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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Days Week

Days Week

Existence OF THE WEEK

MONDAY: Day of the MOON

Monday comes from Moon day and represents the day that is fundamental to the night and to lunar events. Most western inhabitants require the moon as female, this is not wide-ranging as most occupant americans require the moon as male.

TUESDAY: Day of Delay

Tuesday comes from Tyr's day. Tyr, Tiw or Tiwaz was an ancient teutonic god of war and competitor, he the same represents justice and appoint. He had and no-one else one arm, the other one lost to the Fenris wolf.

WEDNESDAY: Day of Sharpness

Wednesday is named for Wotan, or Wodin or Odin or Odun. Odun was the leader of the pantheon of Norse deitysensible magician that sacrificed distant, by his own eye, in order to country the wisdom that his inhabitants needed.

THURSDAY: Day of Vigor

Thursday is named for the best overfriendly of the Norse deities, Thor or Thunnar. He gives his name to a mixture of acquaint with English words such as Thunder and Astonish. He was the vital guard of the Aesir (the Asa gods, or edict Norse pantheon). His inflexibility was without equal, bail out perhaps by one of his sons.

FRIDAY: Day of Precious

Freya's day is the day of lavishness and love/lust. Freya and her corresponding brother Frey were Vanir Gods, from diverse pantheon. They were affiliated to the Norse pantheon to cottage surrounded by the Aesir as an worry to make friendship in the company of the two war tribes.

SATURDAY: Day of Check

Saturday is a real mysterious day, it takes its name from the Roman God Saturn.
Saturn, nonetheless has a clear analogy in Teutonic Myths, Ymir. Saturn is an old Titan, who is represented as Chronos in the Greek myths or Establish time in advanced now mythology. Chronos/Saturn/Ymir was slain by the younger Gods and his conditional recycled to make a quantity of vital things. In the skeleton of Ymir, his flesh through the world, his move the sky and his bones the mountains, his blood the sea. The Aeflar and Dokaelfar, elves and dwarves, were the maggots that lived in his armpits and the clouds are the residue of his brains. The stars at night are the cracks put in his move by the three brothers, Odin, Villi and Ve, who slew him.

SUNDAY: Day of the SUN

The Sun was not a god or goddess in the Teutonic pantheons. It was a bulky vehement orb that was chased by wolves straddling the sky.