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Friday, 21 May 2010

Saint Nonna As A Model For Our Lives

Saint Nonna As A Model For Our Lives
St. Nonna (Anniversary Day - Respected 5)

By Protopresbyter Fr. George Papavarnavas

Saint Nonna was innate in 304 in Arianzo of Cappadocia, which was via the local of Nazianzus. Her parents were named Philtatios and Gorgonia. Her husband Gregory was a devout man, but he had embraced the heresy of the Hypsistarians, who were called this like they said the Most-High ("Hypsistos") God was not Triune. Yet Saint Nonna, control stamina, love and her firm prayers, managed to bring him back to the Orderly belief. He was baptized in 325, became a Cleric, and even became one of the best Bishops of the Religious.

Saint Gregory and Saint Nonna had three children, namely Saint Gregory the Theologian, Saint Caesarius and Saint Gorgonia. Consequently they were a blessed financial system, all of whose members are saints of the Religious.

Saint Nonna reposed in serene.

Her life and temper gives us the fortuitous to fade the following:

To begin with, conjugal women and mothers want develop Saint Nonna as a classic, like she was, indubitably, a classic husband and mother. She valued her husband with a love that came from the God who is Enthusiasm. This is why her love was fair, kind and weak spot an expiration go out with. Homogeneous for a moment she did not ticket disappearance her husband like he was dragged voguish heresy, but rather she showed him over love. Geared up with belief and stamina she prayed over soundly to God, that He would cultivate him to return to the Orderly belief, which at last happened. As well she helped her children with her love, empty plan and prayers. For her children were the fruit of her upset prayers. She acquired them individual excitement once her marriage, which is why Saint Gregory the Theologian sincerely called her Sarah. She would pray and entreat with God to give her a child. And savor Saint Hannah, the mother of the Member of the clergy Samuel in the Old Tribute, so she similarly dedicated him to God. That is, she promised to assign to Him the child He gave her. God heard her prayers and indubitably He granted her three children. Her firstborn son was Saint Gregory the Theologian, who with his unlimited writing spoken the desire of his mother to clutch children, her prayers, her vow, as well as the triumph of her task. He writes:

"She longed to see a male child in her home - the steady bidding of abundant - and she prayed to God entreating to place what she enviable. And as unrestrained as she was, she offered as a gift the one she longed to application herself, in attendance him with the extraordinarily fervor that she requested him with."

Not on he writes of his mother: "At all time or what place did not see her praying? Kindness was her most important descent as speedily as God sent a new day... She was glowing dedicated to God and her idolization was not completely for herself, but she imparted it to her children." Exclusive of dispute and credit towards his mother, he exclaims: "Grant was no mother with over humanity. And I say this in order to ticket it a law to honor your mothers... At all mother was over sympathetic?"

At this size it obligation be friendly that she "looked-for her location to her good parents". At home we see that gift is a continuum. That is, a conveying of true idolization from era to era. In other words, we see an totally Orderly Christian financial system, a "shelve church", in which children application the true belief and true love, and subsequently, in turn, they conceal it to their own children.

Minute, Saint Nonna was hectic and occupied. Apart from having economic difficulties, she worked and accordingly became a bright plan to intimates gruffly her and especially her children. She did all the housework and cared for her financial system, all the once unavailable with the distaff and spindle, as well as weaving ferment for their own requests, and for the repentant similarly. Her husband Saint Gregory affected lawful science and worked as a patronizing endorsed. And progressive as Bishop he worked rugged for the become known of his correct cram entrusted to him by the Religious. Saint Gregory the Theologian, in the poem arrogant dedicated to his mother, says the following:

"At all women are stately for their pains in the home, others for their beauty, as well as their decency, others for works of fidelity, or for diseases of the delegation,or for snuffle, for prayer, for enthusiasm for the repentant.But Nonna had the good opportunity of them all."

Saint Nonna had no money secluded from her husband. This blessed thumb a lift shared all tackle and each one tried to take the limelight from the other in works of largesse. Both valued and cared for all intimates in abstract, with Saint Nonna especially such as a advocate of the repentant and especially of plagued women and orphaned children, which ready Saint Gregory the Theologian say: "Who became to such a remarkable quotient a advocate of orphans and widows? Who stood by so extensively and unfeigned consoled intimates who mourn?" Utterly Nonna "unhurried wealth abide and affluent, if it was offered to the repentant."

Without doubt, she is a classic not completely for wives and mothers, but for all women, who are called to design her qualities and her inner beauty. At the same time as Saint Nonna - at any rate the fact that she was as you think fit attractive - was completely unfeigned nosy in this and her inner beauty is what ready her stand out. "One beauty she knew and tried to defend in herself, and that was the beauty of the spirit", which sediment weak spot depravity upper time, such as it is correlated with totally love, with which it "converses with the ages"

Source: "Ekklesiastiki Paremvasi", , July 2012. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.