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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Eros The Bad Witch God Of The Week

Eros The Bad Witch God Of The Week
EROS, god of love and painful sensation, is this week's Bad Witch's God of the Week.

"Cupid, the winged boy with a bow and barb, is the Roman name and Eros is the Greek name for the extraordinarily deity. The son of Venus/Aphrodite, he is an aspect that represents erotic or dissipated painful sensation," according to the book Lovely Inscrutability, by Sally Morningstar.

The unworldly website says:

"As the attractive bittersweet God of Lovely, he's in charge of the central part and carries a venomous love insult which no one can assume. Subsequent to two strings to his bow, he can fire golden arrows for love or gray ones for disconnection, so it's best to get on his good neighboring if you're give flavor to smoochy. He is as a consequence unquestionable as cuddly Cupid to the Romans and Set great store by to the manufacturers of Valentine cards."A statue of Eros stands at Piccadilly Non-discriminatory, in London, and is one of the England's greatest talented landmarks. Dating from 1893, it was elementary certain to typify an angel of Christian blessing, but once came to be unquestionable as the Greek god of love. In my scrutiny, a bang into for fervor and paganism!


Lovely Inscrutability