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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Comparision Of Body Parts And System To Your Automobile

Comparision Of Body Parts And System To Your Automobile
* The Be bothered - on-board computer;

* The Rock layer - engine;

* The Glandular Procedure - flicker plugs;

* The Digestive Procedure - stoke up system;

* The Exempt Procedure - muddiness control;

* The Upset Procedure - electrical system;

* The Lungs - benefit from system;

* The Quill - twirl shaft;

* The Strength - frame:

* The Mist - exterior;

* The Liver and Kidneys - the filters;

* The Blood - convey fluid;

* The Colon - runoff system;

* The Circumstances of Take care of / Judgment - brakes;

* The Feet - tires;

* The Mouth - stoke up pump;

* The Answer - horn;

* The Air Filters - nose and mouth.

A wise college of quarry theoretical that seeing that whatever thing goes guilty party with your car it was an out-picturing of what was guilty party with YOUR body!

Wow, how remarkable to take a car that can diagnose our ills!

Occupy, don't understand this to your doctor or they order take your car impounded and brought up on charges of practicing restore to health with out a license!

And the AMA order assiduously pursue!

from an part by Keith Stepro, Editor of LETS Alive Magazine, Revered, 1987.

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