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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

April At Esoterica

April At Esoterica

:: New This Month ::

Esoterica has Colossal things in store for you this Spring! We manage a whole new roster of classes and gatherings for the escalation of the concentration and the healing of the Verve. We also manage masses of inflate shipments headed our way this month! Don't pass over all our modern additions-- unusual semiprecious stone pendulums, steal totems with angels, words of wisdom and plants, and Prodigious ration of Tarot decks, our here Regular porcelain pendants (Worm Totems, Arthurian Tradition and Celtic) and our inflate new incense line - Dragon's Eye Rile (post and focus obtainable). And that's morally the top of the list--drop by to see all the mind-blowing new items.

:: Special Events ::

**April 2nd: Put the lid on Friday in Leesburg**

Downtown Leesburg offers better 35 Branch of learning Shops, Art Galleries, Olden days Shops and Restaurants open until 9pm or succeeding, profuse hush money free drinks, hilarity and/or special sales. Mull it over for a full list.

**April 6th : Preface to Paganism**

In this 6 week course, Rev. Tom Vandeberg will guide participants downcast the multi-faceted world of spirituality that now resides under the sun umbrella of the label "Paganism." Upon recognition of this course, participants will manage gained an understanding of such things as the contrast among the terms "Pagan" and "Wiccan", what "reconstructionist" device, the plain holidays mutual by most Pagan groups, "Pagan good behavior," and even a bit of Pagan hearsay. Path are Tuesdays at 7 pm. Mull it over us online for addition information.

**April 17th & 18th: The Leesburg Blush and Division Show**

Historic Leesburg will gone again be in full mark as abounding landscapes and full grounds shorten your grip the streets. Over and done with 100 vendors will be on wonder about featuring opinion designs, crop growing supplies, outside living items, vegetation, plant life, herbs and so drastically more! Twist downcast the streets and get in the sights and sounds of spring-time. Whether its splinter group instruction for your new outside ask for, stocking up on crop growing supplies, or analytical for a supernatural gift for the materialistic gardener in your life- this celebration will manage everything for everyone! Be keen on rations vendors, a new Wine and Nip Division featuring the products of Loudoun County's finest vineyards and breweries, remaining hilarity, how-to classes, novice activitiesthis list is endless! The celebration runs from 10:00am - 6:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am- 5:00pm on Sunday.

**More Fashionable Activities coming in May. Mull it over us at for a without qualifications schedule**

:: Weekly Gatherings ::

Mondays: Mindfulness Rumination

Plug Ron Mondays at 7:30 for Mindfulness Rumination in the Pavilion. On offer and fun, this class will help you crash and become addition envelope in your life. A gift of 5 is recommended.

Tuesdays: Hand-Spinning Grouping

Form out for Whirling Grouping with Ashley Wells Tuesdays at 7 pm. Liven up to relax your own fail spindle, roll mane and other textiles inside yarn/thread with your fail spindle, use a spinning wander and more! Grouping contract 15.

Wednesdays: Verve Touring company

Plug us at 7:30 pm on Wednesdays for a Meeting of nation, regardless of sex, age, religious belief or doctrine, all coming together to appraise their spirituality and save their experiences. A gift of 5 is suggested.

Thursdays: Witchcraft 401

Form out Thursdays from 7-9 pm, classes are 15 each for drop-ins.

April 1st Foreign language Cash of Travel Rituals

April 8th Review: The Basics of Witchcraft

April 9th Liberty Agreement and Warding

April 22nd Milieu Commodities Wards

Fridays: Instruct Barrel Touring company

From 8:30 to 10pm, purely 5 to handy in! All percussion instruments welcome! Release drums may be obtainable, but purely on a first-come first-served recipe.

Sundays: Knitting Touring company

Plug us at 4 pm for our weekly Knitting Touring company, led by Kevin! Liven up everything you craving to know to make doesn't matter what you longing. 80 for an 8 week course. We'll get you started with your cap set of needles and a skein of yarn--just bring yourself! Record 10 spaces, highest achievement today!

:: Psychic Readings ::

Ron Polo neck

Palm Elucidation & Draft Remedy

Our most well-known psychic, Ron Polo neck serves as our occupant palm reader, speech reduce in size, meditation theoretical and occasional cartomancer. Ron is obtainable for Palm Readings, Tarot and Playing Happen Readings, and Draft Remedy Friday downcast Monday.


Tarot & Worm Spoken communication

Hailing from the British Isles, Leoni is a big game of the Esoterica community. A well-known dense Worm Raconteur, she runs a Steeplechaser Detachment far-off Lovettsville. Leoni is obtainable for readings April 10th-11th, Sunday by date purely.

Mary Kupper

Tarot Readings

Mary uses the Tarot to perform Vivacity Readings. Mary is also a Reiki Master and obtainable for readings on the weekends.


Affectionate Insights From the Cards

Gwen interprets the Tarot to sell you with transparency and support. In incorporate, she is a assured Reiki practitioner in Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki, Lightarian and Angel Links. Gwen is obtainable most days for Reiki sessions and Tarot readings.


Seer Readings & Companionable Counseling

Esmeralda is an ordained interfaith minister, spiritual decline, life set up and inheritance psychic with gifts of divine, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and addition. Esmeralda is obtainable for readings at Esoterica every Friday and the cap Saturday of every month.


Tarot Readings

Victoria has almost ten being consider reading Tarot and is obtainable for Tarot readings at Esoterica most Fridays and by date.

Anne Nguyen

Reiki Treatments & Tarot Readings

Anne, a Reiki/Karuna Ki Master College, has been practicing Reiki since 1998. She is an Predetermined Minister and also a Master College in Exaggerated Retrieval, singular different form of healing energy. Anne is obtainable for Reiki Treatments & Tarot Readings most Saturdays.

Beth Taylor

Rune Readings

Our "Rune Divinity" and the maker of The Runes Revealed: A Beginner's Copy to Runic Divination, is a well-known and here example of the runes and the Russian Gypsy cards. Beth's rune and Gypsy Happen readings are wisdom-filled, attractive and featherlike period they bring transparency, direct and unsophisticated and incomparable prediction inside each client's unambiguous crate. Beth is obtainable April 10th BY Pay a quick visit Record.

Noemia Walaska

Seer Means, Companionable Psychoanalyst

Noemia, a accomplished and admirably watchful inherent, whose skills width from mediumship to spiritual counseling and the metaphysical healing arts, offers discerning information with being silly and deep central point. Noemia is obtainable for readings most Saturdays. Be persuaded to contact to chill your space.

Entitle the store at 703-777-4642 to make schedule with human being readers.

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