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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Wicca And Law Of Return

Wicca And Law Of Return Cover Ever Mind The Rule Of Three
Three Times Your Acts Return To Thee
This Lesson Well, Thou Must Learn
Thou Only Gets What Thee Dost Earn.

I do not believe in the Threefold Law, but I will outline it here first before talking about what I believe.

I want to make it clear that the Law of Return is not a punishment or reward system. It is the natural law of cause and effect. An example would be if you go around punching people, you will eventually get punched back. Your actions have repercussions.

There are many different opinions on why it comes back by a factor of three. It was once explained to me that the idea of it returning to you threefold is based upon the energy that you send out into the world/universe first manifests within yourself(1). When it is sent out into the universe it picks up additional energy(2). Then this energy returns into world to
manifest and create change, that reverberates in the life of the person who sent it out(3).

Personally, I don’t believe it. I have never experienced a three fold return of anything positive or negative. My experiences have led me to believe in a type of overall karma system. I believe that what we do, positive or negative builds up in our lives. So, if you are generally a positive person then positive things normally happens to you. The same concept would apply to those who are generally negative. Where negative things would tend to happen to them. Of course there is always the "shit happens" rule as I refer to it. Sometimes bad things happen to good people or good things happen to bad people. Some events are just random.

Another problem I have with the Threefold Law is exactly how you measure it. There are many gray areas that leave that open for debate. Some believe that it comes back in random amounts depending on how positive or negative the action was.

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