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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wicca Spirituality

Wicca Spirituality Cover Wicca Spirituality is Wicca, all grown up.

When Wicca started out as a religion, it incorporated spiritual and mystical elements. But it didn't fully develop them. That may have been because the spiritual potential back then was more limited. Today, though, the potential in each human to fully access the realm of the Divine has skyrocketed. The New Spiritual Potential

It used to be that it took years for people to feel the benefits of meditation, as John Gray points out. But now most people experience the same benefits almost immediately. The global human consciousness is operating at a higher frequency than ever in history. We are, as a species, capable of much more spiritual awareness now. The upshot is . . .
Humanity is ready for much more than religion has offered in the past.

Is The New Wicca The Same As Wicca Spirituality?

These are not exactly the same terms. But I use them interchangeably for the most part, because when you're practicing the spiritual side of Wicca, you are likely also practicing the New Wicca. Certainly, the New Wicca has more spiritual elements than the old Wicca. But Wicca Spirituality can go even beyond that. The New Wicca isn't necessarily aimed at spiritual evolution. It can be practiced simply as a more progressive Wicca. Just as you can be a witch without being a Wiccan, you can practice New Wicca without fully accessing the spiritual potential of Wicca. The Spiritual essence of Wicca takes the New Wicca to its highest potential.

Above all, Wicca Spirituality is the practice of Wicca in the pursuit of reunion with the Divine.

This is the natural progression of the Wicca religion.

Why Is This The Natural Evolution?

Human consciousness is evolving. The Spiritual Rebirth that is underway aligns us more closely with Divine Truth.

For Wicca to keep up, it must also align itself closer to Truth. And What Is Truth?

We're speaking here of capital-T Truth - that is, ultimate Reality.

And what is Ultimate Reality? At the risk of sounding like I have all the answers, I think I can safely repeat what sages through the ages have discovered . . .
* There is ONE Divine Source, whose essence is Love - and all things are part of this One.
* No one has a monopoly on Truth, or on God's love. No mortal can even experience - let alone understand - the fullness of either.
* We are not human beings having spiritual experiences but spiritual beings having human experiences.
* There is no need for anyone to represent or be a conduit to the Divine for us. We must all do this for ourselves.
* We all have the potential to reach full spiritual enlightenment - if we choose to pursue it.
* No one else can save us. We are, collectively, the saviours of the world. Or, if you like, together we are the Messiah who is returning.

The Spiritual Practice of Wicca

Wicca Spirituality is a spiritual exercise using wiccan philosophy as its framework. In other words, it advances a Witch's spiritual evolution, through the basic practices of Wicca . . .
* ritual & Energy work,
* magick & Spell casting,
* Worship & Celebration,
* Dedication & Service,
* Connection with the Earth,
* Communication with the Divine.

With Bright Blessings, Dragonsong

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