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Monday, 12 October 2009

History Of Witchcraft

History Of Witchcraft Image

Book: History Of Witchcraft by Anonymous

As I am trying to put this all together, I hope to bring about an understanding that Witchcraft, like any religion, has undergone it's changes throughout the centuries. It is my personal feeling, however, that the religion of Witchcraft has undergone far fewer changes than any other in history.

An historical overview of how modern-day magic evolved from the beliefs and customs of the Celts and other ancient, Indo-European peoples. Witchcraft has been part of the folklore of many societies for centuries. Witchcraft has also come to refer to a set of beliefs and practices of a religion. Its followers call it Wicca, the Craft, the Wisecraft, or the Old Religion. Many people, particularly conservative Christians, do not consider Witchcraft a religion as they understand the term.

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History Of Witchcraft

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