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Friday, 25 June 2010

Bealtaine Circle Of The Dark Moon

Bealtaine Circle Of The Dark Moon Cover

Book: Bealtaine Circle Of The Dark Moon by Anonymous

A Dark Moon circle is an emotional sustaining practice. This is the time once a month when you sit with your women, openly, honestly. Its as much about being there for them as it is about being there for yourself. Without comparison or competition, women supporting women. Can you imagine the growth of self as you offer up the intent for each moon, Experience it, share it with your women and then offer up the next moon’s intentions? These kinds of circles are wonderful for building community. If there are a number of children and menfolk in relation to your particular group of women then maybe you can organise it so that some of them get together in support of each other, while you women tend to yourselves and one another. Making the Dark Moon Circle a time of celebration of tending to the self, so that, as you will, you have more to give during the rest of the moon. Attending a Dark Moon Circle is self sustaining practice that will in turn give you all you need to sustain your world. All it takes is commitment to self, imagination and giving Yourself permission to have at least one night a moon/ month, that is for you!

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