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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Do Wiccans Worship Satan And Have Orgies

Do Wiccans Worship Satan And Have Orgies Cover Question: Do wiccans and Pagans Worship Satan and Have Sex Orgies?

Someone told me that Wiccans are devil worshippers. Someone else told me that if I become Wiccan, I'll end up having lots of random sex with strangers as part of some weird kinky ritual. Is this true?


The short answer to both parts of that question is No. Satan is a Christian construct, and so he’s outside of the spectrum of most wiccan and pagan belief systems. If someone tells you they’re a Satanist, then they’re a Satanist, not a Wiccan.

As to the sex orgies, they don’t do that either. However, you will probably find that most Pagans have a pretty liberal attitude when it comes to sex, because they accept it as a natural and pleasurable part of life. After all, wicca does include a lot of fertility symbolism. Wicca and paganism also tends to be very tolerant of non-traditional lifestyles, so it's not uncommon to meet Pagans who may be part of same-sex relationships or polyamorous families.

Some covens do practice skyclad, which is not sexual in nature. No reputable Wiccan or Pagan group requires coerced sexual activity as part of initiation. No Pagan or Wiccan condones non-consensual sex, sex with minors, or any sexual act that involves coercion.

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