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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Cleansing And Purifying Your Magickal Tools With Sage

Cleansing And Purifying Your Magickal Tools With Sage Cover Yes you should always cleanse and purify your Magickal Tools. especially if one of your friends with their curiosity has handled them. This will get rid of their energy that they may have put forth on them. You only want to have your energy into your Magickal Tools. You should also use it to cleanse and purify your Alter and your Crystals. Simply light the Smudge Stick and hold it in one hand and take the Magickal Tool in the other hand. Wave the Smudge Stick around the Tool cleansing and purifying ita. imagining all the unwanted energy leaving it and pure white light entering it. If you?re going to do thisa. go ahead and do all your tools and crystals and such. I know I have to do this because my Alter is out in the open and one of my friends or family will come by and always touch or pick up something on my Alter out of their own curiosity. You can?t blame them. If I was mainstream thinking and went to someone's house and saw these thingsa. I would want to touch them too. Curiosity killed the cat!

Sage is a wonderful herb that is not only good for cooking and Alternative Medicines but has great spiritual benefits. There are so many types of Sage out there but we are only going to discuss 1 typea the White Sage (Salvia Apiana) used for Smudge Sticks.

There is also the Diviners Sage (Salvia Divinorum) which is a Hallucinogenica but we wont get into that since our wonderful Government has made in illegal now in many states. Welcome to the Control System just like organized Religion!

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Marcus Bottomley - Nine Proven Magical Rites
Stephen Mitchell - Learning Magic In The Sagas

Full Moon Ritual Group

Full Moon Ritual Group Cover

Book: Full Moon Ritual Group by Anonymous

The Esbat takes place on the nights of the New Moon and the nights of the Full Moon. On these nights, the coven usually does any kind of magical work and business they need to. It is enacted, hopefully every Full Moon.

Set up: Place a candle in each of the four cardinal directions.Lay the rest of the tools on the altar cloth or near it. The altar can be on the ground, a table, a rock or a stump. The altar should be in the center or just North of center of the Circle. Light the six candles and the incense, start the music and begin the ritual.

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Pagan Germany

Pagan Germany Cover

Book: Pagan Germany by Anonymous

It is a well-known fact that Heathens and Pagans face considerable difficulties in Germany. Everything even remotely connected with Paganism in general and any reference to Teutonic culture or history in particular is instantly identified with an ultra-right-wing political attitude or even Neo-Nazism of the vilest sort. So, in spite of religious freedom being a part of the German constitution, Pagans and Heathens have to cope with severe social restrictions. Most choose to live "secret lives", taking care not be identified with their religion because they want to keep their jobs, have a chance applying for an apartment and walk
the streets without being mobbed and harassed. Others drift towards the fringes of society, where the real Neo-Nazi groups and the witchhunters of the extreme left, the so-called "Antifa", wait for them.

In the last years, the situation has improved mostly because of the activity of the Rabenclan (Raven Clan), an all-Pagan organization. Rabenclan cooperates with the Nornirs Aett, an Asatru group that initiated this project. The Ariosophy Project is dedicated to explore and explain the still existing and once (until the mid-nineties) dominating role of real right wing and fascist groups and ideologies in the German Pagan scene. The solving of this problem is evidently crucial, and
everybody who is not of their ilk of course agrees that racism, Nazism, authoritarian structures and totalitarian systems are an anathema to Paganism and Heathendom, which are, to make a very simple but important point, about freedom.

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Historical And Literary Studies Pagan Jewish And Christian

Historical And Literary Studies Pagan Jewish And Christian Cover

Book: Historical And Literary Studies Pagan Jewish And Christian by Adolph Von Menzel

Bruce M Metzger is one of the best and brightest stars in biblical scholarship. Why hasn't someone reissued all his books?

This one is especially valuable for the chapter titled "When Did Scribes Begin To Use Writing Desks?" No, I am not kidding. This is actually chock full of important information, especially for anyone interested in Christian studies.

Let me explain. Ever read any of the Jesus-was-a-myth books? One of the standard charges these writers make is that there are very few examples of anyone quoting from the gospels or Paul's letters until quite late. Why?

As it turns out, there are very, very few quotations of any kind, in any kind of writing, secular or Christian. And the reason is simple enough: the papyrus roll. First, it was simply difficult to find the text you wanted in a papyrus roll.

The second reason is the way a papyrus roll was read. And that brings me back to Metzger's very absorbing and detailed explanation of what we know about how readers and scribes used papyrus rolls. From every picture we have, as well as from descriptions, it appears rolls were not read at desks. Ever. Instead, a man would sit cross-legged on the ground, or else hold the rolls in one hand while he read.

No wonder exact quotes were rare until the codex came into use.

Download Adolph Von Menzel's eBook: Historical And Literary Studies Pagan Jewish And Christian

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Adolph Von Menzel - Historical And Literary Studies Pagan Jewish And Christian

Wicca Tools Used In Magic Rituals

Wicca Tools Used In Magic Rituals Cover The Wiccan practice usually includes a special set of magical tools. These may include a knife called an athame, a wand, a pentacle and a chalice, but other tools include a broomstick known as a besom, a cauldron, candles, incense and a curved blade known as a boline. An altar is usually present in the circle, on which ritual tools are placed and representations of the God and the Goddess may be displayed. Before entering the circle, some traditions fast for the day, and/or ritually bathe. After a ritual has finished, the God, Goddess and Guardians are thanked and the circle is closed.

A more sensationalised aspect of Wicca, particularly in Gardnerian Wicca, is the traditional practice of working in the nude, also known as skyclad. This practice seemingly derives from a line in Aradia, Charles Leland's supposed record of Italian witchcraft. Skyclad working is mostly the province of Initiatory Wiccans, who are outnumbered by the less strictly observant Eclectics. When they work clothed, wiccans may wear robes with cords tied around the waist, "Renaissance-faire"-type clothing or normal street clothes. Each full moon, and in some cases a new moon, is marked with a ritual called an Esbat.

When practising magic and casting spells, as well as when celebrating various festivals, Wiccans use a variety of rituals. In typical rites, the coven or solitary assembles inside a ritually cast and purified magic circle.

Casting the circle may involve the invocation of the "Guardians" of the cardinal points, alongside their respective classical element; Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Once the circle is cast, a seasonal ritual may be performed, prayers to the God and Goddess are said, and spells are sometimes worked.

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Greg Wotton - Basic Theories On Sex Magic
George Robert Stowe Mead - A Mithraic Ritual
Marcus Bottomley - Nine Proven Magical Rites
Aj Drew - Wicca For Couples Making Magick Together

Pagan Spells Mix Of Spells

Pagan Spells Mix Of Spells Cover

Book: Pagan Spells Mix Of Spells by Al Selden Leif

Spells are simply rituals used to perform magic. As discussed in Using Magic, the particular ritual is only part of what makes magic work. It can, however, be a very important part. rituals help to focus your mind on your goals. Certain items can help to focus the mind in particular directions. By combining particular rituals with particular objects, you can virtually force your mind to focus in the direction you desire.

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Welcome To Occult Community

Welcome To Occult Community Cover The “occult” community is an almost meaningless term denoting the vast numbers of Neo-Pagans, traditional “practitioners,” ceremonial magicians, root workers, card readers, Vitki, Bokurs, exorcists, Brujas, Witches, Warlocks and all the other people who delve into the practice of magic. As America in particular and the West in general has become more accepting of these practices they have become almost mainstream and indeed in the case of Wicca, crystal workings and other practices they have become less part of the “occult’ and more a part of the watered down “New Age” movement that is the bane of true practitioners.

For the past few years I have seen that proficiency in magical practice, familiarity with the literature of the occult and the ability to discern legitimate rituals and techniques from online role playing and media inspired fads disturbingly rare. Today’s “Witch” is more likely to be familiar with organic vegan recipes than the recipe for making the love philters. Today’s Magician will be more apt to sulkily skip dinner and rail on the Internet about a person who has crossed them than resort to the infamous Black Fast. More people have read Twilight in our so-called community than have read Elizabeth Butler’s excellent introduction to the history of Western Magicians Ritual Magic.

When you do find people who claim to have actually practiced some form of the Art you’ll get wild tales of lightning bolts, levitation, or long-winded explanations about how “everything you do” is magic. And that’s if they believe at all; I’ve had more than one self-described Witch tell me rituals and spells didn’t work.

There was a time, my friends, when that Fraternity of Night called to a select few who, through painstaking research, long hours of studying and experimentation and the will to follow the path least tread, accumulate a few jealously guarded and (more importantly) effective spells that ended up scribbled in a journal and perhaps, if we were lucky, passed to trusted friends. But our own secretive nature and elitist mentality has created several new generations of unguided, unfocused and uninformed practitioners who do little but imperil themselves and those around them. For all our complaints it is we older generations, smug and separate, who have created the New Age by not being involved in it. Spell and Ritual is my small way of making up for the lack of leadership many of us have shown.

This will not be a place for moralizing, political debate or personal attacks. Spell and Ritual will only deal with the mechanics of magic and the literature you should be familiar with. Some of what we will be posting will be academic in origin, as this is an essential piece of a practitioner’s education which many people have missed out on. One cannot understand Necromancy, for example, if you are unfamiliar with the long history of Necromancy in Western civilization which is mainly preserved by classical scholars.

Spell and Ritual will not tolerate racism, sexism or any other -ism. There has been a movement among some young Witches to claim the African diaspora traditions (like Voodoo, Santeria, etc) are “evil” and there is quite a bit of bigotry experienced by Christian practitioners of the Arts. This is not acceptable here. Likewise, since I was very young, there has been considerable pressure put on male Witches (even non-Wiccans) to refrain from using the term Warlock. I myself prefer the term but this will not be open for debate. How people describe themselves and their practice will be respected here. That includes those that practice the Left Hand Path. We are not here to debate what is right and wrong, only what does and does not work.

Spell and Ritual is in the process of actively soliciting spells and rituals that people can verify as working, and we are glad to promote books, services, or Web sites that will be of interest to practitioners.

As a quick aside, I have always found the use of “Magick” instead of magic a bit pretentious. It irks me, but if you must, feel free.

This site will be, I hope, a resource for everyone. Please leave your politics and pettiness at the door and use this site to discuss and learn the Mysteries.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Raymond Buckland - Bucklands Book For Spirit Communications
Toby Hemenway - Why We Love The Apocalypse
Anna Moonowl - Drugs Alcohol And The Pagan Community
Edward Smedley - The Occult Sciences
Charles Webster Leadbeater - Occult Chemistry

When You Are Become A Witch

When You Are Become A Witch Cover Technically, the first time you cast a spell of any kind you are a witch. This, in some aspects, is not too different than driving a car. For example, if you get behind the wheel of a car, start it, and hit the gas pedal, you are technically driving. Therefore you are a driver, regardless if you are a licensed driver or not. magick without study and practice can be like driving without a license. You would, technically, be a witch. Of course, like driving without knowing what you're doing, you can cause a lot more trouble than you suspect very quickly.

In this next section, I will be referring to Pagans in general. Remember, wiccans are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Wiccans.

Gods can be a tricky subject... But let me see if I can break it down a bit. Again, the beliefs I'm about to tell you apply to a large portion if Pagans, but not all.

The most basic god is the totality of everything. And I do mean everything. All mater, all concept, every single molecule, electron, thought and essence... "Everything that is." The totality includes us, and we are a part of it. It would not be the same without each and every person, and no person would be without being part of everything else. This brings us to the idea that we are really one with our world, each other, our pets, even our keyboard, the stars, everything. Also, being part of this totality is much of the basis of Magick. But we'll get to that later.

Ok, so we, as individuals, are part of a larger sum... In fact the entire Universe. The Universe may, or may not have a purpose (divine will). In fact, it'd be rather difficult to ever know if it did, because of the absolutely mind boggling expanse of the Universe. Nevertheless, some people claim to know what the Universe is up to (but I sure don't).

Now, because of the difficulty in talking about day to day things in context of absolutely everything, this concept is not used much except for in theological discussion, or in some magickal works. The human mind has a habit of breaking things up into smaller pieces to be handled.

From here, gods are pretty much open, honestly. A god is what you use to symbolize emotions or concepts when you need to concentrate on something. If you feel you are going to go into combat, you would concentrate on Mars (for example) to help prepare you for what lay ahead.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Reginald Scot - The Discoverie Of Witchcraft
Anonymous - So My Kid Is A Witch
Everfool - You Know You Are A Chaote When

The Complete Idiots Guide To Paganism

The Complete Idiots Guide To Paganism Cover

Book: The Complete Idiots Guide To Paganism by Carl Mccolman

You-re no idiot, of course. But finding the perfect expression of your spirituality can prove long and challenging. You might already be attracted to paganism, but considering the variety of traditions and paths that fall in this category, you-ll need a spiritual guide.Seek no further! Whether you-re interested in following the pagan path or just curious to know more, The Complete Idiot-s Guide- to paganism will enlighten you on this fascinating array of nature-based beliefs and practices. In this Complete Idiot-s Guide-, you-ll learn about: * The basic principles of shamanism, druidism, Wicca, and more. * How to deepen your connection to the Goddess, the God, and nature. * The fundamentals of meditation, magic, divination, and spiritual healing. * Tips on incorporating pagan rituals into your modern lifestyle.

A lot of the Idiot's Guides that I have read are really misnamed, because they contain a lot of valuable information about the subject and presented in terms that anyone can understand. I loved this book because it explains virtually every aspect of Paganism. The explanations and descriptions of various Pagan practices, ideals, Sabbats, rituals are kept brief as befits an introductory book. And yet, even after having a handful of other intoductory Pagan books, I found myself learning facts here that I hadn't known about before. The author sticks to the "Pagan philosophy" of "Harm no one" in describing Paganism.

Among topics discussed? Besides the various Pagan Sabbats and pagan ideals, there are chapters devoted to Shamans, Druids, Wicca, the "Spirit World" and the Pagan elements of fire, air, water, and earth. There are four chapters that discuss Pagan rituals and I found the author's claim that we already do rituals in our lives (high school and college graduation, marriage and funerals, for example) very true. I never would have thought about that. There's also several chapters devoted to "Pagan magic," which help to demystify it. The book's last few chapters offer advice on "living the Pagan lifestyle," and there's an extensive list of recommended reading at the book's end. One could spend months reading through the list of books alone if one wanted to.

The more I read about Paganism, the more I realize other religions over the centuries have liberally borrowed its customs and holidays. For anyone wishing to join this path or those already on it seeking to learn more, this book is a wonderful introduction.

Buy Carl Mccolman's book: The Complete Idiots Guide To Paganism

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Simon - The Complete Simon Necronomicon
Samuel Croxall - The Secret History Of Pythagoras
Devi Spring - The Emerging Indo Pagans
Denise Zimmermann - Complete Idiots Guide To Wicca And Witchcraft

Solitary Wicca For Life Complete Guide To Mastering The Craft On Your Own

Solitary Wicca For Life Complete Guide To Mastering The Craft On Your Own Cover

Book: Solitary Wicca For Life Complete Guide To Mastering The Craft On Your Own by Arin Murphy Hiscock

If you prefer a solitary approach to worship and Witchcraft, this is the book for you. You need sound guidance and tools as you work alone to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your abilities.

Author Arin Murphy-Hiscock provides you with everything you need to take your spiritual practice to the next level. Solitary Wicca for Life encourages you to reach beyond the ordinary and create a unique path of worship, using techniques that go further than other texts:

- Advanced Circle Casting-advanced techniques and applications, plus methods for creating sacred space when a circle isn't necessary
- Enriching Ritual-tools and techniques that bring new depth to personal practice, including sacred drama, masks, ritual garb, and symbols
- Crafting Liturgy-Wiccan ritual defined stage by stage, as well as guidelines for writing invocations, prayers, meditations, and personalized rituals for esbats, sabbats, rites of passage, and more
- Drawing Down Deities-invoking deities for guidance, communion, worship, etc.
- Growing as a Solitary Wiccan-the means by which you'll enhance your spiritual growth and reach out to the world at large.

Solitary Wicca for Life is the essential reference handbook you need to reach deeper, go farther, and strengthen your solitary path-one day at a time.

I read lots of Wicca 101 books, especially those that seem to be aimed at the Solitary Practitioner. With many of them, I will find some points that I think the average solitary practitioner may relate to, or that someone, somewhere, will relate to. Many times, however, the material does not "click" with my own personal beliefs, or they do not take the "Traditional Path" when it comes to Wicca, but rather they are "Wiccanish". This is OK for someone else, but not necessarily for me. But I do not judge by my standards alone, but rather the viewpoint that everyone needs material that will relate to them personally.

Reading this book, however, there was more material here that I found I agreed with, related to and found to be "Traditional" with a Solitary spin than other books of this kind. And this, to me, was a big plus.

Ms. Murphy-Hiscock has taken Wicca back to the roots and explores adaptation to the Solitary way of practice. This is a Wicca 101 book, so it makes a good first handbook for the average new Solitary practitioner and yet, it provides some material that the advanced practitioner may want to review because of its accuracy, to augment their Wiccan practice, to add elements of the Traditional or just because it is well written and has much to ponder and contemplate.

I especially enjoyed her overview of Wicca Origins, and her separation of Traditional Wicca from the Eclectic practices that Wicca has evolved into. She covers well the Tenets of Wicca, discusses common metaphors and myths and separates some of the more widely accepted but none the less mistaken beliefs and practices that have crept into modern Wicca. She gives you a good idea of how to go back to the beginning, re-examine the issues and maybe take away a better representation of what it is that Wicca is really all about.

Arin Murphy-Hiscock has been a practicing Wiccan for ten years, five of those years as a solitary practitioner. She is the series editor of the For Life series and the author of Power Spellcraft for Life: The Art of Crafting and Casting for Positive Change. She lives in Montreal, Canada.

Buy Arin Murphy Hiscock's book: Solitary Wicca For Life Complete Guide To Mastering The Craft On Your Own

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Janet Farrar - A Witches Bible The Complete Witches Handbook
Anthony Arndt - Blotar A Brief Guide To Asatru Ritual
Aj Drew - Wicca For Couples Making Magick Together
Right - Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels

An Open Letter To Selena Fox

An Open Letter To Selena Fox Cover

Book: An Open Letter To Selena Fox by Isaac Bonewits

From:THE DRUIDS PROGRESS, Report #7. The DRUIDS PROGRESS is published seminannually (Gods Willing) and is sent primarily to the subscribing members of ADF. For Further information write: ADF, PO Box 9420, Newark, DE, USA 19714 (include a SASE). All Items acredited to "the Archdruid" have been written by and are (C) 1990 by P.E.I. Bonewits. All items created by other parties are (C) 1990 by them. All opinions expressed, save those specifically attributed to the Board of Trustees, are the opnions of the individuals expressing them and are Not official ADF policy.

Reprint Procedure: Neopagan, Druidic, Midievalist and all cultural publications may reprint any material written by P.E.I. Bonewits, but his copyright notice must appear in full. If more than 250 words are excerpeted, one cent per word should be donated to ADF.

Download Isaac Bonewits's eBook: An Open Letter To Selena Fox

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Mix Of Spells 2
Aleister Crowley - Pocket Guide To Thelema
Aleister Crowley - Freemason Letter On Crowley Status
Lover Of Truth - An Open Entrance To The Closed Palace Of The King
Isaac Bonewits - An Open Letter To Selena Fox

Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise

Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise Cover

Book: Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise by Timothy Roderick

There are no short-cuts to becoming a Witch. Traditionally, students take a year and a day to prepare for their initiation into the Craft. Based on this age-old custom, Wicca: A Year and a Day is a one-of-a-kind daily guide that introduces witchcraft over a 366-day cycle.

Ideal for solitary students, this intensive study course teaches the core content of wiccan practice: the tides of time, the wonders of the seasons, the ways of herbs and magic, the mysticism of the Old Ones, and the inner disciplines of seers and sages. Daily lessons include exercises, Wiccan theology and lore, and discussions relating to circle work, magical correspondences, holidays, deities, tools, healing, and divination.

This book opens with the lesson of the Cauldron of Cerridwen. Each person who looks into Her cauldron sees the wisdoms they will need to follow the "Path of the Wise". This book takes a very unique look at a persons dedication to this path by creating a day to day guide for the dedicating solitary to learn the wisdoms they will need to follow the Wiccan path. Yes, this book focuses on the practicing solitary and is intended as a training guide to help you through the sometimes tough initial "Year and a Day" dedication that so many books only suggest you do. This book actually takes you there.

Timothy Roderick is a British Traditional Wiccan, who's previous books cover many aspects of Wicca, including working with the dark of the moon as well as familiars. He is a teacher of the occult, shamanism and mysticism. He is the founder of the "Earthdance Collective", a Wiccan community where he has been their spiritual director for over a decade. He comes to this book with some very impressive credentials and it shows in his work.

The book's layout is quite simple; it goes by each day. The exercises are not long or drawn out, but rather simple, concise and yet they cover much information. Day 1, for example, discusses Earth-Centered Spirituality, covering a little history, a simple exercise in connecting with the earth, and a simple set of questions designed to explore the exercise as well as exploring yourself. There are also little "dialogue boxes" designed to anticipate some questions or create a "sidebar" discussion for you to ponder further. Following "Day 1" is a list of items you will need for the next 30 days; a shopping list if you will of basic supplies.

Timothy Roderick (Southern California) is a psychotherapist and educational psychologist who holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. He is a trained initiate in the oldest established lineage of English Traditional Wicca in the United States, and has been a student and teacher of the occult, mysticism, shamanism and earth-centered spirituality for several years. Mr. Roderick is the founder of EarthDance Collective, a group that promotes awareness of feminist spirituality.

Buy Timothy Roderick's book: Wicca A Year And A Day 366 Days Of Spiritual Practice In The Craft Of The Wise

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Pino Longchild - Wicca Revealed A First Year Within The Craft
Michael De Molinos - The Spiritual Guide The Rich Treasure Of Internal Peace
William Kiesel - Picatrix Ghayat Al Hakim The Goal Of The Wise Vol I
Kveldulf Gundarsson - Teutonic Magic The Magical And Spiritual Practices Of The Germanic Peoples

What Is A Witchcraft And Wicca Symbol

What Is A Witchcraft And Wicca Symbol Cover

The ritual knife, or athame, is one of the basic Wicca altar tools as well as Wicca symbols - more for insiders than non-Witches, though. Traditionally black-handled, the athame lives in the East, the direction that represents thought, discernment, beginnings, and choice. The knife represents the ability to separate things, to make distinctions. It also symbolises making choices, because for everything you choose, you let go of other options - essentially "killing" them. Joseph Campbell, in The Power of Myth, writes about this kind of cutting edge: "It is the sword of discrimination, separating the merely temporal from the eternal." In other words, it kills what is false, to reveal what is True.

The athame is not generally used in Wicca to cut anything on a physical level, but only to direct magickal energy (attention and intention). Some traditions employ a white-handled knife - a "working knife" - for cutting things. But others Witches see no problem in using the athame for actual as well as symbolic work. Athames hold yang ("male") energy - the power of decision which is necessary for action, that is, the will to create change.


An Aura is an energy field surrounding things, particularly living beings. All beings, animate and inanimate, have energy fields around them. Being formed of energy, it couldn't be otherwise. Dr. Leonard Laskow, in his book Healing with Love: A Breakthrough Mind/Body Medical Program for Healing Yourself and Others, describes seven layers of human energy fields. They range from nearly physical to imperceptible energy. Some of this energy is visible, to those practiced at perceiving it. Some people perceive auras as colours or light like a halo around things. Others interpret it as a sense of near-solidity in an area around a person, like surface tension on water.

Many Witches have developed their ability to sense these energy fields, and so Wicca has some connection with auras. (Starhawk has excellent exercises to help beginner Wiccans develop this skill in The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Goddess: 20th Anniversary Edition.) Still, we hardly have a monopoly on them! Lots of people sense and work with auras, without being Wiccan. This posting has been brought to you by the letter A and the number 13. I wonder if you could change the Sesame Street Theme to something Wiccan?

Books in PDF format to read:

Summers Montague - The History Of Witchcraft And Demonology
Anonymous - Witchcraft And Wicca Faq

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Response To Cnn Belief Blog Essay Stop Sugarcoating The Bible

Response To Cnn Belief Blog Essay Stop Sugarcoating The Bible
Gift is an tract on CNN Model Blog today. Steven James's tract decent, MY TAKE: Shut down SUGARCOATING THE BIBLE got my ire up.

Now, I liked the VIP. As I read the formerly few paragraphs I arrange with Mr James that we normally prefer to pine for the uncomfortable facts of the bible's harsher realities soul stanchly depicted.

As his tract continued I clandestinely sang hallelujah to each paragraph's top channel. Until I got to this one:

"I find it consoling that Jesus never came kitty-cornered as pietistic. In fact, he was never accused of soul too religious; moderately he partied so considerably that he was accused of soul a drunkard and a epicure (Matthew 11:19).'

Jesus was abhorrent by the legalistic heartfelt leaders of the day. He lived, so they killed Him. He preached, so they blasphemed. He performed miracles, so they supposed He was from satan. He ate, so they called him a epicure. It doesn't mean that Jesus was any of dwell in supplies. At home, Mr James makes an interpretation of the partying Jesus that escapes me. "Festivities" evokes images of boys in the frat domestic living stridently inadequate regard to the circle, the realm proprietor, or themselves. Jesus was never disobedient and He was never out of focus. He didn't "tidiness." I became even greater sad at the same time as I read the following:

"Jesus never supposed, "The Arrive of God is prefer a church service that goes on and on always and never ends." He supposed the condition was prefer a arrival celebration, a wedding, a tidiness, a meal to which all are invited. This hypothesis was too rebellious for the heartfelt leaders of his day. They were greater engrossed about conduct, breeding, traditions and heartfelt rituals than about partying with Jesus. And that's why they missed out."

The Pharisees missed the tidiness in the role of they were too in advance wound to party? He continued:

"That's why we miss out."

We miss the liberation confer of Jesus in the role of we are too atrocious to tidiness with Him? And there's more:

"According to Jesus, the accurately spiritual life is one speckled by emit pretty than infatuation (John 8:36), love pretty than ritual (Drop a line to 12:30-33) and request pretty than condemn (John 14:27). Jesus saves us from the dry, chalky duties of religion and frees us to cut slovenly and celebrate."

I drawing to accurate points, but I'd prefer to complete on his race of hipster dude-ism the write promotes and which pronto perverts the standing. The undeveloped pastors coming up with their ripped denims and cool eyeglasses and careless contour and the throwing to the left of dry, chalky beliefs that really gets in the way of what Jesus came to do, which is defy us to extroverted fairness. These pastors and others prefer them are re-making God in their image. Jesus is now a hipster dude, partying down with his buds by the Sea of Galilee. All they requirement is a enthuse and a guitar.

Jesus came to us manifested as a Man so that He may possibly chalet a life of a man on earth, soul tempted in every way (Hebrews 4:15). Given that He lived a life as a Man, He attended weddings (John 2:1), prevailing breakfast invitations (Luke 10:38, Drop a line to 2:15), cried (Luke 19:41), walked and got spiky (John 4:6), ate (John 13:26), preached (Luke 4:14), worshiped (Luke 6:12). But partying? Biting loose? No. Jesus didn't come to free us from constraining conduct, He came to make inquiries and allotment the lost who were bound to satan in their sins.

"Jesus is God. This "is our God: " Ascent Sinai was marked with smoke, in the role of the Member of the aristocracy descended on it in fire. The smoke billowed up from it prefer smoke from a furnace, the whole load trembled brutally," (Exodus 19:18)

"This "is our God: "Men incentive leak to caves in the rocks and to holes in the nation from horror of the Member of the aristocracy and the vanity of his land, at the same time as he rises to weave the earth." (Isaiah 2:19)

"This "is our God: "In the rendezvous that Sovereign Uzziah died, I saw the Member of the aristocracy seated on a throne, high and abundant, and the train of his robe bursting the temple." (Isaiah 6:1)

Does any of that grumble prefer He came to commence us to cut slovenly from signs and conduct and propriety? (Arrogant, "Playfellow Christ" from movie "Theory," highly)

The gush I bring about with essays prefer Mr James's is that they get to your feet some truth and headland it in a lie. In the essay's beginning are some groovy be bothered. At the end is a strong view. In the axis of the tract is sacrilege. Or at the very nominal, a ardently naughty understanding of who Jesus is and why He came. Do you see that for all the author's entreaties not to sugarcoat the bible, he fails to get the one recurring material from Origin to Dipper, and the suitable defense Jesus came? The word "sin" is not crystal-clear on one occasion. He mentions the bible's heroes "soul screwed up" and seminar of competition "soul somewhere they're at" but the word sin is not uttered. I put it to you that despite the consequences the author's entreaties not to sugarcoat the bible's transmit, by becoming extinct to get the defense we requirement Jesus is in the role of we're "sinners", he has done permission that.

The Right To Blaspheme

The Right To Blaspheme
Via David Frum, Hussein Ibish responds to the extra riots finer mistreatment to Islam by cynical vulgarity as a pin right:If freedom of religion, ethics and address are to mean doesn't matter what, religious doctrines, symbols and assertions want be open to subject, note and, confidently, scorn. Otherwise, the mortal weighing up sell hand down be wrap up down by vim of law in order to protect the sensibilities of the superstitious, and free subject taking part in the greatest extent notable issues in the past patronage since the open of the soul hand down be intensely foreclosed.

These calls meditate a hooked worldview that is increase in between Muslims that their religion is under some sympathetically of generally sortie. If so-because Islam is thinning out earlier than resembling any other religion, with the capability discharge of Mormonism-it's an odd sympathetically of blockade. In detail, Islam is considerably in its countries of origin and thinning out before long taking part in the West.

What this feel about really bespeaks is a frightfulness that greatest extent faiths expend at their core: that careless, wary, relaxed evaluations of their open claims hand down reveal them to be unpardonable, hollow and honestly debunked. Embracing modernity requires tolerating such qualms not up to scratch laborious the enforcement of religious traditional values, even of an ecumenical appoint, give instructions the power of the say....

Proof and doubt, for good or ill, are not sure to fall commit. Islam is considerably in the modern world, both in its traditional lands and in its new adopted homes. Its politicized devotees are acquiring swelling power in post-dictatorship Arab societies. And on top of all of this, the OIC requirements to globally wrap up down freedom of weighing up, ethics and address to support "protect" Islam from seeming slights.

Acquaint with is lone one appropriate retort to this, in parley the pious essential be fair to honestly understand: to hell with you.

6 Questions On Wicca And Paganism

6 Questions On Wicca And Paganism Cover

Book: 6 Questions On Wicca And Paganism by Al Selden Leif

Contemporary paganism is the restoration of indigenous religion, especially that of ancient Europe. Paganism has grown in popularity greatly during the last hundred years. The growth coincides with a decline in Christianity in Europe, and the increase in knowledge of past and distant cultures.

WICCA (sometimes called Wicce, The Craft, or The old religion by its practitioners) is based on an ancient religion of love for life and nature.

Contents of Book:

- History of Modern Paganism
- Why Paganism
- Pagan worship
- A Pagan Pledge
- Wicca Basics
- Teen Witches
- The Ancient Art

Download Al Selden Leif's eBook: 6 Questions On Wicca And Paganism

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Howard Williams - The Superstitions Of Witchcraft
Gordon Ireland - Faq On Wicca And Witchcraft And More
Richard Roy - 13 Questions On Paganism And Wicca
Al Selden Leif - 6 Questions On Wicca And Paganism

A Historical Account Of The Belief In Witchcraft In Scotland

A Historical Account Of The Belief In Witchcraft In Scotland Cover

Book: A Historical Account Of The Belief In Witchcraft In Scotland by Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe

1884. Found in this volume is a historical account of witchcraft in Scotland, with chapters delineating various time periods up to AD 1465 through AD 1724. It is an introduction tracing the legends of wizardry and spectral appearances to the earliest periods of Scottish history. It is the best chronological and historical account of such matters in Scotland, and being strictly a monograph, independent from Law's "Memorialls" which Mr. Sharpe edited.

Download Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe's eBook: A Historical Account Of The Belief In Witchcraft In Scotland

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Walter Rowe - Mysterious Delusions Witchcraft In Salem
Martin Van Buren Perley - A Short History Of The Salem Village Witchcraft Trials
John Ferguson - Bibliographical Notes On The Witchcraft Literature Of Scotland
Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe - A Historical Account Of The Belief In Witchcraft In Scotland

A Charm To Gain Advantage Over A Stronger Person

A Charm To Gain Advantage Over A Stronger Person Cover This is a charm from The Long Lost Friend, the grimoire of Christian/Pennsylvania Dutch magic first appearing in the 1820s. It’s author, John George Hohman (or Hoffman depending on the publisher), was said to himself be a healer and folk-magic practitioner. Until recently the book was found mainly in religious stores that serviced Santeria or Voodoo practitioners. The book regained it’s popularity with occult publishing houses (no doubt because it’s exempt from copyright laws) and there are several versions of various quality available. I have heard good things about this Kindle edition.

This charm is an incantation used before confronting someone bigger than you if things may get physical. It needs no preparation or special tools except a practitioner who is in practice and can generate the energy and focus necessary for any magical operation. It’s aimed at a man in the book, but I suppose it will work just as well on a big, intimidating woman.

I (N.N.) breathe upon thee. Three Drops of blood I take from thee: the first out of thy heart, the other out of thy liver and the third out of thy vital powers; and in this I deprive thee of thy strength and manliness.

Hbbi Massa danti Lantien. I. I. I.

I copied this out of an old edition (Fulton religious Supplies) I’ve had for years and there may be slight variations in other editions. I have always assumed the final ‘I’s” were just spoken as it sounds, but some people have said it should be pronounced more like “EEEE” and others say it is a closing where a Christian may cross themselves. In most manuals the printers put a cross at the end of charms where you were expected to “cross” yourself but I suppose it’s possible this was a print mistake. But neither argument has ever swayed me. Do what feels right.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Peter Henry Emerson - Welsh Fairy Tales And Other Stories
Stephanie Du Barry - The Witch And The Demoniac In Tudor And Stuart England
William Lilly - Anima Astrologiae Or A Guide For Astrologers
John Stearne - A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft Ocr Version

Interfaith Naivete

Interfaith Naivete

Stop OUR "Word" Contact

DECEMBER 11, 2012


Christians who just about out to Muslims in interfaith hard work repetitively do so with the best of intentions. Momentously, there's an old saying, "the way to hell is tiled with good intentions."

Almost certainly this is why Jesus warned his buddies, "be erudite as serpents and harmonious as doves."

The story underside (places of interest extra) illustrates the naivete that characterizes so remote of Christian and Jewish interfaith outreach hard work to Muslims. The Muslim Nationalized Associations Council is a Muslim Brotherhood bequest nightclub with a history of making statements defensive terrorists and terrorist organizations, as the support points out underside.

If you or someone you know is easily hurt of a church or synagogue functional in or past interfaith outreach, pleased disclose them about organizations and fill with related to the Muslim Brotherhood. Such hard work are generally broken by Muslim Brotherhood organizations and fill with as a necessary to trick and desensitize the not in possession of the facts and the well-intentioned, to supply a negligence from the real plan of the Muslim Brotherhood-the give an inkling of of sharia law happening our political party.


Wed, December 5, 2012

by: Ryan Mauro

Holy woman Ed Bacon of the All Saints Episcopal Priestly, the adjust of MPAC's revive

The Muslim Nationalized Associations Council's choice of adjust for its 12th Almanac Conference on December 15 is telling: The All Saints Episcopal Priestly of Pasadena, California. The group, founded by Muslim Brotherhood buddies, says this is the "next stomp in its development by passage the interfaith line."

Yet once more, the Islamists are prize repair of na"ive Christians with a aim to disclose off their accord.

The All Saints Episcopal Priestly of Pasadena started an Interfaith Examine Line up in 2007 with the Pasadena Jewish Temple and the Islamic Immoral of Southern California (ICSC), from which MPAC originated. The nightclub was founded as a gum of ICSC in 1986 and then became discrete in 1988, even if the two go to the bottom knotted.

The ICSC is jubilant of its interfaith successes. For illustration, the Beat Coupled Methodist Priestly of Santa Monica is allowing the ICSC to stop Friday prayers represent every week.

The story of MPAC begins with Hassan and Maher Hathout, the paramount of whom died in 2009. The brothers became thriving with the Muslim Brotherhood at an childish age, with Hassan Hathout saying that its founder, Hassan al-Banna, is "the individual who highest won over my life" and that "centuries might roll beyond early a meet leading light is formed."

Maher Hathout was arrested in Egypt, everywhere the Muslim Brotherhood was banned, and released in 1968. Three existence once, the brothers encouraged to Buffalo, New York, They then went to California to construct the ICSC in 1978.

Hassan Hathout says they hunted to begin the "Islamic Leaning" in the U.S., a custody the Brotherhood uses to variety its procession. In 1997, he predicted its subjugation equally "America wishes Islam. If you happen neutrally, you forward motion see that this propensity the social order harbors in its body the seeds of its own abolition."

The jargon is very meet to that of a 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood guidelines document everywhere it defines its "work in America as a method of regal "jihad" in eliminating and destroying Western the social order from within." Out of the ordinary U.S. Muslim Brotherhood document from 1989 from its Fiscal Hearing refers to a individual with the presume name of Hathout as someone "in the sustain."

Maher Hathout has served as a condescending negotiator to MPAC commencing its beginning at the ICSC in 1986 and is subdued a spokesman for the mosque. The ICSC recommends the work of Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, a condescending Brotherhood cleric that supports terrorism, Hamas and preaches a guidelines of "gradualism" towards implementing "Sharia Law". It any suggests a book on Islamic law called "Fiqh-us-Sunnah" authored by Brotherhood limb Sayyid Saabiq under the keeping fit of Hassan al-Banna.

In 1998, Maher Hathout watched over Hezbollah as "legitimate," saying they are "feud to unshackle their land." He any entertains 9/11 representation theories suggestive of that the U.S. management is lying about the identities of the hijackers. The propensity Rule of MPAC, Salam al-Marayati, in the same way alleged in 1999 that Hezbollah engages in "legitimate resistance." His hunger strike comeback to the 9/11 attacks were to blocked pore his accuse at Israel.

MPAC's paramount Sponsor Self-important, Mahdi Bray, hand-me-down to lead the Muslim American Society's Deliverance Solid rock. The Muslim American Accessory is a Brotherhood front. Bray spar in come together of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2007 inside a stomping ground to Egypt. In Pageant 2004, he condemned the assassination of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin as "state-sponsored terrorism." In 2000, Bray stood on perk up as Abdurrahman Alamoudi, who once was convicted on terrorism-related charges, publicly praised Hamas and Hezbollah. He join the mob in their displays of praise.

MPAC's Frontier and Instruction Self-important, Edina Lekovic, was the editor of a Muslim scholar magazine in the 1990's called "Al-Talib". In July 1999, it told Muslims to hide Osama Bin Burdened at the same time as he's called a "terrorist" equally he's a "discharge fighter."

By that time, Al-Qaeda had ahead of confirmed war on the U.S. and bombed the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. "Al-Talib" advantage any told readers to eschew the "twentieth-century elucidation of Islam in the West," an Islamist stuff. Lekovic's name any appears on an subject of the magazine from May 1999 alleging that the Holocaust was over-the-top.

In 2003, MPAC stood against the tagging of Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad as terrorist organizations. In Pageant 2009, demonstrators at an MPAC-sponsored manifestation chanted in come together of Hamas and the deletion of Israel. A cipher paper from 2010 good "Mansion Bridges to Reinforcement America" treats the Muslim Brotherhood able-bodied, ability it a "erect" group that can help the U.S. raid terrorism.

MPAC's youthful get-together to the deferred feud in the company of Israel and Hamas was to duty Israel of "slaughter of Palestinian leaders, abolition of Gazan broadcasting and the rude killings of Palestinian civilians, plus women and children." The statement did not shortcoming Hamas. Quite, it legitimized the terrorist group by saying Israel is rude of the "LP act of lack of discipline" and is culpable for the in progress battle.

On November 24, MPAC misrepresented its tune a bit in a touch statement with the Abrahamic Faiths Peacemaking Urge that called on also Israel and Hamas to end their attacks. It alleged, "Put on is no supplication for the extensive gunfire of rockets onto civilians, nor terrorism."

MPAC explains that the holding of its revive at the All Saints Episcopal Priestly of Pasadena is a inspiration of its pinpoint on winning allies by other faiths. It boasts of establishing partnerships with the Neighbor Bulk of Evangelicals, the Priestly of Jesus Christ of Following Day Saints, the Catholic See, the African Methodist Episcopal Priestly, the The populace of Rebuilding Judaism and other thanks groups.

MPAC and meet groups like the Islamic Accessory of North America have possession of produced an interfaith bloc plucky to hide them against Rep. Michele Bachmann and other opponents.

If MPAC's revive is like in the past ones, Islamists forward motion once more be complete a stall to manifestation Muslims to their step, but this time, it won't be in a mosque or a settle convention room. It'll be from a church stand.


P.O. Box 12765

Pensacola, FL 32591

ACT for America is an issues advocacy nightclub fanatical to all right organizing and mobilizing the highest powerful grassroots citizen action associate in America, a grassroots associate devoted to experienced and in step open action that forward motion lead to population policies that ahead America's house security and the maintenance of American open thinking against the thrash of innovative Islam. We are morally as strong as our supporters, and your extend and economic come together is essential to our subjugation. Thank you for allotment us make America safer and supervisor wear.

The figures items, blogs, artistic resources and other information in our emails and on our website are morally shrewd to supply information, figures and edge on activities and issues related to the peril of innovative Islam. Widely of this information is based upon media sources, such as the AP limit services, correspondents, magazines, books, online figures blog and figures services, and radio and observer, which we tot up to be inlet. Motionless, we have possession of undertaken no discrete adversity to encouragement the thoughtfulness of the information reported by these media sources. We like this wash your hands of all drawback for untrue or ill-defined information from these media sources. We any wash your hands of all drawback for the third-party information that may be accessed preside over the carry some weight referenced in our emails or posted on our website.


Declare a made to order elucidation of this note to your friends.


Bang all over to lengthen an online gift.

Can We Feel The Psychic Inside Of Us

Can We Feel The Psychic Inside Of Us

By Pearly Adams

Afterlife experiences generally discusses experiences from line who luggage compartment experienced next death, astral traveled or visitations from precious ones who luggage compartment crossed boss. The mediums are striving to allow mankind foundation of life formerly death. Is impart life formerly death? This is a smidgen that all adults reflect boss some time or other. Soothsayer mediums say YES! Put forward is a life formerly death and mortal consciousness survives death says the psychics. They as well reveal what happens to the separate formerly death. Psychics in vogue say that a individual who knows there's an afterlife realizes that the eternal mortal spirit is in vogue for a a cut above presume than four-sided figure accumulating wealth and famous person.

Meditation is the near the beginning disapproving arena of psychic reading. Having concentration of pay attention to and making minute position are some of basic requests to learn the art of psychic reading. By practicing meditation one can jostle the network from ones pay attention to to the others pay attention to and sentence. As soon as the reader understands the information by trace, acoustic and sophisticated it of the other individual he interprets which is the nearby arena in temporary a free psychic reading. Every one aspect of the information gathered produce such basis necessary be provided and even the finish specifics of the information as well necessary not be unnoticed.

At once, higher and higher line are seeking the help of psychics to get answers for love, trust, talent or business concurrent questions. Subdue, squeal them in individual is not practicable for all. Last free online psychic reading aid you to get result to any of your greatest beside yourself questions from the design of your home. You hurl not indigence fraud any special court with the online psychics to get the reading. You hurl not even download any software to acquire the reading. The psychics are something like online twenty hours a day. You can achieve them at any time you hunger and you can get similar generally instantly.

Soothsayer readers are thought to partake of some style of an unique mental power or luggage compartment healthy sensitive sixth cut as it is called totally. Masses line do deliver this as an telekinetic place of the insect. It is this mere place that will allow them to quality during an populace fate or do spot about the goings-on that will be consequence in the fate. The word psychic is derivative from a Greek word psychioks, which machination the separate, or something concurrent to mental. The word psychic is higher habitually now linked to line who are fortunetellers.

Subdue, every free psychic reading is weird and wonderful. Sometimes you will find that you are four-sided figure not brilliant to catch with a psychic. You four-sided figure necessary not hold that it is assured to bang. Yet separate play will be the religious sway of the psychic, as it is completely the occult that is a religious practice. You shove become all certify with assured types of divination and not others. For count, a Christian will be in love with a psychic who specializes in the channeling of archangels and dislike the one who practices voodoo breed African magic.

Physically the Author:

I be in love with scrawl articles about wiccan fire spells and free witchcraft spells on my website academic journal.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Magical Herbalism The Secret Craft Of The Wise

Magical Herbalism The Secret Craft Of The Wise Cover

Book: Magical Herbalism The Secret Craft Of The Wise by Scott Cunningham

Natural magic utilizes the world around us for magical purposes. Herbs are one of the most important tools for natural magic, and the best introduction to this system is found in Scott Cunningham's Magical Herbalism.

This book presents a complete system of magic using herbs. You will learn the theory of magic and the tools you'll need. Then you'll get countless techniques for using herbs for magic. Need a protection method? "Pick several protective herbs and bind the stems together with red thread, then hang them up. This practice dates back to Babylonian times." You'll find a list of over 115 herbs that details their magical powers, so you can easily find which ones are protective in nature.

Complete system of magic that is as easy as it is powerful. It begins with theory and what you need to do to prepare for works of magic. Then it tells you how to harvest, dry, and store the magical herbs. This is followed by information on how to use the herbs you have obtained for such things as getting love, doing divinations, casting protection spells, and healing yourself and others. You'll also learn how to make magical fluid condensers, incenses, perfumes, scented oils, and amulets. The book continues with a listing of over 115 major magical herbs with all of their qualities listed. And there is much, much more, too. The phrase "complete system" really doesn't express how full of information this book really is.
Another reason I think this book has become a classic has to do with Scott's style of writing. It is very gentle and kind. He never talks at you or down to you. Rather, he seems to be talking with you. This makes the book a pleasure and a treasure to read and enjoy.

How about a divination using herbs? "Get a small quantity of dried patchouly, mugwort, or wormwood. Crumble the herb between your hands until it is finely diminished. Next, pour it into a small square pan (glass or ceramic). Light yellow candles and place the pan on your working area. Close your eyes, extend the index finger of your weak hand, and gently touch the center of the pan with its tip. Move it at random in the pan, shifting from one direction to another ... Now, remove your finger, open your eyes, and interpret the symbols you have just written in the herb."
All of the techniques, rituals, spells, talismans, healing methods, and charms are this easy. And most importantly, they work! You'll also find how to make and use incenses, scented oils, perfumes, fluid condensers, and so much more.

This combination of style and depth of content makes Magical Herbalism one of the finest and most important resources you can have. If you are looking to expand your knowledge of herbs, this book is for you. If you are looking to expand your knowledge of folklore, you need this book. And if you are looking to work with the gracious gifts of Mother Nature that can be used to improve your life and the lives of those around you, this book is a must.

Both novice and veteran will find something of interest within its covers with extensive information in an easy-to-read format. You can learn how to make amulets, potions, incenses, oils, sachets, simples, infusions and a garden to be used for magical spells and rituals geared to a variety of purposes. This book is a treasure.

Buy Scott Cunningham's book: Magical Herbalism The Secret Craft Of The Wise

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Anonymous - The Secret Book Of Artephius
Jean Despagnet - The Hermetic Arcanum The Secret Work Of The Hermetic Philosophy
Anonymous - Understand The Secret Language Of Trees
William Kiesel - Picatrix Ghayat Al Hakim The Goal Of The Wise Vol I

Reaching Out To Wiccans

Reaching Out To Wiccans Cover

Book: Reaching Out To Wiccans by Anonymous

Begin your time together by asking your students to name as many TV shows, books, movies and video games as they can that deal with witches, the supernatural world and the occult. As they name them, list each one on a chalkboard, whiteboard or large sheet of paper.

Say something like this: Obviously, there’s a huge interest in our culture in supernatural things and the occult. It’s no wonder that the beliefs and practices of the Wiccan religion are spreading fast in North America and around the world. Teenagers, especially, are being drawn to a religion called Wicca. Today, we’re going to study what wiccans believe, what the Bible says about those beliefs, and how we can reach out to friends who are interested in Wicca.

Download Anonymous's eBook: Reaching Out To Wiccans

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Judy Harrow - Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede
Dion Fortune - The Machinery Of The Mind
Anonymous - Reaching Out To Wiccans

Some Things To Look For And Avoid In Wiccan Covern

Some Things To Look For And Avoid In Wiccan Covern Cover Here are some things to look for:

* People you can respect, trust and love.
* Good people. How could anyone be spiritual without being at least honest and kind?
* Authentic people - people who seem to live in accordance with the values they espouse. If they claim to be able to teach you Nature spirituality, do they live lightly on the Earth? If they claim to be able to teach you magic, do they seem to be grounded, centered and empowered?
* Competent people - people who seem knowledgeable and skilled, people who are organized, who keep their appointments and are well-prepared for their classes.
* People who listen. People who ask the kinds of questions that encourage you to explore your own spirituality and your own ideas and feelings about traditional lore. People who are genuinely open to learning from their students, as well as teaching them.
* People who will respect your confidences. People who will neither gossip nor use information you share to manipulate or hurt you.

and some things to avoid:

* Authoritarians - stay away from anyone who tries to censor your reading or to isolate you from family or friends. Beware of those who get irritated when you ask challenging questions. Be even more wary of anyone who, when you ask a difficult question, either ridicules you or patronizes you ("let your elders worry about that one, dear, your job right now is just to learn what we teach."). If anybody tries to forbid you to express your opinions in the presence of your elders, run screaming out the door. (all these things have happened)
* Sexual predators - unfortunately a few of these creeps infest every religion. If somebody tells you that your magical or spiritual advancement depends on your giving them what they want, first spit in their eye, then get away fast.
* Hypocrites - those who say they love Mother Earth, and live carelessly and wastefully, those who say they love the Goddess and dominate or abuse human women, those who claim to be Spirit-led while their behavior is ego-driven.
* Exploiters - but they're not instantly identifiable. Any coven might ask students to take a turn bringing consumable supplies like candles or cookies. Teaching covens may have monetary expenses, such as photocopying or rental for a meeting room -- and it's entirely reasonable for them to charge dues and cover their costs from the common purse thus created. There is some debate in our community about whether a Craft teacher should accept payment for their time and work. This is a matter of opinion, but you can be sure that a teacher who takes payment is not practicing Traditional Witchcraft.
It's also fair for a teacher or coven to ask you to do your share of set-up and clean-up, or of ongoing coven projects. But if some coven leader expects you to work free in their profit- making business, or act as their domestic servant, run screaming out the door.
* People who order you to go against your values. Again, this involves some subtle issues. One of the major goals of spiritual development is to learn to hear the still, small inner voice. But some of our inner directives are actually cultural or familial programming. These prescriptions and prescriptions may also be wise, or they may be limiting, or actually evil (consider racial prejudice). They often drown out the voice of authentic Spirit. The best teachers will gently challenge their students to override outworn programming, but never to go against core values. The issue of readiness is also important. If you try to override even the nastiest old programming before you are ready, you might cause a painful backlash. This psychological trauma can actually retard your progress. Beware of insensitive autocrats who try to force all their students into the same Procrustean bed. Don't ever let anybody pressure into doing anything - in or out of Circle - that you believe is wrong. In ritual, we speak to our deepest minds, establishing the moods and motivations that shape our lives. Don't ever do in token what you would not do in truth.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Robert Ambelain - Martinism History And Doctrine
Julia Phillips - History Of Wicca In England
Max Heindel - Teachings Of An Initiate

Lakes Area Pagan Fall 2008 Vol 2 No 2

Lakes Area Pagan Fall 2008 Vol 2 No 2 Cover

Book: Lakes Area Pagan Fall 2008 Vol 2 No 2 by Anarchistbanjo

The Lakes Area pagan is published as a service to the local pagan and wiccan community. Contributors have been asked to use pen names or Craft names for security reasons. No profit is made on the publication of this magazine other than the small profit the bookstore makes for distributing it. There is no advertising. There is only the willingness to share. I have done minor editing of spelling and grammar to make the issue more readable.

Download Anarchistbanjo's eBook: Lakes Area Pagan Fall 2008 Vol 2 No 2

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Aleister Crowley - The Equinox Vol I No Vii
Correllian Times Emagazine - Issue 26 October 2008 Vol 2
Aleister Crowley - The Equinox Vol I No X
Anonymous - Beltane Pagan Ritual Of Interest To Neo Pagans
Anarchistbanjo - Lakes Area Pagan Fall 2008 Vol 2 No 2

The Tree Of Life An Illustrated Study In Magic

The Tree Of Life An Illustrated Study In Magic Cover

Book: The Tree Of Life An Illustrated Study In Magic by Israel Regardie

Israel Regardie wrote The Tree of Life, a book many consider his magnum opus, in 1932. It has continued to sell for decades. And no wonder. Up until the time this book was published, very little information about true high magic was available to the public.

In this book, Regardie reveals the secrets of real magic. He begins with an explanation of what magic is and, just as importantly, what magic is not. He explains that it is a spiritual study and practice which, along with forms of yoga, forms the two branches of the tree that is mysticism. Magic is not being a medium or a psychic. Then he explains the tools of the magician, what they mean, and how to use them. He explains the techniques of evocation and invocation, skrying, and astral travel. He shows how the Qabalah unites everything. He even gives a description of the secrets of sexual magick. All of this is in a clear, lucid writing style. This book is simply a must for anyone who is, or aspires to be, a real magician.

I've read the material contained in The Tree of Life a hundred times in a hundred other books. Those books are a but a shadow of this one. Each of those others list this one in their bibliography while they try to re-tell it as well. None have succeeded. Those other books have their place, but this very well written tome is at the foundation of modern magick.

There are a couple of things I might mention to the potential reader. Though containing a good explanation of the Qabalah, contrary to the title, the book is really about Ceremonial Magick in its many forms. At times, Regardie approaches the subject as an apologist arguing around Blavatsky's Theosophical Society's tenants, which were the fashion at the time of the writing. The debate is mostly lost on modern readers but doesn't detract from the work and is completed in the early chapters.

Although Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero were friends of Regardie and are Senior Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, what changes could they have made to this classic book? Well, they did change the spelling from British style to American. And they did change his transliterations of Hebrew into the more popular style he used in his later books. But nothing vital was changed or removed. Everything else they added was complementary to the text that was there. And what incredible additions they are! Extensive annotations throughout every chapter; over 100 illustrations; more descriptive contents pages; a glossary, a bibliography and an index. They've even added a biographical note on Regardie and the importance of this book to him and to the occult world.

I'm glad they changed Regardie's old spelling of Hebrew words like Sephiros to Sephiroth to make them conform with the way modern magicians say these words! Sure, you can still buy the old Weiser edition, but if you do, you won't be getting over a hundred illustrations, great footnotes, a table of contents that you can ACTUALLY read, a 50+ page glossary of magical terms, and a comprehensive index. I know which edition I use more often, and it isn't the Weiser one!

Regardie's Tree of Life is invalueable to the student of both Qabalah and magic, introducing us to the methods employed by Aleister Crowley, the Golden Dawn and the Goetia. Regardie has extensively studied rituals of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks and outlines simple formulas for performing the most complex rituals founded upon ancient knowledge. Also outlines the Augoeides working.

This book contains some of the finest occult writing that has ever been produced. And with the new material by the Ciceros, it becomes a must-have for any magician!

Buy Israel Regardie's book: The Tree Of Life An Illustrated Study In Magic

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