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Saturday, 5 June 2010

A Beginners Guide To Teenage Wicca

A Beginners Guide To Teenage Wicca Cover Teenage is a time of rebellious thoughts and hurtful words. In many families, children are trying desperately to break out of their shells and to go out into the fascinating world that opens up before them. Unfortunately, it is often the parents who are not ready to let their offspring fly off into a new world.

We need to take some hints by watching the animal world and how they encourage their young to move away from them. Mother birds are known to slowly nudge or even push away the baby birds from the safe nest in which it has lived all its life. Birds and animals are really "free" to live as they choose. As teenagers open up their minds, many of them are exposed to conflicting attitudes and opinions. If they side with any one other than their parents in these matters, the parents feel that they have done a terrible job raising their children. Since most of us reading this have been teens at one time, we need to also be aware that each of us has a brain for a reason.

Children who are interested in witchcraft may need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of getting serious about Witchcraft. Witchcraft is the most natural way of living. In harmony with nature, we respect and preserve the traditional ways of life including our wonder at the Universe, reverence for the natural elements such as plants, trees and animals and also a deep respect for all things that "seem" different.

The word "seem" is emphasized only to prove that we are not really different from each other. As we learn more about spirituality, one thought will come to the forefront; that we are all one and the same. Differences are merely decorations that dissolve in the presence love and compassion. For those interested in wicca or the witchcraft way of life, here are some hints: Do not join Wicca or talk about witchcraft because you believe it is cool or different or even shocking to some people. Witchcraft is a beautiful way of living and a legally accepted world religion.

Many of the things you hear about this religion or its practice many not be true. So go online, get some books by serious Wicca practitioners and learn all about this beautiful lifestyle.

If you are a teen and you know that your parents are against anything other than the religion that they practice now, be patient.

Recommended books (Free download):

Irf Calder - John Dee Studied As An English Neo Platonist Thesis 1953 Edition Vol Ii Notes And Bibliographies
Aleister Crowley - Liber 070 The Cross Of A Frog
Trieu Phuoc - The Quintessence Of Secret Esoteric Buddhism
Solomonic Grimoires - Lemegeton Ii The Lesser Key Of Solomon Theurgia Goetia