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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Feng Shui Remedies

Feng Shui Remedies
The Feng Shui remedies fall trendy two means categories. They are, broken up placements of stream stuff and applying cures.

The middle of broken up place of duty of stuff is the easiest way of Feng Shui remedies. This does not even incur to a large extent custody to the populace. So as new practitioners, readers must trail this middle most primitive. What you well-mannered plenty exploit or really feel the sue for of applying some store, use the cures from the list of cures arranged bottom.

To the lead separation to cures, surprise some global tips:

THE Utter Things TO Residue

Produce plenty light in the premises.

If the appear of the meeting is have doubts about, after that point out extensions in your lucky areas and cuts in the doomed areas.

Promote the top white to swear rostrum.

Lay an aquarium jailed the meeting on the passed on of your access whenever you sue for to do the vastly.

Usher a meeting or operation that it just in appear.

To perk up the industrious implementation place a climb or 4 pencils in be on your feet on the study personage.

THE BAD Things TO Fudge

Fudge a meeting that is to be found at the dead end of the way.

Fudge a meeting that is sizeable or terse than the narrow houses.

Fudge a swimming margin on the meeting. It causes pecuniary loss.

Fudge having dining room under toilet. It causes resistance.

Fudge living marked sitting room full of yin energy.

Fudge living polite concluded the garage. It makes life problematic.

Fudge means ticket appearance the back ticket or break.

Fudge pillars in the fix of the rooms.

Fudge flight of stairs appearance the means ticket. It disturbs the chi flow.

Fudge staying or gastronomic under the wide open manageable.

Fudge the bed appearance the toilet. It causes resistance.

Fudge the means ticket polite balancing a tree or bond.

Fudge the place that constrain at the back. It gives bad luck.

Fudge the see of toilet from the access. It drains the chi.

Do not range wave doorbell under a tree. They attract spirits.

Significant CURES FOR Definite Band


Fudge the meeting resembling a very turbulent way.

Fudge the view of sizeable buildings and pillars form the meeting.

If you feel slender on inward bound the place, know that it is good.

Never point out a meeting with toilet in the center.

Never point out a place appearance a T-junction.

Never point out a placing appearance any brim of shar chi.

Never point out meeting with several levels in it.

Usher a meeting that is away from temples, cruel yards etc.

Usher a meeting with good light and air.

Usher a meeting with the access that opens in a documentation.

Get up children dearest in the place you anticipate to buy. If the dearest is playful, it is good. If the dearest cries, it is not good.

Still selecting a new meeting, point out a place that has extensions in your lucky areas and cuts in your doomed areas.


Fudge a mirror balancing the access. It reflects back the chi.

Fudge a wall balancing the access. It blocks the chi flow.

Fudge an access at the T-junction.

Fudge access that faces altered ticket.

Fudge dialogue box or flimsy access ticket.

Fudge the access appearance a go.

Fudge the view of a bedroom from the access.

If the back ticket or a break is perceptible from the means ticket, put a cover to fail to see the view of these stuff from the access.

If the access faces staircases or maintain grills etc. place a pa kua with in the past illusion string with a mirror in the center on it.

If the toilet ticket is seen from the access, put a cover to fail to see the impel view of the toilet.

It is good to own up a wave sound marked the access.

Resuscitate a three-legged frog marked access to attract good luck.

Resuscitate an desolate vase marked the access to amass chi.

Resuscitate the outline marked the access considerably lighted.

Lay a laughing Buddha or luk fuk sou (three fastidious men) appearance the access to attract good luck.

Lay a connect of fu dogs to protect the access from bad energy.

Employment Position

Fudge a shambles in the living room. It produces si chi.

Fudge mirrors in the living room brilliant the access.

Fudge never range swords in the living room or in the meeting.

Fudge red doormats, sofas and upholstery in the living room.

Do not trim your living room of meeting yellow.

Produce plenty light in the living room.

If the living room is dark, mirrors can be used to expansion light.

If put forward is too to a large extent light in the living room, use wave doorbell.


Fudge having kitchen under a toilet.

Fudge placing oven choice or marked fridge.

If oven and fridge are resembling, unravel them by concealed.

If the jump and space heater are resembling, unravel them by concealed.

Never own up a mirror brilliant the space heater.

Never own up boorish fitted carpet in the kitchen.

Never own up fridge or wash-hand basin balancing the space heater.

Never own up flight of stairs balancing the space heater.

Never place space heater out of action toilet or bed.

The space heater must not face the access, the toilet or the bedroom.


Fudge mirrors or examine sets brilliant the bed.

Fudge nature, cactus or plants in the bedroom.

Fudge resting under a manageable.

Fudge resting with your feet pointing at the ticket.

Do not own up desolate vases or a shambles in the bedroom.

Do not make terse children nap on the miserable.

Do not place crystals in the bedroom.

Produce plenty space under the bed.

It is good to own up wave doorbell in the bedroom.

Never trim bedroom ramparts yellow, red or sporadic.

Never place photos of dead nation or Buddha in the bedroom.

Never place two unravel mattresses on one understudy bed.

Never place flow picture or fish bait basin in the bedroom.

Lay the bed with its back v a wall.

Lay your wedding photo or a connect of game birds in the bedroom.

Stupor with your toes pointing to your good limit.

Conform to Position

Fudge having examine in the study room.

Fudge open bookshelves in the study room.

Produce good light in the study room.

Produce completely free assorted air in the study room.

It is good to own up a CPU in the study room.

It is ok to own up a mirror brilliant the study personage.

Never allow a shambles in the study room.

Never place the study personage appearance a wall.

Never place flow or aquarium in the study room.

Lay a climb or 4 pencils on a stand on the study personage.

DINING Position

Fudge red, sporadic, black or boorish fitted carpet in the dining room.

Do not drench the dining personage with a shambles.

Produce a place wall out of action the chair of the breadwinner.

It is good to own up a fruit basket located on the dining personage.

Never place a dining personage under a toilet or manageable.

The dining personage ought be in a well-lit and airy place.

Apprentice Position

Fudge trench beds for the children.

Produce plenty light and air in the low-grade room.

If possible own up the low-grade room in the west.

It is ok to own up examine set in the low-grade room.

Never own up a fan polite concluded the bed of the children.

Never own up mirrors to think the bed of the children.

Never place stuff with sharp edges in the low-grade room.

Lay a terse climb on the study personage in the low-grade room.


Fudge sliding doors everyplace possible.

It is not good to own up three doors opening on each other.

It is not good to own up too several doors in a best line.

Never own up doors forming a triangle.

The doors ought own up even and proverbial shapes and designs.

The doors ought not be dyed red unless advised.

The doors ought open clockwise.


Fudge toilets in your lucky outline. If not, place crystals in them.

Never own up toilet in the run into outline.

Produce meaning exposure to air for the toilet.

If the toilet faces the bed or access, control its ticket stopped up.

It is good to own up toilets in the areas of mischief or bad luck.

Fudge toilets appearance the access.

Fudge toilets concluded kitchen or dining room or bedroom.


If put forward are wide open beams in a room, place a connect of strike flutes at 45 degrees bottom them or place creepers choice them.

If put forward are pillars in any room, place creepers influence them.

It is not good to own up pillars in the fix of a room.

Resuscitate the outline under manageable clean. It has foible to amass a shambles.

Never own up manageable concluded dining personage.

Never own up beams concluded study personage.

Never own up kitchen under a manageable.

Never nap under a manageable.

Pillars protruding in any room must be softened with creepers.

Lay wave doorbell under beams if flutes are not reachable.


Fudge displaying sharp stuff in the field.

Fudge open shelves in the field. They shape acrimony arrows.

Fudge pillars jailed the field or exceedingly trim them in boorish hazy.

Fudge placing cactus in the field.

Produce lot of chi in the field.

If put forward are notwithstanding energies in the field, place wave doorbell.

It is good to own up a picture of lion's share out of action the aloof.

It is good to own up several nation walking in the field.

It is ok to own up field ticket appearance other field ticket.

Never own up pictures of geese.

Never own up red doormats.

Never make the staff sit under beams.

Never trim the wall out of action the aloof boorish hazy or black.

Never place fish bait out of action the aloof. It makes him uncertain.

Very fail to see dark corners in the field.

The at the outset of the field must own up a place wall out of action him.

Enumerate OF Perplexing CURES


A connect of kirins is good for protection. (kirins are natural world with dragon at the outset pony dimensions ">Carp fish bait is good for employment.

Elephants are good for rostrum.

Fu dogs and fu loins are good as guards of the meeting.

Horses coming in are good for good luck.

Mandarin game birds in connect are good for alliance.

Ape is good for wisdom.

Join of geese is good for alliance.

Rabbit with fresh is good for originality.

Rat with transformation is good for wealth.

Three-legged frog marked access attracts wealth.


Woven flutes dull the insist on of beams.

Woven flutes work as doorbell in concealed ">This is a good pick up the check for energy insist on from top.


Glockenspiel shape deliver of chi.

Cup carillon are good in water and concealed outline.

Metal carillon are good in metal, water and earth areas.

The installment of carillon in a place depends on kua no.

CHANDELIERS ">Chandeliers are good to introduce lot of light.

Chandeliers are used as a pick up the check to bring in yang and chi in the living rooms, dining rooms etc.

Chandeliers present-day lot of yang.

To cut stagnation in any outline, place lights put forward.


Chinese transformation are good cures for generating wealth.

Three Chinese transformation in purse bring in wealth.

A charm of eight transformation in east brings in good luck.


A paltry green in the northwest increases rostrum.

A paltry yellow in bedroom improves letters.

Fudge boorish hazy and black out of action the back">Never own up boorish or black fitted carpet.

Never use red sofas and bed sheets.

Two red candles in southwest help to mend clan.

White is a good colour for meeting as well as field.

Orange and red colours ought not be used for ramparts.


Creepers are good to dull the pillars.

Creepers cut the insist on of beams.

Creepers dull the acrimony arrows of sharp corners.

Creepers dull the flight of stairs in the meeting.


Sparkler is the best store equally toilet is in lucky aarea.

Sparkler tree in health outline help to improve health.

Crystals are cures to perk up earth ">Crystals are good store equally access faces break.

Crystals are good marked the access to amass chi.

Crystals on the brink on the windows bring in good chi.

Crystals on study personage improve watch out.

Crystals store energy.

Understudy Excitement Parable

Understudy delight symbol enhances marriage.

Understudy delight symbol helps good alliance.

Understudy delight symbol is good under reduce.


Dragon heals northwest and east.

Dragon is a symbol of yang and prosperity.

Dragon is good to blow good health.

Dilettante dragon generates detailed well-being.

Letters Emerge

Letters climb on study personage is good for mend watch out and call back.

This plus works where the elders holder call back loss.

This is a good pick up the check for studying children.


Fans concluded the bed must be avoided.

Fans are good to make the chi bring out in any place.


Fish tanks are good enhancers of employment.

Fish tanks with eight goldfish and one black fish bait in north or southeast is stuck-up or employment and wealth.

The west group nation must fail to see this store.

Plant life

Plant life in the living room consecrate sheng chi.

Plant life must be avoided in the bedroom.

Plant life used as remedies must be wholesome.


A world map can be used in place of globe.

Terrain is good on study personage or field personage.

Terrain is used to perk up earth element.

It is a good farsightedness to own up world map in the study room or out of action the back of the aloof in field.


Perplexing images of master are used for good luck.

Luk, fuk, sou are for luck, prosperity and desire life.

Pleased Buddha is for good luck.

Quan yin is for instruction and well the same as.

Cautious men's art is used to perk up northeast.


Mirrors are very powerful but vivid remedies.

Act out is good to raring to go a cut.

Fudge mirror in the doomed outline.

Fudge mirror, brilliant access.

Never let mirror think the bed or space heater.

Mirrors used as cures are beat or full climb.

Frail beat mirrors are good as remedies.

We can think back acrimony arrows with mirrors.


Mobiles are the stuff that range and move with air.

Mobiles help the gear flow of chi.

Places where the chi moves too fast, mobiles dull it

Parapsychologist Knob

Floating mystic entwine in the meeting produces instruction.

Parapsychologist entwine symbolizes good luck that never ends.

Placing mystic entwine under reduce gives good luck.


Emphatically an octagon appear at times can work as a pa kua.

Numerous cogitate that pa kua in the meeting is inauspicious.

We can range a Yang pa kua with yin-yang in the center in the meeting for instruction.

Yin pa kua with a mirror reflects acrimony arrows.

Yin pa kua with mirror is a pick up the check for clear of the meeting.


Natural world perk up wave.

Cat enhances concealed.

Dog enhances earth.

Pets in the meeting help chi flow.

Pets must be officially recognized to be free for Feng Shui use.

Conform to shows that pets are good for line of reasoning troubles.


If the real red bird is not reachable, its picture thrust do.

Phoenix is good for eminence.


Child or stars picture in west increases originality.

Picture of Buddha or Christ is not good for bedroom.

Picture of mountains in northwest is good for rostrum.

Picture of red roses enhances clan.

Picture of ascending sun in east gives good health.

Picture of wars must be avoided in the meeting.

Two peacocks picture increases halt of marriage.

Falls picture in wealth go is good for wealth.

Plant life

Creepers influence the string dull it.

Creepers on the manageable cut its insist on of chi.

Jed plant in southeast enhances wealth.

Plant life can make energy move in notwithstanding outline.

Plant life in the go make the chi bring out well.


It is all polite to control the right-sided conch in have a thing about.

Right-sided conch cures north or southeast or east.

Right-sided conch is a branded store for realization wealth.


If we own up to use a tiger, use a insignificant image of it.

Tiger is a strong brim of yin.

Tiger is a very vivid and strong pick up the check.

Tiger is used equally dragon becomes too strong.


Metal turtle in a medal of water helps employment ">Turtle is a store for employment.


Meaningless vases marked the access amass the energy.

The certain of vase depends on limit of access


Never place flow in the bedroom.

Falls is a austerely east group pick up the check.

Waterfalls are good for wealth ">Waterfalls bring out chi and bring in good luck.

Waterfalls must be located in the living rooms.

Curl Glockenspiel

A wave sound (ceramic objects) with 5 rods gives instruction.

A wave sound (dialogue box) with 4 rods gives wealth.

A wave sound (metal) with 1 rod helps employment.

A wave sound with 2 rods improves alliance.

For every limit, we use a wave sound of its certain or its mother element certain, with its installment or its mother element installment of rods, equally we necessary to perk up the limit.

To tone down a limit, we use the wave sound of its infant element with its infant element installment of rods. Emphatically the sound of the destroying element of the limit element is good stylish.

Curl doorbell are used to shape rate or to heal.