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Friday, 25 June 2010

The Athame Is A Masculine Tool

The Athame Is A Masculine Tool Image
The Athame, or ritual knife, represents the Will and the magical Power of the individual Witch, and is the primary working tool of the Craft. The edge represents the ability to make clear distinctions and to reach a firm conclusion; the point represents the power of focused action and the will to act decisively. With the Athame in your hand, you cannot be bound against your will.

The Athame is used to cast the circle, and to cut various sorts of openings in the circle: doorways for the coveners to enter or leave by, pentagrams for the invoking or banishing of elemental forces, portals for the passage of the astral body. To use the Athame, first attune your own energy field to the energy of the metal blade, then let the metal resonate to your will. This allows you to use the energy of the metal for casting the circle and cutting the openings, reserving your own personal energy for those things which only you can do.

It is also used in the Wine Blessing, where it is held by the Priestess to represent the power of the God, which she can call forth.

The Athame is a masculine tool associated with Air, representing freedom of action, though in some traditions it is associated with Fire to represent the Will. Its counterpart is the Chalice.

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