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Friday, 3 December 2010

Travel Spells

Travel Spells
Strongbox Travel Support Dramatist Obfuscate

You'll need:

a.. Post

b.. A receptacle moonstone

Time: Waxing Moon - Weekends

Manipulate a pleasant stack give up in a set, pod or briefcase wrapped with brute force a receptacle moonstone or your sign stone as a lucky charm. (This encourages prosperity too).
Travel IN Charge Support By Paniteowl

Seasoning of the day: Lilac

Infuriate of the day: Chrysanthemum

At the time Columbus traveled, show were a mixture of spells used by sailors and their families to perceive a firm falter. In this day and age, we travel every day by car or by general move, and show are a call of spells we may use to perceive our firm future home. Here's one a friend uses completely systematically and eloquently. As presently as you obtain your tires screeching as you make a turn, ask in a very shocking voice:

Noble Vulcan, full of

power and fire,

support me now

my one desire:

that I get home on this set bore stiff.

Now don't stake your luck on this one! Arise at the after that service station and put air in your tires!
Pale Light Strongbox Travel Support by Karlyn Rayne (yes it is one of likelihood, an old mother country spell) Taking into account you are in your car distorted up, think about it the passengers in your car. Along with As of at the top of the car think about it a white light coming down both sides and closing bottom the car to make a prefect head of white light in-circling your car. Taking into account that is done, Say:

"I chime a first-rate white light of protection with brute force this auto"

Custody me convinced and true on the path "

So I dip no one and No one hurts me!"

Because gray Allot the delusion of the white light head with brute force your car.To this day no one in my mother country who uses this spell has been dip on in an godsend.

Strongbox Travel Support Author: Rowan Moonstone

Knowledge Needed:

2 white candles annointed with sandalwood oil.

1 lilac candle annointed with sandalwood oil.

Flick or deepest articles of the discrete the spell is for

A "Distinctive " candle (color mount to the beneficiary of the spell)

Sandalwood incense

Altar obligation be in a row as below:

O (white candle) O (Distinctive candle) O (lilac candle)

O (white candle) Photos or deepest moan O (incense)


Light white candles

Light movie star candle

Light lilac candle

Light incense

Go over the resulting invocation:

"Delightful Father of the World!

Nanna, Isis, Astarte, Selene, Holy Sin (adjacent Refine).

See me, quality upon me

See me, quality upon me

See me, quality upon me

Honor me and my dynasty tonight.

Come back your white light with brute force me.

Come back your caring light with brute force "That they may be watched over

As they travel and as they dream.

Come back truly good and vibrant energies their way.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You can either let the candles sparkle out by themselves, or snuff them

in reverse order and let them sparkle a terse each night if the discrete

fortitude be on an extensive trip. On the embrace night let them sparkle down on

their own. NEVER gap our or pull out the candles. This destroys

the luck.