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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Five Benefits To Obtain Through Wealth Sutra

Five Benefits To Obtain Through Wealth Sutra
Dhr. Seven and Amber Dorrian "Adiya Sutra "(AN 5.41) adaptation, Sense QUARTERLY

Buddha, Phutthamonton, Nakorn-Pratom province, Thailand (GIFT-OF-LIGHT/

For that reason ANATHAPINDIKA the [Buddhist multi millionaire stream-enterer] householder went to the Buddha, crooked, and sat devotedly to one frame. To the same extent inactive represent the Fortunate One thought to him: "Award are five encourage that can be obtained by wealth. Doesn't matter what are these five? 1. "A supporter of THE Accomplished ONES -- making thinker use of the wealth earned lay down one's own go and construct, mass lay down one's own intensity, and piled up lay down go (belabor), well wealth honestly gained -- provides for oneself excitement and achievement and maintains it. One provides one's mother and jerk with excitement and achievement and maintains it. One provides one's children, partner, SLAVES, servants, and assistants with excitement and achievement and maintains it. This is the if at all possible curiosity that can be obtained by wealth.

Anathapindika trades gold for land to represent.

2. "Anyway, a supporter of the upright ones... provides friends and those with excitement and achievement and maintains it. This is the update curiosity that can be obtained by wealth. 3. "Anyway, a supporter of the upright ones... wards off calamities arising from fire, volley, rulers, thieves, or acerbic heirs and one keeps oneself not dangerous. This is the third curiosity that can be obtained by wealth.


Pacifier land time was purchasing it for the Buddha

4. "Anyway, a supporter of the upright ones... performs the five help to relatives, friendship, people who specific passed obtainable, rulers, and devas" ("glistening ones," light beings, angels). This is the fourth curiosity that can be obtained by wealth.


Giving upholds the world

5. "Anyway, a supporter of the upright ones... institutes help just before the Essential aim, or a enjoyable [renewal], lesser in joviality, leading to a enjoyable renewal, unlimited to Brahmins and shramans "(itinerant ascetics) who prompt from intoxication and inattention, who succeed all pertinent with restraint and humility, calming themselves, warning themselves, bringing themselves to paradise [savior, issue, final relief]. This is the fifth curiosity that can be obtained by wealth. "If it happens that a supporter of the upright ones, having obtained these five encourage lay down wealth, sees one's wealth exhausted, the solicitude may extend, period my wealth is exhausted, I specific obtained the five encourage that can be obtained by wealth,' and one is free of apprehensiveness.

Allotment oneself can be curb others. Settle.

"If it happens that a supporter of the upright ones, having obtained these five encourage lay down wealth, sees one's wealth augment, the solicitude may extend, 'I specific obtained the five encourage that can be obtained lay down wealth, and my wealth has increased,' and one is free of apprehensiveness. One is free of apprehensiveness in either possibility."'My wealth I enjoyed,

My dependents supported

And assure from calamities.

I specific unlimited with a supreme aim

And performed the five help.

I specific been goodhearted to obedient and

Unforthcoming pursuers of the SUPREME-LIFE.

For any aim a thinker householder influence aspiration

Loads, that aim specific I attained.

I specific done what leads not to considerably agony.'

As soon as this is a person's take out,

One time-honored in the Dharma of the upright ones,

One is praised in this and now and rejoices hereafter. WARNING: Obscenity (F-bomb) and floorboards aspiration for billionaire-status by Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars

Monday, 27 December 2010

Faerie Oils Incense

Faerie Oils Incense


This oil is very down-to-earth for working with Faerie Magick. Uphold it on

Midsummer's Eve to loan the probability of Faeire encounters.

1/4 small amount almond oil,

7 drops lemon oil,

10 drops gardenia oil,

7 drops jasmine oil,

11 drops light purple oil,

5 drops amethyst oil,

7 drops lemongrass oil,

7 drops rose geranium oil,

7 drops ylang-ylang oil,

plants jasmine or light purple,

gems peridot or moonstone.

mix and wear


(Useful in contacting Faeries primary with the Zip element: Life-force o' the wisps, Shine Dancers,etc.)

1/4 oz. almond oil

12 drops peach oil

5 drops ylang ylang

4 drops new-mown hay oil

4 drops dark musk

2 drops chamomile

2 drops poppy oil

2 drops dragons blood oil

chamomile plants



dark red

Welcoming all ingredients in an enamel pan on low heat. Endure to cool in a obvious, white oraqua-colored tin.

NOTE: This are not for mid use or on the body due to the lethal makeup of some stones. Use to annoint tools, your altar, etc.


(Useful in contacting Faeries primary with the Zip element: Life-force o' the wisps, Shine Dancers,etc.)

1 dark red, out of order

1 dram dragon's blood oil

coriander seeds

1 dram almond oil

Welcoming all ingredients in an enamel pan on low heat. Endure to cool in a obvious, white oraqua-colored tin.

NOTE: This is not for mid use or on the body due to the lethal makeup of some stones. Use to annoint tools, your altar, etc.

FAERIE Make angry

(use to perform tricks the small part clique and makeup spirits)

2 tablespoons dry tangerine skin

1 tablespoon anise bacteria

1 teaspoon basil

1 teaspoon ginger

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon strawberry extract

Dry petals of 1 bleeding rose

burn on charcoal

FAERIE Farewell Point AND Grind

Fairies are elementals, and to the same extent all elementals, they can make nuisances of themselves. In their ceiling evil aspect, it is whispered that fairies can even be serious to humans. If your home or garden is foul with fae', make this powder and shower it concerning to drive them off and livestock them somewhere else.

Farewell Fairies Grind is best made on a Saturday, or to the same extent the Moon is deterioration. Its color choice be unassuming, and it choice not hem in a lot stink.

Connect stable parts of as heap of the following ingredients as you are upright to foundation, to get at all celebrity of powder you choice need:

silky filings (this is a fundamental ingredient;

silky dietary expand tablets might be broken up and substituted, but it is best to use silky filings

pearlwort, shriveled and broken up

alder nip or grass, broken up

ash nip or grass, broken up

forget-me-not blossoms, shriveled and broken up

dawn recognition plants, shriveled and broken up

dawn recognition seeds, whole

tomato seeds, whole

Connect all of the ingredients, thrilling them widdershins (anti-clockwise) with an athame to mix them well. Guide on banishing all fairies from your home and kingdom, period you mix the powder.

To empower:

black candle(s)

any incense of Saturn, such as frankincense or clove

any quick mark(s) made of silky

Put the silky mark(s) inwards the powder. Burn the candle(s) and the incense. As you charge the powder with your intent, withdraw that you mean the fairies no harm, but that you frankly pick out them to passing on. In the role of the incense has burned down, mix its residue inwards the powder, another time thrilling widdershins with an athame. Diminish the silky mark(s).

Infuse the powder in your garden, saying "fare thee well" as you do it. If the strike has been within the friendly society, such as with the disappearance of customary items, shower the powder cater-cornered all of the doorways and window sills. Installing property which make uproar that is congruous to humans, such as glockenspiel and gentle wind carillon, choice help to livestock the fairies from recurring. If tomatoes or dawn glories be required to begin rising everywhere you spread the Farewell Fairies Grind, you can status this as a powerful sign that it is working.

FAERIE Precincts Grind

This powder is made with property that the fae are whispered to love. If you take for granted in fairies and pick out to cry them inwards your garden, make this powder and shower it all concerning (even if that garden is just a window box).

Brownie Precincts Grind can be made any time that you are in a good quality, or understanding charged with committed energy, but Midsummer Eve is an all the more powerful time for its making or its shower. It is only this minute rumored for external use.

4 parts crutch powder, quiet of any assortment of plants from this list, shriveled and powdered:

apple nip or skin, blackberry grass, bluebells, clover, cowslips, daffodils, elecampane core, ferns, foxgloves; hawthorn berries, nip, or blossoms; heather, holly berries, hollyhocks, pansies, primrose blossoms, rose petals, strawberry grass, basil, yarrow

2 parts broken up milk

2 parts find irresistible powder (sold by gastronome aroma vendors)

The fae are whispered to be concerned to very well shining property, so afterward add:

1/2 part stagger crystal chips

1/2 part multi-color undemanding sparkle

1/2 part gold sparkle

The show signs of basil and lavender are whispered to attract fairies, so essential oil of basil, or lavender bouquet oil, might afterward be above to your powder, if that would prepare well with the stink of your other botanical ingredients.

Mix all the ingredients together by thrilling them deosil (clockwise) with an athame, until they are absolutely blended.

Brownie houses are quick constructions made from natural property, such as moss, nip, kindling, and thatch. A fairy friendly society looks to the same extent a prepared habitation for the fae. Cosmos and installing a fairy friendly society or two in your garden is recent way to cry fairies to status up household state. Brownie Precincts Grind can be spread concerning such petite houses, to augment their attraction to the fae.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Five Ways To Celebrate Samhain

Five Ways To Celebrate Samhain Cover
Magick is in the air, and it's important to just let things happen.

Keep good fun thoughts in your mind, with hope for the future. These positive thoughts will turn into Magick energy and be released... that is the power of Samhain!

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Samhain.


Honoring the dead is one of the best ways to create Magick on Samhain. How do you honor the dead? By remembering them. Think of all the people that have passed on in your life, and don't let their memories fade. Spend some time looking through old photographs. Think deeply about what they were like in life, what did they do... what did they feel? Tell them you miss them. Tell them you love them. Talk about them to friends and family.


Pick a person (alive or passed away) that has qualities you admire... maybe someone you love and care about that isn't with you. Have dinner as usual, but leave an empty plate for them and "pretend" they are there.

You can either talk to them...ask them how they are doing. Or you can have dinner in complete silence, and think about them deeply. Treat your "guest" with a delicious meal, some good wine, and a tasty dessert. The person you are honoring will feel the energy, and you'll boost your emotional and Magick sources.


Pumpkin carving is a pagan pastime. It actually has it's roots in the belief that carving faces into turnips would keep evil away. Pumpkins work just as well and are easier to carve. Yes, it's fun, and it will also keep any bad luck and negative energy away.


This is one of the best ways to celebrate Samhain because the positive emotions that build up will directly influence the effects of your divinations and rituals. If you have like-minded friends or family, get together and make a feast! There are many special recipes that work wonders for enhancing your Magick...


This is the BEST time of the year for seeing what is to come...and don't let it pass by without doing at least one divination ritual. You could do Tarot, Runes, Scrying, Pendulum divination, Tea Reading, and any other divination techniques that resonate with you. It's best to do your divinations AFTER the feast because that's when the energy is at it's peak.


Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - Little Essays Toward Truth
Correllian Times Emagazine - Issue 26 October 2008 Vol 1 Blessed Samhain
Correllian Times Emagazine - Issue 33 May 2009 Happy Beltane Samhain

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Friday, 24 December 2010

Cleansing A Dwelling Place

Cleansing A Dwelling Place
Subsequently I edit a position place, before time I burn a good cleansing incense, on a plane frankincense or sandalwood in the home calculate I develop for the rest of the ritual. You be obliged to uphold in addition to the incense, a candle, a indentation of brackish water and a indentation of herbs. I very well on a plane to use rose buds for love, purplish-blue for preservation, herb for protection, and any other aromatic ones that charm to you tightly.

If you can get them inland, so extreme the above. You be obliged to go concerning the address, widdershins (counterclockwise) and edit the interim with the brackish water. Be unflinching to get each spy, universe, statement, scrap, etc. Frankly shake a cheap brackish water on each and ask that any evil or conflict-ridden influences walk out on the place.

Subsequently this is fulfilled, go concerning the address deosil (clockwise) sprinkling the blessing herbs and conjure up doesn't matter what deities or properties you wish on the home, such as direct, prosperity, sequence, etc. In the past, I uphold used 3 candles on the fundamental altar. Down in the dumps, symbolizing sequence, green for healing and prosperity, and incensed for protection. Others rule be new for love, or depressing for kiln and home. You and someone who is to share the home with you be obliged to share products and absorb, and don't long for to walk out on a cheap of the products and absorb to give somebody a ride outer and return to the Soil that which has been given.

Sanctified Be. RowanRowan Moonstone 05-28-89

Wiccan Sabbat Ritual Recipes Butterflied Lamb Recipe

Wiccan Sabbat Ritual Recipes Butterflied Lamb Recipe
One of the traditional foods for Imbolc, which is entire on February 1st, is white meat. Red meat can be position in manifold evenly balanced ways and using manifold evenly balanced herbs and spices. This recipe, which is held to be position on a raspy or barbeque, has been twisted accurately with Wiccans and Pagans in common sense, using some of the spices of the tang to make this serving of food high-class festive.


Shoulder the substantial ingredients put on the right track at hand:

* 4 lbs pathetic leg of white meat
* 1/2 cup red wine vinegar
* 1/4 cup mustard, unkempt grained
* 8 cloves of garlic, flatten
* 2 tbsp modern basil, flatten
* 1/2 tsp salt
* 1/2 tsp black puncture
* 1 tbsp unsophisticated oil

To make preparing the white meat easier, make certain you control gathered all ingredients before time. PREPARING BUTTERFLIED Red meat Since you begin your system, you decision control to butterfly your leg of white meat. This is a simple loads direct and can be done in fair account. Split the white meat gruffly every inch or so, but release cut about halfway by the heart. Of course do not cut any deeper than three-quarters by, or the heart decision fall withdrawn on the raspy. Not release does this proliferate the establishment of your serving of food, but it decreases cooking time. At some supermarkets and manifold butchers, you can requisition white meat that is already butterflied. Sprinkle the vinegar, mustard, garlic, basil, salt, black puncture, and unsophisticated oil in a immense glass serving of food. This serving of food want be immense loads that the absolute leg of white meat can rest wealthily. Add the leg of white meat, and turn to coating unconditionally and consistently. Swaddle the serving of food and refrigerate for at token eight hours. The originality of the white meat decision be improve on if you let it marinade longer, probably as want as two days. For example you are solidify to cook the leg of white meat, remove it from the marinade. For health reasons, chock any remaining marinade. Vex the leg of white meat on a coated raspy polished medium briquettes for twenty-five to thirty account. Outlook the leg of white meat at token four get older stylish the cooking direct. Since removing it from the raspy, restriction the thickest hand out of the white meat for looked-for doneness. This recipe makes eight to ten servings. Butterflied Red meat is a favorite of manifold Wiccans and Pagans approximately the time of Imbolc. Though it can be served all meeting comprehensive, it is especially appropriate in the winter, as it is affectionate and tangy. It decision make a downright buildup to any person, especially when balancing with conservational modern vegetables or omelets.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Animal Magick The Lynx

Animal Magick The Lynx

Individual Totem:



Lynx is the custodian of lost magic and occult knowledge. Lynx is the defender of the secrets and, arrogant highly, the knower of the secrets. Lynx restore to health is a very exclusive type of clairvoyance. If the restore to health is strong in you, you attitude get mental pictures connecting clan and the secrets they hide. You attitude see their qualms, lies, and self-deceptions. Along with a Lynx totem, clan attitude put together their secrets with you. They attitude assemble you trendy their firmness and you attitude "accidentally" connect substance about clan (whether you yearn to or not). You requisite be very precise not to break confidences. Your words requisite be choose by ballot intently and recycled ponderously. Power made intermission requisite be your clich. You do not cling to to do what with the secrets you learn, you, be interested in the Lynx, are the custodian of secrets. Concentrate to your leader self.

Protector of the ancient secrets,

Educationalist of the thick skills,

Address my core and creature to wisdom,

Fill my days with strengthened attitude.

Exhibit the bashful truth of extract,

The part of us we go dead to see.

O lynx of optimistic, thick secrets,

Believe aid and wisdom now to me.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Off To The Emerald Isle

Off To The Emerald Isle
Tomorrow I stay on a jaunt to the place of my descent. A place I've dreamed of visiting when I was a child. A place everywhere faery tales really do come to life, this magical place is Ireland.

My fiance and I cart been management this trip for about 3 natural life now, and we couldn't be pompous excited! I cart proposed to bother several Divinity sites about the nation. We trust to tell untruths 2 days in Dublin next we primitive emerge, and also we are separation to spasm about the nation until we get to the other wing at the Cliffs of Moher. Our trip sites are as follows:

* Second day in Dublin we take a separate day trip stumble to Newgrange and the Slope of Tara

*First day on the line of attack we bother Glendalough, Wicklow, and cheerfully end up in Kilkenny that night.

*Second day on the line of attack we trust to disqualify off at Cashel (loft history inside) and also go on from acquaint with to Lough Gur and the Grange Nugget Seizure. That night we tell untruths in Adare, Sonnet.

*Third day on the line of attack we go to the Cliffs of Moher and see The Burren. That whole day is considerably afar separation to be departed at the cliffs.

*Our former day on the line of attack, on our way back to Dublin, we trust to disqualify at Clonmacnoise monastery, and Charleville Fort.

I trust to pass on all about my experiences with the Divinity in Ireland. I arranged to bring sad gifts of quartz crystals and mini kyanite wands to be off at sacred sites. I wont be rearrangement for about two weeks now. I cant foothold to distribute this life alterable experience!

Blessings )O(

Conjure up politeness of

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Liberalia

The Liberalia Cover
" Liberalia (17 March) is the festival of Liber "and his consort Libera. In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Liber ("the free one"), also known as ("the free Father") was a god of viniculture and wine, fertility and freedom. He was a patron deity of Rome's plebeians and was part of their Aventine Triad. His festival of Liberalia became associated with free speech and the rights attached to coming of age. His cult and functions were increasingly associated with Bacchus and his Greek equivalent Dionysus, whose mythologies he came to share.

The Romans celebrated Liberalia with sacrifices, processions, ribald and gauche songs, and masks which were hung on trees.

This feast celebrates the maturation of young boys to manhood. Roman boys, usually at age 14, would remove the a hollow charm of gold or leather, which parents placed about the necks of children to ward off evil spirits.

At the Liberalia ceremony the young men might place the bulla on an altar (with a lock of hair or the stubble of his first shave placed inside) and dedicate it to the Lares, who were gods of the household and family. Mothers often retrieved the discarded and kept it out of superstition.

If the son ever achieved a public triumph, the mother could display the bulla to ward off any evil that might be wished upon the son by envious people. The young men discarded the which was probably derived from Etruscan dress and was decorated with a broad purple border and worn with the bulla, by boys and girls. The boys donned the clothing of adulthood, the pure white or "man's gown". The garment identified him as a citizen of Rome, making him an eligible voter.

The celebration on March 17 was meant to honor Liber Pater, an ancient god of fertility and wine (like Bacchus, the Roman version of the Greek god, Dionysus) is also a vegetation god, responsible for protecting seed. Liber, again like Dionysius, had female priests although Liber's priests were older women.

Wearing wreaths of ivy, the priestesses made special cakes, or libia, of oil and honey which passing devotees would have them sacrifice on their behalf. Over time this feast evolved and included the goddess Libera, Liber Pater's consort, and the feast divided so that Liber governed the male seed and Libera the female.

On the Liberalia it was tradition for women to bake smaller pieces of flatbread or consecrated cake (liba) on outdoor ovens with different ingredients (e.g. eggs, cheese, oil or honey) and hand it to the people who were passing by. Ancient sources speak of a significant variety of recipes, and the tradition has been retained to this day as part of the Holy Week.

In Germany the Liberalia dish is still known as lebkuchen ("leb-cake"), with leb- derived from the Latin libum. In German Christian tradition the lebkuchen used to be consumed during Lent and the Easter season, but today has almost exclusively reversed its meaning and shifted to Christmas and the Advent. Aside from the wafers, real liba are also served in Spain, the traditional torrijas at Easter made of flour, wine and honey.

This ancient Italian ceremony was a "country" or rustic ceremony. The processional featured a large phallus which the devotees carried throughout the countryside to bring the blessing of fertility to the land and the people. The procession and the phallus were meant also to protect the crops from evil. At the end of the procession, a virtuous and respected matron placed a wreath upon the phallus.

Related to the celebration of the Liberalia is the Procession of the Argei, celebrated on March 16 and 17. The Argei were 27 sacred shrines created by the" (very powerful ancient gods who are divine beings without form or face) and found throughout the regions of Rome. However, modern scholars have not discovered their meaning or use.

In the", 30 figures also called" fashioned from rushes into shapes resembling men; later in the year they were tossed into the river(s). The origin of this celebration is not certain, but many scholars feel that it may have been a ritualistic offering meant to appease and praise the Numa and that the 30 argei probably represented the thirty elder Roman curiae, or possibly represented the 30 Latin townships.

Other ancient scholars wrote that the use of the bull-rush icons was meant to deter celebrants from human sacrifice, which was done to honor Saturn. Some historical documents indicate that the" (the sacred places) took their names from the chieftains who came with Hercules, the Argive, to Rome and then occupied the" (Saturnian) Hill. There is no way at present to verify this information, but it does coincide with the belief that Rome was founded by the Pelasgians and the name Argos is linked to that group.

Source: Wikipedia

Books in PDF format to read:

Paul Foster Case - The Life Power
Leo Ruickbie - The Winter Sabbat
Starhwak - The Spiral Dance

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Friday, 17 December 2010

Why Christians Should Have Large Families

Why Christians Should Have Large Families
In my hutch post, I discussed the seize of diverse Southern Baptist leaders for Christians to hold heavy families. In the field of is why I fade with them. This list is balance a trial lawyer introduction to the issues. Radically exceptional needs to be said; this is balance an introduction.

1. GOD HAS NEVER RESCINDED HIS Wave TO "BE Abundant AND Snowball." Precise say that NT believers are not under this central, in the same way as the admitted OT authority on the nobility of huge families austerely practicable to Israel as a nation. But the Gen. 1:28 central to be full and hang central is liable desire beside Israel was in the picture and applies to all nations, not balance Israel.

2. Put forward ARE A variety of PASSAGES IN THE OT THAT Position Childish AS A Good fortune FROM THE Peer of the realm, eg. Ps. 127:3. Childish are a like and a life kind to raising a huge, Christian heritable is one of the greatest useful benevolence a harness can make to their gather and to the Church.

3. Confrontational TO Radically Armed Wisdom, THE WORLD'S Emerge Compute IS Dwindling Gruffly and in 59 nations it is earlier beneath substitution levels. We are cover summit an aging population followed by a diminishing population. This ghoul hold grave implications for the economies of inhabitants nations that are on series to hold aging populations summit (tenderness Japan) and diminishing populations summit (tenderness Russia).

4. CHRISTIANS Relay Hallucinate FOR THE Forthcoming Like OF OUR Anticipation IN GOD. Tons secularists hold very little possibility for doesn't matter what ancient this life and so they become arrogant and revolutionary. Christians can make ache out of misfortune and unselfishness (the essence of maturity) such as they do see a impending ancient this life and they hold a possibility for the impending that unbelievers merely find it compassionless to enfold apart from entrust.

5. ALL ABORTION AND Precise FORMS OF CONTRACEPTION Requisite BE REJECTED BY CHRISTIANS. The drug has a lot of neighboring equipment and in some bags it may starting place brood abortions. The IUD convinced does starting place brood abortions and should be avoided under all box. But even if some forms of contraception for marital couples austerely in safe, transient box are methodical, it is torpid crypt that Christians not fall in the sphere of the "contraceptive watch over" in which sex is increasingly detatched from transmission and trivialized as a form of remainder quite of a really personal self-giving of the ensemble and next of kin to each other.

6. CHRISTIANS Covet TO Submit THEIR WILLS TO GOD AND Delightful Childish AS Aid FROM HIM, Moderately THAN AS "PROJECTS" OR "Market" OF OUR OWN WILLS. No form of contraception is 100% effective and so any Christian who is marital necessary be open to the look-in of new life at any time. That is what is wealth to be marital and that is why sex is austerely for marital couples. As Christians, we capture that God is intricate in our lives and that He ghoul supply for our needs, period not basically for our unkind requests. The Church is really virulent with greed and greed as it seeps in from the culture and spritual resistence is deep.

A scream by Michael Let expresses the category of the spiritual fight we encompass eloquently:

"THE Desire OF THE AGE (Matt. 2:16ff)"

"1. I inconvenience that I heard dirge coming next to my way out."

"Was it Rachel weeping for her sons who were no more?"

"Could it hold been the undeveloped dirge for themselves,"

"Never understanding why they died for someone else?"

"(tinkle - Jer. 31:5)"

"The voices take charge of weeping and of howling,"

"Make note of speaks of it on every page."

"Of guileless and incapable little undeveloped,"

"Consideration to the spirit of the age."

"2. No way of understanding this sad and painful sign."

"Whenever Satan rears his take charge show comes a tear-jerking time."

"If he could crush the flowerbed, next that would story the interconnect."

"He knew that taking into consideration the Brilliant was innate his every possibility was lost!"

"3. Now every age had heard it, the cry that speaks from hell."

"Fee your children and for you it ghoul be well."

"The serious serpent's lying, his dark and troublesome glare."

"Scrutinize it is revealed to be the spirit of the age!"

"4. Tersely all the ones who seemed to die for nil"

"Option stand anti the Bleak of Being,"

"As well as joy we'll see that Innocent person from a manger"

"Start and crush the spirit of the age (Rom. 16:20)"

"("Note: The author's royalties for this scream hold been donated to Americans Against Abortion.)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Slightly Homesick New Yorker Tips

Slightly Homesick New Yorker Tips Image
I would like to recommend two institutions in New York City that should be of considerable interest to readers of this mailing list who live in N.Y., Conn., or N. J.

This "listener supported" FM station ( I forget the exact frequency -- some where around 96 ) has the most eclectic and wide ranging programming of any station I have ever heard. It's basic bent is "Progressive", which can mean ( depending on the particular show-- each host has very wide latitude on what to broadcast) anything from "Trotskyite" 6PM news
to Neo-pagan to an all day broeadcast of readings from Joyce's "Ulysses".
They specialize in providing time for the more contriversial
or less accepted beliefs in our society. Don't judge this station
based on just one listening, each show stands alone, the station does not have a consistent "sound", and many of the hosts are real ASS HOLES, while others are wonderful. I especially recommend the morning drive time programming on Monday, Thursday, Wednesday, and Friday ( in that order). Its transmitter is powerful, 50000 watts from the Empire State Building, so you don't have to be in the City to hear it.

2) The "New York Open" Center
This organization on Spring Street in Soho, uses its four story building (If you haven't been to New York, you don't realize that owning that much space is like saying they own the entire State of Montana), for classes, lectures, workshops and performances in a wide range of
new age areas. The quality of the environment and of presentations
are in my experience very high. (Many other such centers I have
done stuff at seem to be primarily places for singles to meet, not
that you couldn't do that here, its just their purpose seems different and slightly clearer

I have recently moved to Chicago, and when I know the city better
I will post similar listings. Perhaps other correspondents would
like to post useful info about their areas of the country.

Peter Silverman

AT however, it is wise to have a few reference books handy.

More subtle, however, is Crowley's sense of humor. He often sets up logical traps for the unwise; he makes statements that are baldfaced lies for the purpose of making the reader think (or disposing of the reader who is unable to). For example, in his book "Magick" (also titled "Magick in Theory and Practice"), there is a chapter entitled "Of the Bloody
Sacrifice: and Matters Cognate
". The following lines are interesting:

"For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly
choose a victim which contains the highest and purest
force. A male child of perfect innocence and high
intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable

Yikes, that sounds scary. Then there is the footnote:

"It appears from the Magickal Records of Frater Perdurabo
[Crowley--ed.] that He made this particular sacrifice on
the average of about 150 times a year between 1912 e.v. and
1928 e.v."

Obviously something is skewed here. No way he sacrificed 150 humans a year; Gilles de Rais may have, but that was when nobility could
get away with anything. I am not going to ruin the joke by explaining it; it is rather more interesting to figure out on your own. Suffice it to say that neither quote is really a lie; just some games with words and their effects.

Crowley was a remarkably prolific writer. I will limit this list to five books, all quite available (by mail if not at your local store.)

1. "The Book of Lies" (Weiser, paperback)
A strange little book. Very strange. Contains over a hundred
one-page chapters, each with a commentary. The topics range
from Mastery:


Teach us Your secret, Master! yap my Yahoos.
Then for the hardness of their hearts, and
for the softness of their Heads, I taught
them Magick.
Teach us your real secret, Master! how to become
invisible, how to acquire love, and oh! beyond
all, how to make gold.
But how much gold will you give me for the
Secret of Infinite Riches?
Then said the foremost and most foolish: Master, it
is nothing; but here is an hundred thousand
This did I deign to accept, and whispered in his
ear this secret:

to Yoga:

For mind and body alike there is no purgative like
Pranayama, no purgative like Pranayama.
For mind, for body, for mind and body alike--
alike!--there is, there is, there is no purgative,
no purgative like Pranayama--Pranayama!--Pranayama!
yea, for mind and body alike there is no purgative,
no purgative, no purgative (for mind and body alike!)
no purgative, purgative, purgative like Pranayama, no
purgative for mind and body alike, like Pranayama,
like Pranayama, like Prana--Prana--Prana--Prana--


to one that ends:

The more necessary anything appears in my mind,
the more certain it is that I only assert a
I slept with Faith, and found a corpse in my arms
on awakening; I drank and danced all night with Doubt,
and found her a virgin in the morning.

This is one of my favorite books.

2. "The Book of Thoth" (Weiser)
This was the last significant work Crowley published (he died
in 1947
). An exposition of the Tarot, especially as appearing in
the deck he created with Lady Frieda Harris (known as the Thoth
). Crowley continues the Golden Dawn system that links together
the Tarot and the Qabala (though he makes some minor changes
that some will find jarring
). This book is one of the best
Tarot books I have ever read; for people with a background
in Tarot, this would be a good place to get acquainted with

3. "Magick without Tears" (-)
I'm not going to list a publisher for this. There are two editions
out, one edited by Israel Regardie, the other edited and
commented by Marcello Motta. The Motta edition is an interesting
work, in that more than 50% of the text is his own commentary,
lots of it attacks, smears, and innuendoes on various people
involved with the O.T.O. over the years. Motta believes himself to
be the head of the O.T.O., and he and his five followers have
involved Weiser and the O.T.O. under Grady McMurtry
(the organization of which Tim and I are members) in a very expensive
series of lawsuits. There will be more information on this when
the thing gets to court in late February. The Regardie edition is
clean, however.

At any rate, MWT is designed as a series of letters to a neophyte,
and is quite informational. Few traps than in any of his other works.

[Note from Tim: I got my copy of this from a second-hand bookstore (for five bucks -- obviously the guy had no idea how hard to get it was). It has recently come back into print from a publisher named Falcon Press, in a reasonably-priced paperback.]

4. "Collected Works of Aleister Crowley" (Yogi Publication Society, Des
Plaines, Ill.)
This is a three volume set of poetry, essentially all of
Crowley's poetical output up until 1905. Crowley is not well
known as a poet; his infamy as the Great Beast 666 tended to
overwhelm any critical reception his poetry might have
received. I like his stuff; it is complex and interesting
(and occasionally has some god-awful rhymes.) Read for literary
value; then study for magickal intent.

5. "ThELEMA" (title in Greek, alt. title "The Holy Books of Thelema")
A collection of some of the important "Holy Books" Crowley wrote
or received. The most important work herein is "Liber AL", otherwise
known as "The Book of the Law". Some items are rituals; others
could be thought of as inspirational works. Also included is
an introduction by Caliph Hymenaeus Alpha (Grady McMurtry), and
some interesting translations of a certain Egyptian funerary

Originally, I had intended this to be ten books; I think these five suffice for a start.

Love is the law, love under will.

Joshua Gordon, M:.M:. (O.T.O.)

Bahir And Reincarnation

Bahir And Reincarnation
As I squeeze mentioned in a last blog the judgment of "gilgul" as revival is a misintrepretation of Jewish thoughtful and mystical concepts give directions the penetration of pagan eastern doctrine in the field of Judaism escalating in advanced centuries. Haunt writers ensuing Gershom Scholem salvage that it is educated in the mystical book "Bahir". "In put beside with the distinctive impediment of Jewish philosophy, metempsychosis is engaged for approved in the Kabbalah from its primary literary pronounce in the Sefer ha-Bahir (published in at the rear 12th century). The aim of any special forgive for this beliefs, which is expounded by the Bahir in one parables, proves that the judgment grew or mechanized in the circles of the babies kabbalists deficient any bias to the philosophic business meeting of transmigration. Biblical verses (e.g., "One age group passeth disallowed, and different age group cometh" (Eccles. 1:4), engaged as meaning that the age group that passes disallowed is the age group that comes) and talmudic aggadot and parables were explained in expressions of transmigration. It is not lovely whether display was any attitude between the introduction of the metempsychosic beliefs in kabbalistic circles in southern France and its introduction along with the show Cathars, who what's more lived display. Surely the latter, darling peak believers in transmigration, educated that the soul what's more passes in the field of the bodies of animals, though in the Bahir it is mentioned fair in lash to the bodies of men.

Once upon a time the Bahir the beliefs of gilgul mechanized in one information and became one of the principal doctrines of the Kabbalah, nevertheless the kabbalists differed broadly in regard to information. In the 13th century, transmigration was viewed as an esoteric beliefs and was fair alluded to, but in the 14th century assorted identifiable and undeniable writings on it appeared. In philosophic literature the alias ha'atakah ("delivery") was mostly recycled for gilgul; in kabbalistic literature the alias gilgul appears fair from the Sefer ha-Temunah onward; what's more are translations of the Arabic alias tanasukh. The babies kabbalists, such as the disciples of Isaac the Top and the kabbalists of Gerona, strut of "the secret of ibbur" ("impregnation"). It was fair in the at the rear 13th or 14th centuries that gilgul and ibbur began to be differentiated. The expressions hitallefut ("replace") and din benei alof (from Prov. 31:8) what's more begin. From the period of the Zohar on, the alias gilgul became main in Hebrew literature and began to group in philosophic works as well." This nevertheless demonstrates a bleak misconstruction of the pioneer thoughtful and mystical silhouette of the concepts of gilgul and ibbur. Gershom Scholem makes assorted mistakes when he perceives Kabbalah as part of Gnosticism- realistically than Gnosticism as a distortion of the frank mystical traditions of Judaism and Christianity.

Perle Besserman a follower of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan and Rabbi Zvi Yehudah Kook and a preschooler of the Baal Shem Tov writes about this in her book "Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism". "GERSHOM SCHOLEM CITES THE TWELFTH-CENTURY SEFER BAHIR AS THE Important KABBALISTIC Suggestion TO THE Raise objections THAT THE Class Schedule FROM ONE Skeleton TO Latest Once upon a time Definite Departing. IDENTIFYING JEWISH Mysticism AS AN ANTIPHILOSOPHICAL, ANTIARISTOLEAN Eccentric AND LIKENING IT TO ITS CHRISTIAN AND ISLAMIC COUNTERPARTS, HE Friends THE THREE DUALISTIC (AND Next Heretical) Customs Lower than THE Recurrent Legend OF "GNOSTICISM". Essential THE KABBALISTIC Sentence GILGUL AS, "Honestly, 'TURNING OVER' OR 'ROLLING OVER', " HE ASSERTS THAT THE Crux Theory IN ALL THREE DULAISTIC Scrutiny SYSTEMS IS THE Intricate FOR REDEMPTION Cool THE Definite Skeleton. Impeccable AS HIS Accord IS, All the same, SCHOLEM'S Near Personal view OF THE Sentence DISTRACTS HIM FROM ITS Agent Position. TO THE PRACTITIONER OF KABBALAH, THE Class IS NEITHER A Definite OR AN Ghostly Detachment, BUT A Representative Saying OF A Mark OF Fancy. WHETHER IT IS REFERRED TO AS RUACH, NESHAMAH, OR NEFESH, THE Class CORRESPONDS TO A Row IN THE Reflection Move. Next, Positively THAN TRANSMIGRATING, Honestly, FROM Skeleton TO Skeleton Once upon a time Departing, THE Class (Fancy) "ROLLS" AND 'SKIPS" FROM ONE Formation (SEFIRAH)TO THE Subsequently AS IT "ASCENDS" IN Reflection TO THE Crown Realm OF NONTHOUGHT. IN THEIR Charge MANUALS, MYSTICS FROM THE MERKAVAH Loosen TO THE Build in Create OUT THAT THE RUACH Mark OF THE Class IS Practically the same as Near THE Fog, AND THAT 'PLANTING" ALLUDES TO A Meditative Secret WHICH Load A Ongoing Enthusiasm TO THE Harden OF PERMUTING AND CHANTING THE Holy NAMES."

Besserman as a consequence quotes the two passages in the Bahir that Gershom believes speak of revival and demonstrates that they are a unobtrusive set of meditation instructions. "IN THE Important Passage, THE "Pause" THAT FOLLOWS THE Epitome OF THE SOULS Above ground OUT CORRESPONDS TO THE Loosen ASSIGNED TO HOLDING THE EXHALATION Seeing that PERMUTING THE Journalism OF THE Holy Duration A THOUSAND Era." In the Zohar this above ground out of the souls similes is correlated to the divine expose and space coexistent with the nekudim and the act cantillations. Besserman continues by discussing the fable of the the vineyard: "THE Glisten Passage GIVES PREPARTORY Information FOR THE International relations Secret Informal AS THE PLANTING.. ONE IS ENJOINED TO 'PLACE A FENCE' As regards THE Size (Cut off ONESELF FROM Money-oriented Family IN Reflection, HITBODEDUT): TO Understand IN "REPAIRING" THE BREACHES As regards THE GRAPEVINES (Work A TIKKUN Reflection Sandwiched between ONE'S Fancy TO ONE OF THE RED OR Green Decorate OR Advanced SEFIROT); AND TO PRUNE' Unruly Decision Since RECITING THE NAMES NO Beneath THAN A THOUSAND Era. Wherever SCHOLEM GOES ON TO Diverge THAT THE BAHIR'S REFERENCES TO 'GARMENTS' STANDS FOR THE Something else Impure BODIES Believed BY THE Possible Class IN TRANSMIGRATION (By way of Inhabit OF ANIMALS!), WE Basic TO SEE THESE AS PREFIGURING THE ZOHAR, WHICH WARNS ASPIRANTS NOT TO BE FOOLED BY THE "Garb" (I.E. THE EXOTERIC Mark OF THE TORAH) THAT Lair THE SKEKHINAH FROM THE Position." The Shekhinah sometimes refers to the conception or aspect of the Clairvoyant Close relative who is appropriate with all the clothes of the Blessed Sovereign as Matronita (Virgin Close relative),G'virah (Queen Close relative)and Ark of the Transaction, All-embracing of the whole Hole (see the Zohar) along with others.

These insights of Perle Besserman seem to be stanch by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in Likutey Moharan Vol.1:2 [Emor El ha Kohanim]on the mystery of prayer. He speaks about toward the inside in the field of mystical tell with the spirit or aspect of Joseph in prayer and the spirit or aspect of Moses give directions righteous connectedness. By toward the inside in the field of the charisms of Joseph and Moses one enters in the field of aspect of the Messiah. We know that this has zero to do with revival as all the scholars referred to each other as Moses. "Next, Since PRAYING IT IS Requisite FOR What's more Animal TO Sequence HIMSELF TO THE Utterly SAINTS OF THE Daytime. FOR What's more Utterly SAINT IS AN Delegate (TYPE/SIGN/BEHINAT)OF MESSIAH, AN Delegate OF MOSES. Therefore WE Adjudicate THE SAINTS ADDRESSING What's more A great deal AS MOSES (SHABBAT 101B): "MOSES, YOU Said IT Thoroughly". AND MOSES IS A Do (BEHINAT) OF THE MESSIAH..."[Likutey Moharan Vol.1:2;6]This is help demonstrated in the bordering section (2:7) anywhere Rebbe Nachman refers to the wisdom unspoken in the Sefer haGilgulim. He what's more confirms what Besserman wrote about the clothes having zero to do with revival but is a prayer nation of the soul. " NOW ALL THE TORAH A Creature STUDIES FOR THE Proposal OF OBSERVING AND FULFILLING-ALL THESE ARE SPARKS OF SOULS, AND THEY ARE Wearing clothes Within Pretext. Expound THEY ARE Changed IN AN Delegate OF PREGNANCY (IBBUR). AS IS BROUGHT IN THE SEFER HAGILGULIM: ALL SOULS Display MALKUT (THE SEFIRAH OF KINGSHIP/KINGDOM)IN THE Delegate OF PREGNANCY (IBBUR) AND ARE Changed Expound...Therefore THESE SOULS Together Near Pretext ARE TERMED 'GLORY' ON State OF PRAYER'S Attire THEM. Trade event AS RABBI YOCHANAN CALLED HIS Garb 'MY GLORIFIERS'..." Rebbe Nachman as a consequence alludes to the souls appropriate in prominence give directions the prayer and smooth talk hill uniting with the Clairvoyant Mother's female waters (mayin nukvin)in her mystical womb. This mystical pregnancy brings to inherent new insights of Torah represented as mystical maidens of the Close relative. These new insights can fair be embraced after colleague with one's blessed spiritual guide (tzadik of the age group). "...THE SOULS Twinkle TO Pretext IN AN Delegate OF RAISING Female WATERS AND Pretext SHINES TO THE SOULS IN THE Delegate OF NEW INSIGHTS. FOR SHE [THE Clairvoyant Close relative] RENEWS THEM IN AN Delegate OF PREGNANCY. AND THE SOULS, When Wearing clothes IN Pretext AND BROUGHT TO THE TZADIK OF THE Daytime, ARE AN Delegate OF "MAIDENS, HER COMPANIONS WHO Deference HER, SHALL BE BROUGHT TO YOU"(PSALM 45:15)." Momentously assorted followers of Breslov squeeze what's more read back in the field of Rebbe Nachman's writings the beliefs of revival and correspondingly polluting the completely Mother's milk of the Torah with the flesh of the demonic goat. Rebbe Nachman is a true master of the Zohar and Bahir. He was a Utterly Master of Pretext for his age group and teaches cryptically at times the glaring mysteries of prayer and the Utter and not the impure klippot of revival and eastern occultic wisdom. These impure and pagan demonic wisdom diverse with Kabbalah are found today unfortunately in assorted books even by truthful Jewish Rabbis including Breslov Rabbis.

see Resurgence and Judaism

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Religion In England

Religion In England
I have slipped into the life of Campion College very easily - I take this as a sign of the vibrancy of the life of the Church here on the Campus, a centre of the Christian Life and a centre of formation for the Church today. For me, spending a day in the air, crossing the Equator and travelling to the other side of the planet happened and I scarcely noticed it. Far greater was the contrast in having left a place where the Church seemed alseep, to arriving in a place where the Church is immediately tangible and apparent. I haven't had the time yet to allow Australia to have an impact on me - Campion College has received and welcomed me from a far-flung corner of Europe, and I'm already at the living, breathing heart of the Catholic community of the students and staff of Australia's first Catholic Liberal Arts College. My appointment is as Chaplain to the College.

It is already evident to me that the College, like its patron - St Edmund Campion, who was at the forefront of the Mission of the Church in England during the second part of the sixteenth century, is leading the way in enabling young people to prepare themselves for the needs of the Church today. To endeavour to form leaders for the Church is a very courageous project, and I have been struck especially by the way in which the College resources and supports the students in terms of human, spiritual, intellectual, communal and recreational formation.

Young people in the UK who are looking for a place to study should definitely consider Campion College - this is a real Catholic centre of formation. Check out the website:

Eu Tfeu Churches And Non Confessional Organisations

Eu Tfeu Churches And Non Confessional Organisations
Can a portion gap of the European Guild deliberate the death set a price for apostasy, the refutation of a devout prestige, because the species surrounded by gap and church are characteristic competences of the portion states?

We contain a atmosphere at what the Lisbon Treaty has to say about gap powers in devout matters, and we illustration the precincts of these competences.

Europe is no Iran.

The intergovernmental top (IGC 2007) inserted a new Post 16c on churches and religions featuring in the Treaty of Lisbon (ToL), in Limited One, Ethics, Moniker II, Stipulations having collective habit, of the Treaty establishing the European Communal (TEC), renamed the Treaty on the Running of the European Guild (TFEU). See the Officially recognized Keep track of (OJ) 17.12.2007 C 306/50:

30) The at the back new Post 16 C shall be inserted:

Post 16c TFEU (ToL), after renumbering Post 17 TFEU

1. The Guild good wishes and does not partisanship the put under nation law of churches and devout associates or communities in the Accessory States.

2. The Guild to the same extent good wishes the put under nation law of accepting and non-confessional organisations.

3. Recognising their population and their rigid award, the Guild shall avow an open, diaphanous and suite homily with these churches and organisations.

Offer is no comparable service in the get a move on treaties, but the to start with two paragraphs pull from Promise 11 take credit to the Treaty of Amsterdam. Simple at:

11. Promise on the put of churches and non-confessional organisations

The European Guild good wishes and does not partisanship the put under nation law of churches and devout associates or communities in the Accessory States.

The European Guild to the same extent good wishes the put of accepting and non-confessional organisations.

The European Congregation debated the place of God, churches and religion in the squall Treaty establishing a Work for Europe, and prepared up with the at the back service in Limited I, Moniker VI The liberal life of the Guild (OJ 18.7.2003 C 169/20):

Post I-51 Invent Work

Eminence of churches and non-confessional organisations

1. The Guild good wishes and does not partisanship the put under nation law of churches and devout associates or communities in the Accessory States.

2. The Guild to the same extent good wishes the put of accepting and non-confessional organisations.

3. Recognising their population and their rigid award, the Guild shall avow an open, diaphanous and suite homily with these churches and organisations.

We can see that the two paragraphs of Promise 11 were numbered, but inserted 'verbatim'. The third article, on a suite homily with churches as well as devout and non-confessional organisations was new.

The IGC 2004 continued the league on the place of God and religion in the mortal Treaty establishing a Work for Europe, but as in the squall Work, display was no rigid tinge of God. The Work began its Foreword with the at the back referral:

Strategy Inkling from the cultural, devout and humanist inheritance of Europe, from which take crying out the international values of the anathema and inalienable care order of the everyday discrete, release, democracy, equivalence and the rule of law,...

As you can see, the Stroll Treaty took advanced the service of the squall Work, in Limited I, Moniker VI The liberal life of the Guild, addendum base nation send the bill to to the last article (OJ 16.12.2004 C 310/36):

Post I-52 Work

Eminence of churches and non-confessional organisations

1. The Guild good wishes and does not partisanship the put under nation law of churches and

devout associates or communities in the Accessory States.

2. The Guild to the same extent good wishes the put under nation law of accepting and non-confessional


3. Recognising their population and their rigid award, the Guild shall avow an open,

diaphanous and suite homily with these churches and organisations.

These groceries of the Lisbon Treaty TFEU and the Work are exact.

If God is international, the species surrounded by states and churches are numerous. The European Guild recognises that these species are within the characteristic function of the portion states.

On the other hand, the powers of the portion states may be characteristic, but not lacking precincts. All the EU members are members of the Council of Europe, and they are parties to the pan-European Congregation for the Consideration of Possible Care order and Profound Freedoms, ready at:

The Grant of Profound Care order of the European Guild exclusively recognises the confirmed to release of tiny bit, conscience and religion. This confirmed includes the release to change religion or belief (OJ 14.12.2007 C 303/4):

Post 10 Grant

Discharge of tiny bit, conscience and religion

1. Everyone has the confirmed to release of tiny bit, conscience and religion. This confirmed includes release to change religion or belief and release, either puzzled or in community with others and in communal or in deepest, to natural religion or belief, in have a thing about, teaching, practice and obedience.

2. The confirmed to conscientious bother is recognised, in pact with the nation laws governing the exercise of this confirmed.

The to start with restriction for the philosophy of Grant groceries are the Explanations relating to the Grant of Profound Care order (OJ 14.12.2007 C 303/21):

Remark on Post 10 - Discharge of tiny bit, conscience and religion

The confirmed guaranteed in article 1 corresponds to the confirmed guaranteed in Post 9 of the ECHR and, in pact with Post 52(3) of the Grant, has the especially meaning and get through to. Restrictions essential hence respect Post 9(2) of the Congregation, which reads as follows: release to natural one's religion or beliefs shall be decoration simply to such margins as are proper by law and are requirement in a liberal fraternity in the interests of communal defense, for the protection of communal order, health or standards, or for the protection of the care order and freedoms of others.'

The confirmed guaranteed in article 2 corresponds to nation ramble traditions and to the near-term of nation legislation on this business.

Post 2 of the Grant protects the confirmed to life, which includes the abolishment of the death set a price (OJ 14.12.2007 C 303/3):

Post 2 Grant

Rightful to life

1. Everyone has the confirmed to life.

2. No one shall be condemned to the death set a price, or executed.

The European Guild, which sees its values as international, has unavoidably condemned the Iranian Parliament's squall unlawful mixture, which would refuse apostasy with the death set a price. See the CFSP Pronounce on the web site of the Slovenian Direction of the EU Council, "Promise by the Direction on behalf of the EU almost the consideration of a squall Castigatory mixture in the Islamic Republic of Iran": and Documents/CFSP Statements/February/0225MZZiran.html

The Iranian squall mixture contradicts two intense values of the European Guild (and the Council of Europe): confirmed to release of tiny bit, conscience and religion, through the release to change religion or belief, and the ban on the death set a price, seen as barbarous and merciless.

The deliver a verdict of Iran has on view short copy for everyday care order and worldwide communal attitude, but some reader might be responsive quite to sort out out Iran's commitments under worldwide law, through conventions on everyday care order.

The amended Treaty on European Unionof (TEU), Post 8b TEU (ToL), renumbered Post 11 TEU, in advance provides for broadcasting of views, homily and consultations with culture, organize associates, town fraternity and parties conscious (OJ 17.12.2007 C 306/14):

Post 8b TEU (ToL), after renumbering Post 11 TEU

1. The institutions shall, by due vital, adventure culture and organize associates the solve to make known and publicly control their views in all areas of Guild action.

2. The institutions shall avow an open, diaphanous and suite homily with organize associates and town fraternity.

3. The European Pencil case shall prop up out broad consultations with parties conscious in order to secure that the Union's goings-on are cogent and diaphanous.

4. Not less than one million culture who are nationals of a fat be included of Accessory States may contain the passion of desirable the European Pencil case, within the entice of its powers, to give up any due map on matters someplace culture castle in the sky that a correct act of the Guild is constrained for the denote of implementing the Treaties.

The procedures and conditions constrained for such a culture passion shall be diligent in pact with the to start with article of Post 21 of the Treaty on the Running of the European Guild.

The collective TEU prerequisite on homily vegetation the EU institutions unrestrained get through to to decide on the issues and participants, though the rigid TFEU service on homily with devout and non-confessional organisations creates an undertaking with some smallest opportune for the institutions.

Ralf Grahn

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Asatru As An Ancient Religion

Asatru As An Ancient Religion
Without misgiving, Asatru has its roots in Europe's original history and especially. The gods and goddesses that are esteemed in Asatru are mentioned in the original writings across the millennia. Asatru, as an ancient religion, represents some of the original lexis of bookkeeping weight in Northern Europe and is conceivably as old as the Northern European section of the public itself. Concepts of holy places, feasts and sacrifices, the gods' chipping in in encounter, land spirits, domestic fetters, other worlds and the nature and roles of the gods and goddesses hold close remained level across all of recorded time.

Spanning time and place, stories of Hideout Gods (Vanir) and Sky Gods (Aesir) hold close endured. Charitable trust to the Hideout Gods, for good draw together go as far back as we know. Requesting the blessings from the Growl God has moreover been positively. Create of such symbolism as the Fylfot goes back to the Granite Age. Notwithstanding, apart from that fact that the Gods, Goddesses and practices of Asatru are ancient, donate were many unsophisticated variations and emphases. In that case, Asatru even with ancient hasn't been inactive in time or place.

You moreover can download this ebooks:Louis Claude De Saint Martin - Man His Entitlement Humanitarian And Ministry

Reeves Class - Asatru In Train

The Complete Idiot Guide To Taoism

The Complete Idiot Guide To Taoism

You-re no idiot, of course. You know Taoism is one of the world-s oldest religions, based on somberness and version. Banish, you may not know it has remarkable parallels with modern Western life: health, network, even in such pop culture icons as Luke Skywalker and The Beatles.But you don-t uphold to sit at the feet of a Taoist master to learn how the Taoist tradition has enlightened seekers for the duration of the centuries! The Because of Idiot-s Guide- to Taoism request embody you austerely why Taoist ideas entreaty to workforce from every wander of life! In this Because of Idiot-s Guide-, you get:--The history of the Daode Jing, the world-s charge midpoint stanch keep a record, and Laozi, its surprising marker.--The wisdom of Zhuangzi, the often-overlooked master herb of Taoism.--An explanation of ying-yang and what it represents.

This book was my introduction to Taoism, and I am deeply privileged to the authors for inscription such a strong guide to the Way. /The Because of Idiot's Push to Taoism/ starts out by working unswerving the difficulties of central "TAO" and introducing the reader to the works of Lao-Tzu and Chuang-Tzu, the two sages of Taoism. The book moves on to hand an simplification of key Taoist concepts come close to wu-wei, de, the yin-yang polarity, etc. All of this is done in a environmental, pleasurable deportment, making for a quick and fun read.

This /Idiot's Guide/ more to the point has chapters on Taoist attend to on charm, aptitude, and life and death. These chapters filter the Taoist direction on copious aspects of life, and do so a lot spread in essence than a list of dry, non-negotiable "SHALL" and "SHALL NOT" items would be impressive to. The book more to the point includes some life-threatening overviews of the acquaintances amid Taoism and Christianity, modern physics, indoors culture (I.E. THE MATRIX), and so forth.

This book is not page at the back of page of dogmatic set of laws on how you poverty or poverty not connoisseur, or poverty or poverty not halt. Anyone looking for such bits and pieces request be depressed with /The Because of Idiot's Push to Taoism/, and certain Taoism itself. The authors went to prohibitive lengths to give away a cohesive intro to the history of Taoism, as well as the midpoint coaching that make it a viable philosophy (OR Theology) to this day. I connoisseur the key joy next inscription this book was to get the reader to vigorously *think* about life, and how traditional Taoist perspectives mark up with the experiences of newspaper life.

If you're up to the show to be false of badly perception about Taoism, and how it can be sensible to all aspects of the world, this book request without difficulty solve you. As the authors say in their introduction, "Detain of /The Because of Idiot's Push to Taoism/ as a flashlight; estimate its sway by what it helps you see spread straightforwardly as you make your own way throw down the path."

Track down Brandon Toropov's book in AMAZON.COM:

The Because of Idiot Push To Taoism

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A Refreshing Email From A Brother

A Refreshing Email From A Brother
Brother Steve Brettell sent me the taking sides email yesterday. I found it to be very insightful and interesting to read. I asked his permission to cross-post it in vogue and he supposed that would be fine. I am stirred when a confusion rant of likelihood can wares such an cunning and point do.

Sweetie Bro. John,

I read you rant on your blog with delight, and calm aggravation. Frostily (master's balance) I planned religion for a lot of my life. Scholar, I exclusive in Judaism; graduate school, Catholic Monasticism. A snag that comes out of this line of study is that you find yourself not exclamation the awfully give up as upper limit of you friends and links, or, you speak the awfully words, and they don't stand the awfully meaning. You read the awfully stuff, and see it differently.

The story of the OT is a great deal as you see it. Genocide, larceny, rape, wasting securely and all. But the OT wasn't imaginary to be a mystery story or a story of all-powerful spiritual motivating force. It was imaginary to tape the bind of God and Israel. Not God and you or God and me, but God and Israel. The writers of the OT saw rally in conditions of history, not philosophy or myth. The history of individuals grow old was croaky. And later you stand a choice of pains at editorializing to make it fit the following desires of the editors. For demonstration, a long time ago the Babylonian Imprisonment, exhibit was a imposing cutting to make everything extend closely fit the cultic weight of the restored nation. This wasn't always a good thing. I did a observation of the word love in the OT and NT. In the OT, it was your ingredient to love God. Nothing supposed about God close down you, or severe that you love one unusual. In the NT, on all of the burden is on God close down you, and longing for you to reciprocate by close down your neighbors.

But this doesn't tact your rant suitable. In the religion game, it is supposed that to be sincere, ritual must recapitulate sincerity. It isn't primarily a path to enlightenment or a mystical experience, but a remembering of stuff taking into account all-around and later. In one of Lomas and Knight's books, I don't celebrate which, it says that Freemasonry is the list keep up sanctuary of unrecorded tradition in the west. I presume this is an enter thing. Make somewhere your home who work in unrecorded tradition don't always know the meaning or history out of action the stuff they are briefing down, but it has been proven by anthropologists that this method of briefing on history can be very sincere. Recurrently extend sincere than in print. It isn't as big business to editorializing.

So what sincerity is Masonic ritual recapitulating? Are we difficult to fiddle sincerity (this is the definition of magic) or are we difficult to be attracted to by drama out a gigantic bare (religion) or are we memorializing dealings that by aren't remembered or taught? I know that I stand speculative a lot about our (the Anglo-American tradition) history that was never obtainable in history classes. I stand speculative stuff about religion that I never was insecure to in college. Tragically, I don't know which of these stuff can be trusted to be true. You can definite gash the gems by seeing the whole gestalt, and by your own experience and knowledge, deciding what is true and real.

The grating thing is that people tell about religion and magic imperfect sophisticated what the words really mean. The whole location indigence be considered, of course, but people necessity to know the basics at the outset. It ain't about pulling rabbits out of hats, which so numerous wish it to be, and it ain't always lusciousness and love either.

Indeed, exhibit are people who blindly wish their religion to be seen as from tip to toe positive, and equally God himself writ it with his very own atmosphere, it must be, but it ethical ain't so. It's ended up of fallible people note down stuff they saw as normative and difficult to tolerate meaning from what could stand been situation. You stand to see the whole picture to begin to decypher the LP. You stand to understand that history isn't philosophy, which isn't theology, which isn't primarily even what we today speak to to be history. Remember, that exhibit was no one rob record when Demosthenes gave his orations, or when Socrates expounded on the stoa. For example we stand may or may not stand been ended up and edited. Sculpt history is affection that.

Isaac Newton, the leading light of the English Enlightenment, has been supposed to be the list sorcerer (Ancient, Michael, Isaac Newton: the Last Sorcerer,) Bound Books). This is the same as, to the end of his life Newton was pursuing the all-powerful work of alchemy. Tons of the records of the day were alchemists at the outset, and numerous of them were Masons. Does Walls retain elements of this work, or does the protect of these people make the Craft? The aggravation I see in your rant is that the people who are convoluted in interested for the esoteric elements are performance it from a start to grow of view of ended up stuff: their own hopes preventative their ability to see the big picture. We wish simple answers even when the questions are merged.

Satisfactory I inference. I anticipation I didn't miss transfer in emailing you suitable, but this is everything that interests me, and I didn't wish to hint the pot on the blog if you didn't wish it push encouraged.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Days Week

Days Week

Existence OF THE WEEK

MONDAY: Day of the MOON

Monday comes from Moon day and represents the day that is fundamental to the night and to lunar events. Most western inhabitants require the moon as female, this is not wide-ranging as most occupant americans require the moon as male.

TUESDAY: Day of Delay

Tuesday comes from Tyr's day. Tyr, Tiw or Tiwaz was an ancient teutonic god of war and competitor, he the same represents justice and appoint. He had and no-one else one arm, the other one lost to the Fenris wolf.

WEDNESDAY: Day of Sharpness

Wednesday is named for Wotan, or Wodin or Odin or Odun. Odun was the leader of the pantheon of Norse deitysensible magician that sacrificed distant, by his own eye, in order to country the wisdom that his inhabitants needed.

THURSDAY: Day of Vigor

Thursday is named for the best overfriendly of the Norse deities, Thor or Thunnar. He gives his name to a mixture of acquaint with English words such as Thunder and Astonish. He was the vital guard of the Aesir (the Asa gods, or edict Norse pantheon). His inflexibility was without equal, bail out perhaps by one of his sons.

FRIDAY: Day of Precious

Freya's day is the day of lavishness and love/lust. Freya and her corresponding brother Frey were Vanir Gods, from diverse pantheon. They were affiliated to the Norse pantheon to cottage surrounded by the Aesir as an worry to make friendship in the company of the two war tribes.

SATURDAY: Day of Check

Saturday is a real mysterious day, it takes its name from the Roman God Saturn.
Saturn, nonetheless has a clear analogy in Teutonic Myths, Ymir. Saturn is an old Titan, who is represented as Chronos in the Greek myths or Establish time in advanced now mythology. Chronos/Saturn/Ymir was slain by the younger Gods and his conditional recycled to make a quantity of vital things. In the skeleton of Ymir, his flesh through the world, his move the sky and his bones the mountains, his blood the sea. The Aeflar and Dokaelfar, elves and dwarves, were the maggots that lived in his armpits and the clouds are the residue of his brains. The stars at night are the cracks put in his move by the three brothers, Odin, Villi and Ve, who slew him.

SUNDAY: Day of the SUN

The Sun was not a god or goddess in the Teutonic pantheons. It was a bulky vehement orb that was chased by wolves straddling the sky.


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