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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thoughts On September 11 2001

Thoughts On September 11 2001 Cover We have been recently asked for a "statement" about the events happening on September 11 and the ensuing reactions. Some emails are included below to show various leadership reactions. As you might already know, Wiccan leaders don't get a lot of air time in the media unless we beg for it, or, as one anonymous writer mentioned, we have a booksigning.

We have chosen to remain silent because we have felt that any public reaction on our behalf rewards those who have created such chaos and emotion on the world scene. We are not arrogant enough to assume that we need to be on the television with Jerry Falwell or others, lapping up free publicity at the expense of thousands of lives. We do not wish to reinforce the negative events nor do we wish to harm others by gaining from their personal tragedies. We have been actively counselling our students, friends and others in our community. We have been suggesting and sending donations to the Firemen's Fund in NYC as well as the Red Cross. We have been continuing to support the economy by living our lives as usual--no terrorist would stop us from flying, going to NYC or Washington if we needed to.

Cultures grieve in different ways. We have been doing active spirit work to help transition souls that need help. Too much grief, in some cultures, makes a spirit afraid to let go, afraid to leave the mourning family behind. We are not grieving here, we are doing. If you have not seen us on television, that is because we are not there. Our voices are private voices, offering support to many in legitimate caring ways instead of bigotry, sound bites or other statements intended only to increase our media presence. Nor are we using these recent events to attack, demean or otherwise slander Arabic-Americans. Fanaticism breeds fanatacism. Fanaticism of any design is dangerous. Make sure you act in tolerance. As Yvonne says, indirectly from the Libertarians, "Live Peaceable, Deal Honestly, Walk Respectfully on Earth."

Accusations against other pagan leaders are also unfounded. Many of them may also still be in shock at the preceding events. Many of us still have jobs to do. Gavin Bone and Janet Farrar were involved in a prayer circle in Dublin recently and other pagan leaders have been working with similar events. Given that many people are networking and communicating about other things than prayer circles, it is not surprising that you may have not heard about these events. religious peace will come through moderation. To be trite, we must act locally.

Here is a statement from one of our ministers:
"Recently, a prominent religious leader in the USA suggested that Pagans, as well as gays, lesbians, the ACLU and others are indirectly responsible for the attack on our country.
As a Pagan, I would like to say that words cannot express the shock and horror we all felt when terrorist-controlled planes slammed into the World Trade Center Buildings and the Pentagon. Words cannot express the grief we all feel at the loss of so many lives or the anger we feel after having been attacked on our own soil.
All my adult life, I have been grateful to live in the USA. If my father was alive, he would say the people in the country have so much because we have worked so hard and we deserve everything we have. We have worked hard and we do deserve the good life we have. Unfortunately, some other people in other parts of the world see us as grabby and selfish. So many children in the world go to bed hungry while our children are fat. Every time I open a can of meaty dog or cat food for my beloved four-legged companions I am aware that families in other countries would love to have Barkus or Ursula -- for dinner. Some people would be happy just to have the canned food. When people see their children and grandchildren going hungry they feel a certain desperation that generates the anger that motivates terrorism.
We need to step back and see ourselves as others see us. Our self-satisfaction, our determination that our way is the only right way, our overconsumption and our rudeness are sure to offend those who do not have what we have. A little respect and consideration goes a long way and a lot of Americans appear to be only involved in themselves instead of being aware of the rest of the world and their feelings. And their hunger.
Our rage, terror, and confusion at having been attacked can generate enormous energies that can, with a little thought, be converted to constructive and healing energies. We can comfort those who have suffered catastrophic loss here in America. We can stop and think how people in other countries feel when they lose thier homes and familis from our actions or inaction. We can reach out to people everywhere of every race, reliigon, sex, sexual orientation, culture or country and think about the things we have in common instead of our differences. We can become better people.
No, I am not sympathetic towards terrorists who attack innocent people and their families, but I believe, rather than thinking about revenge, we should reflect on every aspect of this situation. People are singing out, 'God bless America. We're all in this together!' I'm a Pagan and I am saying, 'Goddess bless America. We're all in this world together.'
Thank you and blessed be, Rev. Pat"

From a Pagan Leader in Pennsylvania:
"Dear Mr. President,
As the tragedy of the Sept. 11th continues to unfold, I am both horrified and proud. Horrified that another human being would willingly do such a thing, and proud to see my country not only rise to the challenge but come together in such a spirit of unity that I have no doubt WE WILL WIN THE DAY! As this nation and our military begins to gear up towards the on-coming campaign I believe that we as a nation need to remember that we are not just a nation that is culturally and ethnically diverse, we are also a nation that is spiritually diverse as well. We as Americans have the wonderful privilege of having our religious freedom; it does not matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or yes, even Wiccan.
I, like many other Witches/Wiccans have spent much of our time in our own version of prayer to our own Gods and goddesses for the healing of our people and our nation. As we have also prayed for the spirits of those so foully murdered as well as their families. The time has come Mr. President, to lay aside the religious enmity of generations and unite for the common good....
Respectfully, Balyn"

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