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Friday, 21 May 2010

Louisiana Voodoo

Louisiana Voodoo Image
That's right...I'm upping the ante. Actually, I had a very hard time choosing a winner for my lonely Ju Ju. I am torn and feel bad to have to choose because everyone seems to deserve him/her.Most people seem to really be struggling right now (myself included). So I decided to give it the weekend to give people a chance to open their emails and post their comments. In the meantime, my lonely Ju Ju found a stray black cat charm doll hiding on the shelf. What a stroke of good luck for him! That means he will have a new home and since he's gotten good luck from the black cat, he will bring double the luck to his new home!

So who is the winner of my lonely Ju Ju Doll? You have to keep reading to find out...

In Western history, black cats have often been looked upon as a symbol of evil omens: in other cultures, they are considered to be good omens. Superstitions centering around the black cat are some of the most widely known and popular superstitions. For example, In Scotland, a strange black cat on your porch is a sign of upcoming prosperity. In Ireland, when a black cat crosses your path in the moonlight, it means there is going to be an epidemic illness. In Italy hundreds of years ago, it was believed that if a black cat lay on the bed of a sick person, that person would die. Many years ago in England, fishermen's wives kept black cats in their homes while their husbands went away to sea in their fishing boats. They believed that the black cats would prevent danger from occurring to their husbands while they were away. For all you kitty lovers, there's a whole lot of information about black cat folklore at the Mystic Voodoo; you can see a mummified Egyptian cat and learn all about infamous kitty deities and superstitions. You can even find a free download to Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat there. It's a short story but in true Poe fashion, I must warn you that it is a little creepy.

In New Orleans Voodoo, black cats have been the subject of controversial sacrifice in the past, particularly with regards to finding the one bone in the body that is all powerful. On that page at the Mystic Voodoo I was telling you about, you can find the actual Black Cat Bone Spell there, but I curse three times the person who tries to perform such a ritual. And you really don't want to be cursed by the Voodoo Mama...

The abuse of black cats for sacrificial and ritual reasons is no longer practiced nor encouraged in New Orleans. On the contrary, in the African American hoodoo tradition, black cats are considered to be good luck in matters of sports and gambling, particularly with card games and playing the lottery. The black cat mojo bag is filled with a number of luck-bringing roots and herbs, including John the Conqueror root, and adorned with a small black cat charm on the outside and carried on the person for good luck, especially when gambling.

Now, let me tell you a little more about this stray black kitty that is now up for adoption. This stray kitty is a one of a kind black cat charm doll. I will never make another one like her. I couldn't if I tried. She only has a bedazzled collar that is full of good luck charms and stones, but if you are the artsy type, you could add charms all over her body like I do to my other black cat charm dolls:

When I was making her, she only wanted her collar done. if you notice, she does have the seven magickal Voodoo pins for whiskers. If you want to adopt this kitty, use her as a focusing tool for creating the change you seek. Charm dolls are particularly useful for improving luck, happiness, financial situations, and spiritual protection. Would you like to adopt Lonely Ju Ju's stray kitty?

If so, write a comment below and give me your best, most persuasive argument. Oh, and by the way (I almost forgot in my efforts to find stray kitty a new home) that the winner for the Lucky Ju Ju Doll can be found here

Got Mojo? by voodoomama

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