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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Lammas Is Coming

Lammas Is Coming
Ample of blogs are animated with aspiration of Lammas or Lughnasadh, the production cavalcade at the beginning of Esteemed.

Bad witch has a list of Lammas festivals and events in the UK.

The Leyton Lammas Lands Defence Assign option be holding their annual picnic to backing the general land of Leyton Marshes, traditional as the Lammas Lands.

Moon and Hunter has a lovely round-up of stuff to make at Lammas: homemade cash, corn dollies, apple candle-holders, pentacle wreaths finished from grapevine, a corn joystick, other corn crafts, and a garlic plait (together with relations to sites with orders and photos).

Witches' Craft is fervent about Lammas for example s/he option be drinking it with the newly-formed Middle Illinois Pagan Society:

It's general to abide three generations of participants at our open rituals, and members abide brought non-Pagan friends and Capacious Others. It's put the last touches on to be back in a Pagan community another time.Pagan Soccer Mom has a picture of her altar with a Lammas corn dolly, and shows us the witchy chairs give or take her home, sparkly on how good it is to be out of the broom covert with friends and terrace, so she doesn't abide to small package all the stuff prohibited for instance culture come to her house. has a brief history of Lammas by Patti Wigington, as well as some reflections about the contemplation of cash to our ancestors: In our modern world, it's smoothly easy to not bother the trials and ills our family unit had to hindrance. For us, if we want a loaf of cash, we simply fight another time to the native land grocery store and buy a few gear of prepackaged cash. If we run out, it's no big sympathetic, we reasonable go and get aristocratic. In the function of our family unit lived, hundreds and thousands of get-up-and-go ago, the harvesting and presidency of grit was main. If crops were spent in the fields too crave, or the cash not uninteresting in time, families can starve. Embezzle trouble of one's crops destined the alteration amid life and death.Third Eternity has an generous post about Lammas, Lughnasadh and the god Lugh, together with suggestions for ritual and activities:

Sketch out to go blueberry alternative, or some nearby harvesting bustle. Hang around in a farmer's conduct and buy a imposing smooth of some vegetable to preserve, and in addition to abide the whole Ball get together to do it. (Pickling is foul, but a person gets a jar or two to get through over the winter. Any jam, uphold or preserve works.) To the same extent the whole Ball shares the amount of the whole movement, the amount is trouble-free.WyrdWillow, a Celtic Reconstructionist, explores the model of Lugh with the land and the weather:

The god Lugh is respected by several at this time, as he is a deity of storms and lightning, very the storms of delayed summer. Except, down in the dumps rain on the day of the cavalcade is seen as his presence and his bestowing of blessings. Several CRs also appoint the goddess Tailitu on this day, and may poll to incorporate the Cailleachan ("Blizzard Hags") from shocking the crops, extreme in the way appeals are finished to Lugh.Last but not least, I must say Academy of the Seasons, which bit not a blog, offers sustained and brilliantly written meditations on the festivals. I unremittingly use it as a starting horizontal for devising rituals.