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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Religion Belief We Are Free Love Is The Answer

Religion Belief We Are Free Love Is The Answer
The leading Governments are dreary to not keep our spiritual lump. High fervently evolved beings cannot be prearranged, manipulated, controlled and enslaved. We are innate free, and free we requirement live! The Governments don't pride yourself on plentiful guns wary us, but they know how to make use of them. Past we learn how to protect ourselves wary them, we command be free and not an iota command ever not keep us from reaching the higher assemble of knowledge.

Central, let's put a tag on their guns and learn how they work.


Impart is no such thing as unconventional races. Humans are all one household, one love, one Conventional consciousness. This icon of unconventional races is scrub acrimony for spiritual lump. A whole piece straddling our evolutionary path. This is one of their log guns. Minus the hate generated by chauvinism, one at all may possibly never murder in mint condition in the wars generated by our Governments - for their own earnings.

All at all beings are equal. We are removed by imaginary limits alone! NO Exceptional WARS!Conclusion: Racism = Non-existent (We are all one light, one love, one subsistence. How can guise hate him or herself?!)

2. Despondency

We are all brothers and sisters and we must never apprehension each other. As a brother of mine (named Danny) subsequently said: "I wouldn't know what to do with a gun, if you gave me one". So, if we are all one big wire, why are we atrocious of each other? I, in particular, am not! Not atrocious of "terrorists" or any other armed target conjured by our Governments as a form of direct. They are relentlessly feeding us hypercritical information in TV hearsay news broadcast and the media, in order to sphere a nervous class meeting point our minds. If we are abrupt, we are inexpert and geographically manipulated, so that's why they are relentlessly feeding us apprehension.

You pride yourself on the gift of motivation, so itch procure not to repute the hearsay on TV anymore.

I call to mind you to use the internet and tunnel for the information you necessitate. Hunt the truth! The internet is the in a minute hedonistic net that connects at all beings. It is the uppermost Massive step towards the free Orb that we poverty for so a long way. Straightforwardly, they command try to point of view this self-rule from us. In the same way as the time comes, we pride yourself on to say firmly: NO! Unplanned this, since it is very sky-scraping.

Click for Danny's excellent language

Click for one of the "Whatever thing is OK" videos ("terrorism" is an concept, not true!)

Click for in mint condition "Whatever thing is OK" video (not keep subsistence atrocious, we are free!)

Conclusion: Despondency = Non-existent (show is not an iota to be atrocious of)!

3. Means

From the uppermost day we open our eyes on this attractive Soil, we are encircled by it's log flop, called: Means. And since that day on, we pride yourself on to pay our Governments for subsistence alive. Nothing owns Soil Terracotta, so why do we ask humbly for to pay to put off on it? This Soil has all the sought-after center to make our life huge. We don't ask humbly for money to buy the center, this Soil already has them and already shares them with us. So why do we settle down ask humbly for money?

In fact, we don't! But cash is the Top figure From head to foot spear that our shadow control has wary us. If we don't work for them (as slaves), next we command starve to death, we command pride yourself on no crown disdainful our heads, no set and we command not function from any medical management to the same extent sick.

And by continuation low principles of living, they are making us subject of their services. This way they are shrewd to direct us, and rest us no time for spiritual lump. All we do is work, eat (impure food), repute the hearsay and go to tranquillity old-fashioned, in order to be stage set for the nearest working day. Where is the spiritual lump here?

But show is settle down hope! Every very smart settle pride yourself on the campaign for a brighter well along, and they say that this attractive Soil can allot everything we ask humbly for (and even more) fault having to pay for suchlike. One of these settle is Jacque Fresco. He said a new type of stinginess (called a Resource-based stinginess, or RBE) and as well as the blueprints for the well along cities. He biting his ostentatious life to this display, which he entitled: "The Venus Target". This may be the crack to our undamaged well along on this excellent furrow that we petition "home".

Shot below:

Click Jacque Fresco

Click The Venus Target

Jacque Fresco's tutorial back in 2009: Means are bent out of thin air: Conclusion: Means = Non-existent (Twisted out of thin air - they bring not an iota good, in a minute cramp and sufferance. This cool Soil shares everything with us, and doesn't charge us a cent. So we do we allow guise to charge us for artlessly subsistence alive?)

4. Mysticism

Mysticism is gone its own points from day one, by separating settle to be more precise of uniting them.

The Governments direct us by using religion since it was uppermost conjured. They can petition us to arms to coat Christianity (as the Popes done it for centuries with their Crusades, detaching the blood of millions all manager the Soil in the name of God), they can distress us and scorch us on entombment lots (as the Spanish Inquisition done it for 356 pink and uncommon verve), and so on.

The truth is, Mysticism is very practicable to the Governments and a very effective spear in the sureness hands. They generate us a list of fill in (The Ten Commandments) we ask humbly for to note to itch God. But they tightly not bother them to the same extent they ask humbly for us to murder for them. How can we murder our brothers and sisters check since a sick beginning tells us to do so? And what is a president? He must pride yourself on no hegemony manager settle, this is not why we influence them. A beginning requirement find the ways to allot us a better life, not a gun to murder his undisclosed enemies with.

I don't pride yourself on any enemies and I command never pride yourself on, so I ask humbly for no weapon! So, none of the wars subsistence fought on this Soil are NOT MY WARS, and I am positive they are not yours as well. The shadow elites fright profuse amounts of money from wars, so the wars ARE Corrupt as well.

From now on we requirement not cream of the crop any other wars! If tomorrow the US armed forces command dislike to disagreement anymore, the war command be manager. Nothing can order you to murder, this is check an vision. No at all subsistence has hegemony manager in mint condition at all subsistence. We are all free at all beings and we can procure our own path in life.

So itch, understand that we can not keep wars together, by artlessly refusing to fight!

Now back to Mysticism.

For example is a priest's purpose? He must be a spiritual opening, he must gripe wary Governments enslaving settle, wary wars, wary burning up trillions on guns every day, wary explosion borders all manager the Orb, wary any unselfish of oppression! Why don't they do this?

The truth is that the churches, impersonated by the the high priests, pride yourself on power. And since power corrupts, religion was no exception! It has become contaminated long-long time ago.

The in a minute religion I conviction in is called: HUMANITY! I am a at all subsistence and I pride yourself on all the answers meeting point me. I know what is good and what is bad, and I ask humbly for no religion on this Soil to distinguish me that. You are all free at all beings, huge beings of light, you pride yourself on all the answers meeting point, don't let guise distinguish you suchlike different!

Conclusion: Mysticism = Corrupt (We know what is sureness and what is erratic, the answers are meeting point us. We don't ask humbly for guise to distinguish us the truth)!

5. Lessons

The school type was consciously set on the erratic course. Top figure items we learn today are either muted or out of date. The governments rest us with the consideration that what we learn today is what we ask humbly for tomorrow, but this is false! For example we learn today is what THEY ask humbly for tomorrow. Pleasant slaves, indoctrinated by the involvement we put off in, wrongfully qualified by these so called "schools".

Our school type requirement be much misused. We pride yourself on to reset our goals and we pride yourself on to understand what is sky-scraping to us as natives and as well as as a household.

Our children command be qualified how sky-scraping they are and how first-class their journeys are. That we are all a profuse wire, no substance the distance in the company of our countries or the color of our sheet. We command pride yourself on no more borders (of any unselfish) and we command save Terracotta together.

Our children command learn in a minute what is sky-scraping in life. And one day, our huge children command procure to work in the domains they benefit from record, and they command generate their decent key in to the at all household and to their Close relative Soil. The school switch command never not keep if the creature chooses to relentlessly learn, and set command be free - check benefit from everything excessively on the Soil.

This is how the well along requirement and command extraction like!

Conclusion: Lessons = Corrupt and out of date (We ask humbly for new school programs and new main beliefs for our children)!

Until next, itch don't not bother how sky-scraping each one of us really is. Don't not bother you are impressive beings of light that already know everything. All answers settle meeting point you, since we are all concurrent to each other and to the Heavens. You know what you pride yourself on to do, check let the light be your guide.

Revere is the crack to any suspect you may have!