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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ant Mati So Gati

Ant Mati So Gati

ANT MATI SO GATI (Intelligence AT THE Position OF Dying):

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This is the through and actual image. At the viewpoint level of life what a specific is leave-taking to death, his contemplation act the grown-up behave in his death. Awkward if a specific is contemplation about his pet cat inwards his death with now he wish inherent as stunted kitten and if specific is contemplation about the God with now he wish got the God or moksh inwards his death, The param lakshya or the fading destination of human being.

Abundant a saint who wild consign that Gufao or huts in the woodland when her cloister rescue - to be expert to detect be real. They do not postulate others precisely quietly meditation is to be real constantly. Shri Sai Baba was not of this invention. Time her a home notch, woman and child, Smeepi or withdrawn nation were not, even despite the fact that they lived in the world. They precisely four - five homes ranging from embellish always lived under Nimvriksh hand-me-down all terrestrial medication. Staying in this world, how ought to good manners, it would motionless learning. Rosemary or saint that frequently extend sporadically, which puts the benefit of the citizens themselves once Bgwatprapti. Sri Sai Baba was Agrani at all. So say. "The right is blessed, blessed the council house and the parents blessed, everyplace Sai Baba as it is dreadfully unsullied praiseworthy gems disable fanatical mastersJai Sai Ram ji speak now. Rainwater Mary Close relative Goddess Vaishno. Rainwater Goddess Durga. Jai Raj queen. Jai Mata Di G

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