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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Atheism In Pagan Antiquity

Atheism In Pagan Antiquity Cover

Book: Atheism In Pagan Antiquity by Anders Bjorn Drachmann

Anders Bjorn Drachmann (1860-1935) was a Danish classical philologist, son of the physician Andreas Georg Drachmann and half brother of the poet Holger Drachmann. In 1887 A. B. Drachmann studied classical philology and won a competition for a professorship at the University of Kristiania. In 1892 he became an associate professor at Copenhagen University. His works include: Moderne Pindarfortolkning (1891), Scholia Vetera in Pindari Carmina (1903) and Christendommens Oprindelse (1919).

Contents of this book:

- Conception and Treatment of Denial of the Gods in Antiquity, Accounts of Deniers;
- Naive Criticism of Popular Religion, Xenophanes;
- Ionic Naturalism, Diagoras;
- Sophistic and Its Influence;
- Socrates and the Socratics;
- Hellenism;
- Period to the Roman Empire;
- Middle Ages and Recent Times; and Retrospect.

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