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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Animal Magick The Lynx

Animal Magick The Lynx

Individual Totem:



Lynx is the custodian of lost magic and occult knowledge. Lynx is the defender of the secrets and, arrogant highly, the knower of the secrets. Lynx restore to health is a very exclusive type of clairvoyance. If the restore to health is strong in you, you attitude get mental pictures connecting clan and the secrets they hide. You attitude see their qualms, lies, and self-deceptions. Along with a Lynx totem, clan attitude put together their secrets with you. They attitude assemble you trendy their firmness and you attitude "accidentally" connect substance about clan (whether you yearn to or not). You requisite be very precise not to break confidences. Your words requisite be choose by ballot intently and recycled ponderously. Power made intermission requisite be your clich. You do not cling to to do what with the secrets you learn, you, be interested in the Lynx, are the custodian of secrets. Concentrate to your leader self.

Protector of the ancient secrets,

Educationalist of the thick skills,

Address my core and creature to wisdom,

Fill my days with strengthened attitude.

Exhibit the bashful truth of extract,

The part of us we go dead to see.

O lynx of optimistic, thick secrets,

Believe aid and wisdom now to me.