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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Clash Of The Deities Or Perhaps Here Be Aliens

Clash Of The Deities Or Perhaps Here Be Aliens

For the period of human history humans devour peopled their world with thousands of gods (comparable Zeus), goddesses (comparable Hera - Mrs. Zeus) and demigods (comparable Hercules, son of Zeus, but not of Hera), timetabled with manifold partner in crime slice of beasties, often half-human, half-something overly (habitually animal), or overly humanoid with partner in crime 'defects' comparable the one-eyed Cyclops or the Medusa. Add to that zoo, our monotheistic God and partner in crime hangers-on, comparable angels, etc. At the same time as are we to make of this menagerie?

Work out One: All of these beings are untrue and abstract. To be forthright, that's the upper limit prone draw, while of course millions of Christians, Muslims, and Jews would devour one survivor from the deity zoo - God. Even so, if thousands of gods don't stall, then isn't it logical to consider that thousands and one, gods as well God don't exist?

Assuming neither the gods nor God exists - then we plunk the when if' game...

when if' no deities stall or devour ever existed?

Subsequently billions of event, out of the frame thousands of lifetime, devour exhausted trillions of principally gaunt hours in prayer, attending church, observing/attending roughly bookkeeping rituals, exhausted in religious/Biblical study, door-knocking, preaching, discussing, arguing, separation on pilgrimages, etc.

Subsequently all relations bookkeeping rituals, the do and do not signs that influence stuff relating to supply, dress codes, ceremonies, interaction, and etc. principally devour been stupid.

Subsequently millions of event devour been grief-stricken, murdered or executed, incarcerated, ridiculed, humiliated, exiled, and out of favor for no quarrel.

Subsequently billions of dollars devour been exhausted on cathedrals to a certain extent of say hospitals; Bibles to a certain extent of textbooks; calming priests to a certain extent of medical doctors, nurses and scientists.

Subsequently for relations frostily well-informed and taught in bookkeeping studies, ingestion entire careers preaching, etc. they devour gaunt their lives in trustworthiness to an invisible friend(s) that has all the verity of Casper, the Affectionate Phantom.

Subsequently multi-millions of flora and fauna devour been sacrificed and approaching up to a mysterious private(s) that doesn't stall.

Subsequently you can't custody all your aches and efforts, your bad back and creaky joints, on some all sophisticated robust razor-sharp founder(s), who hypothetically bioengineered you (from sheen or a rib or anything) what jointly abating Bioengineering 101. I mean placing the supply tube decent bordering to the subsist tube was a jumble waiting to organize, as evidenced by all relations event who strangle to death every appointment. And how manifold women devour died role normal while the compatibility among the normal canal and the mass of the sweetie, well birthright wasn't! A divinely fashioned human wouldn't be substandard and devour feel like of goggles or a test aid. God wouldn't allot a human with way in to down to allow for wisdom teeth. As to the add-on organ, that's birthright not the same oops.

Work out Two: A number of or all of these beings stall and are partner in crime with the realm of the mysterious.

Assuming each mysterious God and gods stall...

1) Each one energy stall altogether individually from each other in space, in time, or each. One doesn't know about the repute of the other.

2) Each one energy stall as single entities (not of the identical pedigree) in the identical time and space, but lead to devour no means of communication.

3) Each one energy stall as single entities (not of the identical pedigree) in the identical time and space rage and recount.

4) Each one energy stall, but God is birthright one of the gods. That is, near is no distinctiveness among God and the gods; they're all kin.

5) God and the gods do not get timetabled, be it #3 or #4. But what the gods are calm on God, God doesn't also love His god kin, when He instructs us not to devour any other gods in the past Him!

God or the gods: who comes first?

1) In language of human history, the gods existed in the past God. Polytheism existed before to monotheism.

2) So, the gods, if liable for all stuff fashioned, fashioned God. Monotheism is subservant to polytheism. God answers to the gods.

3) If God came in the past the gods, and God is the furthest biographer, then God fashioned the gods. Polytheism is subservant to monotheism. The gods strategic to God.

4) Even so, if God fashioned the gods, God is principally jealous of the gods (as per His Commandments), and therefore of His own idea. God, private all-knowing, foresaw this, but did it in any case. That's unacceptable.

Assuming God exists and the gods don't - well, that's chocolate box considerably the height quo today. At the same time as few believers regular stall in worshiping Zeus, Jupiter, Odin and associates aren't enough to cause any renewal in polytheism.

Assuming the gods stall, and God doesn't - well, a positive bunch of the fill with of Den Dig out out of the frame the previously every millennia devour got lots of cumulative egg on their faces. Remote of the when if' of a nature manager applies in the role of well. Even so, in one means, the gods make aristocratic means than God. Put beside the consequent. There's this God, your invisible friend who art in fantasy, which is moreover invisible and a place you can not travel to. Put beside that vis-`a-vis the Greek gods say, who were display to and interacted (i.e. - mated habitually) with the nature Greeks. Frontwards, they lived decent bordering opening up on Mount Olympus, a place you possibly will actually increase up and look at. I mean the gods are equally your bordering opening neighbour. How possibly will the Greeks get something that patent so wrong? I don't know they didn't - get it disfavor that is. So who is aristocratic prone to be inappropriate, the monotheist who has never seen God or fantasy, or the Greek polytheist who has their gods living in the neighbourhood? Who has aristocratic credibility?

Work out Three: A number of or all of these beings stall but do not lodge in the realm of the mysterious. Maybe they are realm flesh-and-blood natives! But if they are realm flesh-and-blood life forms, they are useless now, which is, as far as we're equally paternal, the identical as their non-existence in the new place. There's no fossil note for any of the assumed mythological beasties (comparable the Minotaur - shared bull; or satyrs - shared goat; or centaurs - shared horse; or a sphinx - shared lion), or tombs or gravesites for the gods, goddesses or demigods with actual bodies in them. That energy not be unfamiliar seeing as how they (gods and goddesses and demigods) are supposed to be everlasting.

Work out Four: A number of or all of these beings stall but in the same way do not belong to the realm of the mysterious. Like they aren't realm, they want be extraterrestrial.

If near is any earlier note for a god, gods or The God, then that note possibly will birthright as unpretentiously be in the role of interpreted as note for the repute of extraterrestrial rationale(s), whose put an end to(s) or perception(s) may not be all that patent or even congenial.

At the same time as would an extraterrestrial holy being (spread private energy be a good synonym in manifold bags) do that a bona-fide mysterious god wouldn't do - or vice versa? I'll be damned if I know the strategic to that, and it's reasonably an unanswerable originate. It's at minimum not unacceptable to see a god, goddess or demigod with an extraterrestrial or extraterrestrial rationale. Any a lot advanced (extraterrestrial) apparatus is birthright the mysterious to entities that are too rudimentary yet to know what advanced apparatus is. A scrutinize set or jet aircraft to someone living 2000 lifetime ago would be civilized magic.

Despoil not the same view, I'd conceive of a learned advanced extraterrestrial private or take flight, comparable the gods, don't devour attributes that are self-contradictory, diverse God (or the idealized inkling of God). The gods are not depicted as invincible (birthright powerful); not all-knowing (yet clever); not omnipresent; and unimportant all-loving. The one story habitually endorsed to the gods is immortality as noted earlier, while that doesn't mean they can't be bumped off. They're everlasting, but not indestructible or invincible. To a human, even more humans living thousands of lifetime ago, immortality possibly will in the role of renovate to and mean a very, very desire lifespan (akin to some of the life spans of a nature to a panel few in the Biblical texts). Now very desire life spans is something one energy yearn for in the past postulating realization ET from near (everyplace near is - everywhere out near amid the stars) to now (Den Dig out).

Is near any indicative note to correlate and see the gods with extraterrestrials? Payment, idea possibly will be a indication. Our modern world is full of images from ancient era of entities or beings that wouldn't be out of place in any "VIP Plod" or "VIP Wars" movie. Translated, anything these images contemporary, they upper limit conclusive aren't your intimate realm variety you're prone to see in a zoo. I mean you devour all seen data depicted as gargoyles - all right not realm beasties. Nor are the gorgons prone to be realm. Multitude of the gods, comparable say the ancient Egyptian ones, what humanoid, are suchlike but human in idea. Profusion of beings, creatures depicted as rock or dip art verbalize the world resonance very other-worldly. For example, the Tassili frescoes in the Sahara, some separation back to 6,000 BC, are very indicative of ET. One was actually dubbed by an archaeologist 'the robust Martian holy being, in spite of there's no actual note to cooperate the image with the Red Den Mars. The perplexing statues on Easter Desert island are very all but human but birthright sinister sufficient to be unique - to hand but yet odd. You can ask this logical originate - are demons really mysterious, or birthright absolutely bare and potentially horrible aliens?

Different the very well intimate arch sceptic (in the past it came to UFOs and silvery astronauts'), the late Dr. Carl Sagan was imprinted sufficient by a combination of ancient written material translations connected with images on ancient swim seals to bring up that this energy be a bona fide phone call among extraterrestrials and humans. The 'this' had to do with strange appearing beings who brought knowledge to the ancient Sumerians. Metaphors depicted on in the same way as swim seals partner in crime such beings (who express altogether unworldly) with the stars and huge cosmological systems.*

Proffer, but unimportant minimum, is, as noted manager, one of the means of communication among the gods and humans is sex - by fraud, by right, by any money fair or nasty, often with disastrous worth - as demigod Hercules, or Medusa possibly will show to. In modern UFO lore, sex or sex-related themes, albeit of the aristocratic impersonal kind, is a popular theme in annexation bags. Whether or not there's any cooperate I don't know, but it's an exciting 'virgin' subdivision for support research.

Conclusions: All the gods and God and all their partner in crime mysterious baggage are total inventions of our lush imaginations, OR, some or all of relations gods (reasonably together with God) are actual flesh-and-blood extraterrestrial entities. The avenue justification, belief in the mysterious, gods and/or God with actual magical powers, is not really a considerable desire, IMHO.

*Sagan, Carl Happy Mind in the Universe; Holden-Day, San Francisco; 1966; p.455-462.

Science librarian; retired.

Body Source: Prytz