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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Death Toll Rises In Baghdad Church Siege

Death Toll Rises In Baghdad Church Siege
Christian stalking, particularly in Muslim controlled regions, is on the strengthening. We noted a few days ago about the Coptic Christians in

Egypt or else stalking from the eccentric Muslim Brotherhood. Now in attendance has been a shocking al Qaeda bang on a Christian church in

Iraq, and Christian churches tolerate been torched in a subject of

Russia with a extensive Muslim population.

Don't overlook to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters that up in menace unevenly the world and in be about of stalking.

"BE ON YOUR GUARD; YOU Drive BE HANDED Departed TO THE Pronounced COUNCILS AND BE FLOGGED IN THE SYNAGOGUES. ON MY Sketch YOU Drive BE BROUGHT Or else GOVERNORS AND KINGS AS WITNESSES TO THEM AND TO THE GENTILES. MATTHEW 10:17-18 NIV"From the articles:At least 52 the population died taking into account Iraqi warrant forces stormed a church in

Baghdad to free hostages held by Islamic militants, officials thought Monday.

U.S. and Iraqi officials thought worshippers at Our Lady of Distribution Catholic Cathedral were listening to a Bible reading taking into account gunmen twinkle in to the conserve and started shattering. The militants, tiresome suicide vests and armed with bombs, took 120 the population counter. Launch made-up the attackers to be part of the horror understanding al Qaeda in

Iraq."Two Russian Horizontal churches and one Baptist church were targeted by arsonists on Monday night. One of them was almost overcooked to the get. The attacks were in the


Republic, between 4 and 6 a.m. The Horizontal church in the

village of

Ordzhonikidzevsky was almost in general ruined, inhabitant make conform told Interfax intelligence office. Attempts to draw Christian churches are aimed at destabilizing the assorted Christian and Muslim individual of the southern Russian republic, believes front of the confined Extrasensory Mode for Muslims, Ismail Berdiev.

End Fare Rises in


Cathedral Siege

Three churches torched overnight in southern

Russia News/2010-11-01/three-churches-torched-overnight.html