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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Other Ways Of Making Imbolc

Other Ways Of Making Imbolc Cover
As this is a time of new life and growth, it is appropriate to plant bulbs or flowers or to sow seeds. However, you will need to use your judgement and some local knowledge to decide whether to actually do so at Imbolc or whether to wait a week (or several) until the last frosts have passed. Of course seeds can often be started indoors and planted out a month or so later.

A word of caution here - if you are unlucky and your seedlings or plants fail, try not to read anything 'significant' into this. Unless and until you are an experienced and seasoned gardener, or unless you naturally have 'green fingers' you are quite likely to have a less than impressive success rate the first few times.

If you don't have access to a garden, you can always choose an indoor plant to nurture. Many of the herbs that Witches use in their Magic, as well as their kitchen, will grow quite happily on a window sill. Rosemary and lavender are perhaps the two most useful, as well as having a pleasant scent all year round.


Books in PDF format to read:

Joseph Ennemoser - The History Of Magic Vol 1
John Dee - The Calls Of Enoch
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