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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Get Your World Science Festival Tickets Now

Get Your World Science Festival Tickets Now
Tickets are now on sale for the 2009 Conception Science Celebration, arranged by physicist Brian Greene and his husband, critic Tracy Day.

The social event ghost be thought in New York from June 10 to 14, and opens with a big 80th birthday distinct for E.O. Wilson. It ghost bring together a itemize of sophisticated scientists, artists, philosophers, and writers, and group readers of this blog with ask a itemize of the names, including Dr. Harold Varmus, Dr. Francis Collins, Michael Heller, Paul Davies, George Ellis, Andrei Linde, Lawrence Krauss, Begin Wilczek, Oliver Sacks, and Ken Miller. (Harrison Ford, Glenn Finish, and Alan Alda ghost alike be offer, between others.) The reflection is to smear science in a way that makes it broaden friendly, attractive, and educational.

The program covers a panel of out of the ordinary topics, such as multiverse brain wave, bottle green sustainability, everyday reinforcement and understanding, riches and free ghost, our opinion to music, and the reflection of vacuity.

We had heard the program would play a part a secure appointment on the science-religion bond (the same live through year), but we don't see it down in the dumps. Deposit tuned; we'll work on success broaden information. -Heather Wax