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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Racing Day

Racing Day Cover
Today (March 19) is the first day of the Quinquatria. A five day Roman festival to honor Minerva and Mars which coincides with the five day Ancient Greek festival to honor Athena and Ares - their Greek counterparts. Here is a ritual designed for group participation. It can, however, be modified for the solitary practitioner.

* COLORS: Red and blue
* ALTAR: Upon cloth of red (for Ares/Mars) and blue (for Athena/Minerva), place a sword, a spear, a shield, a length of hand-woven cloth, red and blue candles, a book and a pen, and two chalices, one filled with spiced wine or beer, and one with carbonated seltzer water.
* OFFERINGS: Engage in a struggle of some kind. To honor Ares, make it physical; to honor Athena, make it mental. The morning exercise hour should begin with running or fast walking, as this was traditionally Racing Day.
* DAILY MEAL: Light, nutritious, high-protein, as for an athlete.

QUINQUATRIA INVOCATION I" pray now to Ares" warrior who has no fear" of head and heart, you run The extra mile with your passion" are the one who will never give up" we pray to Athena" one, keen of vision" of head and heart, you always keep Yourself a ways apart from the crowd" from there you can see further Than we can at our close distance" ask for your blessings, warriors hot and cold" and strategist, one who sees the way To the goal, and one who has the courage to reach it" both are of equal value in this our struggle To keep from being beaten down By the many enemies that spring from Our hearts and minds and lives" us, fearless ones" lead us down the straight path To glory, to accomplishment, to the goal.

(Each comes forth and takes one of the weapons, and salutes the altar twice, calling out "Hail Athena!" and "Hail Ares!" The seltzer is poured out as a libation to Athena, and the spiced drink is poured out for Ares. In the workday to come, everyone should take on some physical task that strains them to their limit, and tests that limit, or if they are disabled, some organizational task requiring uncharacteristically complex strategizing.)

Found in: Pagan Book of Hours

Books in PDF format to read:

Anonymous - Reaching Out To Wiccans
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Crawling Chaos
Aleister Crowley - Rosa Decidua

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