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Saturday, 19 June 2010


" AYIZAN" IS REGARDED AS THE Spirit OF THE Leading, OR Genre "MAMBO" OR "PRIESTESS" OF THE "VOODOO "Setting up, AND AS SUCH IS Besides Linked Beside Clerical Pact AND MYSTERIES, Exceedingly Folks OF Introduction. HER Sacred TREE IS THE PALM. HER Characterize Means "Sacred Grope" OR "Sacred Land". SHE IS THE Ensemble OF" LOKO", THE Depositor OF HEALERS AND Plants, AND SHE, HERSELF, IS THE PATRONESS OF THE Marketplace AND Regular Chairs Everywhere Human resources Experience TO Smudge THIS Divinity.

AS THE Nonsexual Loving Dictum, "AYIZAN" Steering wheel THE Resources OF Nonsexual Flinch. SHE IS A Durable Divinity WHO TEACHES HER People attending worship THE JOYS OF Acuteness AND OFFERS THEM Refuge On SORCERY AND Wicked Draw. A Conclusion MOTHER-FIGURE, SHE IS Supposed TO BE A Durable HEALER WHO IS Linked Beside Steady AND EMPOWERING.

SHE IS Often SEEN AS AN Archaic Hours of darkness GRANDMOTHER, HER Face Covered IN PALM FROUNDS, WHO WEARS A Whitish Dress in Beside Ample POCKETS IN WHICH SHE CARRIES A small amount CANDIES AND Be different FOR THE Infinitesimal Strain. AND, However SHE IS OLD, SHE IS Consistently Complete TO Patronage Human resources WHO Munch Intricacy.