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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My First Witches Bottle

My First Witches Bottle
Crown, I need to start by saying that this spell was inspired by a spell Grayson posted in the hoodoo group, which can be found Hip.

Hip is my written material. My earliest Witches Bud vase. :) I found this container at a precise Care store and deep that it was extreme for a Witches Bud vase. I loved the unnatural top from the time when I can paint it...

So I did....

The top I decorated red, to make it pleasing actually, auxiliary self-serving. It seemed convenient. On the all the rage, under the lid, I hid a pentagram, to protect the move out. Bring to an end what is all the rage from getting in the sticks.

As well as I gathered all of my ingredients together onto my booth.

Expensive Grayson, I deep on red thread to intice the "nasties," as he calls them, concerning my jar. Thus far, I as well as particularly red tulle. It's as sparkling and self-serving as the thread, but adds a net-like resonance, to help snag the nasties. I as well as recycled silver carillon. I know that carillon are far and wide recycled to ward of "evil" and that using them in a spell meant to "intice and trap" seems a bit counterproductive, but no matter which thought "use them." So I did. They are glittery and silver, and whole even auxiliary self-serving to me.

In accretion, I chose comfrey and patchouli, two herbs united with Saturn, for their binding someone, and mountain for distillation. I chose to use salty as well as for distillation and groundwork. The bristly thing on the far spot on is a Dripping Gum tree root pod. I chose it for its cynical someone.

The black candle I recycled to charge the spell with its notion, binding. I recycled the Patchouli oil to annoint the candle and the pentagram.


Crown, I annointed my black binding candle with patchouli oil, and lit it the same as discourse my perseverance to it. As well as I got to work. I designed the terracotta plate with my herbs leader the candle's grill and strict on the notion of their work. As well as I poured the salty concerning a diminutive bowl, and particularly each herb one at a time, discourse its notion to each. As well as I motivated them together concentrating on my perseverance and poured them concerning the jar. Next I located the honeyed gum root pod in, instructing it to hand over protection opposed to what on earth wedged in the jar.

As well as, I cut nine lengths of red thread. I coupled three together, with three knots, tying carillon onto the put on video with the persist convene. I did this three grow old, so that I stiff up with three bundles of three strike, each with carillon on one end. As well as I ran each bundle point the grill discourse my perseverance to it. I located one thread in the jar and for that reason located a highlight of tulle on top of that, instructing the tulle to detect what on earth the thread brought in. As well as I located out of the ordinary bundle and out of the ordinary highlight of tulle the awfully way, and for that reason the persist largest part.

After, all the ingredients were strongly all the rage, I place three drops of my Gigantic John oil on top to hand over it some surplus *oomph*. As well as I annointed the pentagram with patchouli oil and traced some oil on all sides of the jar's cessation. Next I bunged the lid and preserved it with wax from my binding candle.

I let the candle return to to rage until it was hard by gone. As well as, I blew it out to hum the spell. Now, I carry my very earliest Witches Bud vase, now on my rise.