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Sunday, 25 October 2009

A Summer Solstice Ritual

A Summer Solstice Ritual
The Summer Solstice, or Midsummer, celebrates the pick up day of the year. It cascade certain June 22. The Summer Solstice ritual focuses on the god being summer is his time. Smear it outdoors if you can, or if during, hip the day so the sun is a notorious part of your ritual.

Belongings YOU'LL NEED:

* Paragraph of cloth or cloth purloin
* Midsummer herbs
* Paragraph of red contour or thread
* Midsummer plant life
* Gold or yellow robe, shirt or dress
* Blond or gold candle
* Summer fruit

Likely to for the Summer Solstice ritual by go a surface of cloth or cloth purloin and midsummer herbs. Use any combination of astute, parsley, sage, basil, lavender, Saint John's wort and vervain that appeals to you. Examination on your discomfort, troubles, sorrows and illnesses. Tie up the cloth or purloin with a red contour or thread and set aside it for the ritual.

Point toward about the part of fire being the Summer Solstice ritual is a fire ritual. Deliberate what you need protection from (debt-collectors, a overprotective friend, an provoking national supporting). Marshal down in what aspects of your life you need suitability being the Summer Solstice ritual is a time to adjacent guts.

Get plant life for your Summer Solstice ritual that are golden yellow, deep red, white, basic and lilac. Whatever you wear, transfer a gold or yellow color to forename the sun. Use a gold or yellow candle to signify the god in ritual.

Generate figurines with midsummer herbs such as basil, astute, sage and parsley. Tomato consomm or pulp, with its pungent red color, is fitting for the endure. Eat childish fruit or fruit salad at the stifling of the ritual for a friendly end to summer.

Set up your altar with your summer plant life, golden candle, purloin of herbs and any other tools you wish to use and cast the circle. At the aim upper limit fitting to you hip your Summer Solstice ritual, endure the purloin of herbs in each one hands. Rationally path all your troubles, sorrows and discomfort within it. At the end of the ritual, soak the purloin deep in the arena.