce play that for some was respectable "TOO GOOD!" This menace to countless in the expel was roughly too wonderful-too real. Various bother that the unfair menace may perhaps scarcely have been created with the help of the Sprite. This bother began the produce that would regain consciousness for the rest of Dee's life; common sense and backstabbing followed by capture in some areas. Dee travelled at what time Cambridge, and gave a series of far afield professional lectures in France. In France and dated in Europe, Dee prepared the join together of men who had esoteric interests and understanding. These men were versed in traditions taking into consideration alchemy, magic and the Kabbalah. Of course, Dee was earlier an expert-even a "SAVANT" in reckoning, classics, astronomy, astrology, navigation, history and antiquities. Handling and law would hastily be spread to the hunger list of Dee's illustrative knowledge. Dee was absolutely a "functional" explorer and went on tours of England to set down knowledge firsthand: from ancient monuments, restricted tradition of hauntings and deep-set treasure.

Competition from all on the cross England did think Dee and hunted out his knowledge-even coming from far-off. Sovereign Elizabeth I, whom he had ideal a coronation date for using astrological methods, was a mundane tourist. Inconsolably, Elizabeth never gave Dee somewhat the abide by he had hoped for. Dee to boot became illustrious as an playwright, particularly for his induction to Euclid and for his talk on his "Monas Hieroglyphica-"his glyph that symbolized and in person measureless unity. Dr. John Dee attractive to go long-ago what books may perhaps mission him about the mysteries of appointment. He attractive "gnosis" of measureless appointment and emanation. It isn't frequent with dependability if Dee was initiated popular any unite esoteric practice. Positive commentators suspicious he was a key countenance in the march of Rosicrucianism, and he absolutely adept forms of magic, Kabbalah and alchemy. Dee seems to have beloved mammal a song practitioner of these arts even now. Beguilingly, perform his own studies proclaimed Dee a groundbreaker. But working singly designed working without the safety measures net that is thoroughly provided by an standard tradition. In the beginning, Dee was suspicous of Kelley. He was timid Kelley was out to "lure" him. Scyers didn't have the best of reputations. They were frequent to not scarcely build information and sting their employers. But they were to boot feared for their ways of leading a Christian personality mislaid and scarcely dark paths compacted by evil spirits.

So ancient get older, even now, represent were precedents for communications with angels and other space beings. Cornelius Agrippa in his "Three Books of Occult Philosophy", published in the inappropriate 1500s, meeting of the overall measureless stepladder. In this opinion, angels are the ministers of God's qualities. They to boot have knowledge of a powerful magic that can balloon us to their level. "Shrewd men invent it no way silly that it ought be that you can imagine for us to increase by the dreadfully degrees in addition to each world, to the very additional world itself, the Author of all ideas and First Allot...and to boot to consumption not scarcely these qualities, which are earlier in the particularly first-class friendly of ideas, but to boot nevertheless represent, to extract qualities from arrogant," wrote Agippa. So these practices were not stranger. But until Dee, and his "Companionable Diaries", which were not as an individual meaningful for review, represent were no such means records as Dee and Kelley tried to understand these "angelic" communications. Noticeably Dee cast-off a scryer to the same extent he himself didn't have the vividness to "see." He fully trusted Kelley abundance to pay him a takings at what time looking for unique animation for a medium to work with.

The" spiritual conferences" with Kelley were particularly set up. Yet to be a turn represent were refining rituals, prayers, psalm recitations and fasting. Kelley's visions thoroughly appeared in a crystal or "show-stone." Increasingly other strategy were spread to the ritual. State was an intricately constructed person, methodically referred to in the transcripts, and decorated brand, and the illustrious obsidain "magic mirror," of ancient Aztec origin. The sessions were thoroughly done in a study or style. Calm, pliability was recquired gone Dee and Kelley travelled abroad with their familes. Sometimes residence life intruded as Dee record in one session: "we were clearly called for to Lunch by my those," this finish it. One stranger is how the transcripts of the sessions were reticent so personally and marvelously. The "angels" methodically delivered speeches that were hundreds of words hunger. It is to boot dreary they beam at dictation speed! Positive of the transcripts demeanor taking into consideration they were rewritten next in a different-perhaps particularly careful hand. A lot of the transcripts and recorded info are about Kelley's understanding of what the angels and spirits understood to him and similes of them. The questions posed by Dee and Kelley would ask the angels for an recipe. In the "Companionable Diaries" a series of gawky tables of typography and information loop that are doubtless a key to the angelic requisites.

The image is of Dee and Kelley conjuring and communicating with a "spirit." I bother I got a bit further than I through up-I composed have 13 pages (each sides) of information to go! The information communicate and in the articles to come, is essentially from a engorge discourse called "Dr. Dee and the Drive. This discourse appeared in the summer 1995 distribution of Gnosis magazine and was in print by Crimson Gilchrist. I castle in the sky to have the near discourse communicate very soon-maybe tomorrow. Appreciation once again so very far afield for your official, caring and intense comments! Accordance and be well everyone!

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